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on April 16, 2015
Have not used it much but has no issue with powering my 1TB External HDD when it's hooked up to my Raspberry Pi 2 ... I have not tested it with my computer yet ( really I got it for a PC in the future with say only 2 USB ports. ... BUT MAINLY I got it for the external HDD and the Pi 2)

Update: While the 7-ports are overkill for my needs (not complaining about it ... "too many" is a good thing ... never know what I may need "down the road") .. I JUST ordered another one ... so instead of using the one i have now for my Pi 2 and (not sure if i will even need this with my laptop... I can just leave a hub in both locations. .. looking at other options and the price of getting a second of this exact model ... it was a "no brainer" for me.

I have not tried all 7 ports occupied and stuff like that, but if my second purchase of the same model is not OBVIOUS ENOUGH ... I'd recommend it 100%
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on May 5, 2017
I've only had this product for a few days and will update this review after I had used this product more. My biggest issue so far is that it keeps interfering with my wireless 3.0 USB mouse, if I keep it at an arms length at the very limit of it's range it works just fine however, if I bring it closer it stops working. This is something the manufacturer should in my opinion should take a look at. That's why it only gets 3 stars at the moment and I may update that as time goes on.
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I got this item with free shipping for $25 and think it was an EXCELLENT deal. Has 7 ports and AC adapter to power different items. No software required (with Windows 7 64-bit at least). I just plugged in the extra sturdy USB hub cord which was included, and my computer did something for about 1 minute and then it was working. Amazing.

There are 3 ports on one side and 2 on the other (along with the plug to connect to your computer's USB, and another to the AC supply). Then if you slide back the cover about 1cm using the little ribbed section on top, there are two more ports coming out of the top (see video).

You can see the lights go on when you plug something in. The lights are dark blue and not obtrusive.

It is true that the ac plug slips out of the unit kind of easily when you're moving it around, but not SUPER easily. NOTE that when that happens, the hub STILL WORKS. I think it's just not powering energy-guzzling items. All I know is when I unplugged it from AC power, my wired mouse still worked and my wireless keyboard worked, and my iPhone was still charging. Sooo...that's great.

Yes, this will charge your iPhone 4S. I went from 2% to 10% in about 15 minutes. However it will not charge your iPad when its plugged in, as noted in the specifications.
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on October 19, 2014
My first unit had some issues, but I am still leaving this a 5-star review. Why? Because Plugable has impeccable customer service, and because the replacement they sent me, after SEVERAL personal e-mailed responses to technical inquiries, has been rock solid for almost 2 years now. This company obviously cares about their product and will ensure that the one you receive works exactly as intended.

Even for technical folk like me, there is a little bit of a learning curve, especially since no documentation is provided in the package. Spend the time reading the information on their website and understanding what kinds of devices can be powered by each port, and spend the time determining if this will provide enough power for all of your devices. The key is understanding the wattage/amperage of each device being plugged in.

I currently have a Bamboo tablet, mouse, powered external hard drive, multifunction printer, and 3 USB charging cables (usb micro, usb mini, and Apple lightning) plugged into mine, and it never hiccups. If you have a high-powered device such as a tablet, you'll want to pay special attention to the specifications on these devices, especially since Plugable has many options.

Specifically, my original purchase had a bad power port, so the hub was essentially unpowered even though the blue lights were coming on. Once their customer service determined that the red light wasn't coming on to indicate that the hub was powered, they sent me a replacement very quickly. Zero issues since.
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on January 17, 2014
It worked great for exactly one year, then it started randomly disconnecting and reconnecting devices plugged into it. Then it fried my Xbox 360 controller receiver.

Sometimes hubs die, that's fine. But when they do, they should never take other things with them. I didn't even have any power hungry things on the hub, it was only drawing 1 Watt according to my Kill-A-Watt.

UPDATE: Customer service got in contact with me almost immediately and offered a replacement free of charge. Replacement works fine and I repaired the XBOX wireless receiver on my own (Apparently these things have fuses in them. Weird) Upgrading to 3 stars because at the very least they'll stand behind their product if it fails.
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on April 27, 2014
I'm using this powered USB hub to solve the low power issue on the Raspberry Pi USB ports. It's been a frustrating experience because it seemed to work well when I first connected the unit. Then various USB devices would be intermittent then stop altogether. Took a while to figure out that it was the USB hub, not the USB devices that were plugged in. It turns out that the AC adapter power plug is loose fitting and will lose its connection. The connector for the AC adapter is a small round power plug similar to what many devices use except it's a very small version. The problem was difficult to troubleshoot because power can also come in on the USB cable connected to the computer /device that the USB hub is serving so the port looks fine because its red power light is on. Took a while to figure out the red power light was just a little dim and if you wiggled the power input connector it would suddenly brighten. USB devices that were plugged into the hub would not work until the power cord was wiggled. I added a couple of rubber bands to keep tension on the power cord and this works (sort of, it is quite loose and any bumping of the cord requires wiggling and re-adjustment of the rubber bands). It's very disappointing for a product to have such a poor power connection. Adding insult to injury, by the time I figured that it was the power connection on the hub itself and not the USB devices connected to it, it was past Amazon's time allowed to return the product. Looking more closely at the reviews, I see a number of people mentioning this issue. I should have paid attention. If you are connecting USB devices that do not draw much power, this port will work fine without the power supply leading me to suspect that a lot of people may have this problem and not even know it. I see there are several reviews where the manufacturer sent replacement units to folks that had this issue and, it seems, that the replacement units were better. I'm going to contact them and see if I can get this corrected. I'll update to more stars if they follow through.

Update 2014-05-02 - I contacted Plugable support via email on a Sunday evening. Imagine my surprise when I got a response from a real person (Roze) Sunday evening letting me know that they would replace my unit at no charge and I would get details on Monday (first work day). Sure enough, they followed up wanting my Amazon order number and unit serial. That same day they sent a tracking number for the replacement unit. It arrived in two days. Low and behold - the power connection was much much tighter. I replaced the original and all is working well. In addition, they included a free shipping label to return the faulty unit. Today, Saturday, I sent them an email to let them know that the replacement unit was working and the original would be mailed Monday. Surprise again when Roze emailed back a few hours later that she was happy to hear the new unit was working and letting me know that if there is ever any issues with any of their products they stand ready to help. What an uncommonly refreshing experience. Hats off to Plugable support.
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on April 26, 2014
Plugable is exactly what you get.

Easy open package.
Plugs right in to the wall with AC adapter and connects to any usb port on your computer.
Gives you 7 additional USB ports.
There are no instructions, but honestly, if you can't figure out how to use this then you have no business touching any piece of technology. It couldn't be simpler.

Personally, I bought this to connect my audio interface so as to have it running off of AC power rather than being usb bus powered. Reasoning is that my interface (steinberg ur22) up-converts 5v current from a computer usb port to supply 48v phantom power for condenser mics. I just wasn't comfortable relying on that, even though many similar units are designed this way.
This powered USB hub is a much better (safer) option. My interface now draws power from the wall and there is low-risk of blowing a usb port and possibly damaging other computer internals when using phantom power.
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on April 21, 2013
I purchased this product to expand the number of available USB ports for my MacBook Air. It works great, because many devices require more power than a keyboard USB or other port can provide. This product should provide the extra power those devices need and now I won't have to unplug any devices in order to connect more.

Update Nov. 2016: I just purchased a second one of these to expand USB ports at my wife's retail business with a Windows 7 based computer. The one for my Macbook Air continues to work great and the new unit was a simple plug and play installation on Windows. I was able to add three USB peripherals to my wife's office computer.
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on March 2, 2017
I have 3 of these hubs. I am very happy with the product as well as Plugable's customer service. One of the hub had minor issue and when I contacted the company, they took care of it. Rest assured that this company stands behind their products and will take care of you if there is any issues.
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on January 6, 2016
I love my hub! My 7-port USB hub, that is. There have been many times when a computer just doesn't have enough USB connectors for your devices, and unless you have a hub, you are out of luck. I have found myself using this hub when working on embedded systems (or SoC-System on a Chip) where sometimes you only are provided with two USB ports. When that happens, or if your devices are pulling too much power from the your system, the hub becomes very important. You now have 7 extra USB ports for 7 extra devices, with the loss of just 1 USB port on your device to connect it to. And it comes with its own power source, so no more power problems on an embedded system, when the devices you’re using are too power hungry for the device. The extra power provided solves it I never thought I'd need a USB hub, but I eventually found that the SoC devices, or small controllers, give you 4 at the maximum, but usually only 2. So the hub is a necessity at times, even with Bluetooth out there.
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