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on October 7, 2016
Great complete band Special Edition set. Nice features including:
Local and global online modes
Online World Tour mode fuses Solo Tour and Band World Tour modes with opportunity gigs, challenges, cities, venues and hirable staff
Tour Challenges - mini-campaigns focused on the best songs by instrument, decade, genre, etc
Battle of the Bands mode - go head to head against other bands in constantly refreshed contests (internet connection required)
Quickplay - with prefab or customized characters that can play on any instrument. Make customizable set lists and organize your song lists in different categories
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on September 17, 2017
I had too much alcohol with friends and this game. I think it can be played any time and you will have a good time.

Rockband 4 is out and should be no different.
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on January 6, 2010
Having never owned or played the first Rock Band game (I was always more interested in the Guitar Hero series), I came to this game with a completely open mind & did not know what to expect. Sure I read reviews on the gaming websites but I have a try before you buy policy when it comes to spending a large sum of money. After playing the game extensively with my kids I can say this is what games are meant to be. My review of the game itself is short and sweet. Buy this game, get a few friends together & you're guaranteed hours of fun. It's multi-player magic if you have four players in the same room! I'll not bore you with the finer points of graphics or sound design. Others have covered that ground already & with enough information for you to form your own opinions. Instead I'll focus on the included instruments and the service I received from Amazon itself.

First the instruments.
As I mentioned I was more fond of the Guitar Hero franchise so those were the instruments I had played. Let me say how pleasantly surprised I was with the Rock Band 2 gear. The guitar itself is of high quality in it's design & playability & that's what's important. It feels good in your hands & is responsive to all of your inputs. Even for big people such as myself it has a better overall shape & natural balance in my hands than the Guitar Hero Would Tour guitar or the Les Paul model from Guitar Hero 3. Both of which now seem cheap & flimsy to me after my time with the RB2 Stratocaster. Also worth mentioning is the auto calibration feature of the new guitar. Simply hold it up to your TV to get a video measure & then a speaker to get an audio measure & your done. Simple & effective. Worked great with my LCD HDTV & 6.1 surround setup. As for the drums I could not be more happy. I had some limited use of the Guitar Hero World Tour drums & was less than pleased as my first 2 sets had to be returned for warranty repairs. Activision never really worked out all the problems I had with the kits so I eventually gave up & sold them. The set that comes with RB2 is great however. I have no basis for comparison with the RB1 set so I'll compare them to the GHWT set. The pads are firm & have a soft thump to them when hit. The layout is more forgiving to the eye as it can be adjusted up or down more freely & still leave your line of sight open. The kick pedal is more solid then the GHWT pedal also & has a medal cover for added sturdiness. The four drum layout is a natural layout for the game & even works great in Guitar Hero games with a few quirks. Such as the note charts automatically scaling down to four notes & star power being activated with simultaneous hits on the yellow & blue pads instead of the built-in cymbols. The microphone is about what you would expect it to be. It's solidly built & picks up your voice well. It's a little short for my large hands & I wish it were wireless but it does it's job none the less. I have read about problems with these instruments breaking & tearing up rather easily but apparently EA is very good with their warranty service so I'm hoping for the best. My kids can be very abusive to this stuff as I have replaced a number of the Guitar Hero controllers already.

Now a few words about the service I received from Amazon.
The first order was mis-delivered by Fedex & they made no real effort to find it. I was told they could do nothing until the driver that delivered the package returned to work five days later! Totally unacceptable! Fedex recommended that I go out & look for the package if it was that important to me. Needless to say I called Amazon @ 1:30am on a Saturday wanting to know what to do. "No problem," the operator told me. "We'll send another express out to you & Fedex can go find this when they are ready." So the first package is mis-delivered & no questions asked Amazon just sends another with free one day shipping to make up for it. That is customer service at it's finest folks! It was a moment of irony when UPS showed up at my door the following Tuesday with the replacement & Fedex showed up moments later with the lost order that had been torn open by the people who lived at the other address. Telling the Fedex driver to send it back was a priceless moment as he & the UPS driver past each other in the driveway.

An overall great experience dealing with Amazon & I'll for sure be a customer again. I think I found my new place for Christmas shopping!
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on September 21, 2009
I previously owned this game for the Wii, but got it again for the PS3 after my Wii was stolen. Basically it's the same game with HD graphics and a wider downloadable song collection (at least until EA gets the Wii's catalog caught up). And that's not really a bad thing unless you own a Wii and PS3 and already have RB2 for the Wii (in which case stop reading now). In terms of game controllers, RB2's instruments suck compared to Guitar Hero's. The drums don't seem to be as responsive - or as realistically set up - as the ones for GH, and the RB2 Stratocaster guitar definitely is no where near as good as the guitar for GH. I'm having to slam down on the buttons just to play the notes, and even then I notice I'll still miss a few notes that I know I've accurately hit. My advice is to just shell out $40 and buy a separate GH guitar (all GH instruments are compatible with RB2, btw). Otherwise, RB2 is a far superior game to Guitar Hero World Tour (haven't played GH5 yet). The graphics, downloadable content, sounds, and native song list are far superior to that of GHWT (although if you're a hard-core gamer, GHWT is much more challenging). Online mode is much better in RB than in GH, as there are numerous challenges to play and you can just plain do more online in RB2. At the end of the day, RB2 is the better experience, especially for family and casual gamers.
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on January 5, 2010
I really enjoy the game. I'm a guitarist, so that's what I tend to jump on when playing with my family most of the time, but I bought this game for my girls and the youngest loves drums. Unfortunately, after 3 hours or so of play the drums just flat-out wouldn't turn on anymore. Remove batteries, put new ones in: nothing. Take old batteries and put in something else: they work fine. I finally had to get an RMA from Electronic Arts. It took almost 2 weeks to get the new drum kit. Not too long compared to some other return policies out there (and you don't have to send the old ones to them first), but 2 weeks is an eternity for two girls who want to play with their new Christmas present (3 really; my wife is hooked, too). In fact, my wife got tired of waiting for the new drums to arrive and purchased the full Beatles Rock Band (she wanted an extra guitar, anyway). The wired drums in that kit seem to be so much more reliable that I wish I had purchased that one first and just bought the Rock Band 2 software. My guess (from what I've seen on the internet) is that the drum problem isn't isolated, but so widespread that it has to be a design flaw. That means that I will likely have to return these, too, after a few hours of play and those two week gaps are going to eat up my 60-day warranty pretty quickly, leaving me having paid about an extra $100 for some kind of cool-looking dust-gatherers. Lovely....
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on December 4, 2009
My wife and I have only had the game for a day and it's been a blast. The instruments seem to be well made and the song selections definitely suit our taste more than those found on Guitar Hero.

I did think it was a little odd that the instruments didn't operate like the regular PS3 controllers. I had imagined that they would work through bluetooth and connect like a standard controller. Instead, the instruments are battery operated and connect via a wireless "dongle" that plugs into the USB port on the PS3. This definitely doesn't detract from the ease of use - we were up and running right out of the box in no time.

Another great, though financially dangerous, feature is being able to download "track packs" on the systems online store. This allows to you download tracks that aren't included on the original game disc and includes some great stuff from The Raconteurs, Pearl Jam, The White Stripes, and several more.

Overall, I'd highly recommend this purchase to anyone who wants a great party game, or just a fun game all around.
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on November 22, 2012
Great selection of songs, pretty cool design for the art style and nice that they added more instruments. Give it a 2/5 because I've spent the past 2 days messing around with the calibration, and the game STILL makes you miss when you have no idea why your missing. Played Guitar Hero 1, 2 & Rock the 80's on Expert back in the day, and on those games when I'd miss notes I'd at least know WHY I'd miss the note, because of human error and I wouldn't flip out about it. In this game though, you will miss notes even though you 100% for sure know you nailed the note. It's frustrating on a level that makes Chinese Water Torture seem more appealing. Just to confirm that time hadn't taken hold, I went back and played the 3 original Guitar Hero games to see if maybe it's my skill that was the problem. Nope, I landed every single note that should have been landed, and every note I missed was due to me screwing up. Which is completely acceptable.

I have done some reading, and found that it took this company 3 attempts before figuring out what they were doing with calibration. So I'd suggest saving your money on this and purchasing Rock Band 3's set, and waiting for Rock Band 1 and 2 to go on mega sale so your not frustrated at poor programming.

Background -
I purchased this game just a few days ago for the girlfriends birthday so we could have something to do together. I purchased Rock Band 2's big set because I had read that the Rock Band 1 instruments were of poor quality, but Rock Band 2's instruments were improved. I also feel that the Guitar that came with this was inferior in every way to the Guitar Hero games Guitar I'm sad to say. The groove on the yellow key at the center to let you know your at the center is replaced with little tiny dots that are elevated, which are rather annoying and don't give you that secure feeling that you know exactly where your hands are positioned at all times. Mind you Rock Band and Guitar Hero are made by the same company, so I'm just pointing out more of a frustration that could have easily been avoided had they stuck with a previous format rather then trying something new that wasn't for the better.

EDIT: Guitar Hero 3's guitar works with Rock Band games, which makes the experience a tad better for anyone considering these games.
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on October 29, 2009
Fedex finally brought this to my house yesterday. I'd played RB2 at a friend's house before, so I knew what I was getting. The only surprise was that when I pressed the yellow or red buttons on the guitar, BOTH red and yellow would register in the game. Thankfully, EA was quick about shipping out a replacement. The upside is that, with no guitar to use, I was forced to use the drums. It was frustrating at first (I'd only ever used the guitar), but once I got the hang of it I REALLY started to enjoy myself. So, in a way, EA did me a favor by sending me a bum guitar. I can't wait to get the replacement, but in the meantime, I get to play the fun-as-heck drums. I'm quite happy with that, and counting down the hours here at work till I get to go home and play some more!

Love the DLC, love that I can import RB1 songs (ordered the disc just for that), love playing with friends. RB2 is a GREAT game.
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on January 7, 2010
Simply put, for around $100 this is possibly the best game (with hardware) deal out there. It is fun for at least three people at a time (I think the singing part is a bit weak). Each person gets to dial in their own level of difficulty. I am old enough now (40) where I do not play as many video games as I used to... but, one like this really brings out the fun again and makes me want to play. Even my 5 year old can do some of the easy drum parts (not with a great score, mind you). Fun for the whole family... parents, teens, and grade schoolers. Also... hearing the real artists doing the songs is huge... it really is great. Finally, being able to make your own persona is cool too. This was an xmas present that was fun to give and was well received by all. I also recommend buying the various track packs and rock band 1 game just for all the extra songs.
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on June 17, 2010
What to say about Rock Band that hasn't been written is hard. What I can share is that this game has a terrific set of songs (84 total) that targets to please everyone's taste and it gets it in my oppinion. And the songs are very balanced in terms of difficulty. Also, the online is very good and even now, almost 2 years after launch, is easy to play online, there's always someone else there.
The instruments are great, although after some use the guitar's buttons start making some noise, but you'll eventually get used to it.
The only downside of this set is one song, named Visions, that is totally out of place, doesn't fit with everything else on the game. It's almost unaudible, and if you are a trophy hunter this song alone will give you nightmares and will probably lock 2 trophies related to the endless setlist.
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