Customer Reviews: Pleasure To Kill
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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
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on August 13, 2006
Yes, everything you've heard about this album is 110% true ladies and losers. But like my title says, this is probably one of the most extreme and brutal thrash albums ever made that you could make an argument that it's borderline death metal. I mean it was very influential for the up and coming DM scene in the late 80s (Morbid Angel definitely comes to mind as someone influenced by these guys) but maybe the only things that make it more thrash are the vocals which are actually pretty intense for a thrash album. The only other thrash vocalist that is as crazy as Mille is maybe Don Doty of Dark Angel or Max Cavalera. Unfortunately this band would not match their brutality and violence they served up with this release. I even hear the newer stuff from this decade is great and I plan on getting them.

Ok for the music itself, it's effin mindblowing. I personally love the melodic intro, even though it's nothing like the rest of the album it sets the mood for it painting a image of a open battlefield that's about to be 'littered with corpses'. Then it has godly tracks like Ripping Corpse and the title track which are some of the most ferocious metal songs I've ever heard. The violent lyrics here are actually SCARY and INTIMIDATING unlike bands like Cannibal Corpse where it's borderline amusing (that's not a diss, I really like CC plus who doesn't like to laugh?). I mean the title track is f*cking extreme metal anthem for christ's sake. The last couple songs are killer too, like Command of the Blade with it's crazy riffs and the closer with Mille yelling out UNDA THE GUILLOTINE! Speaking of Mille, the man can solo like a mofo. I'm going to use the two B words to describe them, blistering and blazing. Seriously though, all the songs are great, the only one that's slightly under par with the rest is Pestilence. What's also amazing about this album is that THE BONUS TRACKS DONT SUCK! Don't you notice that bonus tracks, well, usually blow? Note here folks, the pulled the 3 tracks from the 'Flag of Hate' EP and yes they have a rawer production but they are some of thrash's best. You get a juiced up version of the Flag of Hate song (it was originally on their debut), Take Their Lives (another ever-so-violent anthemic song) and their most complex song Awakening of the Gods which is quite god-like as well. This definitely gets the award for "best bonus tracks ever". Oh and the bass? ACTUALLY AUDIBLE! Wow, can this album do any wrong?

Let me also take some time to confirm by other metalheads comments. Best band from Germany? DEFINITELY. In fact I don't even like the Scorpions, I think their singer is wimpy and they're just all around boring. The other two bands from the German thrash movement (Sodom and Destruction) are really awesome too but not quite as good and consistent and these boys. THIS is the album that 'rocks you like a hurricane'. Yes, the drummer is indeed like a German version of the universally loved Dave Lombaardo, he can do insane double bass and basically everything else metal fans crave in their percussion, it has a really thick and meaty sound to them which I love. Best album of '86? See that's a really tough question to answer seeing as how I gave all 3 albums of the 'Unholy Trinity' a 97% it's really up to you. This is the more brutal one, DD is more about speed, and RIB has both.

In conclustion, it's ESSENTIAL. However, if you're new to metal I'm not sure if I'd recommend this it might be a little too much for you. I bow down to this and so should you.

P.S. If I ever decide to go on a mass murdering rampage I'm making this my soundtrack.
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on February 3, 2004
I am not really a fan of speed metal. Thrash is as deep as I usually go in the metal categories and grindcore makes me physically ill. There is something about the German speed metal band Kreator that I really enjoy. A friend loaned me Pleasure To Kill back in the 1980s (it was originally released in 1986) and I liked it so much I was not satisfied just making a copy of it; I had to go out and buy the real thing. Then I bought Terrible Certainty, Flag of Hate, and Out of the Dark...Into the Light. Pleasure to Kill is still my favorite. At first I thought it was funny because it starts with the beautiful instrumental "Choir of the Damned" and then launches into the explosive, hard pumping "Ripping Corpse." The more I listened, the more I became hooked to the incredible guitar riffs. It is not just noise; there is melody here (fast and furious) that I can remember. The best track here is definitely "Riot of Violence." This is my favorite Kreator song. It is amazing and sounds even better on the live album Out of the Dark... "Command of the Blade" has ferocious guitars. The Medieval-looking cover artwork is also very cool. If I can like this album, any real fan of speed metal will love it!
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on December 21, 2001
Or I guess Sepultura sound like Kreator, since this album came out before "Schizophrenia" and "Beneath the Remains." I read a review of "Beneath the Remains" that said that album and "Reign in Blood" were the only albums that successfully encompassed both thrash and death metal, but I would have to add this album to the list as well. Many of the same elements that characterized other early thrash-death classics from Slayer and Sepultura are here: the lightning-fast riffs, the interplay between lead and rhythm guitars, the fast and thunderous drumming, and rumbling bass lines. Their lead singer spits out vocals with Tom Arayaesque speed, with some hints of the death growl mixed in. The musicians do an excellent job, nothing fancy, but they work well together in creating some very fast and brutal music. In conclusion, if you think metal reached its peak with albums like "Master of Puppets," "Beneath the Remains," and "Reign in Blood," I highly recommend this album.
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on December 15, 2015
This is a superior album. Honestly I preferred Endless Pain more, which I bought at the same time, but that's just me - read my Endless Pain review for my reasons. Despite that I rate this album as 5 stars as well. The production value is better than Endless Pain, but the songs didn't click with me as much as the first album's. Kreator is definitely superior to Destruction and Sodom. Growing up and seeing Kreator t-shirts in the back of Metal magazines, I always just figured they were a run of the mill European thrash band - how wrong I was! They are definitely pioneers of what becomes Death and Black Metal. If you are into Death, Black or Thrash Metal do yourself a favor and buy Kreator's first two albums, you wont be disappointed.
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on January 19, 2006
Its been 20 years since this album was released and it still remains one of the best thrash/speed/whateveryouwantocallit albums ever. The album starts off with the intro, Chior of the Damnded and then RIPS right into Ripping Corpse. Right away you get the feeling that this is as intense as it gets. There is not one bad song on this album. Please note that the drummer, Ventor, is the vocalists on 3 tracks: Death is your Saviour, Riot of Violence and Command of the Blade. The version I own contains the EP Flag of Hate, which adds to the enjoyment of this CD.

If you listen to metal (slipcrap, korn, and disturbed are not metal) and dont own this... YOU MUST GET IT.
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on May 13, 2012
Continuing on my reviews for the Unholy Trinity of 1986, I come to my personal favorite of the trinity, which is Kreator's "Pleasure to Kill."

When I first heard this album six years ago, I was only about 7-8 months into listening to the more extreme offshoots of the heavy metal genre, I still didn't know who was the "best" in the thrash and death metal niches. I spent a lot of time and money in the last months of my senior year in high school buying whatever looked good to me at the time. A good deal of the thrash and death albums I got back then didn't stick around in my collection long, but this Teutonic thrash masterpiece would be one that I'll never, ever get rid of. Even after listening to this album a lot since I first bought it, it still sounds absolutely ferocious and no matter how hard I try, this album still subconsciously grabs my mind and forces me to bang my head as if up from the dead.

"Pleasure to Kill" is the follow-up album to the Essen-based thrash group's debut, "Endless Pain." This is practically the antithesis of the much-dreaded "sophomore slump," since this improved upon all the great debut's qualities, whether it be brutality, dynamics, or technical mastery of the instruments. While not part of the album's score, once you listen to this, you can hear the first traces of death metal being formed with this album.


Guitarist and vocalist Mille Petrozza is at the top of his game on this album. His riffs are total monsters on this album, since his riffs are really fast and at the same time, extremely well-developed. Unlike the few hiccups in Slayer's "Reign in Blood," there's no "fast for fast's sake" going on here, all the riffs, whether they be fast or on the slower side, all belong in the right places. Now that I think of it, there's virtually no "doing something for the sake of doing it" going on in this album at all; everything feels right and well thought-out. Petrozza's guitar solos are excellent as well, since they're really chaotic and fit with the rest of the music like a glove. I think some of his best solos are on the opening to "Carrion," the middle of "Pleasure to Kill," and in "The Pestilence."

Petrozza's vocals are excellent as well. His vocal delivery consists of gravely, evil snarls and growls. Some people may complain that his vocals don't have a melodic glaze to them, but I'm glad they don't because this type of nefarious vocal delivery perfectly suits the brutal, intense thrash on display here.

Ventor's skills as a drummer shine perfectly throughout this album. While there really isn't a dull moment in this album in relation to the percussion, I think Ventor's best drumming comes in the near-middle, blasting part of "Riot of Violence." He also does lead vocals on some songs, such as the aforementioned "Riot of Violence," and serve as a really good complement to Petrozza's vocals, as they're generally similar.

Rob's bass, while not as prominent as what you'd hear in an Iron Maiden or Atheist album, thankfully have more prominence in this album than most thrash albums of similar ilk. His basslines add a great deal of depth and heaviness to Petrozza's guitar riffs.


Not only are all the songs of high quality, but even the organization in the track-listing is worth praising. The album starts off with a fairly ambient intro piece called "Choir of the Damned," which consists of some melodic guitar licks and powerful synth-lines. However, when that intro ends, it's nothing but unbridled Teutonic thrashing armageddon until the album ends. For we dive into the first real song, "Ripping Corpse." This song is a thrashing monstrosity, as it's loaded with chaotic thrash riffs and drum fills, complete with lyrics depicting a tale of a monster that "came from the East" and rips its victims apart, even if it means ripping guts through a lady's "womanhood." "Pleasure to Kill," the title track, is worth noting, since it has a steadily-fast, infectious main thrash riff and that nefarious chorus:

My only aim is to take many lives
The more the better I feel
My only pleasure is to hear many cries
From those tortured by my steel
The color of your blood from your open body
Is all I wanted to see
Tasting the blood from the lips as you die
Means satisfaction to me

Pleasure to Kill

"Riot of Violence" is another worthwhile thrash monster, as this has an infectious main riff and that iconic "blast" section near the middle of the song, that's loaded with intense riffage and proto-blastbeats, whilst Ventor screams "Riot of Violence" during that section. "The Pestilence" utilizes some great dynamics, as the song is nearly 7 minutes-long, but doesn't drag on at all, as its slow and fast parts are all well-timed and when all taken into account, add up for an intense thrash song. "Carrion" is a little slower than the rest of the album, but by that, I mean a song that's still intense but at a smaller degree, and the first 1 minute and 40 seconds are loaded with intense riffage and flesh-shredding guitar solo that stands up well with the rest of the songs. "Command of the Blade" is an unsung song on here. It starts off as a fairly mild track, but like the rest of the songs on here, quickly ensues into Tetuonic thrashing chaos with cool lyrics about a mysterious, murderous figure on missions to kill for his superiors.

I think all the North American re-issues of "Pleasure to Kill" post-2000 come with the "Flag of Hate" EP as a bonus. This is an excellent bonus for the album since the re-recording of "Flag of Hate" is rather good (though I still like the original the best) and comes with two rather lengthy but fantastic songs "Take Their Lives" and "Awakening of the Gods." Especially with the latter, they display excellent dynamics and progression, and show that these "evil, chaotic thrashers" can diversify their usual songwriting methods.


The production on this album is perfect. All the sonic elements come in rather clear (even the bass to an extent), while at the same time, maintains a "rough" sound quality to further enhance the nefarious feelings oozing from the songs here.


Not only is this my favorite Kreator album, this is my favorite metal album to come from Germany. With the albums that make up the Unholy Trinity of 1986, this is the crowning jewel. If you've worked your way up to the more "extreme" bands under the thrash umbrella through Slayer, I think you're ready to tackle this beast, and it's an album you won't want to be parting with anytime soon once you get it.

If you want other prime Kreator albums, check out "Endless Pain," "Terrible Certainty," "Extreme Aggression," and "Coma of Souls" after you digest this Teutonic thrash titan.

If I was forced to choose among Kreator's discography to only have one album, this would be the one to get.
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on October 6, 2013
Get yer beer and then put this on. Kreator pounds you into tiny pieces on this loveable disc. Also included is the most ferocious FLAG OF HATE EP. This is Thrash Metal. It's not tight, slick, nor does it have any uptown production. It isn't tuned down to sound heavy. It is HEAVY WITHOUT GIMMICKS. What this disc does have is what so many over-produced metal records lack: honesty. Wild and slashing from the start, the speed, high energy abandon and zeal with which Kreator makes still, after 25 years, an all time favorite of mine. And we Metal Heads bought this on a lark, for kicks. Turned into a house favorite for many, many years.
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on February 7, 2005
While Kreator's 'Pleasure to Kill' isn't as purely deathly as Possessed or Death's debuts, it is still quite ahead of it's time, and is even more representative of what death metal would eventually become, in some ways. It lacks a true growl, though Mille's not too far off, but the extensive emphasis on ultra-fast, trem-picked riffs and the less thick and crunchy guitar tone and the common use of genuine blast-beats are surprisingly reminiscent of the instrumentation you'd find on prime, early 90's death metal. Unfortunately, this means the album also has some of DM's flaws. Most notably, it's more monotonous than your average thrash album, and not as catchy, either. It's a typical problem- everything sounds good, but not all that much really stands out.

The lead guitar is passable, but not anything really worth mentioning. It provides a good contrast and counterpoint, which is usually what the lead guitar is really about in this sorta material, anyway. The drumming is very, very fast. Not the most complex stuff in the world, but it is more than sufficiently propulsive. 'Ripping Corpse' has some particularly nice, and even melodic, at times, rhythm work and a reasonably catchy chorus. The title track has a great, ultra-fast main riff, contrasted well with a relatively slow, middle break. 'Riot of Violence' has one of the slower, groovier main riffs, which helps make it one of the more dynamic tracks on the album. It's followed by the seven minute, and vaguely epic 'The Pestilence', which a nice, extensive middle break with a number of great riffs, and one of Mille's stronger, eerier vocal performance. (It also the best line on the album, which would be, 'YOU WILL DIE IN HEEEEELLLLLLLLL!!!!!!! All the lyrics on this album are pretty great, actually) But that's really about all I've got to say specifically, unless I just wanted to say the exact same thing again and again. (As I often do) Still, it is all good material, and definitely worth owning, and certainly the sort of thing that all thrash or death metal fans ought to hear.

This release also comes with the 'Flag of Hate' ep. The song 'Flag of Hate' is a re-recording of a song from 'Endless Pain'. It's better than the average track on 'Pleasure to Kill' and probably has the catchiest chorus of anything on this cd. (Time to raise the flag of hate!) 'Take Their Lives' is a bit slower and more subdued than the 'Pleasure to Kill' material and has a great, atmospheric and melodic middle break. `Awakening of the Gods' is a great track, probably the best one on this cd. Kinda reminiscent of `The Pestilence' but longer, and more dynamic, to go along with impeccable riffwriting from beginning to end, and another reasonably catchy chorus.

Yeah, get it.
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on July 30, 2014
this was my favorite back in the days as ive owned it before back in the 80s with many other cds including liege lords that now cost 599.00 and a band called exe but through moving lost now I get the pleasure to have pleasure to kill again cant wait for this blast from the past.
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on August 7, 2001
What can I say? Many albums claim to be equal to Slayer's "Reign In Blood," but "Pleasure to Kill" is the only one that can measure up to that thrash masterpiece. Mille and company lay waste to every thing in their path on this release...if you don't beleive me, just get this thing! The production is raw enough to enhance the aggression, but its a LOT better than on "Endless Pain." There are a few slower moments like "Riot of Violence" and "Take Their Lives," but overall this is a really fast album. My only complaint would be the guitar solos, which are basically maniacal tapping and whammy diving, but for the music they're playing here, it suits the insanity that is so prevelant. FEEL THE PLEASURE TO KILL!
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