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on January 3, 2014
I love this case. I was skeptical at first because I wasn't sure how "compatiable" or "snug" the case would be on my Nexus 7 (2nd Gen) as many other cases have been in the past. This case is so sleek and the cut outs for the power button, volume rocker, charging port, camera, headphone port & speakers are placed perfectly. When closing the case, it flips on top the magnetic strips that are on the very edge of the case. Case has a nice feel & texture. It does not feel or look cheap and does not have a weird smell. There are no bulges when the front cover is closed either. I don't use the stand much but when I do, the tablet is pretty stable and does not tumble over on its own unless done manually. Very slim case, not bulky which is a big thing for me since I like to carry my tablet in my purse, I can even fit it in to my coat pocket to! I was stuck between buying the Poetic Slimline cover or the Nexus 7 (2013) Custom Molded Case by Google for $49.99. Thanks for 100's of helpful reviews on here... I am glad I made the decision to go with the Poetic Slimline case and it's 3 times cheaper too!
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on September 2, 2013
First of all, I love everything about the case except one problem I can't live with. When I open the case, the device turns on as it should, but when I wrap the cover around the back, the magnets turn the device off. I don't know if it is the location of the magnets, but whatever interface turns off the device when you close it also turns it off when the magnets contact that back of the device. I don't know if this is one of the "early generation" problems, but it made me go back to my Moko. It's a shame too, because were it not for that, I think the Poetic is a superior product.

UPDATE: Wow, I came home today and was pleasantly shocked to find a replacement Poetic Slimline case in my mailbox. It's the latest version and totally fixes the problem mentioned above. Frankly, it was the only problem I had with the case, so I definitely had to bump up my review to a well-earned 5 stars. Great product and awesome service!
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on August 28, 2013
I'm generally happy with the fit and profile of this case with my 2013 Nexus 7, but I also wanted to mention something others aren't mentioning in the reviews - this case works with inductive/wireless charging. I gambled on this one because the price was so low, but the fact that it also is thin enough to work with wireless charging is a killer feature.
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on November 11, 2013
Great case for the 2013 Nexus 7. Having come from the earlier 2012 Nexus 7, one of the most impressive things (in addition to significantly improved screen and long better life) is how much slimmer and lighter it feels than the old Nexus 7

This case solves the dilemma of wanting to retain that light, slim profile and have the device protected. And the rolled up "stand" mode is handy, too.
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on January 26, 2016
TL;DR: used for 2+ years, slight wearing of Poetic logo, magnetic pieces fell out, corner doesn't really withstand dropping... but despite that, still protects well, and their top tier support makes up for these defects! Also, this lasted longer than my tablet!

To start out - I'm a big fan of long-term reviews. You know how many reviews are pretty much "just got it, it looks great, 5 stars" versus "it works reliably (or not) after X months or X years"? Well, I'm putting my money where my mouth is, and writing my first long-term review here!

(If you want to get to the longterm review, skip down to the next section!)

Let's talk about this case and get the minute details over with. This case sports the smart magnetic cover, with the top being a leather-like texture and the bottom being a felt that protects the screen. The material feels pretty great, and the felt definitely does a good job of protecting the screen. You can fold it in the default configuration, landscape standing up. You could hypothetically do a balancing act and have the landscape angle drop down, or even do a vertical 90 degree portrait orientation. In reality, the only practical orientation is the one they advertise - the landscape upright position. (Some other cases like to advertise pretty looking but awkward orientations, so good on Poetic for being honest!)

It's important to note that this is NOT a kid-proof case. Kid-proof cases are generally those enclosed with lots and lots of rubber. This will not protect the tablet from your kid, especially if the kid spills stuff on it, throws it around, etc. A different case from Poetic might do the job: Google Nexus 7 2013 Case - Poetic Google Nexus 7 2013 Case [Turtle Skin Series] - [Corner/Bumper Protection] [Grip] [Sound-Amplification] Protective Silicone Case for Google Nexus 7 2nd Gen 2013 Black (3 Year Manufacturer Warranty From Poetic)

I used to use a different case (the rooCASE Google Nexus 7 FHD 2nd Gen Tablet Dual-View Folio Case Cover - Black (with Pen Stylus) Nexus 7 2 2013 Model) for my Nexus 7 2013. However, I ditched it for this one because it was awful at protecting corners. (If you look at that case, you can imagine, in slow-motion, your tablet flying out of your hand, your tablet slowly poking itself out of the case through those unprotected corners, and then smacking itself right into the concrete... and yes, this happened with me!)

This case, without a doubt, has been great at protecting corners. My Nexus 7 has since sustained no damage at all, thanks to the protectiveness of this case. The only thing I wish is that the case wouldn't break so easily from the drops - it has sacrificed itself quite a bit when it comes to protecting against falls. One of the corners has broken off as a result, baring my actual tablet corner to become the asphalt's next victim! That said, despite the breakoff, there is still a nice 0.5cm of plastic between the tablet and the outside of the case. Because of that, no damage has been sustained to the tablet ever since. Maybe it's because I'm lucky enough to not drop it on that corner, but... for me, using it daily for everything, it seems to be 100% fine. I wish the corners were stronger, but despite the broken corner, it still protects my tablet very well.

Let's talk about the smart cover. Initially, the smart cover worked really well. However, after about a year or so, my tablet started to glitch out - it kept turning off after I logged in, and sometimes it didn't respond at all to the power button. I had to yank it out of my case, recalibrate the magnetic sensor using an app, and then place it back in to make it work again without any issues. This seems to be an issue though with the actual tablet, since many users have reported this issue online. I saw a review here stating that Poetic may have mitigated the tablet issue by weakening the magnet, so things may work much better now. Honestly, considering the numerous other issues with my tablet (namely, touchscreen connector problems, USB port problems, etc.), it's almost certainly a device issue, not the case. That said, good on Poetic for stepping up and working around this problem!

Around the 2 year mark, the center magnet for the smart cover fell out. Despite attempts at putting it back in, it eventually fell out and got lost. Shortly afterwards, the case itself broke at the part where the magnet used to be, probably due to the fact that the magnet was acting as support for the case structure. That said, to my surprise, the smart cover still worked! Thanks to the second magnet located next to the center magnet, things still worked as usual! It's great to see that they placed a backup magnet, probably for this potential issue.

Cosmetics are a bit iffy - the Poetic cross fell off quite quickly (a year after I got it). I tried sticking it back on, but it eventually got lost. Nothing to really complain about here, though - didn't really want to bother them with an RMA, just for a silly logo issue! One other issue is that the felt inside will slowly get stained and/or wear down. It's very slight though, and you wouldn't really notice it at all. (Honestly, this may have been my fault, since I accidentally placed scotch tape on my tablet, and when it tore off, it took some felt with it... you can see the tape marks in the pictures.) Nevertheless, these are just minor nitpicks - the case definitely stood up to time - still looks and works great after 2+ years!

At this point, you're probably wondering - isn't this a 4 star review? Why is it 5 stars? Well, it's pretty simple - their support makes up for their problems! I emailed them about the magnet issue (with pictures and proof, of course), and they sent out a replacement, no questions asked. They didn't even ask me to send it back! Not only that, but they did all of that... within 20 MINUTES of me sending the email. Out of all of my RMA/warranty experiences on Amazon, this is the first one where I've gotten a response within <1 hour. Heck, no one else I've emailed has ever responded in less than a day!

Without a doubt, I'm happy to recommend this case to anyone looking for a good case. It has its faults - it does wear down a bit, the corners do break off on strong impact, and it certainly has issues with the magnets staying in. Despite that, this case has survived longer than my tablet - seriously! My tablet has experienced significant, feature-breaking problems that I have to workaround on a daily basis. This case, on the other hand? No workarounds needed - the case still protects and offers its full set of features, despite breaking down! Not only that, the support from Poetic has been phenomenal - VERY, VERY FAST response, and awesome support! Not to mention their dedication to improving their product, as seen with a few other reviews here. This is all in contrast for my Nexus 7 - let's just say that dealing with Google/ASUS has been... interesting...

Reliable, protective, comes with great support, and lasts longer than the device it protects. What more can you ask for?
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on September 17, 2013
I purchased this for my new nexus 7 2nd gen and at first it seemed to take a while to ship but when it arrived it was amazing. the magnetic clips worked wonders and the auto on/off works great as well. it snaps right on and it is pretty protective(seeing as i dropped it a couple times and the case was fine along with my device). There are slots that align perfectly with the power and audio control as well as the micro phone. Overall this case is pretty good. the leather that attaches to the plastic is a bit strange to describe but its kinda strange but its not at all a problem (just something i noticed). NOW COMES THE REAL REASON I PURPOSEFULLY LOGGED ON TO WRITE THIS EXACT REVIEW!!!! a few weeks later out of the blue the poetic company mailed another case, seemingly for free! it had a note in side which told of an update to the case and how they thanked me for providing business to them and how it helps their business grow. This company is legit and is amazing. Although i do not have a need for this second case(becasue the first one is so amazing), it is great to know that this company cares for it's customers and I would highly recommend purchasing this product :) ps. they sent their business card which was kinda cool so this is definitely a must buy to protect your new Nexus 7 (2nd gen)
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on July 8, 2016
This is my 2nd Poetic case I have had on my Nexus tablet. Looks good, provides some protection and the tablet goes into and out of sleep when the cover is opened and closed. My first one lasted 3 years and was still doing its job, but it was starting to look a little shabby. So I got another! It fits the Nexus well, provides access to all buttons and ports. Good product.
**Update** Shortly after writing this review, the plastic around one of the magnets broke and the magnet fell out. The cover no longer stays shut. I have returned it to Amazon. I might get another, but will be shopping around some first. Lowering my rating to 3 stars. The first one lasted 3 years, the second one didn't make it 3 weeks.
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on January 5, 2016
I bought this case in October 2015 and I loved it. It protected both the screen and back of the tablet and it was lightweight.

It's January 2016 and I bought a replacement. Unbeknownst to me, my tablet had dropped between the cushions of my loveseat and did not fare well. I'm not sure if it got caught in the reclining mechanism or what, but when I found my tablet a few days later, the case had a rip in the fabric, the plastic holding the middle magnet had cracked and the magnet fell out (but was still stuck to the magnetized edge), and there was a deep gash in the side. Despite all this damage, I took my tablet out of the case, and there wasn't a single mark on it and it functioned perfectly.

I immediately rushed to Amazon to purchase a replacement. Great protection, which is exactly what one should expect in a case!

My only con is that the folding "kickstand" feature doesn't work too well. I wish it had a proper kickstand, but that's my only gripe.

Bottom line, if you want something to actually protect your tablet, look no further! My tablet apparently went through hell and returned with no scars thanks to this case!
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on September 4, 2015
There is much to like about this case for the Nexus 7 (2013): the molded plastic tray that the tablet snaps into, with cutouts for the switches, speakers, and camera; the soft leatherette on the back that is easy to grip; the magnetically closing tri-fold cover that doubles as a stand. It is that last point that is the weakest part for me, as the cover does not hold the triangular shape very well and gets tippy. It unrolls if you move the tablet. Also, it is uselessly unfolds in the inverted position which you might want to elevate the back edge for typing.

Fortunately, there is a DIY fix. I glued two strips of super-thin One-Wrap Velco cable ties on the inside of the cover (before the seam of the first fold) and on the back of the case, where it makes contact with the cover/stand. The smooth side (which doesn't attract lint) went on the back and the scratchy side went inside the cover. I cut the ends off of the Velcro ties, leaving 5-1/2" of 1/2" wide strip. I used double-sided tape to hold down the strips on cardboard while I sprayed them with 3M 77 spray adhesive. I used tweezers to handle the wet strips and positioned them next to masking tape alignment guides on the case, which I removed after the glue set. I cleaned off some smears of adhesive with Goof-Off and a Q-tip (and it did not damage the plastic). I kept smoothing down the strips as the glue set, moving outward from the middle of the strip so it wouldn't lift up.

Finally, after about 1/2 hour I tried the cover in the stand position. Now the cover doesn't unroll when you pick up or reposition the tablet, and, turned upside down, it makes a great support at the right angle for typing. And the thin Velcro doesn't interfere with the cover closing. Not sure how long this fix will last, but it certainly makes the stand function more useful.
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on July 24, 2016
I am very pleased with this case. I do not need a plastic screen protector because the case lid protects the screen. The magnetic clasp works well and I find the automatic power on when you open the lid is very convenient. I take the Nexus 7 with me wherever I go and use the Kindle app for reading, so the case gets a lot of use. I carry it in a cargo pocket on my pants.

The only thing I would change is the easel function of the lid. I use my Nexus 7 as a reader and read in portrait mode. The easel function on this case is only for landscape mode. I bought a separate easel to use when reading at my dining table and get by without an easel everywhere else. I bought another brand case. that had a portrait mode easel on it, but did not like the other features of that case, so I have been using the Poetic since February of 2014.

A few months ago, the hard plastic that surrounds the magnet broke and the magnet came out. The case was just over two years old, so I applied for coverage under the three year warranty. I sent the company a picture of the broken area and the original Amazon invoice. They promptly sent me a new case at no cost and did not need the broken case to be sent back. You could not ask for better customer service. The pictures show the broken case. Watch for a crack near the magnet and request a replacement if it cracks in less than three years.
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