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on May 15, 2017
Coming from someone who hated Black and White... I love this game.

3D is used sparingly but it's wonderful when it does come in. It's not as easy as other newer Pokemon games. The availability of Pokemon with hidden natures is nice (unlike Black and White) but... I do take issue with having to go online (Reddit, anyone?) and add a ton of strangers to my DS friends list in order to get said hidden natures and friend safaris... it was not a fun process.

I do respect that the Elite four was actually kind of difficult, unlike some other games in the series.

Breeding was drastically improved. The Battle Maison is pretty great. The EXP share, also, was dramatically improved. I find it's almost too easy to get levels, sometimes... but I can't really complain when leveling isn't everything and grinding gets kind of boring. I appreciate that it makes your stats and your move choices more important because everyone has insanely high-level parties.

I wish it didn't totally blow Sun and Moon away. It's a much better game and so it's hard for me to move forward in the series.
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on September 18, 2017
I'm a long time Pokemon player, having only missed gen 2. I tend to log hundreds of hours on each title trying to catch them all and get a team of high-level Pokemon. Pokemon Y is a little bit of mixed bag for me, it's most noteworthy feature is that between it and Pokemon X they have nearly every Pokemon available without having to trade between games. However, to counter that its story is some of the worst writing I've seen in the franchise. There isn't a whole lot of post-game content with is usually what I spend the most time doing.
All of that being said this is an ok game to start on if you've never played the franchise and between this and the 3rd gen remakes you can easily catch them all if that is what you're interested in doing.
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on November 13, 2013
This is a great game, a lot of improvements for those who both enjoy the simplicity of the story and battles, to the complexity of competitive play. Unfortunately I feel that it still does not deserve 5 stars. This is the game that Black & White should have been, This is the game that Heart Gold and Soul Silver should have been.

It should not have take this long to reach this level of quality for the game, graphics and mechanics. Now that Pokemon has finally reached the 3D era of games, it feels like they are STILL being lazy, still taking shortcuts wherever they can. They really need to tear down the game to the nuts and bolts and particularly look at the UI. The roundabout fashion that users have to take to get from A to B is indicative of a game from 10 years ago, not 2013.

The Pokemon series is the most bumbling, poorly UI designed game I have played on a DS system, and I mean that quite sincerely. The stylus is a uncomfortable burden, not a fun new way of playing. Half the game is buried in menus only accessible by the stylus. I didn't even KNOW you could change menu pages to access Super Training and Pokemon-Amie until about the 5th or 6th gym badge, and trust me that's a long way in. I only found out that I could because someone else playing the game told me! Take out the stylus, put it back, take it out, put it back. Watch anyone play Pokemon and this is what you'll see. Eventually they do one of two things: take out the stylus and hold it in their hand while pressing buttons, or put it away and do some other task they really didn't want to do, they just do it because it doesn't involve the stylus.

Hire a new UI crew, one that is credited with successful DS titles, and totally redo the menu system. Pro tip: asking other players how to navigate a menu is NOT part of a game, players should be able to experience and navigate a game in it's entirety without outside assistance.

X & Y are a great addition to the series and I enjoy playing it thoroughly. The transition to a 3D game leaves that great Pokemon feel intact.
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VINE VOICEon February 18, 2014
Our boys - ages 10 and 15 (when we bought this) have really enjoyed this game. Our 10 year old bought it for our older son for Christmas because he knew he was getting Pokemon X for Christmas and he felt bad for our 15 year old! : ) LOL I told our 15 year old son that and he was truly touched and it made him that much more willing to play the game with our younger son!

In Pokemon Y players will go to a place they've never been before - the Kalos Region, and have the ability to see and collect new Pokemon they've never encountered before - which is always fun. With X and Y it brings the count of Pokemon to well over 600 Pokemon - I'm not sure exactly how many. There are forests, cities, and at the center of all of this is Luminose City - which from what the boys have shown me is all pretty cool. Our younger son really likes to show me when one of his Pokemon is about to evolve - it is pretty cool! In the new games, X and Y, there are some pretty tough Pokemon to catch - which makes the game all the more difficult - it adds a new and more challenging element.

There are new moves, new attacks, and a couple of new types of Pokemon never before introduced in other games before - grass and leaf. It all makes for some exciting and interesting game play.

If your kids are Pokemon players, I'd highly recommend these two new games!
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on August 27, 2014
I have played pokemon since the beginning (blue progressing onward). I stopped playing at platinum. I decided to pick up the newest one and said why the hell not. Well. . . I just really don't see the difficulty in it at all granted it is a pokemon game. I feel as though previous generation of pokemon games had more of a challenge factor to them than Pokemon Y. This game is just easy.

Cons: Hardly any use of HM's outside the field of battle, TM's are unlimited (seriously why unlimited it takes the challenge out of the game in my opinion), the story is boring/pointless doesn't really inspire me to keep playing the story part but it's pretty much linear so you have to, and this new generation of pokemon aren't the greatest just blase. (Not a purist by the way first generation wasn't the greatest either. I actually like 3rd generation/4th generation.)

Pros: Berry system is awesome. Easier to grow what you want and pretty lenient on growing them and getting to them once they blossomed. The transportation between the roller skates and bike is great! Like switching between the two. The battle system is really smooth other than when you're fight five of them at one time (unless you have a move like earthquake that hits all five). The cities that you go to are truly unique in their own way. I actually like the towns in-between that don't have gyms. Gives it more of a real world feel to it. The online features are awesome! Probably my favorite feature is the virtual trainer and the little play with your pokemon deal (sorry forgot name). Sorta brings back the feel of pokemon yellow where you got to play with your pikachu!

Overall it's not too bad. If you like the online aspect of this game being able to play with other players around the world, trading, and battling get this! If you're looking for some of the old school fun well then I wouldn't get it.
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on December 17, 2014
Despite the lackluster campaign X and Y have in comparison to other games in the series, X and Y at least in my opinion, are the most ambitious game in the series to date. Gamefreak (the game developers of the series) Introduced many new concepts never done in the pokemon games before, as well as a obvious new graphical art direction. Despite how ambitious X and Y are they do have flaws just like any other games. But as a fan who has been playing pokemon since the original Red and Blue, I appreciate how ambitious Gamefreak was with these games. Pokemon ORAS (a really good Pokemon Ruby and Saphire remakes) wouldn't be what they turned out be if it weren't for X and Y contributions to the series. If I were to give the player of X and Y advice for playing the games: As soon as you get Exp. Share, turn it off and never turned it back on. Ever. (Unless you hate grinding and want the game to be extremely easy).
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on August 28, 2014
Undoubtedly my favorite Pokemon game yet. After playing through White and White 2 (as well as having a game in all of the other generations), this is a breath of fresh air. I've been dying for another Pokemon game like Colosseum/XD and this sort of filled my request by having 3D sprites. What was truly a winner was the sound track though. 8-bit tracks are ditched, old Pokemon voices are dropped, the sound is crisp, clean, and glorious.

Of course, this isn't the only thing to talk about. The numerous online improvements are awesome, the sprites are gorgeous, breeding is easier, to put it shortly, there are very few complaints. I just wish I could do 6vs6 battles over Wifi with random people. It's small though, and for that one loss, there are one thousand wins.
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on November 9, 2013
there isnt really alot I can say that isnt laced with spoilers, however I will say one will find alot of old favorites, such as pikachu, ripe for the picking.

the visuals are great, the gameplay is great, it sounds good and plays good.

I will note, the game is not without issue, the 3d scenes, particularly in battles sometimes suffer from framerate drops when the 3d is active. simply sliding the slider down and shutting the 3d off fixes this and the game is quite playable in 2d mode.

something I particularly like is the ability to link with other players and trade or battle over the internet, gone are the days where you absolutely HAD to be in the same room as the other person, be it for the old days of the link cable battle, or because the system's wireless has a short range.

all in all, for long time fans of the franchise who have not played in a few years and are looking to get back into things..these are THE games to do it with.
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on June 18, 2015
I was skeptical about the new generation of Pokémon, being such a huge fan of the earlier versions of the game and such a critic of later generations, but I have to say I was truly impressed. This game was not only fun, but the graphics were amazing and it was the perfect length as far as game time goes-- not too long and not too short like some of the other generations. One thing I enjoyed the most was the variety of Pokémon from earlier generations available from the start of game play. It was refreshing to see old favorites available with amazing graphics without having to wait until I beat the entire game and unlock the National Pokédex in order to catch them. There was something special about taking on new gym leaders using a new generation of Pokémon with old classics. Great move on The Pokémon Company's part!
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on December 27, 2013
I took a pretty big hiatus from the Pokemon games, skipping most generations post Gold/Silver to play Black fairly recently. Decided I'd be buying this day one. Loved the main game, although the story was a bit lighter in content than White/Black. The post game was also fairly light and didn't provide much incentive to keep playing beyond catching some legendaries.

Lots of lovely tunes, many of which where remixed or incorporated tunes from previous games, increasing my love of them tenfold. I felt like a little kid again playing this.

The main game is also very easy. If you want a challenge at all, turn off EXP Share.

I will say the framerate in battle can be pretty atrocious, especially with 3D on. It won't prevent you from playing, but it does make things distinctly less nice to look at.
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