Customer Reviews: Sony PlayStation 3 250GB Console - Black
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on August 13, 2013
Of course it can play video games and that should be its primary function. It does this well. The online Playstation store makes it easy to browse titles and even better, download free demos. This model (250 GB Slim - redesign) comes with enough stock memory to last you a good while, whether you're storing games, music, or movies. I personally like the sliding cover over a retractable disc tray. It eases the placement of the discs so I don't feel like I have to be as delicate, not to mention it's easy to see any dust accumulation and/or access the laser for cleaning. And I don't know that there's problems with the disc tray, but the less moving parts the better. You can hear some of the disc reading noises, but it's usually short lived and not really bothersome anyways. I've had it running night after night, sometimes for 6 hours continuous and it's not getting hot at all...just a slight warmth.

I also now use it to stream Netflix, through which we watch all kinds of TV shows and movies. I would recommend an HDMI cable though, assuming you have a TV capable of supporting it. It makes a noticeable difference in the resolution. The settings can usually be used on default and are fairly intuitive, but there's a wealth of things you can change or tweak to suit your needs. For example I have my HDMI cable running to my TV, but also have the RG cables running to my PA mixer for even bigger sound. But to allow this you have to allow it to split audio outputs first.

There's probably an overabundance of other reviews about its usage, so I'll just close with a glowing recommendation. I played my PS2 for over a decade (still running btw, but obviously no longer in use). This system blows it away. With the PS4 coming out later this year, you might be wary of getting an "outdated" system. If you haven't had this generation system yet, I'd say now is the perfect time to get one. There's literally years worth of games to choose from, many of which are under $20 brand new. And don't expect developers to abandon the PS3 for at least 3-5 more years, and even then, you probably couldn't play everything that's already been released (my Amazon wishlist has over 100 games). So far I've bought one game used and 4 games new, yet the total spent was only about $60...or about as much as a new release game.

One other note: I bought mine used. It showed absolutely no signs of wear, but it was missing 2 of the 4 rubber feet on the bottom. I haven't missed them. Provided you have some level of trust with the seller, I'd say go ahead and buy used if you see a good deal that clearly specifies what's included. They're seemingly sturdy systems. Although I wouldn't get one of the older models, especially a "fat", as those ran hot and tended to have YLOD problems. That being said, the brand new systems are hardly a ripoff either, especially if you're getting a bundle.
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on December 11, 2015
This was ridiculous. The warehouse deal was a piece of crap. The description was completley innacurate! The item we recieved looked like it came out of the bottom of a box from a garage sale. No product box, no anything. Just a dirty scratched up console and a dirty scratched up controller. Someone had to have been using this at a frat house for years. Cannot believe Amazon would be so deceptive. I hope this is not a new trend in warehouse deals. Very dissapointed and what a waste of time. Be warned if looking at warehouse deals. So now we are waiting for a return label to return this and watch amazon try to sell it to someone else. Not o.k.
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on October 11, 2013
Disclaimer: I'm a first time Playstation buyer. I just upgraded from my trusty, yet very old Wii. I am very new to Playstation, so I won't be able to tell you a lot about how it differs from other Playstations.

I had owned a Wii for around 4 years when I decided it was time for an upgrade. My Wii was pretty good, but it didn't have the controller, graphics, or games that I wanted. So, I began a week-long search for a console. I new one thing- it had to be able to play NCAA football and Madden, since I am a complete sports geek XD. So, that narrowed it down to two systems- the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3. I looked at prices, controllers, layout, games, settings, build, graphics, processors, everything. The Xbox won in almost everything but the price, since you have to pay $60 a year for a Xbox Live Gold membership, which I certainly didn't want to pay. I didn't really know what to expect from either, so I wen't ahead and took a gamble on the PS3. I've never made a better decision. The thing runs like a dream, with only a few laggy spots at very hard-to-process moments. But don't worry, the lag isn't bad at all, and only stays around for 2-3 seconds. No biggie. The layout is great, and easy to access. I bought a bundle with the eye and move, so I could still have that Wii-like aspect if I wanted it. Both controllers work great, and are easy to use. Now, I will get into the real review.
I bought the PS3 Super Slim, and it is very small. It's actually only around two inches taller then the Wii. You press a button to open the Disc Slot, and simply put the disc in and close the 'door' firmly. It actually is quite fun to close the door. You actually feel like you are manually putting in some software, which is fun. And yes, I do like the simple things in life :) One more thing- A lot of reviews say that this console is rather flimsy. I haven't had any problems at all. Honestly, please don't believe what the other reviews say. It really isn't flimsy.
I only really play Sports games on this, so I can't really review how the first-person shooters look on the PS3, since I'm not really into those. However, seeing how it runs with NCAA and Madden, I don't think you'd have any problems playing GTA 5, Call of Duty, or anything else.
The version I bought comes with 250gb of space, which is way more then I'll ever need. It's processor is fast, the graphics are great, and it really does run like a dream. Of course, it won't equal a mid/high-range gaming pc, but for the ps3 games made for it, this console will work just fine.
At first, I didn't like this controller, but it's easy to get used to, and fairly easy to use. Certainly an upgrade from the motion stick that the Wii used :)
Honestly, this thing will run just fine for you. It does exactly what a console should- stays out of the way, is quiet, and lets you immerse yourself in your game, without worrying about what the console is doing. After all, it's more about the content then the console. As long as it runs without lag, I think we are all okay. By the way, I should mention that while the Xbox charges $60 a year for online gaming, Netflix and Hulu+, the Playstation charges nothing. That finalized the deal for me. I actually was able to save even more by purchasing this from Ebay, which brought the bundle's total down from $275 to $225.

Anyway, I recommend this product 100%, and I hope I helped you with your decision.
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on August 8, 2013
Slim REdesign. Nothing special..
I'm happy with the purchase. It's often loud at times, but I haven't ran into any freezing like my first PS3 Slim.
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VINE VOICEon December 8, 2014
I bought this primarily to play 'The Pinball Arcade' since the Xbox 360 version was basically dead in the water. And so far I am using it mainly as a Blu-ray player and to play the aforementioned TPA. And honestly I have no complaints. I paid just under two hundred for it so it was a good deal in my book.

Everything runs smoothly and the Blu-ray player functions very well. I had previously owned the original Playstation as well as the Playstation 2(my all-time favorite) and wasn't planning on ever purchasing the PS3 since there weren't enough games on it that I liked in order to justify the purchase price(which was steep during the early days). But I'm glad that I waited since I prefer the slim version with the lower price.
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on July 16, 2016
When looking to purchase a playstation 3, I did my research. I will note too, I reviewed another PS3 i purchased that had the little big planet carting accessory bundle, and of the two, I believe this is the far better deal. Sony is a top quality brand, as far as electronics go, sony would be my go-to top quality brand. With purchasing this product, you can further customize your game system exactly as you want it. If you are the only person who plays it, or use it strictly for netflix, then this by itself is plenty enough. If you are a gamer, you can buy separately each and every thing you need, such as a mic, specific games, extra controllers, charger stands, and so much more. There is much you can do with this device whether it only you purchasing it, or if it's for your entire family to share. Buying from Sony, you know you are getting quality, so no need to worry about malfunctions, or short system life. Being a blu-ray player as well, you really can't beat this system for the money, they sell it very cheap when they could realistically sell it for more, and still make the same number of sales. With this purchase I am very satisfied, more so than when I purchased the PS3 carting bundle that can be viewed in my public profile / reviews.
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on May 3, 2014
Awesome buy! The description said no controller but when I opened the box, lo and behold there was a controller. The description also said it was 250 gig model but when i check the system info it's showed a 500 gig hhd.

There were barely any scratches or anything physically wrong. Everything works great.
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on June 2, 2014
I've had some small issues but I don't know if that's due to the system being used or if those are issues with this particular model. Nothing big, though, and I'm impressed with what I got for the price.
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on May 12, 2014
The product is what you've expected. Works perfectly fine, very fast, and its a just-log-in and play.
Did not have any kind of trouble, packaging was very good, no scratches or anything.

Would definitely recommend buying it.
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on March 18, 2014
Had 2 PlayStation 3's before and they were terrible but this one is so far doing great. I have not had one problem reading discs or games freezing and I have double the storage I had with my last one.
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