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on December 31, 2012
This is the edit of my first and second review.
It was extremely disappointing to receive a second bumper and after two weeks having the peel off problem again!

Long story short, first bumper peeled off after 3 day, I got a replacement. Second one started to peel off after two weeks. I asked for a refund.

It looks nice and I was happy using it, but in the third day of using it (just in and out of the pocket a couple of times a day), the two parts stared peeling away in a couple of places.
Good thing I had taken a second case for my trip, otherwise I would be without cover in my trip.

After the first review, I wanted to return it and Poetic gave me the option of a full refund or a new one. I opted for a new one, but after two weeks it started to peel off again.
I've asked for a full refund.
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on December 24, 2012
I bought this when it was $5.95 so this was a great value.
I originally had bought the official Nexus 4 bumper on the Google play website because I wanted to protect my phone but at the same time show off the awesome back. While the official LG bumper was great looking, I asked myself "Is really worth $28?" (after tax+shipping) So I bought this case with thinking if it wasn't all that good it would only be a $6 loss. Well as soon as I put it on my Nexus 4 I knew I had made a great buy!

- Fits the Nexus 4 very snug, no looseness at all.
- Though the stock picture shows a bright gray, in real life it is a very subtle dark grey (I originally thought this was gonna be a negative)
- Most important to me was button responsiveness. And I can say it's as good as the LG bumper if not better as button presses feel really smooth!
- This bumper is definitely slimmer in all aspects compared to the LG bumper, this is good news if you have small to medium hands like me.
- Was only $5.95 (I see it has gone up in price, but still a great value)
- Slightly more grip than the LG bumper, tested by placing both bumpers at angles

CONS: *Hard to look for cons*
- The material at the borders is glossy so finger prints will stay, but to me this was negligible as the fingerprints really weren't that visible.
- Like the LG bumper there are still some cables that will not fit with the bumper on, but all the basic like charger cable and headphones will fit perfectly
- Top rubber peels off (See Updates below)

All in all I am extremely satisfied with this bumper and at this price you can't go wrong.

**UPDATE 1/09/13**
I can confirm what many are experiencing that the top rubber portion of this bumper starts to come off (see pictures uploaded by others). The time this take to happens seems to vary per user in some cases even on day one, but mine took about a month for this to happen. While I am upset at this I guess you get what you pay for in this case. Worked great when it was functional. Have Emailed Poetic about problem will update when they respond.

**UPDATE 1/14/13**
After emailing Poetic about my issue they decided to send me a replacement bumper that supposedly has the peeling problem solved there is no way to be sure but to continue using the bumper. I will keep my rating at 3 stars but I want to say that Poetic has great customer service they responded to my email immediately.
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on December 30, 2012
After I bought the Nexus 4 I realized getting a case for it was as difficult as buying the phone itself. Google has been out of stock and I wasn't paying $50-70 for a case. There are other cases besides the bumper case but even the clear one I bought still covers the beautiful back glass which was one of the things that sold me on the phone. That being said, the phone is all glass and the back is fragile so it needs some protection and when I found this case I was excited. The price was so low it made me skeptical, and with good reason. The case is not as nice as the OEM case but I didn't expect it too be for $5 and it did protect the back from a fall without covering it up. So the first 2 days I was pleased with the case until the rubber face that protects the front started peeling away from the plastic frame. A little crazy glue resolved the problem so its still usable. Overall I dont regret buying the case because it does what I wanted it to but I can't give it a higher rating than 3 stars for the construction quality. I would say buy this case if you want the bumper case from Google while its out of stock to protect and show off your phone. Its a good temporary fix and overall you will spend less money than the inflated prices you'll pay to get a case from amazon or eBay when they are out of stock on the play store and you'll have a backup case. Just have so crazy glue handy.
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on February 19, 2013
This bumper case is amazing. I keeps the phone raised on both sides so the glass doesn't scratch. I have also dropped the phone a few times from a height of about 4 feet and no visible damage is seen on the phone. Highly recommend for someone who wants a tiny bit of protection for their phone without a lot of extra bulk.

However I did find it peeling off my screen protector when I first set it up. That occurred because I did not let the screen protector dry fully (instructions said to give it 24-48 hours) I tried to install the bumper case only 30 minutes after applying the screen protector, thus raising the sides of the screen protector on the curved glass.
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on January 7, 2013
I wanted one of the real LG/Google bumpers due to the reviews that it was a very high quality piece, but as most have said, it sure does come at quite the price.
I ordered this since the cost was really low and from the pictures, it looked pretty good.

I cannot comment on the quality of this holding up for falling apart as I have only had it on my phone for a few days, but so far it is perfect.

The bumper fits very snug and looks really good, the glossy black matches the phone with a slight grey rubber border running around just to break it up a little.

Now for minimal protection I think this is great, I by no means believe a drop on a hard service will be a good call with this on (or anything less than a case such as a otterbox of ballistic, which I love but which are bulky)

I have combined this border with a "Krusell Luna Mobile Leather Pouch Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 2", this protects the screen and if dropped while pulling the leather pouch out my pocket, I am far more confident of the phones glass surviving (as well as the scratch protection).

The buttons on this border are rubber, but are not to "squishy" and feel firm under the finger when pushing down on them.
In all there is just under a millimeter of space between the border of the bumper and the surface when you lay the phone down.

For the price I do not see anything out there that can really compete with this, so far it feels of good quality and has decent grip on the sides, the bumper also does feel really good in my hand.
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on August 26, 2013
(***UPDATE: 8 months in, and peeling issue is starting. Downgraded to 3 Stars. Might raise after testing the warranty. ***)

(tl;dr version: I love this bumper. I haven't seen the peeling issue. It saved my phone from a nasty fall.)

I purchased the yellow bumper in April of 2013. While the reviews and reports of "peeling" had me concerned, a coworker had one (though his was in boring black) so I got to see it first hand. He told me that his was a second one, and that he, too, experienced the peeling issue, but the company gave him a replacement and that this seemed to be a newer design and he was happy with it.

Based on the universal reviews of great customer service from the company, I figured I had nothing to lose, so I ordered it. It went on my phone on April 17th, and as I write this review it is August 26th. That's a bit over four months, and I have yet to see any of this so called "peeling" issue at all, so my guess is that the new design fixed the issue (***UPDATE: Peeling has started at 8 months of ownership***).

Things that I like about this bumper:

+ It leaves the back open, so NFC ("bump" transfers, Google wallet, etc) work perfectly.
+ The buttons line up perfectly.
+ I have not had any issues with charger or headphone connectors not fitting.
+ It has a nice grip/texture to it that makes the phone nicer to hold.
+ It doesn't interfere with my car mount.
+ Removes easily to clean the phone, the slips right back on.
+ It's half the price of the official bumper!

One final note: I was our running the other day, and I was approaching the each of the run, and I took out the phone to stop the running app that I use (MapMyRun, if you care). The phone fell from my hands and hit the road below. In a panic, I picked up my phone to survey the damage. Tiny pebbles and debris were embedded in the bumper from the force of the hard landing, but the phone was completely unmarked! I cleaned out the debris, and the bumper is now scarred and scratched (right on the seam where people complain of the peeling issue) but still in usuable condition. This is, in my mind, exactly what the bumper is supposed to so--it sacrificed its $10 self to save the $350 phone. The perfectionist in me wants to replace the bumper with an new one, but there's really no need to (especially seeing that the yellow is no longer available, and the green and purple don't do it for me, leaving only the boring black).

I fully and whole-heartedly recommend this bumper!
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on September 26, 2013
I was torn between this case and the "official" bumper from Google. I had the chance to see the official bumper in person and wasn't terribly impressed. I'd heard this was was slimmer and at half the price, I went with this one. The biggest problem with this case is that my phone no longer works with the google wireless charger. This bumper case stands the phone off the charger in such a way that it doesn't stick, rendering it useless. I have to sell the charger now. It has some pros and cons. It looks kinda cheap, but it's not a deal breaker, but it does feel excellent in the hand. Although I'd rate the fit very good, I'd prefer if it was a little tighter so it felt one with my phone. Not a big deal though. It does curl around the front edges of the phone, which not only offers protection but looks fairly pleasing to my eye. The only problem with this, is that it interferes with a very common android interaction pattern of swiping from the edge of the screen. The Nexus 4 has beautifully curved glass edges which the finger rolls off of, and this feeling is completely lose with this case. That is what I'll miss the most, but it's a fair trade I guess. Other bonus' include making the phone a tad less slippery. I can now even attempt to balance it on my knee, so that's always nice. The button feel I'd rate fairly mediocre. I like a very positive action and while these aren't bad they aren't good either. Not a deal breaker. Overall I'm pleased with the case, especially for the price. Hopefully it doesn't fall apart like some of these other reviews are mentioning.
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on April 17, 2013
I bought one in the very first batch that came out in Dec/Jan. I had used that one for few months till late March/early April. I took the case off to do a routine cleaning, when I noticed the two parts of the case have come apart. Basically where the rubber and the plastic meet. I emailed poetic/exact about the issues with photos of the case, and was told they would send a replacement from the updated revision that supposedly fixes this issue. I am on my second/third week now without issues. HOWEVER, please note I haven't really used my phone at all this month, and haven't even really had time to leave the home. So it may also play a role in it staying together I have no clue. So when I can get more real-time use with it on I will update this review [if necessary].

Ok so that's that, here are thoughts on the other stuff:

Button actuation: It really does have a great tactile feel and depression. Just a slightly dampened/cushioned feel of the phone itself [the nexus 4 buttons aren't clicky in itself, they are more of a soft press]. The buttons are also nice and easy/soft to depress making it feel more natural. The other case I would compare this to is the Rearth clear back case, in which the button depression is much harder, and less "normal" feeling.

The overall feel+texture of the case: the case has a very light [and thin] feel to it. I know it is a bumper case, I mean it in terms of the weight/feel of the materials used. I would not exactly call it a cheap feel, because it actually does feel decent in that respect. I know it is ambiguous, but I am at a loss of adjectives at the moment. So I will give you an analogy instead. I would say it is somewhat akin to the feel of a sandwich zip-lock bag vs the freezer bag equivalent from the same company [to bar off any difference in quality materials]. Or another one would be the difference in the feel of plastic water bottles between, say a generic [dare I say Kirkland brand] vs something like smart water / arrowhead. I would put vitamin water plastic bottles at the other end of the spectrum in terms of what I am trying to describe [not just physical weight of thickness, but the "feel" you get].

The case, in general feels quite slick. Not the most slippy feeling case, but it does make me "think" / aware of my phone a lot more when taking it out of my pockets. The plastic/black portion is of course the slickest, but is confined to the middle of the case in itself. The perimeter is wrapped in the rubber like material which does help in decreasing slip when leaving the phone on either of its faces. But it is more slick than a sticky or grippy feel. Neither hate or love it.

In an indirect comparison to the Rearth case [the Rearth is a clear back, case not a bumper case, so I am only comparing bits and pieces of it to this poetic case]; I felt the Rearth felt superior in terms of texture/feel of materials. The texture was semi smooth [a somewhat sandblasted titanium feel] yet gave plenty of grip without any stick or overly grippy feel. And the materials used felt more quality/weighted. Albeit this is subjective so your experience may differ. But I think for the most part we can agree an overtly slippy case weighs on the side of negative than positive.

Protection: What you would expect from a bumper case, minimal drop height assurance, protection on the sides/corners.

How is it when used in tandem with screen protectors? : Depending on what [I have used both dry [plastic like] protectors, and the wet [rubber like] protectors. The dry variation does not tend to pull up because most companies leave room on sides with these protectors, and in turn doesn't cause any inherent issues. The rubber "full screen" protectors did uproot on both faces. But if you are careful upon installation of the case, I felt you could make do without causing any issues. But it is easier to put the case on than off when trying to keep the screen protectors from uprooting.

Install: Easy, painless.

In closing I felt the case was a decent bang for buck case. Neither too cheap nor too expensive, but it is not super awesome in all aspects either. It did fall apart within a couple months of easy use, but the company did honor their warranty and send a replacement free of charge. So even given the complaints, if you feel like you will like this case, I would give it a shot, and buy knowing that if it becomes defective the company will honor their warranty.
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on March 23, 2013
So, I bought this case when it was still only available on pre-order back in December. I received the case in late December and promptly put it on my unprotected Nexus 4. Overall the case fit nearly perfectly. All cutouts were located well, and the case covers the edges well.

Aesthetics: Score 9/10
If you're looking for a bumper case, you're probably less worried about protection than you are about aesthetics. I can say that from my perspective it's a great looking case, but still quite protective (see my note about my one unplanned "case drop test"). In fact, if you don't know what a Nexus 4 looks like, you may think the case is actually part of the phone. For me, that's why it scores so highly, it's pretty much invisible. My wife is a graphic designer. Her preferences are 100% about aesthetics, and she (unlike almost every other case I've had on all my phones except the iPhone 4 bumper) was completely ambivalent about its looks. For me that's a glowing recommendation from her. It gets a 9/10, just because nothing subjective like aesthetics can be perfect.

Protection: Score 4/10
I've had one chance to test it, when the phone fell about 2ft onto my concrete basement floor. Both the case and the phone survived unscathed. I was quite impressed, but also given the lack of screen or rear glass protection, I also chalked it up to a little luck. I wouldn't risk dropping it again. I've taken the case off a few times, and notice the the silver bezel is still shiny, and relatively scratch free. The front "lip" privdes just enough height to ensure the screen is off the desk when it's placed face down. As far as bumper cases go, about the highest I could give would be a 5/10, so the score of 4/10 is a high recommendation. If you want great protection, don't buy a bumper, get an OtterBox Defender.

Durability: Score (tentative) 9/10 [old case 2/10]
About a month after I started using the case, I noticed that the rubber had started to come away from the hard plastic part of the case at the charge port cutout. About this time, it also started delaminating around the volume buttons. Within a couple of days after that it was basically useless, coming apart everywhere. So, Now I've had the new case for over a month and I'm happy to say I see no signs of separation. The case is holding up well. While I can never say it won't come apart, I fel like this one is built properly, and is destined to survive.

Product Support: Score 10/10
When the old case first started to come apart I emailed Exact-Deal and they got back to me within about 6 hrs. They said, "keep the old one, we've discovered the first batch had bad glue, we're sending you a new one with better glue".I had the new case about 2 days later. +1 for Exact-Deal support.

Overall: Score 8/10
One complaint, and this is true of almost every Nexus 4 case, is that when the phone is placed face up on a desk the case "seals" to the desk muffling the speaker which is on the back lower right of the phone. Perhaps a little nub or cutout on the case to break the seal to the flat surface would be useful. This way the speaker can be heard when the phone is face up on a flat surface. Indeed, LG have modified the Nexus 4 to have two little nubs on the rubber bezel in the latest batch. My wife's phone (purchased 03/13) has them, but mine doesn't (purchased 11/12)

Final Words
So, to all of you reading the reviews saying their cases fell apart, please check the dates of purchase for those folks and make sure it was after late January. If not, the case you buy now isn't the same case they're complaining about. Sure, it'll look the same, but the new ones are made with better glue!
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on July 6, 2013
I bought this Bumper case for my Nexus 4 phone because the original OEM Bumper case was not available at the time.
Although this one looks OK after only 6 months of light use the case started to come apart. Because it is made of two different material, a soft silicone bumper on a more rigid frame (probably ABS) the two very dissimilar material don't stay together very long.
Fortunately the Nexus/Google on-line shop now has stock of the OEM bumper case and I was able to order a new one.
At first I was very happy with my purchase, it seemed a good value until it started to fall apart.
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