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on September 18, 2017
I'm a long time Pokemon player, having only missed gen 2. I tend to log hundreds of hours on each title trying to catch them all and get a team of high-level Pokemon. Pokemon Y is a little bit of mixed bag for me, it's most noteworthy feature is that between it and Pokemon X they have nearly every Pokemon available without having to trade between games. However, to counter that its story is some of the worst writing I've seen in the franchise. There isn't a whole lot of post-game content with is usually what I spend the most time doing.
All of that being said this is an ok game to start on if you've never played the franchise and between this and the 3rd gen remakes you can easily catch them all if that is what you're interested in doing.
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on August 30, 2014
Awesome to see a combination of new and old-school Pokemon. I loved getting a new starter and an "original 151" starter.

Mega evolutions are really cool to see and definitely beef up your pokemon, but don't expect more than 2 or 3 of your opponents to ever use them against you.

Which brings me to my main issue with this game - I utterly destroyed it.
I'm really not sure if it is incredibly easy compared to the older ones, or if I'm just older and better at strategizing and whatnot, but I never came close to dying. I defeated the Elite Four and Champion without taking a single point of damage. The same was true of nearly every gym leader.

I don't feel like I had some sort of ultimate team - 1/2 of my team consisted of pokemon literally given to me (2 starters and Lucario) and a 4th was Xerneas, the legendary of this game - so I really think it is just overly easy.

A second gripe - most of this game is NOT IN 3D. Only select parts of your adventuring are rendered in 3D, and not even the coolest ones (huge structures and monuments are in plain 2D, but the game zooms out as if to give you a sense of scale... what?)

The battles are pretty much the only thing you get in 3D, and sometimes the framerate stutters... but that is probably due to how incredibly well-rendered the pokemon are. They look phenomenal, and each have their own unique movements, which is pretty cool. I do wish they actually made contact with each other, though. Like a real battle. But maybe in future iterations...

The story is predictably sub-par, but definitely the most intriguing of the pokemon games I've played. It basically hinges on a "Team ___" trying to destroy everyone but themselves. There are a lot of references to the wrongheaded goals/desires of these "elites", with many NPCs making somewhat poignant commentaries on elitism, individuality, and other meaningful topics.
Pretty cool to see good values being conveyed through a silly kids game like this.

Overall, I would recommend buying it or at least borrowing it. It is both interesting enough and different enough from previous iterations in the series to warrant that much.
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on November 12, 2016
This is the game I have been waiting for as a fan of pokemon since 1999. This is the 3d, all encompassing version of pokemon we had been waiting so long for and the game delivers.

Some pokemon designs leave a bit to be desired and there was not a TON of new pokemon, but I feel the changes overall make this game an awesome one. The new pokemon are amazingly designed, the new type, fairy gave us new life to older monsters and the mega evolutions changed the metagame that was quite stale in generation 5.
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on December 6, 2013
This Game is a great upgrade from Pokemon Black and White 2. But because of this, the game is a little difficult to play at first. But you get used to it pretty fast. The 3D aspects of the Game are AMAZING! A totally different point of view. Sometimes though it will change the camera angle for you. But you can not change the angle so it might be difficult to move. I love how you can feed your Pokemon and play with them.You can also Change the way you look which I love as well. The Mega Evolution feature I like. I love how it makes the Pokemon Stronger. I love the music as well. I pre-ordered this game on Amazon in May. And I would think I would receive it on the date of the release and I didn't. I got it 3 days later. I guess that is not THAT bad but everyone was spoiling it for me. So next time I will order through Gamestop or something next time so I can get it on the day it is released. I recommend this game to anyone. Great Story, great graphics, great music. Love it.
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on February 12, 2014
For the record, I hated the Black & White generation. It had enough pitfalls that really made the game unenjoyable for me and after playing every generation of Pokemon it looked like it would end there. A strong lack of variety in the Pokemon, combined with a very uninspired generation of Pokemon and a somewhat rehashed story from Diamond and Pearl made those games a big letdown from HeartGold and SoulSilver before it. You can easily see a stark contrast in quality and enthusiasm between the two games.

Then this game came out and fixed a lot of that. What made this game fun again?

- A stronger mix of Pokemon.

The game has a much larger mix of Pokemon across all previous generations and while you won't find everything here, it at least gives you a ton of options and doesn't pigeonhole you into using this or that Pokemon because it's the only one available. This was a common issue when I played Black and I'm glad they fixed this right up. Also this game gives you essentially two starter Pokemon with a choice of the Kanto starters a little ways into the game, which opens up even more options for you.

- Quality of life improvements

For years it was either your Running Shoes or your bike, with the bike being too fast, crashing into everything so it was almost faster just to run there instead. This game adds Roller Skates which is a nice medium ground to that; faster than running but not so fast you crash into everything all the time. Exp Share changed from a held item to a general Key Item and affects every Pokemon in your party. This was a gamebreaker for me since in the past you didn't get this thing until much later in the game and only one Pokemon benefited at a time. Makes leveling faster and less monotonous than before. Wonder Trade and GTS off the bat gives you even more Pokemon options than you already have within the game.

- Non-worthless side games

Finally they added ways to interact with your Pokemon that actually has tangible rewards in the game. Pokemon-Amie lets you feed and play with them and gain actual benefits in the game, such as avoiding random attacks, EXP boosts and more. Super Training allows you to do special training with your Pokemon via mini-games that improve their stats.

- Fairy, the anti-Dragon.

A new type of Pokemon, Fairy, was added and a lot of older Pokemon like Clefairy and Togepi were changed to be included into this type. Someone at Game Freak or Pokemon International finally had enough of Dragons crushing everything so they made a group that was just meant to stop them cold.

With all this said the game isn't perfect. 3D battling aside the graphics are only marginally better. The story is pretty much yet another redressed rehash of the previous games. I also found the end-game a bit roaming Legendaries or much of any Legendaries at all to catch outside the ones from the current generation. The current generation of Pokemon is only about half as big as the previous generations, which may be way they included so many Pokemon from the past. The game also desperately needs to draw from previous DS games if you want to have any hope of completing the Pokedex.

Still, despite these things they are trending up again. They made the game fun again and this is a fine addition to the franchise.
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on November 13, 2013
This is a great game, a lot of improvements for those who both enjoy the simplicity of the story and battles, to the complexity of competitive play. Unfortunately I feel that it still does not deserve 5 stars. This is the game that Black & White should have been, This is the game that Heart Gold and Soul Silver should have been.

It should not have take this long to reach this level of quality for the game, graphics and mechanics. Now that Pokemon has finally reached the 3D era of games, it feels like they are STILL being lazy, still taking shortcuts wherever they can. They really need to tear down the game to the nuts and bolts and particularly look at the UI. The roundabout fashion that users have to take to get from A to B is indicative of a game from 10 years ago, not 2013.

The Pokemon series is the most bumbling, poorly UI designed game I have played on a DS system, and I mean that quite sincerely. The stylus is a uncomfortable burden, not a fun new way of playing. Half the game is buried in menus only accessible by the stylus. I didn't even KNOW you could change menu pages to access Super Training and Pokemon-Amie until about the 5th or 6th gym badge, and trust me that's a long way in. I only found out that I could because someone else playing the game told me! Take out the stylus, put it back, take it out, put it back. Watch anyone play Pokemon and this is what you'll see. Eventually they do one of two things: take out the stylus and hold it in their hand while pressing buttons, or put it away and do some other task they really didn't want to do, they just do it because it doesn't involve the stylus.

Hire a new UI crew, one that is credited with successful DS titles, and totally redo the menu system. Pro tip: asking other players how to navigate a menu is NOT part of a game, players should be able to experience and navigate a game in it's entirety without outside assistance.

X & Y are a great addition to the series and I enjoy playing it thoroughly. The transition to a 3D game leaves that great Pokemon feel intact.
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VINE VOICEon February 18, 2014
Our boys - ages 10 and 15 (when we bought this) have really enjoyed this game. Our 10 year old bought it for our older son for Christmas because he knew he was getting Pokemon X for Christmas and he felt bad for our 15 year old! : ) LOL I told our 15 year old son that and he was truly touched and it made him that much more willing to play the game with our younger son!

In Pokemon Y players will go to a place they've never been before - the Kalos Region, and have the ability to see and collect new Pokemon they've never encountered before - which is always fun. With X and Y it brings the count of Pokemon to well over 600 Pokemon - I'm not sure exactly how many. There are forests, cities, and at the center of all of this is Luminose City - which from what the boys have shown me is all pretty cool. Our younger son really likes to show me when one of his Pokemon is about to evolve - it is pretty cool! In the new games, X and Y, there are some pretty tough Pokemon to catch - which makes the game all the more difficult - it adds a new and more challenging element.

There are new moves, new attacks, and a couple of new types of Pokemon never before introduced in other games before - grass and leaf. It all makes for some exciting and interesting game play.

If your kids are Pokemon players, I'd highly recommend these two new games!
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on August 1, 2014
This game is great! I had it originally from the midnight release but it had since gone missing~
Re-bought it here on Amazon! Was a great buy and showed up the next day!

The X and Y series of the games are really something. I really enjoy the customization features because I feel it helps me to make my character more unique to my liking versus having all characters looking the same. It is one of my favorite features! I do wish they would have DLC add-ons for the clothing shops!

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the online functionality! It makes it easier to connect with others who like pokemon and easier to trade and battle many people all over the world!

The Wondertrade is really fun too! You never know what you will be receiving and there are people who have even turned it into a event ; "Wondertrade Wednesday" , which i might add i do partake in!

This game is great all around, if you like pokemon, you will like this game! This game can carry all of the 718 pokemon including a few new ones that had just come out such as Diancie.

IMO: Get this game if you have not already :)
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on December 11, 2013
Best Pokemon game ever! However, if you are a veteran trainer, you'll want to know a couple of things before you play this version.

First, the Exp Share item is much more powerful in this game. It is a key item, not to be held by a pokemon. Instead, it gives half exp to EVERY POKEMON ON THE TEAM who didn't participate in the fight. So if you leave it turned on, you will outlevel every challenge and end up with a very anticlimactic game. Also, you will want to avoid the Battle Chateau on Route 7. It will level you up super fast, which is another way to make the rest of the game way too easy. Save these two devices for leveling up an alternate team for player battles or whatever.

Nice additions to the game include pokemon-amie, which is a set of mini-games that increase a new stat called "Affection." Pokemon with high Affection get all kinds of bonuses, including faster exp gain, higher crit rate, shrugging off status effects, and enduring the dreaded 1-hit kill. There are lots of clothing and hair options for your avatar, and also a minigame to help you fine-tune your EV training if you are into that. Breeding in general is much easier in this version. And last but not least, there are O-Powers, which are bonuses you can give to your friends or use on yourself. (Hint: they recharge faster if you use them on friends!)

Overall, there is just a ton more stuff to do than in any previous version of the game. Plus, I think the new pokemon are all cool, especially the starters. There are some die-hard fans of older games who want you to think the new ones are stupid or somehow "not authentic" to the pokemon style, whatever that is. But I disagree. Most of these new designs are actually really cool if you keep an open mind.
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on February 4, 2014
I am not going to leave a long review, even though I could easily ramble on after only playing this for a few hours.

This is the version that the die-hard fans have been waiting for. Finally, we have a Pokemon game that plays like a true RPG as opposed to a game of grinding, grinding, and grinding.

The graphics are incredible. The music is gorgeous. The character designs, both human and non, are fantastic. The world has been rendered in immaculate detail (you actually kneel down when you talk to small children!). Nintendo has flawlessly blended the beloved, such as Nurse Joy and the PokeCenter theme, with the new, such as the ability to customize your character and mini-games that bond you with your Pokemon as well as increase their abilities.

My only issue is that the camera movements can be a little jarring when you are in small spaces (like your house), as it suddenly moves from a fixed point to right over your character. Thankfully, this doesn't occur much in the overworld, and honestly, this is probably something I'm simply not used to after fourteen years of a fixed camera.

Thank you, Nintendo, for listening to your fans. And if you're still on the fence, my friends, just drop the forty dollars and OWN THIS GAME!
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