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on December 8, 2013
This game is absolutely amazing! I have played every generation (and possibly version) of Pokemon since the series started and have never been disappointed, but Pokemon X may have just raised the bar! The graphics are stunning and the game-play is just as wonderful as the other generations, if not more so. The ending of the game is heartfelt and touching, and there is nothing about this game that I would make me stop playing it for hours on end.

Pokemon Amie and the Super Training allow you to bond with your Pokemon and train them to your own specifications, not those of the game. Pokemon Amie also allows you a unique look at your Pokemon, and even the oldies (Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Pikachu, Riolu, etc.) are perhaps even cuter than ever! I did notice that Riolu, if you tilt your head from side to side while in Amie, will mimic your movement and ask you to make faces with it! So cute!

I returned to Pokemon Black 2 for about five minutes and was kind of disappointed despite myself. The differences are that great!

I think the one and only thing I would change about this game is this: to add only one Pokedex feature from the previous generations, and that is the Habitat List from Pokemon Black 2 and White 2. It made it a bit easier to tell what Pokemon I had and had not caught, but after a quick Excel Spreadsheet on my nearby computer, that was hardly an issue anymore.

For anybody who loves Pokemon already or anybody who wants to try it for the first time, this is definitely the game to get! Pokemon X is definitely my new top-favorite in 3DS gaming.
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on December 8, 2015
1) Animation/Game Functionality A+
This game is beautiful and so far I haven’t found a bug despite its sophisticated functions. You can travel many ways and the button work fine. This game also finally figured out how to use the touch pad effectively. It is where we get trades and the mini-games to help with EVs. It also makes organizing the box a lot easier than other games.
2) Exploration- The World A+
This game has the best exploration than any other pokemon game in the series. The places between gyms you go through are numerous. There are about two cities explored between every gym. This game also makes the city have more than pokemon as their center. There are coffee places and hotels in major cities. There are also clothes stores where the character can buy new clothes. The routes are beautiful and diverse as well.
3) Pokemon B
This is where this game gets out of hand. This region has too much pokemon. Around 450 and has 3 pokedexes. Every route has about 4 new species not in previous routes. It can be overwhelming or good for collectors depending on perspective. This game may be better for collectors that do have access to internet and want to collect as much as possible. I consider my self a collector and raiser. I am currently raising two boxes of pokemon to level 100. I normally go for one but this game has too much pokemon to narrow down to just one box. The new pokemon are actually good additions. The fairy type also add new complex but it is annoying encounter a past normal type and not being able to use the same strategies against it.
4) Raising Pokemon Mixed
This is where the problem maybe with this game. Getting experience pts is ridiculously easy. Pokemon don’t split experience like they use to. They now get full points when participating. Also exp. Share works ridiculously well. It is too easy to get experience points. Getting EVs does hurt from this but there is a new mini-game to help raise evs. I am not one that likes in-game mini games so the quality is unclear. Happiness and egg hatching is easier because a lot of items are given to help these things go a lot faster.
5) Trade/ Link Battle A+
Trading has two major changes. One is that there is no need to go to Pokemon Center another is that there is now Wonder Trade. Wonder trade is where you trade a pokemon of yours to get a random pokemon from somebody else. It is either good or bad depending on need. It is good to fill pokedex of easy to moderate to catch pokemon. I find it to be fun because I get easy to get pokemon from Sapphire/Ruby that don’t come in Y/X.
6) The Story C
Pokemon games could use real storyline. Black and White actually had good premise for a pokemon game. This one has the lamest storyline where the bad guys make less sense than Team Galaxy from Generation 4. Nobody plays pokemon for the story but it could help.
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on October 27, 2013
I would consider Pokemon X (and even Pokemon Y to similar extents when I get it in the mail) one of the best Pokemon games to play.

A departure from the series is the pixel sprites that made the world. Now games are in 3D and have not disappointed me. I enjoy drawing fan art of Pokemon and prior to the advent of this game and its companion, I'd usually have to rely on pictures from the anime and manga, which I am no longer fond of. Now that the Pokedex shows a 3D model when a Pokemon is caught, I can actually draw fanart of Pokemon at different angles beyond front and back.

You can actually change your avatar to suit you as your are ask for your gender, your looks and your name. However, the skin color for the darkest skin type for looks is still a dark taupe color. It's still a start and quite a departure from playing what is a essential a white-skinned protagonist.

Some items have changed, particularly the plates that are to be attached to Arceus, which include the Pixie Plate which corresponds with the new Fairy element type. The biggest change of all is the Exp. Share, which first started out as Exp. All in the very first games, giving all Pokemon in the party Experience Points, and later Exp. Share, giving a selected Pokemon in that party a share of the points. For this set of games, the Exp. Share has reverted back to the properties of Exp. All.

I have very few complaints involving the Lumiose City. Before I bought the game, I was well aware of a glitch that prevents moving around if saved in the North and South Boulevards and the two Avenues from The South Boulevard leading to the Central Plaza. Pokémon's official X & Y Site recommend you save your games in a shop or better yet, in the Pokemon Centers. The Evolutionary stone shop in Lumiose City, to my knowledge, only sells Fire, Water and Leaf Stones, so evolving Eevee and Pikachu would require a debate on your self if you're trying to complete the Pokedex as I only received one Thunderstone. You will encounter Pokemon from all 6 generations, some from the previous 5.

Overall, the story did not disappoint. I won't tell you the ending, but the game does leave many characters involved open for debate and fan theories of their beings and pasts.

The ending, however, simply doesn't just go to the credits right after beating the Champion, it involves a Pokemon battle with an enigmatic character who is involved with the story's backstory. After that, the cut scene that ties up the loose ends enough to satisfy those who held on long enough and then the credits, which has a song involved from the second part of the credits, subtitled in English and French. The music in the credit reminded me of the song "Hana wa Saku" (Flowers Will Bloom), created by the NHK, Japan's public broadcasting station for the recovery of the Tohoku region.

I have been told that Pokemon Y has a darker, more sinister story to its programming. However, I can say that Pokemon X is not that much different from the description for Pokemon Y from my experiences.

As for educational aspect: Mathematics are part of figuring out how much damage you deal to your opponent. Logic involving Rock-Paper-Scissors like deduction is involved when in a battle. Life lessons are involved with the story, such as the lengths one would go through to take back what was lost and the cost of the war from a non-monetary aspect.

It is a fun game to play. You might even beat my record of entering the Hall of Fame in 3 days after starting a game.
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on October 30, 2013
I bought a 3DS a few weeks before this came out, my first portable game console in a long time, and figured I should see what all the fuss was about.

Wow, was I missing out!

I always used to love RPGs growing up as a kid -- Final Fantasy 7 was my favorite game ever growing up -- and that always steered me away from the Pokemon franchise, weirdly enough. I both was suspicious of Pokemon ever being able to have a worthwhile story, as well as feared the constant grind of most RPGs.

Well, I was pretty much wrong. I say pretty much because Pokemon's story is actually oddly appealing -- you're playing a character who's out to Catch 'Em All. So, no, it doesn't have much of a real 'story' per say, but it's all just goofy fun, so where I was wrong was in thinking it needed to be something it isn't and shouldn't be.

What I was really, really wrong about was the fear of grinding. The "catching them all" part of the game has made grinding fun again! It's not constant battles everywhere, even where you don't want them, to get pointless levels. You're the one seeking out the battles -- and not for pointless levels, but to find the new Pokemon. The world keeps things fresh, so you never find yourself lingering in the same place too long, and there's oodles and oodles of goofy side games to keep yourself occupied when you feel you need a break from catching your Pokemon... and would rather spend time 'getting to know them.'

I've talked about how much goofy fun there is in this game, but it does take very seriously the heart of this game, what makes it all work: it's mechanics. The combat system is a deceptively deep turn-based combat system. There's tons of strategy involved and, for someone who enjoys meta as much as I do, a whole bunch of tough choices to make. That said, it would be hard to get those decisions so wrong that you'd ruin a Pokemon -- but even if you did, for whatever reason, all you'd have to do is catch more.... or even breed them.

To put all of this in perspective, I went from being a deep skeptic of this entire franchise a month ago, who decided to buy the game as an experiment, to a full-throttled Pokemon addict who's put 20+ hours on this game... when I thought the days of me having the patience to play games for hours and hours was long since at an end. Clearly, I just needed to be playing Pokemon all that time. LOL.
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on August 30, 2016
Wish the 3D aspect was a little more tailored to, game is mostly in 2d but otherwise really like this game. I don't follow pokemon much but really loved it as a kid, had yellow on my gameboy color. Every couple of years or so I pick up the latest game to play and while I enjoy them, I rarely recognize the pokemon and find the story line and new world to be so-so. I really really enjoy this one. Such a fun medley of original pokemon mixed with new generations. I love the Kalos region and all the extras you can do and see. Love how you can dress up and customize your avatar. I also really enjoy that when I'm riding my Lapras in the water, it looks like I'm riding my Lapras in the water, not just a black blob. Oh AND you get two sets of starter pokemon. You get to choose one from the new generation and then about a city further in you get to pick one of the original starters. Very excited to keep playing.
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on September 28, 2015
i've always been a pokemon fan and this game rocks. the story is short and the side quests are dull, but if you enjoy battling, raising your team, catching and trading, then it's a blast.

i would warn that the "chat" feature is actually a voice chat, which can be turned off. i thought it was a text chat, as i wanted to trade with a random person and wanted to write to them to figure out what pokemon they wanted. it turned out to be like a phone call, except that the voices are altered a bit. this is a bit scary because you never know who could be on the other side. we were both a bit freaked out. to avoid awkward encounters i recommend to turn this feature off. i recommend this to parents of children as well. again, you never know who is on the other side. i'm surprised nintendo even allowed this given that obscenities that can be typed (and therefore filtered), can just as easily be said.

other than that, trading is pretty cool. you can trade with someone you know, either in the room or via internet, as well as random. you can choose to send a random pokemon and receive a random one as well, or choose someone random who has a specific pokemon and trade the one they want (a specific exchange).
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on October 17, 2013
I would say Pokemon x/y have dethroned Pokemon Emerald but there are a few issues from a programming standpoint that make me lean more towards a 4.5/5.

First of all the battle scenes have a bit of lag and MIGHT* run at about 25-27 fps which is just below fluid. When you turn on the stereoscopic 3D the frames drop to maybe 20fps during attacks, the only way to combat this is to have the attack animations and 3D turned off but in general as long as you keep the 3D off it should be good enough for most people...barely.

The 3D option is completely stripped in double and triple battles as well which is probably for the best as peoples 3DS's would be crashing left and right.

My only other problem is the movement takes some getting used to, they added horizontal movement so the older players may have trouble getting accustomed to it, the controls are also on the loose side so you may accidentally fall off a couple (rollerblade areas) speaking of rollerblades, you are given a pair within the first hour or two of gameplay and they are superior to the bike in maneuverability so that's a plus.

Now on to the positives. The pokemon selection is excellent and there are some old favorites returning and the new ones are generally attractive in comparison to the last generation. I have noticed that Gamefreak have taken more of an avante garde approach to the designs and many will find them interesting. For instance the starter bug pokemon evolves into a butterfree clone but it actually looks BETTER than what it is copied from, also there aren't as many useless pokemon in general this time around and the stat allocation is a bit more streamlined.

The overworld looks great but in some ways I miss the "god" view from above as it gives you a better look at your surroundings, still I think they did a good job on it and it's growing on me. The online trading/battling system is pretty well done, the "wonder trade" feature is basically gambling, I've gotten terrible pokemon most of the time but I have also recieved 2 or 3 useful ones. I just trade my duplicate pokemon with it and hope for the best.

The music is also pretty good and so are the towns. The setting is sort of French I believe which is a nice change from the usual Asian/western locales.

In all seriousness though, if you have a 3DS you probably already own this game and if you don't your missing out on the Torchic giveaway that ends in January.
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on August 28, 2014
Undoubtedly my favorite Pokemon game yet. After playing through White and White 2 (as well as having a game in all of the other generations), this is a breath of fresh air. I've been dying for another Pokemon game like Colosseum/XD and this sort of filled my request by having 3D sprites. What was truly a winner was the sound track though. 8-bit tracks are ditched, old Pokemon voices are dropped, the sound is crisp, clean, and glorious.

Of course, this isn't the only thing to talk about. The numerous online improvements are awesome, the sprites are gorgeous, breeding is easier, to put it shortly, there are very few complaints. I just wish I could do 6vs6 battles over Wifi with random people. It's small though, and for that one loss, there are one thousand wins.
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on August 30, 2014
Awesome to see a combination of new and old-school Pokemon. I loved getting a new starter and an "original 151" starter.

Mega evolutions are really cool to see and definitely beef up your pokemon, but don't expect more than 2 or 3 of your opponents to ever use them against you.

Which brings me to my main issue with this game - I utterly destroyed it.
I'm really not sure if it is incredibly easy compared to the older ones, or if I'm just older and better at strategizing and whatnot, but I never came close to dying. I defeated the Elite Four and Champion without taking a single point of damage. The same was true of nearly every gym leader.

I don't feel like I had some sort of ultimate team - 1/2 of my team consisted of pokemon literally given to me (2 starters and Lucario) and a 4th was Xerneas, the legendary of this game - so I really think it is just overly easy.

A second gripe - most of this game is NOT IN 3D. Only select parts of your adventuring are rendered in 3D, and not even the coolest ones (huge structures and monuments are in plain 2D, but the game zooms out as if to give you a sense of scale... what?)

The battles are pretty much the only thing you get in 3D, and sometimes the framerate stutters... but that is probably due to how incredibly well-rendered the pokemon are. They look phenomenal, and each have their own unique movements, which is pretty cool. I do wish they actually made contact with each other, though. Like a real battle. But maybe in future iterations...

The story is predictably sub-par, but definitely the most intriguing of the pokemon games I've played. It basically hinges on a "Team ___" trying to destroy everyone but themselves. There are a lot of references to the wrongheaded goals/desires of these "elites", with many NPCs making somewhat poignant commentaries on elitism, individuality, and other meaningful topics.
Pretty cool to see good values being conveyed through a silly kids game like this.

Overall, I would recommend buying it or at least borrowing it. It is both interesting enough and different enough from previous iterations in the series to warrant that much.
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on February 2, 2015
Love the game. Much easier than the originals with a lot to do. It's easier to make money although poke balls are useless just about come later in the game so just go buy the more expensive balls. Lots of pokemon to collect, the trading system is awesome. The safari friend zone is garbage because you can't get in or at least I have yet to figure out how due to the problems with the friend codes and what not. I also was annoyed that the trainers (the final four or whatever they are called) not only hide behind a bunch of other trainers before you even get to them but they are themed so it's really easy to beat them with the right group. Also annoying that the other trainers you encounter use super potions all day long mid fight so you need to get tons of those too. Still a pretty cool game though.
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