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on December 8, 2013
My primary criticisms of this guide are as follows:

1.) I'm not certain in what type of "pocket" one might carry a hardcover, 8.5"x6", 2 lbs. book, but it certainly doesn't fit in any of mine. In fact, the size of the book is a considerable disadvantage, as the small width of the pages make any maps nearly microscopic in detail; that doesn't even take into account the aesthetically displeasing sight it creates when aligned with my other Pokemon guides when placed on my bookshelf.

2.) The primary reason most people purchase Pokemon game guides is for the Pokedex, either Regional or National, and this guide comes with neither. Not only is there no Pokedex, there's no index indicating on which page in the guide the Pokemon can be found, making any attempts to complete Kalos' three Regional Pokedexes incredibly annoying, as you're flying blind.

3.) While the guide IS reasonably priced (considering its size and dearth of information), I posit that this guide is still overpriced. We ended up with a barebones walkthrough of the game. Were the standards set by previous Pokemon guides published by Prima followed, this guide might be worth the time or money. It's largely not.
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on October 25, 2013
The book has very high production values. It is hardcover with heavy, glossy pages inside. The organization of the material is logical and uses color and graphics to make the information easy to find and read.

The book is filled with lots of tips that will be useful to new Pokemon trainers but is old news to veteran trainers. In fact, I'm not sure if the level of writing is well suited to new trainers who I imagine to be younger. I can't see giving this book to a 9 year old and expecting them to get the full value out of it without some serious effort.

The walkthrough comprises most of the book. It is competent but contains no information on the things you can do after beating the game (recent Pokemon games have quite a bit of post-game content). It also gives no information on the opposing trainers you will face while exploring each area of the game.

The biggest issue I have is that there is no PokeDex (listing of all the Pokemon in the game with their stats and evolutions) or move catalog (all the moves that Pokemon can make along with stats for the moves). This makes the book of limited use for veteran trainers who already know how to explore the world of Pokemon.

In general, newer Pokemon players will find this book more useful than experienced Pokemon players.
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on December 18, 2013
Any time there is a new Pokémon game coming out, I always preorder the guide book with it. It's just what I've been doing since Gold, Silver, and Crystal. The best guide book I ever bought was the one for Platinum. It was huge, but something was missing from it. When Black and White came out with their Hardcover guide books, it was perfect.

When I bought this book, I was expecting something similar and in-between Platinum up through Black and White 1&2. The only thing this book offers you is a simple walkthrough of the game. There is nothing in the back of the book about the Kalos Region pokédex. Nothing on how they evolve or when. On top of that, some of the info in the book is also wrong, such has some of the Horde info. Much better off using Serebii for that sort of info. The book itself, while conveniently hardcover, is also quite small. Certainly nothing compared to the former guidebooks.

If you're looking for just a walkthrough, this book is fairly ok for it. But if you're in need of more than that, you'd be better off using the internet for it and saving your money.
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on October 25, 2013
I was excited to get pokemon X and something that I do is I purchase the strategy guide to help, when the book came i was a little disappointed, I've bought every collector's edition strategy guide for every pokemon game and somethings that i find are a very detailed walkthrough this one was somewhat detailed for example in the black and white strategy it included every little detail including the aftergame, another minor complaint is that in the black and white strategy guide it included a pokedex in the back to help but the black and white 2 didn't but i didn't mind because there was a separate pokedex book you could buy but w/ X and Y there is no separate book or included a pokedex in the book which really bothered me because I really wanted to learn more about each pokemon and about their evolution's, I did however appreciate the free map and screen cleaner, this book will really help you through the main game but not the aftergame or w/ a helpful pokedex but one really good thing is that the book is fairly cheat but included no collector's edition version book. So if you're going to buy this expect a walkthrough of the main game only.
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on November 27, 2013
So first off, I was glad to get this strategy guide at a decent price on Amazon. Now I had read people's chief complaint with this was that it didn't have a pokedex. People need to realize that this isn't so surprising. No one really buys strategy guides anymore, and with sites like Bulbapedia and my personal favorite, Serebii.net, both good examples of super detailed pokedex's; I'm not surprised that they want to save money. The idea that a pokedex is demanded is outlandish. I understand that many people prefer it that way, but it shouldn't be so surprising that they don't throw one into this book.

Now, the book has more problems than just that. I could overlook to pokedex no problem if this strategy guide delivered the basic necessities of any RPG strategy guide. Which it does not. Now there are some pros. The maps are pretty decent and help with dungeons. Nice keys for each section showing what pokemon will show up and rarity. And breakdowns of major trainer battles that show what pokemon they will use along with what is suggested a a weakness is pretty decent. And there are some detailed descriptions of things to accomplish here.

But then it falls short. The maps are great and show where standard items are but don't tell you what the item is. It just lists all the items in the area. So you have no idea if it's worth going all out of the way for what may be just a simple, cheap potion. In RPG's I want to know if a long winding tunnel will pay off with a good item, or waste my time.

There are sections in the game where you can't do something until you've beaten the game. This is no surprise, as it is a staple of pokemon. BUT, would it be so hard to say that I can't go all the way into the Terminus Cave until I'm Pokemon Champion. The guide says there is a special pokemon in there, but makes no mention of "You can;t reach it yet!"

There are a few times where information is just plain wrong. There were two tiny examples that I can't remember at this time, but one that I do was the guide saying I can;t make Grand Duke/Duchess until I am Pokemon Champion. But I milked that place for some good training and sure enough, even though I haven't even gotten the 8th badge yet, I gained the Grand Duke title.

The guide has some detailed sections about Lumiose City stuff and Super Training, but doesn't go all the way with the information. Case in point, the Secret Training levels after Super Training offer a wide variety of evolution stones, depending on the level. But the guide mentions nothing about the details. Again I found myself online at Serebii looking at which stones can be gained from which games.

My final, and biggest complaint about this guide, is that there is BARELY any post game coverage. That is a huge failure in making a strategy guide, and I can't believe that they can get away with this. What about all the legendary birds and how to track them? Don't I want to know how to find Mewtwo and strategies on how to fight him? No the guide just ends abruptly at becoming a Pokemon champion. What a mistake.

This guide was like a bad after taste. Once I got it, I enjoyed it. Then the missing details started showing up, and my overview on it soured. I honestly am disappointed in my buy and suggest you stay away from it.
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on August 12, 2015
Bad. This isn't very useful if it doesn't have the pokemon that each trainer will be using or a pokedex (have to use phone apps & internet websites). Pointless at best.
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on October 18, 2013
I'll make this brief. The guide is really nice in terms of design and how well written it is. Whoever designed this book did a wonderful job, and I commend them. Perfect if you just need a walkthrough. The best feature of these guides is not here; the complete Pokédex. This is the biggest reason I buy these guides. I'm still happy with my purchase, as the book is very pretty and will be useful for finding certain things that I missed on my first playthrough of X. Some of the images for the E4's Pokémon are non-existent, and this makes me believe that something may be wrong with Ken Sugimori, which would explain the lack of a Pokédex. Perhaps Mr. Sugimori has not been able to complete the art of some of the new Pokémon? I worry for him and whatever the problem is, but I do hope one day we can have a Pokédex.

Anyhow, definitely worth a buy if you enjoy having physical guides instead of looking online, but refrain from purchasing this if you intend to use it only for a Pokédex.
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on October 29, 2013
Let's all shed a tear for the guidebook industry in the internet age. In order to compete they need to have flawlessly complete (and organized) info as well as look snazzy. This book succeeds in the second and fails miserably in the first. I pre-ordered this item hoping that it would have complete information on the game at a time when it was still trickling bit by bit onto the web.

So what did I actually get? Let's start with the good. The actual walkthrough section is very good, with complete maps, item checklists, Pokemon rosters for the gym leaders and other major battles, etc. There's some nice coverage of new features like super training and Pokemon-amie, too. Unfortunately, the guide offers NO Pokedex and NO coverage of post-game content. It's hard to overstate how much of a deal-killer this is. For any player serious enough to buy this book knowing things like Pokemon stats and movesets is important to the exclusion of everything else. The total lack of post-game content (Want to know where Mewtwo is? Too bad!) and the shoddy coverage of side activities (many times the writers offer a written equivalent of a smile and a shrug when details are obviously missing) make this guide feel like a rush job. I bought this hoping for a quick reference with exclusive info and found myself disappointed. If you want a glossy brick for your coffee table go ahead and buy this, otherwise avoid.
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on October 24, 2013
I've been a Pokemon fan for a long time. I've played every generation and enjoyed the guides for each one. The Kalos guide looks great and has the one thing I really need, Pokemon locations for each route. The guide to where the berry trees helped me out a lot, as well. I'm not upset that there's no Pokedex. That knowledge is easily obtainable on various Pokemon websites. The paper version of a National Pokedex would be nice, but would be a much bigger volume on its own. All in all, this is a great guide for anyone new to Pokemon, or someone who wants to find all the Pokemon available in the wilds of Kalos. The only gripe I have is the lack of information on TMs and Post-game info. There are quite a few TMs only available after you defeat the Elite 4, but they aren't listed in the guide. The Screen cleaner and map included are really cool features, though.
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on October 31, 2013
This guide doesn't give you a wealth of information, but it does act as a good walkthrough for the main story.

The good:
* It's cheap.
* The book is of high quality. Hardcover binding, nice thick glossy pages, quality color printing, and nice layouts.
* Great maps of every route/town/cave/gym, including trainers and items.
* Charts listing every wild Pokemon (and its rarity) on each route.
* Lists the teams of your rivals, every gym leader, and every Elite Four member.
* Information on where to find certain items, who to talk to for special items/events, who you can trade with, and so on.
* Details the new features in the game (like Pokemon Aime and Super Training).

The bad:
* No Pokedex, not even a limited one.
* Doesn't list the teams of most trainers (only the "boss" trainers).
* Doesn't cover any post-victory content at all.

If you don't mind not having a Pokedex (you can always use an online one, or wait for the upcoming Pokedex & Postgame Adventure Guide), this is a solid walkthrough and a great looking book.
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