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on July 30, 2016
I rarely review products on Amazon, but my appreciation for this little company and its little devices compels me to. These simply work and are a cost effective way to expand the number of displays on your PC. I am using two of these to drive four displays for my six display computer setup (see picture). I can't comment on the ethernet capability because I'm not using it, but the video adapters work perfectly at 1080P and all other resolutions I tested.

With a somewhat run of the mill video card (NVidia GeForce GT640) and a four year old but relatively then-fast computer (3.4Ghz Xeon E3-1240 V2) the performance is flawless for regular use. I wouldn't go playing a bunch of video games, but this works smoothly even with different videos running on every screen.

Before finding the Dual head adapter, I used a single-head adapter and it also worked great.

A note on BIG displays vs multi-displays: two of my colleagues run 43" 4K displays as their computer monitors. Not only do I have more pixels, but frankly I much prefer the utility of separate screens to snap windows to. I would recommend buying 4 displays over one big one to anyone evaluating those options... Or get a 4k display and put two 20" displays on each side with Plugables... that would be awesome.
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on September 22, 2015
Works great, using it for just one extra monitor right now but haven't had any issues so far.

After using this for a few months and trying to switch to a Surface Pro 3... I have found that it runs great with one monitor but continues to drop while running two monitors on my desktop and surface... I had to return to my desktop because it will not support two monitors running from my Surface. Plugged it back into my desktop and had the same issue of it dropping the two monitors... moved one of the monitors back to my desktops video card and now its running one monitor fine (for now)...

Contacted plugable about it not working for dual monitors, they sent me a pre-tested unit, and so far the last couple days I've not had it drop the monitors like it was before! Lets hope it keeps rolling this way!

Had a couple more issues last week with one monitor dropping (after working great for a couple months), contacted customer service again and they already have a new unit in the mail to me... If nothing else this company has great tech support and customer service!
Hopefully this next adapter works!
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on April 14, 2016
This is a great product and what has made this an EXCEPTIONAL product is the customer service. I had my unit for about a month, was connecting two additional monitors to my laptop, then only one of the two monitors were working, verified the two connected monitors were still in operational order and contacted Plugable customer service. I received two emails from Plugable the same day I contacted them. Then a service tech contacted me, gave his possible solution to the issue and said if this does not work then we will send you a pre-tested unit. I followed his instructions and I am back up and running.
Contacting them was very easy thru Amazon, no need to leave a negative post to get their attention. Definitely recommend this product and mostly the company.
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on July 11, 2017
What a lifesaver! My fairly new gaming laptop with HDMI and Display Port outputs was impacted by a power surge and both ports were fried. After quickly realizing that purchasing another new high-end laptop was out of the question, I searched for an alternative. My husband loaned me his old USB to VGA adapter and it flickered and lagged something awful. So when I finally decided to purchase this device, I was hesitant and prepared for it to also hesitate and flicker, thinking that I would just have to live with that until I was ready to buy another laptop. To my relief, this product is excellent! The seller emailed me a link to download the drivers and advised I could install them before I received the device. That installation was simple and it even recognized the other USB adapter drivers from my husband's unit and simply advised how to remove those before installing this new adapter to avoid conflicts. In a world where many technical things come from China and have instructions that make no sense, it was nice to have something in clear, plain English that worked well with no tweaking. I highly recommend this device! I have it plugged into a single USB 3.0 port and it is feeding an HDMI-connected monitor and a VGA-connected monitor... both are Acer 24" IPS monitors. NO FLICKERING! NO HESITATION when you move the mouse! Whew! What a relief to find an awesome work-around to my problem!
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on April 25, 2017
I have been using this product for over a year on my work laptop and it has worked great (can even play games faiirrllyyyy well, such as WoW, Heroes of the storm, etc ) and my fiance was using a cheap usb to vga on hers and it kept crashing every time she tried to watch a youtube video. I got her this one and now everything is perfect. If you have a laptop it lets you use 3 screens. Great product!
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on August 7, 2016
Works well to extend my Surface Pro 4. I bought the Surface Dock and it has the issue with not allowing miniDisplay to DVI connections and I have tried using active converters, cables, etc. I took the chance on this box and I'm glad I did because it works well. The unit was not designed to support gaming and the like but that's not why I needed it. I'm a programmer by trade and need extra screens for productivity purposes. As with most devices, make sure that you install the drivers before hooking up the monitors. Something I discovered is that, with the Surface Dock, the unit has problems interfacing with the Surface's xHCI host controller. When plugged directly into the Dock, the unit will light up blue (indicating that USB 3.0 is being used) but then it stops operating and the light remains constantly lit instead of blinking (as it does when in USB 2.0 mode). Thankfully, I had a USB 2.0 male to female adapter cable (the blue cable in the picture) and the unit works just fine in USB 2.0 mode (indicated by the green light). This is more a Surface Pro and Surface Dock issue and not the unit's fault as it works fine when plugged into the Surface Pro directly. The adapter cable actually helped with the fact that the unit has a short length of USB cable to begin with. I bought an HDMI to DVI adapter and can now use my Surface to display on two DVI enabled monitors and two DisplayPort enabled monitors - total of 4 monitors whenever I'm at the home office. I hope that helps any Surface Pro users out there.
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on November 22, 2015
I bought this adapter recently. I downloaded the required software from manufacturer's site and installed it. Plugged in the adapter, it took long time for it to be recognized and installed by Windows. At the beginning, it seemed working fine. I have the third monitor plugged in with my VGA port on my HP laptop. After a while, this annoying things happened. 1) My monitors (except the laptop screen) will come off (the monitors saying no signal) then a few seconds they would come back on as if the adapter was recycling itself. That caused all the monitors needed to be re-alignment through Windows display console. This happened about every 40 minutes. Very annoying. 2) Some lagging on the external monitors.


Update: It is not every 40 minutes, now every 5 minutes. The two screens will flicker, then go out, then in 2 seconds they come back, then all the applications opened there before go back to main laptop screen.


Update: Someone suggested uninstall and reinstall the driver. Tried this twice and tried on two separate laptops. No, didn't help, Keep flickering, coming off and on. I might have got a bad unit.


Update: Pluggable CS is nice to send me a pre-tested replacement and free shipping label to send the one I have back. I have to say their CS is very good. The unit didn't work for me but it may work for somebody else. I hope you get a good unit. The company is truly wanting to help their customers.
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on August 26, 2015
It's a decent product for what it is. Performance is a lot better if you only use it for a single monitor at a time, but you can use it for two if so inclined, and it works well enough. I don't think it works at all if you don't have an actual GPU present - it seems to piggyback off of your existing GPU, which can cause some weirdness (for instance, the nVidia control panel won't open when it's got a monitor connected.) I did have some instability issues - sometimes it decides to freeze a screen, and the only way to recover is to power down completely.

You definitely won't be gaming with this. Even playing a video, I saw CPU usage increase when I moved it to a monitor connected through this adapter as opposed to my GPU. But for reading, Web surfing, and other non-GPU intensive tasks, it's perfectly suitable.

It does seem to work just fine on an Anker 7-port USB 3 hub. I saw no difference between that, and being connected directly to my PC. The gigabit Ethernet is also quite good - a solid bonus for anyone whose ethernet port is on the fritz. In fact, even the Mac driver for ethernet is rock solid, unlike the display driver (which is still in beta, to be fair, and suffers from a lack of support from Apple Inc.)

Aside from some random instability (which, so far, seems to be improved on Windows 10) my only gripes are with the struggling performance and driver weirdness. It could mature into an excellent product, given a bit more development time.
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on April 6, 2017
I was leery of purchasing an item like this... as my luck in the past has been spotty when it comes to performance or reliability.
This item delivered 100% on what was promised and was an absolute snap to setup.
Once deployed, I had zero complaints from the user... and that's my ideal result as an IT manager. :D
Highly recommended.
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on December 5, 2016
Does exactly what it's supposed to. I was a little hesitant to pull the trigger because my setup hasn't really been discussed in any forums or reviews that I can find, so, for the record:

I'm running a Surface 3 (non-pro) with am Atom 8700 processor. I connected the hardware through a powered USB 3.0 hub after installing the drivers from the Pluggable website. The extra monitor appeared immediately and I configured it through the standard Windows 10 screen configuration menu.

The hit in the processor is real, but with two external displays, one running directly from the Display port and the other from the HDMI-out on this adapter, I see about a 15% extra processor hit when I'm working on the USB-connected screen. The device isn't designed to play much video, but I managed to stream Netflix on the USB screen while working on the main ones, and don't experience much slowdown. When the system gets bogged down, the mouse will become sluggish on the USB screen, but most of the time, even when I'm showing high processor loads, it's pretty responsive. I plan to connect another monitor soon, and I expect that the setup will continue to meet my grad-student research needs.

With a more substantial computer, this would be pretty badass.

Update: A few weeks later I wired my workspace and added an Ethernet connection. This also works flawlessly, with speed tests showing more bandwidth than I thought was coming into my building.
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