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on October 31, 2015
My first adapter lasted about 10 months before it started dying. My display would flicker dim and then back to normal brightness again. After a few weeks of this it remained permanently dim. As it was still under warranty, I contacted Plugable to request a replacement. The CS rep was very helpful and had one shipped out via priority mail. I received the new adapter and spent over an hour trying to get it working properly; I think the issue is that there's a loose connector within the adapter.

If the connector screws on the VGA cable are too tight or too loose, the monitor is not recognized at all. Finally I found that I had to tighten only the left screw (resulting in the VGA cable being connected at something of an angle) to be recognized. But, then the text was on the monitor was so blurry it was unreadable. This sounds ridiculous, but I have to keep the adapter under my foot and press down on one corner for the adapter to connect properly to the VGA cable and give a crisp picture. I've contacted Plugable again to request that they send another replacement but at this point I'm not holding my breath. Time to find another adapter.
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on April 18, 2016
I received my adapter on Friday which was a day or 2 earlier than I thought it would arrive. Packaging was great with no damage to the unit. I hooked it up using the DVI output using a brand new DVI cable and could not get it to work at all. I then tried the VGA and after trying to get it to work for about 1/2 hour, I restarted my computer and was able to get it to work as an extension to the main desktop which is how I expected it to work. I also tried connecting it to my Surface Pro running Windows 10 and using the dvi connector. It would not work on DVI. I have not tried it using VGA yet on the tablet. The issue I seem to be having is that every time I restart my PC (Windows Vista) I have to reset the display in control panel. I will give a 5 star if I can make this work without a problem, but I cant give it my full recommendation to use on our PC's at my work unless we can figure out what is happening to cause the reset.
04/26/16 Still no resolution to the reset issue.
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on March 8, 2016
My Situation:
I used this adapter to add a 3rd monitor to my setup. The purpose of this monitor was to have system status screens up and running all day long, while I do work on my other two screens (connected to my laptops docking station). It connected easy enough and was recognized by Windows 10 right off the bat.

The monitor refresh rate really plays hell on the eyes, if you are doing more than just glancing at it occasionally. I realize that there could be a lot of variables in my setup, it could be the USB bus on my docking station, it could be EMI from all of the wires running behind my desk, but when the monitor is connected directly into a video port on my docking station it looks fine. I've tried plugging the USB plug directly into the laptop with it undocked. No Joy! The only settings that seem to make any difference is to change the Monitor refresh rate from the default 60 to 75 Hertz. But even then, I would not want to read email from it all day long.
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on February 26, 2016
Do not buy! Terrible Windows 10 support. I used to love these adapters until a recent driver update. 7.9 M3. Cannot play Netflix on any display that is connected to a Plugable device. Also, if I lock my computer, the displays will not come back on when I try to use it. I have to reset the PC in order to use. I have been in contact with support since December 14, 2015. Two new driver updates have been released since and has not fixed one of my issues. I've been told I am not a priority (not being able to lock my PC is a major security flaw SHOULD be a major priority). Well, after 2 1/2 months of no fixes, I am done with your products.
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on August 31, 2017
I use this to extend my laptop display onto three external 19" monitors. the first monitor plugs into the VGA port on the laptop. the next two plug into Plugable video adaptors and this provides my Laptop display, and three external displays so that I can do my work accross all of the displays. It's still only a portion of what the finished product ends up being, but it gives me a big enough view to be able to work productivly away from my desk at work. Since much of the software is prepriatary I use the laptop to remote desktop into the machine on my desk. the three 19" monitors let me see about 25% of my work desktop. whereas the laptop itself will show only a very small portion,
I also use one on my wife's laptop to extend her dispaly to two 19" monitors. A very handy resource when trying to access data from multiple sources simultanously. Oh!, and I just purchased one more... I will figure out a way to use it, or just have it on hand in case I need a quick replacement.
the image below is my desktop at work. it consists of 6 LG29" Ultrawide displays for a total area of 7680 X 2160.
review image
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on September 8, 2015
tl;dr : No-go for Ubuntu due to stilted performance (if you can even get it to work)

Purchased to have a second external display on my Acer V17 Nitro laptop running Ubuntu 15.04. After googling for drivers from DisplayLink, I downloaded the drivers for Linux (with all of the DisplayLink caveats) and installed. The documentation for Ubuntu/Linux support of DisplayLink is at least there, but a bit sparse. I couldn't get Ubuntu to recognize the second monitor attached through the UG-165 adapter. I then booted into Windows 8.1 and after downloading the drivers and restarting, the second monitor was pretty much plug-and-play, working nicely in Windows 8.1. I rebooted (UEFI) back into Ubuntu and noticed the DisplayLink caveat the the DisplayLink drivers in Ubuntu will NOT work with nvidia proprietary display drivers so I changed to nouveau (open source) display driver and rebooted again. The second monitor appeared to display on Ubuntu login, but then turned off when the desktop loaded. I opened System Settings/Displays and enabled the second monitor and it worked in Ubuntu. However, ALL displays in Ubuntu/Unity became stilted and pretty much unusable so I won't/can't use the UG-165 adapter under Ubuntu. So, if you have a Windows machine, the adapter seems to work well, but it's essentially a no-go for Ubuntu (15.04) due to stilted/bad performance across ALL displays (flashing/glitchy pointer, bad refreshes, artifacts).
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on November 27, 2015
I used one of these to add a 3rd monitor to my desktop via a USB connection. Worked exactly as described right out of the box and video quality is perfect. Plugable sent me a driver download link before the product even arrived, so everything was simply a matter of connecting things up and turning it on. One of the few computer items I've purchased in the last few years that was 100% frustration fee. I've seen comments from other reviewers saying it is a ram-hog and sluggish but I haven't noticed any of those issues.

Only one note: Be careful when ordering. I didn't pay close enough attention to the resolution numbers and ended up ordering the 1920x1080 version of the product ... the new monitor I bought to use is 1980x1200 (wanted the extra pixels). Fortunately for me, my two existing monitors are only 1920x1080 so I ended up just using this USB card to run one of those, and connected the new monitor to my existing video card.
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Really Slow!! I had an old NVIDIA geforce 310 that was installed in my PC when it was built. It supported 2 monitors at once but I had 3rd monitor I wanted to hook up. After a bit of research I went with this based on the price instead of getting the Triple Head To Go. I was really disappointed in its performance. I use my third monitor just for tools in photoshop and its really laggy even with that. Scrolling in Chrome was even bad. I ended up just upgrading my card to a Geforce 750ti 2g which is what I should have done in the first place. I guess this would be ok to just show off another monitor but seriously do not expect too much out of this thing. A couple of times I bumped mine sitting on my desk and it shut off and turned back on...All you can do is sit there watch your screens freak out for a minute or so...Mount it somewhere you won't touch it. It did add a 3rd monitor to my station but I would never buy another one or even recommend it other than to just have something static on the screen. Like I said even using google chrome and just scrolling down web pages was super laggy. I hope this review helps and Happy Shopping!
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on December 10, 2013
Went out on a limb and purchased this device to test with an external monitor on my MacBook Air (also used with a MacBook Pro).

Basically amounts to having an external graphics card that provides you the ability to add more monitors to your setup then the internal graphics card supports, with this device specifically working over USB 2.0. Device plugs into your computer via USB, monitor plugs into the other end. Device is powered with an external power supply.

If your device doesn't have USB 3.0 ports and you need more monitors, then this is the device for you. If your computer has USB 3.0 capabilities, buy the USB 3.0 variant instead. The increased throughput is well needed for seamless quality.

That being said, DisplayLink provides the drivers for these devices, regardless of how they're rebranded (multiple companies sell extremely similar devices). As of the writing of this review they work much better on Windows then on Mac OS X as Mavericks significantly nerfed multiple-monitor setups over DisplayLink (check out DisplayLink's website for specifics).

Device comes with an abundance of connectors, including a VGA and HDMI adapter, which was very nice. I'm currently using it over the built-in DVI capability, but have tested it with both adapters.

Biggest point is that if you have USB 3.0, spend the extra money. I thought I'd be OK with 2.0 but was sorely mistaken.

Your mileage may vary, depending on your computer's processing power and ability to render and extend its displays. Don't expect seamless video on older computers, or the ability to multi-screen game. My personal use cases work well (static documents and webpages).
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on March 2, 2013
I have mixed feelings about this product. Below are my pros/cons and then a brief summary:

Setup: 13" Macbook pro(early 2011), 1xthunderbolt, 2xusb 2.0, onboard video, mountain lion, 2x Acer s230hl full hd 1080p hdmi monitors.

*using hdmi (havent tested vga) I get 1080p from using this adapter.
*easy to find and download latest drivers via their website.
*comes with hdmi, dvi, and vga adapter so you can carry it in your laptop case for easy on demand presentations, etc. (great for business)
*unfortunately its one of the only solutions on the market that isnt too pricey.

*finicky (explanation below)
*slight lag (as expected from usb 2.0)
*price seems kind of high (saw something similiar on monoprice after I bought this for less but who knows)

As others have mentioned there are certain things you want to do to make sure your monitor works the way you want it to.
1) Do turn off screensaver
2) if you unplug and plug in your adapters often (as I do), I found that its BEST to install the thunderbolt attached monitor 1st, then the usb (the one using this adapter) second. I have plugged them all in several times and booted up my mac to find that every screen (including mbp screen) is all gray. Then I have to unplug, hardboot, and plug one by one in. Pain in the a:s.s.
3) Drivers are "meh". Not bullet proof yet, you may have different results. they are "alpha"

You wont be able to run video on this monitor unless you want unsynced audio. Even youtube video is finicky, but web surfing isnt bad at all. Social media feeds, reading, reference material, etc...Thats the purpose of this monitor.
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