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Pokemon X
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:$36.60+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on January 9, 2017
I'll be honest: I loved the storyline. And the Pokémon variety is why I love these games. They did magnificently with the diverse populace, especially in adding the new type: fairy. I love fairy. As far as my only dislike/preference is that the conclusion of the campaign was almost too conclusive. The Elite Four were easy, and with the map already practically explored prior to completion, catching the "rare" Pokémon was more of a "go here and throw poke ball = check". I wish they had invested into more investment as far as what it takes to catch rare Pokémon.

Otherwise, this is probably tied for third in my favorite Pokémon games and I still find myself dumping hours into its awesome--even if it is just to raise that "one" Pokémon who I know will soon also be replace by the next "new Pokémon" to raise. Haha, but so is the life of a Pokégamer xD It also functions as a perfect "cross/bridge" to some of the new features brought into Sun and Moon.
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on October 27, 2013
I would consider Pokemon X (and even Pokemon Y to similar extents when I get it in the mail) one of the best Pokemon games to play.

A departure from the series is the pixel sprites that made the world. Now games are in 3D and have not disappointed me. I enjoy drawing fan art of Pokemon and prior to the advent of this game and its companion, I'd usually have to rely on pictures from the anime and manga, which I am no longer fond of. Now that the Pokedex shows a 3D model when a Pokemon is caught, I can actually draw fanart of Pokemon at different angles beyond front and back.

You can actually change your avatar to suit you as your are ask for your gender, your looks and your name. However, the skin color for the darkest skin type for looks is still a dark taupe color. It's still a start and quite a departure from playing what is a essential a white-skinned protagonist.

Some items have changed, particularly the plates that are to be attached to Arceus, which include the Pixie Plate which corresponds with the new Fairy element type. The biggest change of all is the Exp. Share, which first started out as Exp. All in the very first games, giving all Pokemon in the party Experience Points, and later Exp. Share, giving a selected Pokemon in that party a share of the points. For this set of games, the Exp. Share has reverted back to the properties of Exp. All.

I have very few complaints involving the Lumiose City. Before I bought the game, I was well aware of a glitch that prevents moving around if saved in the North and South Boulevards and the two Avenues from The South Boulevard leading to the Central Plaza. Pokémon's official X & Y Site recommend you save your games in a shop or better yet, in the Pokemon Centers. The Evolutionary stone shop in Lumiose City, to my knowledge, only sells Fire, Water and Leaf Stones, so evolving Eevee and Pikachu would require a debate on your self if you're trying to complete the Pokedex as I only received one Thunderstone. You will encounter Pokemon from all 6 generations, some from the previous 5.

Overall, the story did not disappoint. I won't tell you the ending, but the game does leave many characters involved open for debate and fan theories of their beings and pasts.

The ending, however, simply doesn't just go to the credits right after beating the Champion, it involves a Pokemon battle with an enigmatic character who is involved with the story's backstory. After that, the cut scene that ties up the loose ends enough to satisfy those who held on long enough and then the credits, which has a song involved from the second part of the credits, subtitled in English and French. The music in the credit reminded me of the song "Hana wa Saku" (Flowers Will Bloom), created by the NHK, Japan's public broadcasting station for the recovery of the Tohoku region.

I have been told that Pokemon Y has a darker, more sinister story to its programming. However, I can say that Pokemon X is not that much different from the description for Pokemon Y from my experiences.

As for educational aspect: Mathematics are part of figuring out how much damage you deal to your opponent. Logic involving Rock-Paper-Scissors like deduction is involved when in a battle. Life lessons are involved with the story, such as the lengths one would go through to take back what was lost and the cost of the war from a non-monetary aspect.

It is a fun game to play. You might even beat my record of entering the Hall of Fame in 3 days after starting a game.
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on August 1, 2014
This game is great! I had it originally from the midnight release but it had since gone missing~
Re-bought it here on Amazon! Was a great buy and showed up the next day!

The X and Y series of the games are really something. I really enjoy the customization features because I feel it helps me to make my character more unique to my liking versus having all characters looking the same. It is one of my favorite features! I do wish they would have DLC add-ons for the clothing shops!

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the online functionality! It makes it easier to connect with others who like pokemon and easier to trade and battle many people all over the world!

The Wondertrade is really fun too! You never know what you will be receiving and there are people who have even turned it into a event ; "Wondertrade Wednesday" , which i might add i do partake in!

This game is great all around, if you like pokemon, you will like this game! This game can carry all of the 718 pokemon including a few new ones that had just come out such as Diancie.

IMO: Get this game if you have not already :)
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on January 15, 2014
Overall I liked this one. I liked the Mega evolutions. Some of their designs look really great. I like that they only added a few more Pokemon, as the number added in Generation V was ridiculous. I also really liked the limited number of legendary Pokemon, as I felt that was also getting out of hand. I like the horde encounters. It adds a new challenge to random battles, and some Pokemon can only be found in them. Wonder Trade is fun and exciting, and GTS has had several improvements. Now for my criticisms. I thought the story was just ok. The stuff you can do postgame is fairly limited, especially compared to some of the earlier games. For all of the talk of the move to 3D, it really isn't that different from the previous Pokemon games. The game is also a little on the easy side. Even though the Elite Four is one of the highest leveled in the series, I felt like they weren't as though as previous generations, with the possible exception of the Champion. I have mixed feelings about the fairy type. On the one hand, it's nice to finally have a true dragon slayer. There's the ice-type, but that comes with its own baggage. On the other hand, making them super effective against dark and fighting types really makes them too powerful.
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on February 12, 2017
Arrived within it's time-frame in a package much larger than was needed to hold a CD as seems to be the new thing for Amazon these days. I wonder if that is where our Prime dollars are now going? This was the number one request on my 12-year-old daughter's Christmas list this year, so she was over-the-moon when she opened it. From what I can gather, it has lived up to her expectations. She talks about it all the time, going into quite a bit of detail that I do not understand or follow, but it obviously excites her tremendously because she will talk about it for hours, and play it even longer if I allowed her to. The graphics seem to be ... graphicy. There are Pokemon. You play with them. OK, hang on, I will bring in the expert. This is what she has to say. "When you play Red, Blue or Yellow, the graphics are manageable, but when you move up to Pokemon X, the graphics are AMAZING. You can see the Pokemon battle, and you can see the moves that they use. Like, if you use 'dig', you can see them dig down. And if you use 'fly', you can see them fly up. And 'greninja', when it uses my favorite move, water shuriken, you can see it throw the shurikens however many times the move hits, and it can hit up to five times. So you just see the shuriken fly at the opponent and it looks really cool!" About the game she says: "It is a really fun game. You start off in a town where your mom is a famous Rhyhorn raiser and then you find that Professor S. decided to pick you and four other people to become a Pokemon trainer." (Oh, so your Ash!) "So there are three starting Pokemon. There is the Grass Type Chespin. The Fire Type Fenniken. And the Water Type, Frokie." (She chose Frokie). "There is a bad team that you have to defeat." (She can't remember their name, among other people you have to battle.) "One of the coolest parts I think to the game is that you can Mega Evolve Pokemon." (Whatever that means.) "There are tons of different Pokemon that can Mega Evolve. And if you like the final evolution, it will go back to its form after it battles. There are a few like Charizard, Mew, and Venosuar that Mega evolve, so Charizard will Mega Evolve into Charizard X, who is black with blue flames coming out of it's mouth. Mew X - and tons of other ones like Aerodactlye, and the two fossile Pokemon that are exclusive to X and Y that can't Mega Evolve yet, but they are very cool. It was hard for me to decide between them. But in the end I picked Amora. Once you get toward the end, you can catch the legendary Xerans, which I haven't caught yet, but I really want to. I haven't gotten that far yet. In the previous Pokemon games I have played, the gyms are basic and simple. But when I went up to Pokemon X, all the gyms are just SO COOL. My favorite gym so far is the Psychic Type Gym. It's like a big Sphere Maze. You have to locate the gym leader. There are a whole bunch of different trainers that you don't have to battle, but you get so lost you end up having to battle them." That's it for her review. If you have questions, she will be happy to answer them. I'll be happy to pass them along because I know nothing.
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on January 5, 2014
At the age of 23 I've grown up enough to have abandoned the television series long ago, but I'll admit I still love these games. For me it was one of the absolute most anticipated games of 2012. i don't regret pre-ordering it at all. Speaking as someone who began playing the games at the tender age of 8 with the release of Pokemon Yellow the graphics are epic this gen, Everything from traveling o hanging with friends is better than in this generation. Meeting up with your friends so often made me nostalgic for the classic TV series where Ash always had Brock and Misty with him. My favorite part other than the overall ambiance of the new game was the gyms themselves. many of them were interactive and fun and just plain great to look at. I also loved shopping in the big cities for clothes, hats and accessories. Although, I do so wish you could buy accessories for your Pokemon as well. O so wanted to get Squirtle sunglasses for old time's sake ya know? Ultimately, I don't think any Pokemon fan new or old will be disappointed by the game overall with it's vast improvements. Even the NPC trainers are cooler this time around.
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on November 10, 2013
I bought this game for nostalgia really. I had a 3ds given to me as a gift that I hardly ever used, and wanted to reminisce about the old days of Pokemon Blue. I bought Pokemon Black 2 to get back in the swing of things, but I hardly played it knowing that this release was only a couple weeks away.

I was pleasantly surprised on how well Pokemon X/Y felt playing. The pokemon I used felt powerful, and you get the perfect nostalgia factor by picking one of the original 3 relatively early in the game (of course I used Squirtle since it was the first Pokemon I ever used). The new fairy type is a great addition, and no one group felt way more powerful than the others.

My one gripe is that with the easiness of trading online and exp sharing, the game felt extremely easy. That said, this is coming from someone in their 20's playing a game designed for a young audience remembering playing Pokemon when he was much younger. Your pokemon level quickly, and you don't really have to spend time getting stronger before continuing your journey.

All in all, a beautiful game that will provide many hours of enjoyment to both those new to the franchise and those that have played the games over the years and wanting to give the new version a try.
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on November 20, 2013
I was afraid this game would be boring--they've made so many pokemon games, so I figured they would run out of ideas. I was so wrong. This game is awesome! The graphics are soo good, the storyline is good, and there are so many pokemon! The battles look amazing. All the moves have cool animations, and the pokemon have distinctive movements. The best part, however, is the customization. You can choose your characters name and nickname that your friends call you, and you can customize your character for the first time. You can choose their skin color, change their hair and buy new clothes. It's so fun! The online is awesome too. You can add your friends and battle them whenever you want, however you want, along with trading. You can also battle/trade random people around the world, which is very cool. There are tons of things to do after you beat the elite four. The only thing I don't like is Team Flare, or Flair, or whatever. They're annoying and lame, and fighting them was a pain. But that's honestly my only complaint. Love this game!!
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on January 15, 2014
I am from the First pokemon generation. I was a bit skeptical about this version since the last Pokemon generation I played was Pearl. But WOW, X/Y is much better than I had expected. The intro is pretty short which lets you basically begin to play the game. It is pretty much self-explanatory if you have played previous pokemon games. It is like a mesh between all the handheld games with a spice of Pokemon Stadium. X/Y gives you the opportunity to live the Pokemon life you wanted of since you were in the '90s.

There are some old Pokemon and then of course the new ones... hey but don't fret you can still catch Pikachu AND pick your 1st gen starter after you beat the first, yeah I said it FIRST, gym leader. I mean... that's like the best of both worlds really.. you have a starter from this generation and the 1st generation.. AND the opportunity to catch a Pikachu?! Wowwwww.

The graphics in this game is life-like. There is this French/Paris-vibe-esque graphics/music when I play it-- but you know what? That makes it more realistic in my book.

If you have a 3ds or planning to get one then you should definitely add X/Y in your 3ds collection. This new generation of Pokemon is something that I have longed for.
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on May 31, 2016
Very fun games, i've loved Pokemon ever since I was maybe 10? I'm 26 now. Still playing the games. Remember when they were on the Nintendo Gameboy series. Graphics have evolved a lot since then. Now we're on the 3ds and I can say the Pokemon series is still just as fun to play, with more internal light source than a Gameboy so you can actually play at night or in bed.
I refuse to mess up the storyline for you but this game is suitable for kids, adults, and anyone who likes collecting cute monsters.
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