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on November 17, 2017
Having never played an official Pokemon game before it was entertaining while it lasted (about 70-90 hours of entertainment) until there's really nothing to do but roam around, for me this sense of loss is worse than Dark Souls. At least in D.S. you can keep going through past "New Game - NG+" and etc. In the end for me it was worth the price to play an official Pokemon game and capture my favorite Pokemon (Dragonair and Milotic).
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on April 2, 2017
Great for any Pokémon fan. Would recommend it
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on May 22, 2013
So I ordered this, not knowing anything about the Unova region except for watching the first 3 pokemon black and white DVDs. The only pokemon games i have played are Emerald, Pearl/Diamond/Platinum, and Soul Silver/Heart Gold. All of which were pretty well done (disincluded Emerald). I was shocked when i noticed the 3D like effect of the White 2 game (I dont have a 3DS i only have a DS lite). I totally couldn't wait to get the package (which came quickly), but the only issue I have is that the second gym leader is too hard, I want to keep Oshawott cute, but its stats are better if evolved into a Samarott, and the graphics are really pixelly when it zooms in for battles and such. However, it is very nice that even from early on, you can catch pokemon from Generation IV, which was not available in Black and White (as so I am told). This is a really great game so far and I recently ordered the guide to this, since I have no clue where I should go from each town. It is great that you can reuse TM's, but now that you can, they have lost their value and excitement for pokemon with rare moves that only obtain them by leveling up. However, now you can catch a riolu at level 7, which means it looses its value (before in Gen IV games (Pearl/Diamond/Platinum) you could only obtain 1 riolu by Riley, making it very rare). Luckily, you can catch any gen IV pokemon, so its not region specific. I caught a shiny elekid only about 2 hours into the game and so I praise the lord! And in my Pearl game, my pokemon were infected with Pokerus, so I have hit some good luck things!
Another cool feature is the Xtrasensory pad in White 2 which is much like the Pokecaller in Soul Silver/Heart Gold, only you can only call gym leaders and your mom...The graphics for that are really amazing. Weather also plays a large part in the game and it shows you when a pokemon's ability becomes in play once engaged in a battle.
Definitely a cool game and is worth checking out for the new features!
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on March 21, 2013
I expected all of the pokemon to be terrible because of the American base to the game. I finally got through enough of the game to write a palpable review.

The graphics: 5/5
I give the graphics a full 5 because the increased frame allowance for the pokemon sprites really made the game nicer. Also, Pokestar studios introduced some really great cutscene quality pictures. The 3D model buildings were better than what was presented in both White and Pokemon Soulsilver. The pokedex and C-Gear skins were brought over from white, however the c-gear for White 2 looks nicer and less of a mess than the original white. Being able to flip your pokemon at the touch made the summary more intersting to show both back and front versions of the sprites. This was in full view and not partial view like you see sometimes in the battles. The interface was appealing. The areas were beautiful.

Sounds: 5/5
The new soundtracks were awesome. I am still disappointed in the still 8-bit sounds from the pokemon, but the new soundtracks really made all my complaints go away about the pokemon.

Gameplay: 3/5
The mechanics were still the same from the original pokemon games. I like being able to move around my moves. The pokestar studios can be challenging. The gymleaders were not as challenging as they could have been. Most trainers only had around 3 pokemon. Even the Elite 4 did not all have a full set of 6 pokemon. This was annoying. The White Hollow makes up for a lot of the previous complaints about the challenges. Also, I have not done challenge mode yet, however, I know it is unlockable with the Unova Link with a person who passed the Elite 4 in Black 2. I hated having no item dropbox in the PC. It is nice having an infinite backpack, but I don't like carrying everything and its brother. I don't know if the PC for pokemon is unlimited or not, but I fear it may not be. Getting to the breeding house is absolutely terrible. You cannot head over until after you defeat the Elite 4, also you cannot trade up from Pokemon Soulsilver until after defeating the Elite 4, which is completely awful. The GTS is completely filled with junk trades and you have a hard time finding anyone willing to trade anything of real worth for something not legendary. The daily going to the Pokemon Dream World can be exhausting to get the pokemon you really want. I do like having the transceiver because I can use it to talk to my friends, but pretty much only if they are a room away.

Lasting Appeal: 5/5
Despite my gripes above, I love playing the game and will keep playing it. I am going to go into some serious training.
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on August 28, 2014
I've been a fan of the Pokemon franchise since the beginning. I thought the fourth generation made some huge advances that really changed the game for the better. This fifth generation has a been a bit of a let down though. Black and White brought some new features but none of them felt necessary. White version two follows in the same boring steps of its predecessor. The plot is slow and uninteresting and this game has felt more linear than any before. People in town literally tell you which local Pokemon to catch in order to beat the gym leader. I gave it three stars because its Pokemon and it still provides that nostalgia factor, but on its own this game is barely worth two stars.
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on September 26, 2014
The game was great overall but it feel a little bit underwhelming. The map was a little hard to follow and they try to get you to play some sort of mini game I did not understand at some point in the game. I think you had to get more people to start up a business in a shopping strip or something? I'm not too sure. Anyways, the game is great and if you like Pokémon, you like this game.
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on April 17, 2016
This game arrived quickly and it was packaged well with no damage to it or the container.
My husband ordered this game for himself, but he's not one to leave reviews. The game arrived as expected and played perfectly the first time. He enjoyed his purchase and it was exactly as he expected. Thank you.
Disclaimer: This should be an Amazon verified purchase. I paid full listing price and did NOT receive this product free or deeply discounted. However, my review is still honest and unbiased. If you found this review to be helpful, I'd appreciate if you would mark it as such. Thanks!
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on February 15, 2014
Great game , great counter part of black, its amaxing. Beat it already, now to raised them to level 100, wonder if I can raise them all to level one hundred , thinking about it can makes me, me want to drop the star rating,but nawe its a great game, and for me being a poke fan, just like this games, wonder how x and y are, this game is great because you can splice the first two legendary for the first game, unite, combine, fuse.
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on August 2, 2017
After Grandson saw this as his Birthday Present, Yours Truly received a great big hug and a great big thank you. We did good.
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on September 16, 2013
I'm a big fan of Pokemon and I've played games from every series but Black and White, so I won't be able to compare it to the prior. With a month to X and Y and news that Pokemon can only be transferred via Black (2) / White (2) to the next generation, I knew I would need one of the installments to enhance my future experience with the 3ds game. I'm still playing through Heart Gold and Platinum to build a good reservoir of pokemon but the second I started this game I was very impressed by the visuals. This game is listed as 2012 so it's only a year old meaning it's relatively fresh and new! The cinematics have clearly improved from Generation IV and to my liking. I had poor expectations based on the battle animations I had seen on Youtube clips of battles etc. but I guarantee that if you like what you've played so far in the past 3 or 4 sagas, you'll be satisfied with what you get in this one. I don't want to say too much more but the music is a nice change too for those who appreciate the in-game music which Nintendo never ceases to deliver. 5 stars, love it.
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