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on June 30, 2013
Erin was a loner and a female firefighter. She stayed to herself when she was off duty and stayed low-key. Erin has secrets. She is hiding from an abusive husband. While helping putting out a warehouse fire not far from where she lives currently, two bodies are found in the aftermath. The bodies turn out to be her husband and his current lover. Erin doesn't know who they are at the time, but a message left on a piece of paper at her house lets her know.
Nate is the detective investigating the murders. He is drawn to Erin because of her personality, and the chemistry that is between them. When she becomes the focus of his investigation, he is determined to solve the crime. It is looking more and more like Erin killed her husband. But everything is just too conveniently falling in place. Who would want Erin to take the fall for a murder if she didn't commit it and why? If she did commit it, why was she dumb enough to leave clues pointing directly at her?
As Nate searches for answers, he must decide whether to go where the evidence leads or follow his gut instincts. The situation is fast becoming dangerous because now someone is trying to kill Erin.
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on May 1, 2017
The first book in the All Fired up series. A tough as nails detective and sweet as sugar new recruit for the fire department. Another Taylor Lee best. I can't help it, I love this author and everything I've read by her which is everything she has written. Truth. I can only urge you to try this book and see where it takes you. Enjoy
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on October 9, 2012
Rookie firefighter Erin McFadden worked hard to get where she is today. Top of her class, physically fit, and have to take all the crap from a usually dominated field. She's loved and trusted by her fellow fighters, but there are still some out there that think a woman doesn't belong there.

Nate Stryker is a detective, the best of the best, with a very successful rate. Every case that crosses his desk, he's solved. Arrogant, a little bossy, he wasn't prepared to meet the feisty, FEMALE fighter on his cousin's team.

When two bodies are found a few blocks from Erin's place, he starts his investigation. All the while he tries to determine why he has this need to protect Erin. With a little meddling from family the two start one those I don't want to want you relationships. Well, at least Erin does.

When the bodies are identified, linking Erin to the murder, Nate works hard to find the killer. Looks can be deceiving, and while he puts two and two together, he has to do anything to find the truth.

Erin is this tough as nails woman that makes me fist pump when she doesn't take Nate's crap. But that little bit of fragility shines through, allowing a reader to want to wrap her up and hold her. Nate, though an ass a lot, he has a soft spot for this woman, despite his investigation. He can't seem to help it.

I loved the characters, even the secondary ones. The mystery behind Erin and her past was good. Worth the read. There seems to be another book after this, saying we'll get a little more Nate and Erin, can't wait to read.
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on November 4, 2012
Erin is a firewoman , or should that be a fireperson. Nate is a detective in the Police Department. Erin is small, feisty and beautiful and has a mysterious past. Nate is tall, muscled and chauvinistic. When they met at a fatal fire scene there was instant mutual antagonism.

A few days later, after investigating her background, he visits her at her house where he comes on heavy and against her objections frankly manhandles her. One would think that she had grounds for serious sexual molestation charges against him but it seems she was too attracted to him to object. Besides, he is a policeman and the Chief of Police is his mentor.

Then dead bodies start to appear, seemingly connected to her. A series of misunderstandings between the two occur and they are again antagonistic towards one another.

This book is basically a romance novel so I won't bore you with details of the crimes and investigations, particularly as the perpetrator is obvious from the start.

Eventually they both realise that they were made for one another and they get together. She hesitantly tells him that despite her colorful past she has never been able to have an O... with a man. Nate then proceeds to solve her problem. In spades.

Eventually, the crimes are solved, the killer is punished and Erin continues to get around with a big smile on her face.

On the whole good value for 99c.
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on April 6, 2013
I enjoyed reading this book..I loved how the heroine finally leaves an abusive relationship and doesn't let unity keep her down. I wanted to slap the hero at first but I thought he changed his attitude about her to fast. I'm glad they got together but one minute he didn't like her and they next sentence he wanted.
Something else you need too put better book description for the books. All there is other people saying how good the book is but not what the book is about.
Overall I would recommend it.
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on October 13, 2012
Taylor Lee never fails to put a story together that I simply cannot put down. In fact, every time a new Taylor Lee book is available it goes to the front of my reading list. Why? Because I love reading about sexy alpha males and the sexy strong women they try to tame. YES there is sex in all Taylor Lee's books, lots of it and it's edgy. I've read them ALL and always look forward to the next one! Having said that I'm waiting for a few sequels????

So far I have only come across a handful of authors who have me looking and begging for their next book. The ones that keep me up late into the night because I can't put them down. Taylor Lee has done that every time with every book for me.

I typically do not purchase ANY book that is less than 300 pages and even then I'm looking to see if it's a trilogy before I make my final decision. I like LONG well written stories. I like details! I like getting attached to the characters. The Grandmaster's Legacy was my introduction to Taylor Lee's work. I've bent my buying rules with some of Taylor Lee's books because I like them that much and there is often a promise of a sequel which justifies my rule breaking! I have not been disappointed!

I loved this book but I do have one criticism (possible spoiler coming) the attraction between the two main characters that "jumped" to love could have been developed a little more. I have heard of love at first sight but as a reader I would have enjoyed reading more about how their attraction developed from lust to love (details!). After all they both had reason to dislike each other yet I felt there could have been a more solid "foundation" of sorts that would have clarified the reason they actually fell in love. You can draw conclusions that lead you to think of how these two fell in love and perhaps that was the author's intent. Personally, I would have liked to know each character's perspective on what made them fall in love with the other (beyond the obvious lust) - whether that be an incident or just something in their background that drew them to each other in that way.

There are a few editing things in the book that should have been caught in my opinion but...not enough to ding the book on ratings if this is your kind of book "steamy romance suspense"! I'm a Taylor Lee fan for sure and NO we don't know each other.

Highly recommend this book and any others from this author!
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on October 16, 2012
Four incredibly minor nits: I identified the bad guy pretty much two minutes after he was introduced as a character. The neighbor, Ettie Mae, was depicted as almost illiterate which was probably not needed since the author painted a very clear picture of her and her environment (you can come from poverty and still not mangle every single sentence out of your mouth.) There are some editing errors that interrupt the flow of the book. The hero, Nate, started out as a condescending jerk...before I grew to like him...a lot.

The good: Absolutely everything else. I loved this book and while I'm not going to repeat the plot summary since you've already read it here's why I think it's worth every cent. The heroine, Erin, has been through more hard knocks than most people will ever experience (except in a romance) but she is strong, independent, and gives as good as she gets. She's also well respected (personally and professionally,) resilient and gorgeous. Nate is equally good looking and about as alpha a character as you'll ever read about, but he had protective qualities that made it obvious that he cherished Erin. He didn't often show his kinder, gentler side, but when he did my heart applauded. The supporting characters including Connor, the Chief and Ettie Mae were interesting and provided insight to Erin and Nate.

The reasons to buy: The plot is very good. Maybe not something that happens in real life, but it pulled me in and kept me engaged. Erin and Nate, start to finish. Their interaction runs the gamut from blowing arctic cold to blowing explosively hot, and everything in between. All characters are well developed although the depth is appropriately with Erin and Nate. There are probably only three or four romantic encounters (which is the right level for the length of the book imho) and each one is very well written. I appreciate that they didn't immediately hop into bed despite the sexual tension throughout--and I do mean throughout. When they did make it to Nate's 4-poster bed, I was pretty jealous of Erin. Alas, I sighed in happiness for her! They totally worked for me.
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on April 15, 2013
When a book is well written there is nothing else to do but appreciate the story.

Erin McFadden is a fire fighter with a heart wrecking past. She is set with starting her life over. She battles her inner demons, her past, trust and her heart. Nate Stryker is an arrogant, over confident detective who has decided to pursue Erin and get her to tell him why she is running. Things get interesting when Erin becomes the number one suspect in Stryker's case. Besides finding out the murder, they need to find out if they truly trust one another.

Due to Erin's past, this book may not be suitable for someone who has/is recovering from an abusive past. However, the love scene between Nate and Erin was so endearing, so appropriate that anyone recovering from a similar past will fall in love again.

This is without a doubt a very good series to follow.
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on November 21, 2014
This is the first book I've read of Lee Taylor and I could not put it down. The story had me on the edge of my seat from the first page to the end of the book. I give this author and book 10 out of 5 stars.

I'm now going to begin book 2 in the series.

I highly recommend reading this story. Excellent doesn't begin to describe it!
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on October 4, 2012
The sparks started early and it was great to watch the romance build between a character who was damaged and un-trusting and another who did not know how to be in love. It was hard to read the despicable things that happened in the past life of the heroine. There were not a lot of words spent on it but the author painted an adequate picture to really feel for her. I can certainly understand why she approaches relationships the way she does. There was some closure to her feelings at the end, but not nearly enough. It was hard to see how she was treated while under investigation and how it affected her relationships. However, the author did a great job of bringing it together. The overheard conversations were great to read.

I have to say that the villain was dialed in nicely - it's not who you expect (okay maybe you will!)

I am looking forward to the next book. Although this book does delivers on the romance front, and the main subject is tied up, I can't wait to see the love deepen and hopefully more closure. More than anything I hope there will be some significant justice handed down in the next book. In Trial by Fire I really hope the author will hang some people from a tree.
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