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on March 3, 2012
Plugable USB 2.0 Universal Laptop Docking Station with DisplayLink DVI/VGA up to 1920x1080, Audio, Ethernet, and 4 Available High-Speed USB 2.0 Ports

I bought this for my wife over a year ago to help the transition from a desktop with 22inch monitor to a 14 inch laptop (no DVD).

It had to be easy to use after installation.

It took me about 15-20 minutes to hook everything up: laptop automatically installed the proper drivers from wireless internet connection. Connected mic and speakers to the front (wish there was a rear connection, too), connected DVI-VGA adapter, connected monitor, printer, external DVD, (and two months later a KVM switch so she could use her old desktop when necessary). Flawless for both computers!

When I rebooted laptop after all connections and drivers installed, I went to get a cup of coffee, expecting a long period of "installing new drivers" and "found new hardware" from Win7HP-64. In less than 5 minutes after clicking on RESTART, there were a lot of beeps as the docking station and all the periferals were "found" for the first time; the monitor, speakers, mouse, keyboard, DVD, printer, 7-usb hub, etc worked perfectly!

She types at over 100 wpm, so she has to use a usb-keyboard; that and the wireless mouse work perfectly on both computers. Although I have recommended that she shut down, or "safely remove" the one usb connection from the docking station to her computer, she regularly just removes the usb, when she needs to work in another location and leave the computer on. So far no noticeable adverse effects.

I earlier tried two other well-known brands and they just plain didn't work and returned. So, after a LOT of use this docking station has worked without a hitch. No problem whatsoever recommending this product.
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on September 4, 2012
I bought this particular unit 3 months ago after having a Kensington for 5 years. I had periodic problems with my Kensington expander but overall I was always able to get it to work even with Windows 7 but when I had a major computer crash (my fault), the Kensington failed to work again. After 5 years I decided to find my third expander and the only unit that I found was this one. The company makes others but after reading other reviews as well as a Google search this seemed to be the right choice. The unit plug up well and everything worked immediately. I have an AOC monitor 23" with a Lenovo 400 with 128 gig flash hard drive as well as a Seiko 410 label printer. In addition, I have a wireless HP all-in-one fax laser printer. Everything sinked up correctly the first time and the Kensington hit the circular file. There are other plugable units available but this one worked immediately without any issues. My only complaint is that the entire unit has a plastic body and with the USB and monitor attachment it is not stable but I could easily Velcro the bottom to solve the problem. It would also be nice if the speaker access was place in the back instead of the front. Overall, how can one complain when this is such an easy solution to a major problem. I consider myself lucky to have found this unit.
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on March 17, 2012
The day after writing this review I was contacted by customer support, who it appears, monitors customer reviews.
They offered and have sent me a tested replacement unit. They offered to also work me through any problems I might have with setup. I am very impressed with their desire for satisfied customers. Time will tell if the dock works but I have high hopes.
Thanks Plugable USB 2.0 team for your follow-through.

I had high hopes of connecting a small screen laptop to the Plugable USB 2.0 and docking to a flat panel monitor, speakers, wireless keyboard & mouse.
The installation went fine including uploading new drivers for my windows 7 system.
After a day problems started. Drivers wouldn't load properly or when they did everything ran much slower then while unconnected to the docking station. I tried another laptop thinking it might be a computer problem. Same results. I would start and restart the computer numerous times until it finally would connect only to find that after a few minutes the screen would blink a few times and then loose connection with the dock.
After ten days of frustration I have given up on this item and am searching another.
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on November 13, 2011
I use my laptop extensively for both, home and at the university.

I needed to make a decision as to whether I was going to purchase a new desktop PC for home use and use this laptop for just coursework.

Thanks to the this docking station, I no longer need to think about purchasing a desktop. With the simple ONE USB plug, I've now eliminated the need to worry about unplugging all of the wires and monitor since they're all now connected to the USB Plugable 2.0.

I only have to unplug the power cord and the ONE USB plug and then take my laptop with me. When I bring it home, just plug in the power cord and the ONE USB plug and voila, I'm set up for home use.

Thanks for a nice, easy to use product.

As with some of the other posters, I too am running Windows 7. When I connected the USB Plugable, it prompted me to download the latest drivers. It went smoothly.

01/24/2012 *** UPDATE ***
I purchased an additional one for my wife's laptop. She got hers today and she installed it in less than 10 minutes. She's very pleased with the install and functionality of her new docking station. Kudos to Plugable 2.0
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on October 16, 2010
I have a Sony VAIO, so there are no real hardware docking stations made for my laptop. I was hesitant about buying one for a while because of the concerns about how HD video would display. But once I started using a dual monitor set up, hooking and unhooking the label became too big a pain.

After a lot of research, I settled on the Plugable docking station. One of the big reasons I chose this was because the reviews which talked about how it worked seamlessly with Windows 7 and also detected and loaded drivers automatically. And that's exactly what I experienced. The set up was quick and frustration-free.

There were two things the reviews didn't prepare me for:

1. How well video streams (using DVI/VGA adapter) through the docking station. If I were watching an HD movie full-screen, I might still watch it on my laptop screen. But for every other application, it looks great.

2. The great customer service. After I hooked up the docking station, the audio wouldn't play through my external speakers. The issue wasn't covered on Plugables site, so I contacted the company via e-mail. After a few back-and-forth e-mails with screenshots, Bernie from Plugables spent over an hour on the phone with me resolving the issue. It was a missing Windows file on my end, and Bernie even sent me the missing file. Now the unit works perfectly.

It's not really a con, but there are only 4 USB ports. For most of us that means also adding a USB hub. Not a big deal. And it keeps the unit size small. Also, at this point, there are no firewire ports.

But those are minor concerns. The Plugables docking station is a great product at a very competitive price. Plus it comes with exceptional customer service. I recommend it without reservation. In fact, just today I bought another one for my son.
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on January 19, 2015
Just as expected. My laptop spec: Macbook Pro 2011 early version, bootcamp Win7 OS 64-bit, usually only use win7.

The motivation of purchasing a docking station for this laptop is because the design for macbook pro is not very good. The display and usb 2.0 x2 are all on the left, makes the connection really complicated and not convenient, not to mention the constant failure for display extension. I got Plugable USB 3.0 for my BF's Yoga Pro 2 and it worked really well, so I chose Plugable USB2.0 docking station this time.

Everything went fine at the beginning. Installation of the controlling software is easy and straight forward, the screen extension works great, sound works OK (please see the details in the other paragraph below). Though my macbook pro got really hot (fan is really loud), at least Plugable worked. However, somehow my office 2013 stopped working right after I installed Plugable software. I tried many days to figure out why, uninstall and re-install Office 2013 many times, still cannot solve the problem. People on Microsoft forum had a lot of examples solving the problem by disable the add-ons, but it didn't work on mine.
The final solution is to disable the hardware acceleration. Check here: http://office2013issues.blogspot.com/2013/02/fixed-office-2013-has-stopped-working.html?showComment=1386154544998#c5707317310839555053

Sound quality part:
I have a 2.1 channel speaker connected to Plugable. The sound quality when plug in the speaker is worse than the quality when plug in the headphone jack on Macbook pro itself. But this is something I expected so it's fine for me. If you need better sound quality you should use the headphone jack from the laptop.

Screen extension:
I have some shadows when using Pluagble. The shadow problem usually happens when I switched from playing videos on extension screen to browser/office works. It happened a couple of times, but the shadow is also something acceptable for me. Sometimes the shadow came out with the lag of response for usb2.0 logitech mice/keyboard set.

I could say Plugable made my life easier. It is a fairly well-designed product that I do not need to face the connection problem continuously happen on my old macbook pro anymore.
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on February 19, 2012
I searched everywhere for a docking station for my Lenovo laptop, and after reading all the reviews this one appeared to be the best choice. I had high expectations that it would allow me to dump my old Dell desktop CPU and connect my laptop to my external hard drive, flat panel monitor, track ball, speakers, etc. with a single, convenient USB connection. I was aware of the complaints about the Ethernet connection and the possibility of the second monitor running slow, but as I use WiFi and rarely watch movies on my PC I wasn't concerned. Amazon shipped it to me very quickly, and it was easy to set up and connect. I installed the software from the CD, plugged the unit into my laptop's USB port, and then downloaded the latest drivers from the manager. Everything seemed to be going smoothly until I tried using both my laptop monitor and the external flat panel at the same time. The two monitors have different aspect ratios and therefore require different screen resolutions to be viewed properly. Unfortunately I could not find any way to set the screen resolution for each monitor separately. You must choose one resolution for both monitors. With one monitor set properly the other was out of proportion. The best I could manage was for my laptop to display properly and my flat panel to be reduced in size by a good 75%, which kind of defeats the purpose of having a large monitor. This was annoying but not a deal breaker. I assumed a call to tech support or a change of settings in Windows might allow me to set the monitor resolution independently or find a suitable compromise. Then I plugged in my speakers, turned on some music, and was severely disappointed. I use itunes and my computer speakers for all my music, and while I'm not a hardcore audiophile I've always been very happy with the sound quality. But connecting the speakers through the docking station caused them to sound very thin and slightly distorted. Changing the EQ in itunes didn't help. Connecting the speakers directly to my computer or even my iphone gave me perfect sound quality once again, but through the docking station was terrible. I don't know if it was a matter of poor components or connections in the audio circuit, or if this particular unit was defective, but this was something of a deal breaker for me. Listening to music is about the only thing I use my desktop computer for anymore, hence the reason I wanted to ditch it in favor of my laptop and a docking station. I left everything connected and came back later. The docking station is supposed to wake when the laptop does, but it didn't. I had to disconnect/reconnect the USB cable to wake it up. That's when I decided that this just isn't worth the $90 I paid. It seemed like the best choice, and wasn't a complete failure, but if I can't enjoy listening to my music, can't use both monitors at the same time, and have to deal with it not waking with my laptop then it's not the right choice for my needs and not worth the price to me. I don't think I'm being too picky or demanding, and I'm sure it works well for others, but it's just not worth the price to me.

**UPDATE 3/13/12**

I'm updating this review because of Plugable's excellent customer service. After posting my review initially, Plugable contacted me and offered to send me a new, tested unit and work out any issues I was having. I took them up on the offer and a short time later I received another docking station. My issues with screen resolution and waking from sleep were immediately solved. Unfortunately, the sound quality when playing music was still an issue. It was better with the second unit, but still noticeably different than the sound quality from either my laptop or iPhone. I still feel that this item is not for me and did not live up to expectations, but Plugable's customer service and support definitely exceeded my expectations. They were helpful, friendly, and very quick to respond. I am definitely impressed with their service and would not hesitate to purchase another of their products in the future if it fit my needs.
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on April 4, 2011
I purchased this for use with a Dell XPS 15 laptop running Windows 7 64bit.

I did a fair amount of research looking for a docking solution for a new Dell XPS laptop with Windows 7 that I wanted to set up with 2 additional monitors. After reading such glowing reports about Plugable's customer service (which I figured had to be an exaggeration - no company is that good) I emailed them asking which of their products would be the best for what I wanted to do. I promptly received a very detailed reply but I'm a dummy and had more questions. Within hours I had another detailed reply addressing all of my questions. Mind you, at this point I hadn't even bought anything from them. As a comparison - to buy two monitors from Dell - it took me 4 hours talking to 20 different people in 3 different countries and I'm not exaggerating.

Based on Plugable's recommendation I bought the Plugable USB 2.0 Universal Docking Station. I ran the install DVD on my laptop, attached one monitor to my laptop and attached my keyboard, mouse and 2nd monitor to the docking station and boom. Instantly recognized and up and running without one single glitch.

Conclusion - Great docking station. Awesome customer support.
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on May 24, 2012
If I can sum it up in a few words: easy, convenient, EXACTLY what I needed. The price was awesome and it delivers what I need and then some.

My computer set-up: 2008 Macbook Pro (not the Unibody model), printer, wireless keyboard and mouse (if you need more detail let me know)

I am a high school teacher and I bring my laptop into class because of course the computers they "provide" to the teachers are the VERY FIRST computers ever with a 500mb hard drive...this is what I was looking for:

1) I wanted a bigger screen than my 15"
2) Something more "ergonomic" so I didn't have to hunch over to type on my laptop
3) A Docking station that was NOT a bookendz or hengedock...I hear they weren't all that great and sometimes could mess up the inputs. PLUS I can't use those docks because I have an older Macbook.


Before plugging it in for the first time, I visited the Plugable website and read up on the product to look for any updated drivers and such...they actually had an update ready to download and I did so.

Plugged it in and it started working IMMEDIATELY! I have a dell 21" monitor hooked up to the dock....looks amazing! I have my laptop screen shut and put towards the side of my desk saving some space. Plugged my Wireless mouse and keyboard into the dock and it works perfect. Also plugged in my printer...works perfect.

Things to be aware of:
1) Make sure you have your preferences set in the "Energy Saving" section to have your computer NOT sleep when the screen is shut.
2) To get sound out of the headphone jack of the docking station you need to go to system preferences and go to the "Sound" section. Select the "USB Multimedia Device" and then you'll be good to go!

Again, VERY PLEASED and I can't wait to have a long lasting relationship with Plugable. They have earned and I hope will continue to earn my business.
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on March 31, 2014
I bought this after finding a solution to allowing me to power my tablet while using the USB port for devices. I havent gotten the power solution yet, but the dock works great on the Toshiba Encore.

Super easy, just plugged it in and watched the progress bar for a minute while it installed the drivers, a couple reboots and everything worked.

I now have a 3rd monitor (counting the built in tablet display), external keyboard/mouse, external 2TB hard drive. I have played 1080p video from the external hard drive through the dock on both the HDMI and USB monitors. While the USB was a little low frame rate and slowed my mouse slightly, running the video to the HDMI and using the USB monitor as my desktop display works AWESOME!

Thanks to Pluggable, I now have a DESKTOP COMPUTER that fits in my POCKET!

UPDATE 04/06/14: Turned out that the Y cable I was using had a poor connection, since replacing it, my frame rates through the USB display has improved and fuzziness went away.
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