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on February 23, 2013
should have listened to the other reviewers..but didn't. Hose leaks where it connects to the faucet and also leaks at the nozzle connection - got me wet on a cold day. Totally useless. I thought it was like the Rumford hose..but I was wrong. Stick with the Rumford....not a single leak.
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on January 23, 2013
This hose, at least mine, sprung a leak in the first 2 days I had it. Great concept and thought it was cool for the first day and even considered getting a second, but the leak quickly changed my mind. Get a real hose for less money...
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on February 4, 2013
I like that it is light and doesn't take up space when not in use but the plastic ends are cheaply made and make it scary to turn on tight enough to not leak at the connection.
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on January 19, 2013
I used this product indoors, attached to my sink. I groom dogs out of my house and this hose looked perfect!
I say "Looked" because after only a couple weeks, it sprang a leak. :(
I did not run hot water through it, I would start out with the cold water and slowly add the hot water until it was at a comfortable temp to bathe the dogs. It did not get run over or stepped on, nor did I drop anything sharp. It did not freeze or get to hot and none of the dogs had an opportunity to bite it, so I don't know why it sprung a leak. Not sure if I should try another one or not.. The ease and convenience of the hose is wonderful.. perhaps I received a faulty hose..
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on June 17, 2015
These hoses really get a bad rap, but if you use them correctly, they'll last a couple of years or more. They're so much more convenient than standard garden hoses, that it's worth it to me to use them until they wear out and then buy another one.

Here are some tips to extending the life of the hose. When you first turn on the faucet, have the nozzle closed. This will make it fill up faster & extend to its full length. If you turn it on and off intermittently while working in the yard, washing your car, etc., make sure the nozzle is open just enough to allow a little water to flow, so pressure doesn't build up. Never pull or yank the hose when it's already fully extended. When you're done using it, make sure the nozzle is open, so the excess water will spill out. Never store it with the faucet on and the nozzle off, as this builds up too much pressure. Also, be sure there is plenty of slack at the faucet end, so when the hose coils up, that last section isn't stretched taut, as this can damage the tubing inside. I always push mine under a chaise lounge, so it will be in the shade. I really love these hoses, even though they won't last forever.
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on December 31, 2014
The jig is up pitchmen. The jury is out. These things have an extremely short shelf life before they pop. I've been thru several using multiple brands. Even the new improved 'heavy duty' ones with better connectors and even fancy brass fittings will.....'pop'!!!. You can polish a turd, but bottom line is until they perfect the polymer guts of these things, you're gonna be replacing em every 6 months. I still buy them though cause they're plant friendly when stretching the hose over a distance where plants are in the path. Not to mention they're light and ez to store. But they will pop and/or tear. How many times can you fill a water balloon before it loses its elasticity..., don't know? one and find out.
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on August 11, 2013
I work at a dog shelter and these hoses are a blessing for us. The shelter is made up of large areas and pastures. Because dogs like to chew on hoses and we have gone through a dozen rubber hoses these were and are the best. Easy to store each day and easy to hook up for use. Dogs don not seem to want to chew on them like the rubber ones.

Shipping was a nightmare, they changed the delivery date 3 times and it took almost 3 weeks to get them. You can not call the Company that makes them and Amazon was pretty good about giving a discount for the aggravation of not getting them in a timely manner. They were shipped by Fedx postal service. That is where Fedx picks them up and then gives them to the Post Office to mail. This would be great especially if you have a p.o. box but the middle man, fedx, can't seem to get them into the mail in a reasonable time. I recently, by mistake ordered a couple of things that will come this same way. Says I will have them by Wed. We will see. That is 4 business days from date shipped. I am watching the tracking like a hawk... Still not in postal system yet. I really hesitate to order anything that will be shipped this way. Will spend extra bucks to order different item if it is not shipped this way.

Have tried to buy in quantity so as to get free shipping and the delayed interest. So far I have not had to pay interest on any but a few items. And would not have had to if I had been smarter and made my buying list or wish list and then sat down and ordered. If you shop and buy smart, online shopping at Amazon, can be a good and money saving experance.
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on August 11, 2013
I almost didn't buy this because of the terrible reviews here and elsewhere, but I did because I figured it couldn't be any worse than the hose I have (had at this point). I have a 16x16 foot urban deck, and could barely pick up and manage a traditional hose in this space. When I got the collapsible hose, it leaked from the nozzle and I replaced it with the one advertised above; problem solved. Very good nozzle for the price.

What I think some reviewers didn't realize is that this may not be the ideal hose for the outside of a house. I think back on my treatment of the hose that I had for a previous house--dragging it around, stepping on it, etc. this hose would most likely perish in that environment.

I am careful not to catch it on anything and I remove the water from it after each use. It is quite efficient and manageable for a circumscribed area--deck or patio, and ti is really easy to store without taking up much space.

If this one broke, I would buy another.

Update: One year later. By the end of the summer, the hose developed leaks around the connections and became unusable. I bought another one because it suits my purposes and the price admits disposability.
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on September 30, 2013
This second one of two of these hoses that I have purchased. (I am such a polly-anna) --- first one I had for about 3 weeks --- maybe a little longer... completely burst at the connector. Just plain ripped open. It was not heavy use either. Maybe once a day, wasnt rubbing up on anything. I could see inside the hose - the plastic membrane just ripped apart and then the fabric encasing it followed. I had purchased that one at a store and forgot to keep the receipt, so that was that. This ONE didnt work well from the beginning. It has leaks all over the nozzle in places that could not be handled with a washer. Wierd places that can only mean poor workmanship. Didn't want to deal with returning --- not worth your time or money! I did purchase another similiar hose from another company (Rumsford?) and I am hoping that this one will last a little longer.
I am following directions and making sure I drain it each time and store it away from the sun. Not too much of a pain since it is so lightweight. If they worked on the quality this would be a great hose, but you probably should consider them disposable. Not made for long term use.
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on April 29, 2014
These hoses are cheap and don't last long.
Things to consider:
don't pull hose too hard from the faucet (don't stretch it) It's likely to separate from the hookup.
don't leave the hose in direct hot sun or exposed to serious summer heat like I have in the desert. It'll wear out quickly
Expect it not to last long.
Having said the above, I'd buy however many of these hose it takes rather than deal with the kinks and knots of a standard hose.
Perfect if you order at least two at a time and always order more as needed and are prepared to increase your annual hose budget
The way I look at it is that these hoses cost less than a likely stress related meltdown when dealing with the kinks and knots of a standard hose.

I'm working on my 5th hose now in two years and don't mind a bit. They're cheap but when working, stress free.
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