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on June 27, 2009
Just orderd this item (energizer power & play for Ps3) and it works great charges quickly looks sleek and very sharp,but it is a lil light weight but it serves its purpose and is fairly sturdy. The one issue that i had was after you connected controller light is red during the charge stage, when charge is complete it than turns green- i could find no info about whether or not i could leave controllers on charging unit-would it continue to charge and burn the controller down over time(afer doing my due dillegence and thorough research) the answer is no--once controller is fully charged the light will turn green at that point there is no need to disconect power because that channel stop producing charge- one would think otherwise seeing the green light but this unit in fact stops the process doing no harm to controller so leave it on all day it wont ruin controller--figured this might help--
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on September 28, 2013
Stylish and functional - I like it a lot. Here are my impressions:
- Large base that keeps this stand upright, no worries about it tipping over as you plug/unplug controllers.
- Assembly is simple, it comes in 2 pieces and you gently press the base and stand together until 4 tabs snap into place.
- Both ports have their own red/green indicator lights in case you were wondering. The bottom light is not readily seen in the photo.
- Plugging a controller in is as simple as lining up its female charging dock with the male charging doo-hickey sticking out of the stand
and then firmly pressing the controller into place.
- The version I bought (for $20) has NO USB charging ports, unlike some reviews I've read here. However USB ports are irrelevant for
my needs.

I'd recommend this for its value, style and functionality.
review imagereview image
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on September 20, 2013
I purchased this charger after realizing that charging PS3 remotes via the included USB cable is annoying and not very reliable. This Energizer item plugs directly into your wall outlet, so there is no concern with the power being on or if the USB ports are self-powered or machine powered. As soon as you plug in the remotes, a red light appears, letting you know that the remotes are being charged. Once the remotes are complete - the light turns to green. That easy! There is also a USB port on this, so you can plug in a USB cable to charge another device (I personally use it to charge my Bluetooth Headset, also for the PS3). The package is well constructed and small enough to fit behind my HDTV. I've had this for quite some time and the connections are still tight and hold the remotes in place during the charging process without issue. The remotes fit perfectly on top of one another and don't require you to be an origami expert in order to figure out how to make them stack.

If I had a complaint, it would be that the connection port (front load) is a bit unwieldy. In order to plug the remote in, you have to hold it in the center and firmly press it onto the USB port - and with big fingers like mine, I often hit the PS button, which turns on the PS3. Not a fun process, but not a deal breaker either. I certainly do not have a better idea on how to make the connection to charge these remotes, so I can't complain much - but that is just about the only thing I could point out negatively about this device.

Overall, it does what it is intended to do - charge your PS3 remotes. Combine that with the included USB ports and you can even charge your other PS3 devices or anything really that has a USB adapter cable (cell phones, iPads, etc).
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on July 16, 2017
This does EXACTLY what they said it would. It charges 2 PS3 controllers independently from the console. Plugs in perfect and even has 2 USB plug in ports on the side for other controllers or anything that needs to be charged with a USB.

The 2 USB ports on the side are not working, but the chargers are working great. So I took one star off for the ports.
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on November 25, 2016
Works great for keeping my controllers charged.
I love this one, specifically, because my PS3 controllers seem to refuse to charge from normal phone power bricks or anything, so I needed an external charger.

Doesn't to take too long to charge!
review image
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on March 11, 2011
Product: Energizer Power & Play Charging System for PS3 (by Performance Designed Products)
Rating: 4 stars

I finally gave in and upgraded my multiplayer capability by getting an extra controller, and adding bought a PDP charging station for my controllers. It arrived today, and so far I'm pretty happy with it ... I've been able to get rid of the rat's nest of charging cords cluttering my entertainment center, and now I'm also forward compatible if I eventually get a bluetooth voice unit.


* Appearance: The unit has a sleek and elegant design. The bi-color clear charger guides are attractive, and informative (they glow red when actively charging, and switch to green when they detect a full charge. I haven't checked their draw yet, but given that they use tiny LEDs, their standby draw is bound to be quite low.

* Stability: The stand clips very securely into it's wide base, so it's completely free from wobbles, and the low-profile rubber feet on the bottom prevent scratching of furniture.

* Space saving design: The ability to stack the controllers, and condolidate 2-3 charging cords into just one is a welcome upgrade to my former setup.


* My only complaint is that in their efforts to make this unit as visually appealing as possible, they also made it slightly awkward to insert the controllers into the charging slots ... you have lean fairly close in order to properly align the connection, and you have to use 2 hands (1 for the controller, and one for the top of the charging unit's arm) to successfully seat a controller diagonally upwards into its charging connector. They could have made the connection process a bit more ergonomic than it is. Still, it's a minor nit.

* My other minor nit is that if a controller is connected to the charger, the LED light never turns itself off, which adding night time light pollution to the bevvy of other electronic devices cluttering my living room.

Bottom line: recommended.
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on February 5, 2017
It actually works. I didn't have high hopes for this; not sure why but thought I'd give it a try. But I've used it several time, it charges my controllers very well.
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on July 12, 2010
If you have a PS3 and play it often, you need to have this charger. The base holds 2 controllers and will accommodate another 2. It will even accommodate the PS3 Bluetooth Headset, if you have one. Works just as advertised. We are very pleased with the performance of this product. Our PS3 controllers are now always fully charged. That is certainly a good thing. The unit just looks great too. Very sleek and stylish. Looks great in my equipment rack. When you first plug in a controller, it turns red to indicate it is charging. When charging is complete, the unit turns green. It will NOT overcharge your controllers which is a great feature. This will ensure the battery in your controllers will last and not get burned out by the charger.

As far as I am concerned, this is a must have product for your PS3. It looks and works just perfectly. Not a problem getting the controller into the unit. It is very easy and fits the first time. As mentioned above, I am very satisfied with this product.
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on October 28, 2015
If you have kids, you KNOW they leave crap everywhere. And nothing is quite as terrible as the sound of a controller being stepped on because an errant 9 year old left the Playstation or Xbox controller in the middle of the floor but you didn't see it because you were carrying a hamper full of laundry through the living room... Only slightly less disconcerting is the wailing and gnashing of teeth because said controllers have to be tethered to the console because no one rechared them overnight because they were left in the middle of said floor.

Enter this device... It solves the dual dilemma of "Where do we put the controller when we aren't using it?" and "I can't find the charge cable!" We loved our Xbox one so much we also bought the PS3 variety. No more mangled or dead-batteried controllers! It's a win/win for me. Until said errant 9 year old leaves the whole device in the middle of the floor...
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on May 7, 2011
I bought this after I became frustrated with my PS3 not charging my controllers and almost always having to have them connected to the PS3 through the USB cable. Once I received this I immediately put it together out of the box, took less than five minutes. You always know the status on the charge of your controller by the LED lights (red for charging, green for charged). Another great thing is that once the charger has finished recharging your controller you can keep it on the charger as it shuts off power to that connection immediately upon full charge. It also has a accessory so you can charge your PS3 headset as well. Recommended for those that are sick and tired of having to use the USB cable for more than "mating" the controllers to the PS3.
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