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on March 31, 2010
I work at an office where each computer has 4 screens. We had no difficulty getting desktop cards to run 4 screens, but laptops were a different story. We used to get these large Dell docking stations with a pci card slot. They no longer make these and the new ones will do two external screens with the laptop closed. We keep the laptops closed on the docks, so I needed 2 more screens.

We purchased another brand of USB adapters and while they worked, we had problems with them. If you open anything video intense (quicktime for instance) or that heavily used the microsoft .net framework, the screens would flicker and go crazy. You would lose control of the mouse and keyboard making the computer unusable. Quickbooks 2010 was one of these products.

The screens with the other brand of USB adapters were also somewhat fuzzy and much less clear than the 2 screens on the integrated video.

I had just about given up hope when I read about Display link. I mean all usb adapters are equal right? (Answer: No way!) I visited their website and saw the videos of one of their employees running 720p video and thought I would give it a shot. Plugable was one of their featured products.

What a difference! These Plugable adapters are almost identical to the integrated video. They have clean and crisp video and each one shows up as a separate monitor in the Windows display preferences. I was able to play video and open Quickbooks without error. PDFs and other documents also scrolled faster, identical to the speed of the integrated video. They used to lag before when on the usb adapter screens.

This product is highly recommended for those needing extra screens. Very highly recommended for laptop users because your video card options are limited.

I even had the company contact me to let me know that there had been a price drop shortly after I ordered, and they wanted to refund me the difference. Very few companies would do that, and it speaks volumes to the folks over at Plugable. Thanks again for making such a wonderful product.
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on January 10, 2011
One line review: Great plug and play video adapters with more PROS than CONS. Only problem: very CPU consuming at high resolutions

Please consider my comments about this products before buying:

- This is not a Video card. Is a VIDEO INTERFACE.
Whats that mean? The image processing is done by the main CPU so the USB cable just send processed and ready to use graphics.

- The problem: Very cpu hungry at high resolutions. If you play a high res movie on a full hd screen expect to consume %.

- If you plan to have lot's of these little boxes hooked on the same machine make sure you have enough CPU processing capabilities like a quad-core+.

Conclusion: This product cannot be used to play graphic intense games.

Appreciate your time,
Bruno Ratnieks
Sniffer Networks do Brasil
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on February 5, 2011
I read some reviews that this product had issues with the new MacBook Pro generation (rev 2010, the one that can dynamically switch b/w integrated and nVidia chips). So I ordered one to try out it (since drivers change all the time) and I'm happy to report it works great! I'm using the 1.6 BETA 3 drivers from the DisplayLink site ([..]). In fact, it worked so well that I immediately order a second unit. And now, I live in 4 screen bliss.

I didn't realize how useful multi-monitor support was until I read an article from a multi-screen power user (sorry no link). The short of it was that he used one screen for async activities (email, rss, twitter), another screen for real-time communication (skype, im, etc.), and the two middle screen for work with the bigger one being used as primary work area and the built-in screen being a reference/scratchpad screen. I've tried this is out and it's an amazing experience. No more switching between application and losing context! You want email, just move your mouse to the left. Need to respond to an IM, go to the right, respond and get immediately to your working state in the middle. Truly the way to work!

One word advice though, you MUST disable your screensaver. Because DisplayLink works over USB by compressing the screen, anything with lots of motion puts enormous strain on the CPU. I found my notebook's fan screaming a few times with the screensaver going at glacial speed. So, instead of the screensaver, I now simply use the screen off timer. Good enough and no CPU drain.
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on June 23, 2011
I used this to drive one of the 23" 1080p monitors I use to write code for work. The install was pretty simple - I just plugged it in like any other device. Within 30 seconds or so my external monitor came to life, and I simply went into the Control Panel options in Win7 and set it to "extend my desktop". Bingo! I was in business.

The interesting part of my setup is that the external monitor is just one of a 3-monitor setup. Monitor 1 is the built-in monitor on my work laptop, monitor 2 is a 23" 1080p monitor connected to the laptop's VGA-out, and the 3rd this another 23" 1080p monitor connected to this Plugable USB-VGA adapter. Since this is all part of a work-related monitor setup, it was important that this thing work right out of the box, and function without interruption so I can get my work done without any trouble. It's been a week since I got it, and so far the only time I've had an issue with it was when I put the laptop to sleep, then re-awoke it, and the display on the monitor connected to this device wasn't doing any screen updates. Well, since this is a USB device (and putting your computer to sleep can put external devices in funny states from time to time), I simply removed it and reattached it. Back to business in no time, and that was the only time I've noticed anything strange at all.

Before the device arrived in the post, I was a little concerned that it might not work "out of the box," as the manufacturer's site mentioned the possible need for installing extra drivers. However, I've found that if you're using a modern OS (Win7 in my case) that it works with no configuration needed.

I like this so much, I'm probably going to get another external monitor for my setup, and run it off of yet another one of these Plugable USB-VGA devices.
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on April 6, 2010
USB 2 has is slow, but for non-video and gaming usage, it is perfect. I use it to connect a second monitor to my laptop when I work with various office applications and web sessions at the same time. Note, the better your processor performance is, the better this adapter's performance will be.
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on April 10, 2010
The display link product line makes for expanding to additional displays a breeze. I added a 24" 1920 x 1080 resolution monitor to a laptop using the Plugable USB 2.0 to VGA/DVI/HDMI Adapter DL-195. Couldn't have been easier. I had an issue with the hardware and customer support at Plugable immediately stepped in and made things right. Highly recommended.
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on December 6, 2010
This tool makes all the difference! I've been using multiple monitors since 2000. Using multiple video cards in older versions of windows was pretty straightforward, but the new versions have made it truly painful. Plugable fixes that. It's incredibly fast and stable, and it does video (e.g. Netflix and Youtube) - those are my three requirements. I run three monitors - two from a dual head card, and one from Plugable. The Plugable device gives me great, smooth video, even at full screen, and for applications, there's no loss of speed when I drag windows from one screen to another, and no speed loss in applications, whether installed or cloud-based applications. With multiple cards in Windows7, I had all those problems - it was useless - but Plugable is brilliant, because it works off of the one video card engine. A dual head card now runs three monitors - simple and effective. And I use the heck out of my screens - but still, it goes right along with me. I tried one of those units they sell at Best Buy, btw, and it was rubbish - horrible - it wouldn't even boot. But Pluggable worked out of the box. Also, I had a couple of support questions. And they were solved almost instantly. Plugable is very responsive in their support community. I noticed the 3rd monitor wouldn't wake from power-saving mode. On updating the driver, it worked flawlessly. So this thing is saving me money, already, on lower power consumption. Get the latest driver directly from the DisplayLink site - don't even bother w. the CD - always get the current one. The other issue was my own settings. I had the 3rd monitor set to 16-bit, but my two primary monitors to 32-bit, so the 3rd monitor didn't want me to run fullscreen youtube or Netflix videos. Flipped that setting to 32-bit and it said thank you, please give me video. OK, it didn't say that, but it could have. I can't believe what this little thing will do. Lovely, lovely. One tip - plug it directly into a primary USB 2.0 port. I plugged mine into a keyboard USB port and it warned me it will perform better getting its juice directly. Video is so important to me, that I didn't even experiment - I just did it. This thing jut works. I'm so, sooo very happy. Thank you Plugable. We're BFFs for life, now.
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on March 24, 2011
Received this today. Does not contain the DVI to VGA adapter shown in the 4th photo and referenced in the description. The enclosed user manual shows it as one of the hardware components, but it is not in the product's box as shipped. The Display Adapter itself has a DVI female. If you are plugging into a VGA only monitor, the DVI to VGA is essential.

OPPS! Correction. The box has cutouts where each part fits into the cutout. When I opened the box, the DVI to VGA adapter was was not there. I don't actually need that adapter, so I went ahead and hooked up. Well, later when I tore the box down to put it in the trash - there the adapter was - it had slid out of the cutout and under the cutout's false front.

Now, as for the device's performance. Incredible!! I'm running this monitor powered by a 1.33MHz cpu on an HP Tablet PC. I really doubted that it could handle 1600x1200 resolution, but I was wrong. I run a cpu monitor in a sidebar, and this cpu run monitor is noticeable, but certainly is not taxing the system. The computer is running a 1.33MHz dual core 4 thread processor. The cpu has a 33% overclock turbo-boost to 1.8MHz, but this monitor has yet to trigger it, or even get close to it. The main monitor is an identical twin to this plugable powered monitor and I've seen no difference in performance so far. One note: do plug the USB for the display adapter directly into a USB on the computer - it made a difference to plug that into a USB hub.

My apologies to Plugable for the original post. They got right on this and offered replacement. But, just in case someone else has their adapter get bumped out of place in shipping, I thought I'd confess my error instead of just deleting the review.
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on January 12, 2011
This review is for this product... Plugable UGA-165 USB 2.0 to VGA/DVI/HDMI Adapter for Multiple Displays up to 1920x1080 / 1600x1200 Each - DisplayLink DL-165 Chip

The adapter does what it says it will do, and seamlessly. A friend of mine has a different adapter, and his performance is abysmal, which left me skeptical. Let's just say the Plugable unit blew away all my expectations. Wow! If you need another monitor (or two) for your desktop or laptop, this is the way to go.

To sweeten the deal, Plugable's customer support rocks! They answered all my questions in short order--no waiting for days or weeks for a lame response that doesn't help.

You cannot go wrong with this product.
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on February 26, 2016
Do not buy! Terrible Windows 10 support. I used to love these adapters until a recent driver update. 7.9 M3. Cannot play Netflix on any display that is connected to a Plugable device. Also, if I lock my computer, the displays will not come back on when I try to use it. I have to reset the PC in order to use. I have been in contact with support since December 14, 2015. Two new driver updates have been released since and has not fixed one of my issues. I've been told I am not a priority (not being able to lock my PC is a major security flaw SHOULD be a major priority). Well, after 2 1/2 months of no fixes, I am done with your products.
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