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on January 3, 2013
This case is well designed and is a custom fit for the Nexus 7, including cutouts for the microphone, camera, USB and headphone ports as well as for the power and volume buttons.

The simulated leather cover has a nice leather grain and feel, and traditional stitching around the edges. The interior is gray suede-like material. There are pockets for business or credit cards and a space under it that could hold a slender stylus, currency, checks, a cheat sheet, or whatever. One very nice feature is a hidden magnet that automatically signals the Nexus to sleep or wake when you close or open the cover.

There is a tab that lets the case form a stand for the Nexus, but in landscape mode only. Actually you can get it to stand up on the narrow edge, but it's not very stable.

The case can be opened and folded back for hand holding in portrait orientation, and there is an elastic strap that your hand can fit under to aid it holding it for longer periods, as when using as an e-reader.

The opening for the screen shows all of the active part of it, but covers the bezel. It's a little hard sometimes to get a touch to the very bottom edge of the screen with a bare finger, but easy with a stylus.

The bare Nexus is 12 mm thick. Add the case and it's 21.3 mm thick, nearly double. It also adds about 13 mm (1/2") to the length and width of the nude Nexus.

This case provides some drop protection for the Nexus, and it's a nice looking wallet or folio style case at the very low price of only $10.95 when I got it from Amazon on 12/15/12.
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on September 13, 2012
The case is very well made and sturdy. Out of the box it will be a bit hard to get the tablet to stay put on a flat surface propped like it shows in the picture, but this is only because the leather has not gotten used to the way it needs to fold, this is no longer the case after a couple of days of using it.

The elastic strap is a huge plus. It holds the whole setup in my hand very well. The picture shows it as if the case's cover is folded all the way back, in half. I have bear paw hands and I find it more comfortable to stick my hand in the strap and fold the case back as it is shown in the picture where you see it propped up by itself as this feels more comfortable, for me, to hold it.

The materials seem to be of good quality.

But I could not give it 5 stars, only 4, because of 3 minor things (minor, but added up together I feel they add up to one star). First, the pen holder is sewn into the case in a way that when you have a pen in it, it sticks completely out of the case. It sort of feels weird depending on how you pick up and hold the setup and it makes it easy for the pen to get tangled in places.

Second, that great elastic band seems to be of poor quality and it will stretch out too much over time and when that day comes it will no longer have the same great function it has now. I noticed this after holding the case for about half an hour while reading a book.

Third, and the most annoying for me: while the table is very well secured in the case, it does have a bit of a slack. If the tablet goes to sleep, you have to press the power/sleep/wake-up button and that pushes the table a bit into the case. Wouldn't be too bad were it not for the positioning of the button on the tablet, which makes is almost impossible for me to press it (or the volume buttons) without re-positioning the table from the opposite side. I kind of fixed that by cutting a strip of the foam that comes in the case and placed it in the opposite side of the buttons between the table and the leather flat that holds it in the case.
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on July 25, 2012
This case was $7 when I bought it (and I'm guessing when most of the 5-star reviewers bought it as well). For $7, this case is a pretty good deal. It fits pretty well, though the tablet does wiggle a little, so it doesn't always line up with the cutouts. The folding stand feature works well if you place it on a hard surface. The magnetic on/off feature also works well. Even though I am sure this is made from fake leather, it does look pretty good.

Now that the price has jumped up to $13, I probably won't buy another one. There are lots of similar cases from the usual sellers for $5 to $7. Shop around. The Nexus 7 is a popular tablet and generic made-in-China accessories are plentiful and cheap if you know where to look.
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on November 30, 2012
I was hesitant to order a case for my Nexus 7. I really did not know how much i would use it. Turns out I love the case. It has been on my Nexus 7 since the day it arrived.

The case was shipped quickly and I received it in great condition.

It is very easy to install the Nexus 7 into the case and I have never been concerned that the tablet would fall out of the case.

All the cut outs for the ports are in the right place and the unit fits like a glove. Everything you need is accessible, although it can be hard to access the volume rocker.

I find that it is a bit harder to tap the home/back soft buttons when the tablet is in the landscape mode because the edge of the case is so close the buttons. I quickly got used to it though.

I love the feel of the tablet in this case. It feel so much more secure when holding it. Feels less like you might drop the tablet.

One thing I did not expect was how convenient the open to turn on future is. I can not remember the last time i used the power button to turn my tablet on/off.

I took one star off because the built in stand is not at all easy to use, or very reliable. If you are considering this for the stand option I would look else where.

All in all I love this case. Everything I didn't even know I wanted. The tablet has only been out of the case for cleaning a couple of times.
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on December 5, 2012
I'm giving this case 4 stars even though I returned it, because I still think it's a great value for most. When I first got my Nexus 7, I was really disappointed with how awkward it felt to hold but this case completely changed the experience making it very comfortable to hold. My main problem with this case was that I couldn't get it to stand upright (it kept tipping over). Also, the lip used to configure case as a stand didn't look like it would hold up over time. The other problem I had was that the case partial blocked the camera. There is a cutout for the camera and I could shift the tablet slightly so it didn't block the camera but tablet would eventually shift again causing the camera to be partially blocked. Since I rarely used the camera, this was less of an issue. Again, if you don't need to use the case as a stand and don't regularly use the camera, this case is a great value.

- Comfortable: Case made my tablet very comfortable to hold
- Protection: It didn't protect my tablet like an Otterbox, but it did protect it enough to get me to stop worrying about it.
- Price: Good value

- Stand option didn't work: It kept tipping over
- Partially blocked my camera: I had to keep shifting tablet to keep case from blocking camera
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on August 8, 2012
This is a good case. Fit is snug on my Nexus 7. I can still slide it out when needed. It's unlikely to slide out accidentally.

The bad news is that the case's magnets confuse the internal compass. Apps such as Compass, SkyMap and Google Map get confused about where North is while in the case. (Google Map will prefer GPS if it can tell you are moving.)

So when you need the compass you may need to take the tablet out of the case.
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on August 22, 2012
I've had this for two days so these are my initial observations
The reasons why it's not a 5 star case:
It has a vertical crease running top to bottom on the front cover. I know this is like this because it's designed to fold back when using it as a stand, but since this case is first and foremost a case and secondarily a stand, the vertical crease takes away from the rigidity of the case and it sort of buckles out when the case is closed so that the front is not flat, but making a slight outward bend at the crease. As a result, i think this lessens the efficacy of the magnets that help keep it closed.

Additionally, to expand on the magnetic closure, the bottom magnet does it's job but the one on the top seems much weaker.

The stand feature is adequate but it's flimsy. When using it, its best to place it on a flat, solid surface that doesn't move. I don't really like the stand feature but it does work, just not very well.

I do want to try the tablet out with a capacitive stylus and I noticed when buying this case, it came with a pen holder. It's very small and will only fit a pencil or skinny pen. I do not think the stylus I bought will fit in it.

Now for the pros:
The material that it is made out of looks and feels great and maybe more importantly, doesn't smell at all. The stitching on my case looks very good and I didn't notice any stitiching coming loose. The tablet is secured tightly on the right hand inside flap. It slides in towards the right edge of the flap and there is a tab that tucks behind the tablet on the left side of the tablet to secure it from sliding out. So far, it has stayed in place.

The magnets feature an auto sleep on/off feature when you open and close the case. And it works very well. Pretty intuitive and despite claims of some nexus 7 cases putting the tablet to sleep when folding the case back to hold in one hand, this doesn't happen with the poetic case.

The case doesn't fold back flat because of the case spine on the left side. However, it doesn't really take away from the usability of the case in that respect. There is a vertical elastic strap on the inside left flap that you can slip your hand into for extra security when holding the tablet with the case folded backwards. Time will tell if it holds it's elasticity. But so far, it's nice to use.

I also like the credit card/ business card holders on the inside left flap. I took some index cards and cut them down to size to fit in there for pencil and paper note keeping if I need to. There's also a pocket behind the business card holders that you can slip papers, receipts or whatever you need to temporarily. Additionally, you can use the space behind the tablet as a place to store some papers. It's very tight though and you may risk stretching it out if you do put stuff behind the tablet.

I'm guessing I'll need to eventually use an elastic band or something to keep it shut when the magnets fail. it just doesn't seem to have a strong attraction. But you know what, it's okay because I only spent 12 bucks on it. As long as it protects the tab from a fall or two, keeps the screen clean when not in use and looks good while doing so, I won't complain.

I wouldn't spend more than 15 bucks on this product. But it's worth purchasing.
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on August 3, 2012
I ordered this case for my 16GB Nexus 7 earlier this week. I am very happy with its quality. The leather is nice and the stitching is clean except in one or two spots where it is necessary for overlapping.

Features: This case has built in magnets that hold the cover closed and one that takes advantage of the tablets secret smart feature. This allows the display to turn off when you close the cover and to turn back on whenever you open it. This is very convenient. The cover has 4 business card slots and one slot that is a little less than the height of the case.

Protection: This case is very effective in guarding against everyday wear and tear. My only concern here is that the corners of the tablet are only protected by about .25 inch of leather.

Design: When closed the case looks like a small journal. The hand strap is very secure however it is made for right handed people and barely works when holding it in your left hand. It is possible that if I had smaller hands this would not work. There is a nice slot for the back speaker and none of the ports are blocked. The landscape mode stand also works well. Although at first it is a little tough to set up as the leather clip is brand new and not pliable.

I would recommend this case to anyone.
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on August 1, 2012
When I first got my Nexus 7, I was worried about breaking it. It's my first tablet, and I've never been all that gentle with my electronics. So, one of the first things I did was purchase a case. I ended with a generic case for 7" tablets. It wasn't exactly the height of aesthetics, but it protected the screen. That's all I really wanted. Eventually, though, I began to be annoyed with it - the buttons were nearly inaccessible, the speaker was blocked entirely, and there was no place to comfortably store a stylus. I began looking for a new cover after only a week or so.

There's plenty of choices out there right now, and nearly all of them have the same features for similar prices. I can't say I've tried them all, but the Poetic cover light years beyond that stupid generic case. The outer layer itself is a fine leather, soft to the touch but thick enough that I'm sure it can handle my rather rough treatment. The magnetic wake and sleep function works perfectly. The inside of the case is as fine as the outside. The tablet fits quite snugly into the case itself, and all of the ports, the speaker, and the buttons are easily accessible and open.

Overall, this is an excellent cover for the money. I feel that my Nexus 7 is completely secure.
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on November 28, 2012
Bought this when I bought my Nexus 7. The case construction seems to be fine and the cover holds closed nicely with the magnets that also shut the screen off when closed.

The tablet slides in easy enough with a retainer tab that fold in behind it to keep the tablet from sliding out. I do wish that the case was a little bit more snug around tablet itself. If you plug in headphones and then place the thing propped up with the lid folded back as the kick stand, the tablet seem to sag a bit and look crooked. This happens because the left side of the tablet will sag down in the case and the right side is kind of being propped up and held in place by the headphone jack. Not really a big deal, but it started to get a little noticeable when watching Netflix.

The strap on the back does really help when in portrait mode and using that to slide your hand into.

The tab on the back where the lid slips into works fine but took a few uses to really loosen up just a bit so you can easily set it up.

Overall, pretty good case and would probably buy it again or recommend it to someone who buys a Nexus.
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