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on March 6, 2015
I am very pleased with this cover. One problem I have had in the past is my big meaty hands accidentally pressing buttons, or the same happening when I toss it in my briefcase. This cover allows me to grip the tablet firmly without worrying about turning it on and off. The table buttons are underneath flexible tabs on the case that require just the least amount more pressure to activate, but respond easily to intentional activation and not some fat finger gliding past.

Love the look and feel of the case. Things like the power and headphone jacks are easy to access via flaps. It fits the tablet like a glove.

On to the clear screen protector. Hmmm. It is good in that it does not get in the way of the touchscreen features. It is quite shiny and I find I am shifting position often to minimize the reflection of lights or other objects; would be nice if it was a bit less reflective. But it is doing the job well.

I'm probably not as smart as the average bear so you may not have this happen to you, but just remember there are protective films on both sides of the screen protector that need to be removed prior to installation. I removed just the top/outside one and installed it, then griped and puzzled for a short time over the bubbles and wrinkles in the screen. Then, looking around to make sure no one would enjoy my embarrassment, I removed the cover and pulled off the OTHER piece of protective film on the inside/back of the clear protector. HUGE difference, and you guys are the only ones I've told about this foolishness.

I have not looked at other covers, and this is my first tablet, so I do not have any comparative analysis to offer but I can say I would recommend this cover/case. If you want a kickstand or book-like screen cover, look elsewhere.
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on July 29, 2014
The Poetic Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 Case is everything the ad promised. It is sturdy, easy to assemble and provides the protection I am looking for in a tab case. The built-in screen protector also saved me some money. Delivery was very prompt, even earlier than expected. I am very happy with the product.
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on March 5, 2015
The Poetic Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 case is excellent. It has a great fit, seems like it will provide good protection from bumps, and covers most of the open ports and connectors (but not cameras or speaker, as it should not). The integrated screen protector does not significantly affect viewing, but it does show finger prints far more than the glass itself.

My installation tip for you is to ensure the tab for the 'home' key is bent out of the way when putting the back and front pieces of the case together; if you let it get caught between the case and the Galaxy Tab, the Poetic case will not install correctly. I was a bit uneasy during installation because some force was required to pull the tight-fitting back of the case over the edges of the front-panel-with-sheet-protector, to "snap" the two sections into place. It was my first time installing such a case, so I wasn't confident. But I feel the Poetic unit is very much strong enough to handle any twisting and stretching needed to install it and have the tight fit that is absolutely the desired result.

My suggested improvement would seem to be easy: Put a slight dimple into the volume buttons so the user can feel them without looking, and perhaps a slight bubble in the power button for the same reason. My tablet with the Poetic case gets mounted on an arm from the windshield of my automobile for use as a GPS, and it would be helpful to "feel" those three keys since I do not have direct line of sight to that side of the case/device.
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on December 9, 2015
Received my package on time & it arrived without damage. In the package were the instructions (if you've used this type of tablet case before you really don't need them. But it's always a good idea so you can use them as a guide & apply the case the proper way.) I've used two other cases for my tablet prior to this. It was the "Unicorn Beetle" case, which was supposed to be a "top-notch" case, & already I can tell this case is light years ahead of that kind. Also in with the instructions was the rear part of the case & the front of it which is essentially the screen protector.
First off I make sure that my tab screen is clean & the rest of my tablet is generally clean. In order to apply the case, first you should peel off the protective tape on both sides of the screen protector. Then I "Turn over" the tablet and "place it in" the screen protector. Once that's done then take the back of the case & place the back of the tablet in it.
A few "pitfalls" to be careful of:
1. Make sure & use your finger each time to separate the back of the case from the screen protector.
2. Also, each area such as the charging area, the headphone jack, the SD card area, etc all have a plastic place, a mini-door if you will. Make sure & be careful with each of these areas so you don't accidentally tear them off.
3. Make sure & limit the number of times you take them apart.. Each time you take it apart the easier the plastic becomes more pliable & after a while it will becomes easier to breakdown. When I first started out with the previous case I had it was shaped like this one. I found myself taking the case apart every day & cleaning the front & back of the screen protector. Also cleaning the screen on my tablet. After a while I noticed the rubber of the case becoming weaker & weaker. Then I would notice dust & lint on the inside of the screen protector & I would wipe down the screen protector & notice a hazy residue that I could never get rid of no matter how much I tried to clean it.

There's not a lot to this case. If you take care of it it will take care of your device. That's for sure. Good luck & enjoy!!
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on May 3, 2015
Like the title says, I love this case. It adds some bulk to my tablet which I like. It feels better in my hand now & I don't feel like I'm going to crush my tablet when I'm holding it. I like that all the ports are covered to keep them protected. As others have stated the power button & volume controls can be a little confusing since there's no way to "feel" them apart but I've gotten used to where they are so I can use them without looking. Some have said that they don't like the built in screen protector but I'm having no issues with it. It definitely collects finger prints but oh well, I wipe down my screens anyway so it's no big deal for me. If you're looking for a solid case without a huge price tag look no farther. **UPDATE** I have to say that I still love this case but the more I use my tablet the more I'm wishing it had a stand on the back. I won't remove a star for this because I knew it didn't have one from the get-go but figured that I'd add that info to my review. I'd still recommend this case though.
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on August 25, 2016
So before I write this review I just want to say, make sure you get the right size case. I first ordered the 7.0 case, when my Tab was actually an 8.0. Either way, returned it and got my 8.0. The case itself is a perfect fit, it does have a screen protector with is, which covers it perfectly. It doesn't reduce the touch responsiveness of the screen, which is always a concern when buying screen protectors. The case feels great when being held, it covers all the holes perfectly. The charging cables and earbud cords still fit through the case covers. Overall, it does what it needs to do for a case, protects the Tab greatly.
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on June 26, 2017
Great case long lasting and sturdy just make sure not to clean the inside of the screen protector with any cleaning products ruined my first one that way.
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on October 19, 2014
It's good for the price & cheaper than an Otterbox ($45). But the screen "protector" is stupid. It has a sticky film on the inside that gets dust and specks of dirt stuck to it when you are applying the case. I've had to remove the case three times to try to get any little pieces off on the inside of the screen. They are visible in the light when you turn on the tablet! The other downside is that it has no stand or handle like the Otterbox does.
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on January 27, 2016
Great case , I'm giving it a 4 star review because the inside rubber piece, where the button are was cut a little too long so it was constantly pushing in on my power button causing it to turn off .. I'm sure they would have sent a new one, but instead I just heated a penny, touched it to the rubber piece and its shrunk it done to size ... Seemed like an easier fix than waiting in another case ... But other than that , The case is great .. Love the fit , has a built in screen protector and feels very solid ... Would have been a 5 star had that button not been messed up !!
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on September 1, 2016
We have had this case for almost 2 yrs now and it has been amazing. It has been dropped multiple times by the kids and have had no problems. Recently while on vacation, my husband took a sharp turn and the tablet went flying out the car window and skipping down the road a good 30 feet or so. Best part is there's barely a scratch and the tablet works great!!! It definitely gave us the protection we were looking for.
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