Customer Reviews: Playboy - The Model Solution
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on November 3, 2002
This is a softcore movie, so forget about the plot and enjoy the beautiful female skin on display here. Now this film follows the lead that Surrender Cinema movies took a few years back and isn't afraid to sneak in shots that incorporate "Penthouse" style poses, with lots of spread leg shots and veiws from behind. This one goes even farther, as actress Holly Hollywood playing "Emma" does a scene with a shower massager that shows lots of pink, she actually opens it with the water and her fingers. She opens up again (close up shot) in a bedroom scene... this is comparable to a Penthouse video. Also of note is a hot lesbian scene with the gorgeous Kitana Baker, once again focusing on areas of the female body that used to be taboo in softcore movies a couple years ago. There's no penetration shown in this movie so it can still be called softcore, but this is about the hardest softcore I've ever seen. Pink over plot wins the day in this feature, buy it if that's what you want from your erotica.
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on April 26, 2004
This movie is definitely one of the best releases from Playboy/Indigo Entertainment. All the actors are very attractive, the graphic is excellent, and the plot interesting.
The first sex scene involves Jack and an incredibly hot brunette (if you look at the dvd front cover, she's second from right). She also features in "Staying on top" and a little bit in "Fast Lane to Las Vegas". Anyway, she starts to undress and you get a clear, close shot from behind of her gorgeous pink, with state-of-the art quality graphics. She gets in the bathtub and in the meanwhile Jack is home, who obviously couldn't wait to jump into the shower. You just sit back and enjoy a glamorous, top of the range, explicit sex scenes in varying positions, with heaps of close ups and pink.
The second sex scene, involving Jack's friend with another heavenly top model. Forgive me I don't know her name, but she has never been disappointing in any of her previous releases (Personals 2, every woman has a secret, Hollywood hidden lives, Hollywood sex fantasy and The Sex Substitute). She enjoys showing the nice piercing in her pink in this sex scene and somehow I have a feeling that this sex scene is real, at one stage you can get a quick peep of the boy's hard private.
Jack has a third scene with a top, gorgeous girl, whose name I don't know again, but she has also been tremendous in previous releases such as Hollywood hidden lives. While Jack jumps onto her in bed you get a clear close-up view of her beautiful pink, as she was wearing no undies. This sex scene is very explicit and you get a full front clear close up view towards the end with the girl's mourning sounding so real (...).
There is one hot explicit girl/girl scene involving one of the girls on the cover (1st from left). I think she's a playboy pet winner or something. It's a very natural, sexy, explicit girl/girl scene with heaps of close-ups, pink and rear views in which you can see absolutely everything.
The last sex scene is my favourite involving Jack's friend and Jack's secretary. That girl was wonderful, she wears nice sexy panties and as Jack friend's removes them she pulls up her legs, showing everything. She's got such a nice pretty pink. They started man on top and then she rolls on top and gives an outstanding natural mourning that will make you shake. The only thing I didn't like about this scene was the lighting, which is pretty dark, and she also reaches orgasm too quickly.
The other sex scene I didn't like at all was Jack with his ex-business partner/girlfriend. That girl is pretty hopeless and I think she's got no place in that kind of movie. You can see or even feel her overacting, artificial mourning, with a body, which is far from hot.
Overall I give this movie a 4-5 star rating and I would recommend couples to watch it, sort of making things a bit hot and spicy before the real thing begins. Congratulations to Indigo Entertainment, I sincerely hope you bring out more of this type of masterpiece on the market.
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on March 12, 2003
I said, "FOR THE GENRE, a great film." This is the type of film you'll only see on Skinemax late at night. For "softcore erotica" you see some bumping and grinding. It never crosses the line, but it comes as close as it possibly can. Very close. Oh, so very close.
Do people watch these films for the plot? Oh well, it involves a guy who owns a modeling agency. He gets into trouble and could lose his business and . . . oh, nevermind. The main plot is so simple you can figure it out. However, they actually go for a subplot! I must say the subplot is romantic, involving the guy's best friend and the assistant. Yet, it too is quite predictable, but let's focus on the big picture: no one cares about the plot in movies like these. What do people care about?
There are eight scenes of interest. Six male-to-female scenes, one female-to-female scene, and one female-alone-in-the-shower scene. Two actors and eight actresses grace these scenes. That's a 1:4 ratio! This might "put the brakes on" for watching this kind of film with your lady, but I think the romantic subplot may be enough to compensate for this (in her eyes).
I said this was a great film. Why? It has a good-looking cast, and despite a predictable plot, it is entertaining enough for any mainstream Hollywood movie. (I actually wanted to watch it again for the plot!) If a movie like this can score outside of the sex department in such a way, then it has to be pretty good. I would compare this film to "Castle Erotica" aka "Castle Eros". If you liked that film, you should like this one, and vice versa.
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on June 29, 2005
Ever had the pleasure of coming home and finding a gorgeous, naked babe in your bathtub, eager to indulge you in sundry acts of sexual pleasure? Me neither. But surprises like this are not uncommon for Jack (Sebastien Guy), a freewheeling type that has an endless stream of women vying for his attention and a shot at landing a job at his prestigous modeling agency. Not a bad setup. But the business-and his enviable lifestyle-are in trouble when his father threatens to pull the financial rug out from under him. Predictably, all is well by movie's end, but not before taking the obligatory diversions that set up the numerous sex scenes.

The storyline may be predictable and formulaic, even a tad on the cornball side, but Model Solution nevertheless earns an above-average rating for a Playboy Eros flick. What it lacks in substance is "fleshed out" by a bevy of beauties that includes a great mix of familiar faces, fresh babes, a cross-over from the XXX side of the industry, and a foxy former Playboy Playmate. It's a great cast.

None will go away with awards for acting talent, but we're willing to tolerate stilted dialogue because they're all so likable, especially Holly Hollywood (as Emma) in her role as Jack's assistant. What's funny is that she's supposed to be the plain, bespeckled secretary-type, but who are they kidding? Just wait until the solo shower scene, when she takes off the glasses, shakes out her hair, and sets the hand-held shower to a very pleasing pulse mode. A legs-spread-wide close-up shot that lingers on the action made me forget, momentarily, that I wasn't watching hardcore; it's that explicit. According to my wife, who screened this movie with me, Holly's resulting orgasm is genuine. Maybe so, but I'll have to watch it several more times before I'm convinced.

Playboy mag readers will enjoy seeing Playmate Katie Lohmann (April, 2001) as she has her way with a shy, unassuming Jason Schnuit (as Steve), Jack's down-to-earth buddy, who graciously accepts her advances and enjoys a pleasantly erotic coupling. Personally, I've never gotten laid by playing the shy guy, but for Schnuit's character, it works like a charm. In one of the closing scenes, we're happy to see the likable introvert finally make a romantic connection with Emma (Holly), who's been pining for Steve's affections. Not to dwell on Ms. Hollywood (who we first took notice of as the sensual masseuse in Staying On Top), but we're going to give her the nod for this movie's Sexiest Starlet. Clearly, she's one actresses who's had real sex before and knows how to portray it on film.

Other noteworthy scenes have Schnuit paired with Diana Espen, who at one point get very creative with a position they must have learned from one of those glossy coffee-table-sized sex manuals. And the obligatory, but welcome, girl-girl encounter is very nice indeed as Kim Yates and buxom newcomer Kitana Baker do it soft and sensual in a hot tub. There's lots of soft caressing and a some nipple-nuzzling, but unfortunately, the "No Deep Kissing" rule was in effect (as it is in most EROS productions) and tempered what could have been a smokin' hot scene.

To be sure, we've seen better work from producer/director Edward Holzman (Friend of the Family, Sexual Magic), who's been churning out respectably good softcore for over a decade. That being said, I submit that Model Solution makes no pretensions about being what it is: a sexy romp with an appealing cast, with just enough twist on the sex to make it a good choice when browsing the EROS titles.
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on January 12, 2004
Great softcore "B" flick. Kitana Baker better than ever. Plot has been done time and time again, but Yates and Baker female twosome is worth the price.
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on March 14, 2004
This movie is hot, simply put. It has plenty of great scenes with excellent camera work and, most importantly, beautiful girls. Kitana Baker is my favorite and her scene featuring another woman is reason enough to purchase this DVD! Excellent work from Indigo and Playboy.
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on December 1, 2003
I bought "Model Solution" two months ago, I must say it is an excellent softcore movie. The girls are very pretty... If you're looking for an interesting plot, well this is not for you, however, if you want to watch a good softcore movie with pretty women, then buy this, you'll love it. Well done Playboy.
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on January 23, 2004
This movie is marvellous. It started with a hot brunette (I don't know her name) with some views from behind, incredibly hot and sexy, but still softcore. All scenes are fantastic, with excellent close-ups. Indigo Entertainment are probably the best in making playboy movies.
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on March 12, 2004
One of the Best Softcore DVD's i hae seen till now i would recommend this DVD for sure if your'e into Softcore movies with really beautiful looking sexy girls...Specially my favorite girl appears in the very beginning of the Movie..
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on September 29, 2003
This is one of the Playboy softcore videos that get released by Image every other month or so. These movies are almost always a sure bet for softcore. You're pretty much guaranteed to get a lot of great looking women, and 8 to 10 good sex scenes.
However, Model Solution stands out even among all the other movies that Playboy/Image have released. This movie is perfect if you just want to sit back and watch some fun softcore. There's no life or death situation or infidelity drama. Just a light, trivial storyline to hold all the action together.
The sex scenes in this video are all very, very good, including an excellent scene with Playboy Playmate Katie Lohman.
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