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on March 6, 2011
Quick Personal Statement

I was in elementary school when the "pokemon craze" hit the US and everyone brought games and cards to school. I still have funny memories of getting my cards or gameboy confiscated because I was battling friends or trading during school. (It was much harder to be sneaky when you had to use a cable to connect your systems.) That being said, I only have fond and happy memories of Pokemon. However, as I started getting older, my interest in the series kept declining, but I still bought each new game. Honestly, I was a bit disappointed with Heart Gold / Soul Silver and still have not beaten it yet. I didn't have very high hopes for this game, however, I can tell you this game surpassed anything that I could have hoped for and is by far one of the best Pokemon games that I have ever played. My interest in the series has been reinvigorated. The core battle mechanics remain the same tested and true old formula, but the presentation has improved leaps and bounds! The graphics and environments are some of the best that I have seen on the DS. There are full 3D environments that look astonishingly good. Furthermore, Black and White will have seasonal cycles, as well as night/day cycles. Another added feature is triple battles where each trainer sends out 3 pokemon. I have only had a few hours to play the game, so I cannot speak for the plot as a whole or the post-story activities, but my brief experience with the game has been nothing but pure nostalgic fun.

Anyways, I'll leave the detailed reviewing of the game itself to someone else. I'll move on to what I really want to talk about: the differences between Black version and White version.

Differences -- Pokemon - White Version vs Pokemon - Black Version

Normally, it really doesn't matter which Pokemon version you get, because both are essentially the same thing, except for minor pokemon differences. However, surprisingly, for the first time in a Pokemon game, there are actually significant differences between the games. This time, there are unique regions to each game and the visual theme of each game is quite different.

~~~ Visual Theme ~~~
So, what do I mean by the visual theme? Well, Pokemon Black has more urbanized, industrial locations, whereas Pokemon White shows a more natural world. This can be seen throughout the game. You will see small differences such as a gardening patch in Mistralton city in Pokemon White compared to a building in the same spot in Pokemon Black. Most of the cities give off a natural atmosphere in White. In White, the cities have more grass, plants, and trees, and in Black the cities have more concrete, asphalt, and buildings. The cities in Black are more developed, and in some cases slightly futuristic-looking. Opelucid (Souryuu) City is the most notable; the city look almost entirely different between the two versions.

~~~~ White City / Black Forest ~~~~
Pokemon Black has Black City and white has the White Forest. These are the version exclusive regions I mentioned earlier. They fit the visual themes set forth by each game: Black City is a heavily urbanized area with several trainers to battle with Pokemon from lvl 40 to the mid 60s. There are also many item shops with items that can you help you in game. White City, on the other hand, is a natural forest with low leveled, unevolved Pokemon that you can catch. Black City will definitely help you more in terms of raising your own Pokemon's levels and getting supplies for future battles. However, White City will cater more to people who plan to collect Pokemon and try to complete their pokedex.

~~~~~ Special Battles - Triple and Rotational ~~~~
In both Pokemon White and Black, there are 5 special battles. Pokemon White has 4 Triple Battles and 1 Rotational Battle. Pokemon Black has 4 Rotational Battles and 1 Triple Battle. In both of these special battles, both trainers send out 3 pokemon. These special battles are a bit hard to explain without visuals. The mechanics the battles will be better explained in a simple way during game.

Triple Battle:
It is a 3 on 3 battle, however, the order you place your pokemon matters. The pokemon in the middle is can attack the enemy's middle, left, or right pokemon, but your pokemon on the left can only attack the enemy's pokemon on the left and the middle. Similarly, your pokemon on the right can only attack the enemy's pokemon on the right and the middle. So, your pokemon on the left cannot attack the opponent's pokemon on the right, and your pokemon on the right cannot attack the opponent's pokemon to the left. To further complicate things, attacks that damage all pokemon such as explosion or earthquake cause more damage when done by the pokemon in the middle, but also inflicts more damage to the pokemon in the middle.
** When I say left or right, I am saying it from the perspective of behind your trainer.

Rotational Battle:
Like the triple battle, both trainers send out three pokemon. However, this time, the pokemon are not fighting against each other all at the same time. Even though all three are sent out, the battle appears like a 1 vs 1 match. Each trainer sends one pokemon forward to battle as one would in a normal battle. But here's the twist: at the start of your turn, you can rotate between any of the three to send forward. You can think of this as basically a pokemon switch without wasting a turn. This adds to the battle strategy when considering types. For example, if your opponent has a grass type forward and you have a water type forward, you would rotate your water type to put a fire type in front.

Hopefully, my explanations made sense. If not, don't worry, they are far less complicated when the game explains it to you. If you like the Rotational Battles better, then you might want to gt Pokemon Black since it has 4 of those and only 1 Triple Battle. Maybe rotational battles aren't your thing and you want to do Triple Battles. Then, you should consider Pokemon White.

~~~~ Trainer Differences ~~~~
There are sometimes minute differences in the pokemon line up of different trainers. I don't really feel that this is significant to talk about. However, one somewhat large change is the gym leader in the 8th gym. Pokemon Black features a stern old man, whereas Pokemon White shows a young girl. These gym leaders have the same pokemon, the only thing different is their appearances/avatar.

Pokemon Black has the white Legendary Pokemon, Reshiram, which is a Dragon/Fire type.
Pokemon White has the black Legendary Pokemon, Zekrom, which is a Dragon/Electric Type.

Strategic Note: The sum of the base stats for both legendaries is 680, however, the spread is slightly different. Both have base 100 hp and 90 speed. Reshiram has 120 attack, 100 defense, 150 special attack, 120 special defense. Zekrom has 150 attack, 120 defense, 120 special attack, 100 special defense. This means that Reshiram is better suited to deal and take special attacks, while Zekrom is more suited to deal and take physical attacks.

In my honest opinion, I think the Dragon/Electric legendary will be far more useful for competitive battling. One of the best electric type pokemon is Zapdos. However, Zapdos is stunted by its flying type, leaving it vulnerable to devastating attacks such as a 50% health loss from Stealth Rock. This new legendary should easily be able to replace that spot. Plus, the versatility of a dragon type may put it ahead of other notable electric types such as Electivire.

~~~~~~~~Version Exclusives~~~~~~~~~~~

And of course, like all previous pokemon games. Each version has a few pokemon exclusive to only that version. I wouldn't stress out at the loss these pokemon though. You can get all of them through online trades later, if you really want to complete your pokedex and catch 'em all. Check the bottom of the review for a list.

~~~~ Conclusion ~~~~
Pokemon Black/White is definitely one of the best pokemon games to come out. I definitely recommend it to anyone of any age. Don't waste time deciding whether or not to get the game: get it. Now, the only decision you have is whether to get Black or White. I decided to go with Pokemon White. White version just appealed more to me and seemed more "open". Black version looked cluttered, in my opinion. Also, I feel that the Black Legendary (found in white version) would be more useful in battle. Try checking out a few screenshots online to help you decide which visual style you like better, then get whichever version you like better!

Pokemon - Black Version
- urbanized theme
- Black City (battle trainers and buy items)
- Dragon/Fire Legendary
- minor trainer differences (Old guy as 8th gym leader)
- more Rotational Battles

Pokemon - White Version
- natural theme
- White City (catch low level pokemon)
- Dragon Electric Legendary
- minor trainer differences (young girl as 8th gym leader)
- more Triple Battles

List of version exclusives:

Pokémon Black

#13. Weedle
#14. Kakuna
#15. Beedrill
#198. Murkrow
#228. Houndour
#229. Houndoom
#285. Shroomish
#286. Breloom
#311. Plusle
#313. Volbeat
#430. Honchkrow
#546. Mommen
#547. Whimsicott
#574. Gothita
#575. Gothorita
#576. Gothitelle
#629. Vullaby
#630. Mandibuzz
#641. Tornadus (legendary flying)
#643. Reshiram (legendary dragon/fire)

Pokémon White

#10. Caterpie
#11. Metapod
#12. Butterfree
#46. Paras
#47. Parasect
#200. Misdreavus
#261. Poochyena
#262. Mightyena
#312. Minun
#314. Illumise
#429. Mismagius
#548. Petilil
#549. Lilligant
#577. Solosis
#578. Duosion
#579. Reuniclus
#627. Rufflet
#628. Braviary
#642. Thundurus (legendary electric/flying)
#644. Zekrom (legendary dragon/electric)
+ Several Unevolved Pokemon you can catch in the White Forest:
- Pidgey
- Nidoran
- Abra
- Machop
- Bellsprout
- Gastly
- Rhyhorn
- Porygon
- Togepi
- Hoppip
- Magby
- Wurmple
- Seedot
- Ralts
- Slakoths
- Aron
- Trapinch
- Shinux
- Happiny
- Surskit

Update: I just beat the game. It was a fun RPG and I think I am going to now start prepping for competitive battling. I think what drew me into this game the most was that all the characters are brand new until you beat the elite 4. The base plot style is still the same: beat 8 gyms, collect pokemon, navigate through a few caves, solve some little puzzles, defeat enemies from an evil group in a big building, defeat that evil group at their hideout again, fight rivals, elite 4, etc. This style has become standard for Pokemon and the sales data shows it works remarkably well. This game brought back the feeling of the original red / blue as you had to guess what type each Pokemon was, learn new movesets, get legitimately surprised during evolutions, etc. This game really brought back the mysteriousness of Pokemon and their mystic allure that originally piqued your curiosity a decade ago when you first played. Since the game had all new Pokemon, the game inherently took more steps to lead you in and actually is far more beginner friendly than other games.

Looking toward the future: (purely speculation and personal opinion)
This little section isn't really part of the review; it's just a place for me to dump my stream-of-consciousness about how I feel about the inevitable sequel. With 649 Pokemon, I'm not sure if Nintendo will decide to make a whole new fresh set of Pokemon in their next game as they did in this one (then again, people on forums said that were doubtful of a follow up to 2nd gen ages ago when we hit 251). I think Nintendo may just add a few (around 100) new Pokemon and include many of the current 649 in the next game. Now that we have a 3DS, it's only a matter of time before Nintendo starts dropping hints and teasers for the next 3D Pokemon RPG. Even though I love Pokemon games, the thing that keeps me coming back for more isn't the story, but rather the battle mechanics and strategy involved. In my opinion, it seems like each new Pokemon game just applies the same plot template and changes a few things. It's clear from the sales data that these games are raking in money and are hugely successful, but I actually would like to see some variation in the next game. The general plot idea seems a bit overused and trite now after being adapted for 5 generations of Pokemon games. I actually really enjoyed the gamecube Pokemon RPGs Colosseum and XD. Maybe Pokemon could incorporate more RPG elements in terms of exploration and interacting with the world, perhaps a Collosseum-like RPG game modeling styles of other Nintendo RPG series like Zelda. Actually, now that I think about it, I realize that I don't know what exactly I would change; I just want to see something a little new. A new Pokemon game with the same plot line will sell millions, so I don't think GameFreak and Nintendo will gamble on something new when they found something that sells. Well, that's just my opinion; I'm sure many people would disagree with me. Regardless of plot, the battle mechanics have me hooked and I will definitely be buying the next Pokemon game. If you have some time to spare, drop a comment about what you want to changed/added/removed in the next game.
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on March 6, 2011
What can I say about the newest pokemon games? It is absolutely amazing. The graphics are by far the best in the series there are now over 640 different pokemon. Also it is placed in more of a big city environment instead of forest. The pokemon are not as memorable but the new changes with the C-gear (which allows for easy access to online play) as well as no evolutions of older pokemon makes everything seem new and different. All I can say is well done gamefreak and Nintendo for making such a great game!
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on March 14, 2011
Main-series Pokémon games are mostly all the same, so there's not much to say about them. They all follow the same pattern and so on. So if you've played one, you can assume that everything is pretty much the same as it's always been.

However, compared to HeartGold and SoulSilver, which i absolutely LOVED, this game feels very sloppy. I have heard that it was developed concurrently with HGSS and that on top of that it was rushed -- maybe that's why. But it's no excuse. It makes for a very disappointing game considering i just put 300+ hours into the previous generation.

I am an older player (24), so i probably have a different perspective on this than a 10-year-old, but here is a very long list of the bad things and the good ones. First the bad:

1. Unlike HGSS, the touch screen is almost completely un-used except for within the PC interface and during battles. Throughout the entire game you have this pointless 'C-GEAR' feature taking up the entire bottom screen. The menu can only be accessed by pressing X. If you turn the Dowsing Machine on, you have to press X to close it and then press X again to bring the menu up. You can not talk to people with the touch screen. You can't skip dialogue with the touch screen. You can't even skip the opening intro with the touch screen. It feels like, why even bother having a touch screen when you don't use it for anything?

2. Unlike HGSS, you can not turn on auto-run. You have to hold B the entire time.

3. Unlike... every Pokémon game for the last 10 years... you can not set it so that the L button functions like the A button. There's no reason for this, the L button doesn't actually DO anything in the game, they've just inexplicably removed the feature.

4. Unlike HGSS, the menu system is very poorly thought out. Despite what i said above about the touch screen being almost completely un-used, some features in the menu can ONLY be accessed with the stylus -- so not only is the game inconveniencing you by almost never using the touch screen, it's also inconsistent about it.

The item menu is EXTREMELY slow and cumbersome. If you obtain a new item, it pushes the entire menu down a notch, so when you go back into it you've selected a different item. This is very irritating when you're going through a cave or something and you keep using Repels. You might have a Super Repel highlighted the entire time, but then you find a Poké Ball or something on the ground, and now suddenly you're trying to spray a Sun Stone.

The above also comes into play in the Poké Ball menu during battles. If at some point you pick up a Poké Ball that you didn't already have, the game will completely re-arrange the Poké Ball menu in the battle interface. This has led me to almost waste my Master Ball several times, because the items are not where i expect them to be.

Another example of inconsistency: Once you have brought up the menu (by pressing X), you can then navigate it using the touch screen. You can select 'Save' with the stylus, you can select 'Yes' you would like to save the game with the stylus... but then you can't get OUT of the Save screen without pressing A. It is not possible to dismiss the 'You saved the game.' message with the stylus.

5. The PC has seen almost no improvements over Platinum. You still have to select 'Move Pokémon' every time. Why does it even HAVE the 'Deposit' and 'Withdraw' options? They're completely worthless. At the very least, put the Move option at the top of the menu.

6. Viewing stats and so on is more difficult than in previous games. Re-arranging moves is cumbersome and requires several button presses to reach the correct menu location.

7. All of the personal 'emotional' sort of touches that were added to HGSS are gone. Your Pokémon no longer follow you around on the map. You can no longer see ribbons from the status menu. There are no touching moments with your Pokémon like when Ethan/Lyra gives you the Leaf Crown in HGSS.

8. Pokéathlon is gone. It has been replaced by Pokémon Musicals, which i earnestly believe is the dumbest and most pointless feature ever to be added to any Pokémon game. I thought the Contests in Platinum were bad -- this is far far worse. It is SO stupid. Don't even attempt to do it, you will be all the more disappointed.

9. The game now censors your Pokémon names. Some might say that's a good thing, little kids are playing after all. However, automatic censorship of 10-character names is difficult to the point of being useless. Aside from the fact that there are thousands of variations of bad words that kids will come up with, here is an example of just how difficult it is to do: It is not possible to trade the Pokémon 'Cofagrigus' on the GTS (without giving it a nickname) because the censorship objects to the official name that Nintendo gave it. Seriously.

10. The PC boxes are censored as well. Completionists in Pokémon games often fill their PC boxes with all of the Pokémon they've obtained in order of their Pokédex number, and then name the boxes accordingly. For instance, your first box might be named '001-030' or '001-074' (if you skip pre-evolutions like me). Many people have done this in Pokémon games for several years. This is no longer possible, because for some absurdly arbitrary reason you can no longer have more than 4 digits in a PC box name. ???

11. Nintendo had the chance to really improve the trading system. You could see it going that way (there have been several good changes -- see below), but then they un-did all of their work it by forcing you to choose a Pokémon to trade TWICE, and then of course confirm it TWICE. It is so irritating.

12. Although you see this complaint with every new generation, i have to say that many of the new Pokémon are extremely un-inspired. For instance, the fighting Pokémon named 'Sawk' and 'Throh' are just blue and red guys in karate suits. (And honestly, 'Throh'? That's really what you came up with?)

That said, there are many good parts to the game:

1. Some of the new Pokémon, on the other hand, are quite rad. I very much like Reuniclus and Chandelure.

2. The updated Pokémon sprites/animations are, for the most part, very nice.

3. The game is much faster. Battles are quicker, even with animations turned on. Trading seems twice as fast, although this is cancelled out by the extra step they make you go through before-hand (see above).

4. You can now trade Pokémon directly from your PC -- you don't have to put them in your party anymore.

5. Related to the above, the Poké Transfer feature -- which allows you to migrate Pokémon from Generation IV games to B/W -- is very fast, and also allows you to select Pokémon directly from the PC. You trade six at a time and it only takes a moment or two (even with the mini-game you have to play, which is easy). It also doesn't kick you out after you complete a transfer. I was pleasantly surprised.

6. The music in the game is fantastic. Driftveil, Mistralton, Cold Storage, and Village Bridge all have really catchy themes.

7. There is a lot to do post-game -- although not as much as in HGSS.

8. Your main rival and antagonist, N, is probably the best antagonist in any Pokémon game, ever. I like him a lot.

9. The story has several moments of genuine humour. A lot of it is pun-based, but there are other moments that are funny as well. A character from Platinum makes a cameo at the end of the game which i honestly laughed aloud at.

10. Some parts of the game have been made less tedious. An obvious example is the fact that TMs last for ever. Another example is that experience gain has been reworked -- you now gain extra experience if your Pokémon is lower than the enemy Pokémon. This change also applies to Pokémon holding an Exp Share. This makes levelling up a lot easier and faster.

Overall, i found the game pretty good. If you like Pokémon games, i wouldn't turn this one down. However, despite its handful of improvements, it is no-where near as good as HeartGold and SoulSilver were. I am hopeful that this is just because they were rushed, and that the next generation, or even the 'Grey' version, will re-add all of the advancements that were made in HGSS.
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on March 8, 2011
I'm a teenage girl, and I used to love the Pokemon cards and shows when I was younger. However, I never played any of the games until this year. I tried Pokemon Diamond and kind of liked the whole experience, deciding I would try Pokemon (I have run out of games I haven't beaten/am interested in). Then I preordered White. During my wait, I also bought SoulSilver and have also liked it. However, I finally got my copy of White today and it's by far the best Pokemon game I have played yet.
Not only do the Pokemon have new animations to make them more lively and interesting during battles, but everything is more detailed to give the title a breath of life. Even now, it's Autumn in my game, and the leaves blow pleasantly past my screen. Battle seems to be more fast-paced, with less wait time for the screens to roll by and less impatience for me. I enjoy the story-line, although I admit I haven't gotten to see the whole picture quite yet.
Overall, I highly recommend this, not as a Pokemon fan, but as someone who was genuinely curious about the Pokemon games, wanting to get into the series, and as a plain gamer who needed a new game. These games are for all ages, and are very fun and challenging. Take the opportunity now to get into the series, as all new Pokemon are added (old ones are excluded until the game is completed past a certain point), therefore making it new for everyone, Lifetime Pokemon fans and Newcomers alike.

I must go, my Pokemon calls!
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on March 6, 2011
I played the original red/blue games and loved it. For a while, I picked up each new generation game - yellow, gold/silver, crystal, etc... until I found myself getting too disappointed in the fact it was the same graphics & same Pokemon over and over again to keep going on. I hadn't bothered buying the "new" offerings in recent years because I was waiting for something really original to make it worth purchasing and playing again - well, less than an hour into playing, I knew this is what I was waiting for! There is not one Pokemon you'll be familiar with (at least not until after you beat the Elite Four) so it's like playing Pokemon for the first time having to learn what the different Pokemon are - for me, that's what made Pokemon so exciting to play to begin with. Not only that, the updated graphics are something finally worth noticing. There are some nice animation sequences, the buildings are 3D, and the towns are (mostly) more than four buildings - they actually look like cities. Some views as you cross a (very long) bridge are outstanding. The game feels new, not just a remake. I believe this version of Pokemon blows all past versions away.

I plan on giving this to my sister to play to introduce her to the Pokemon world. She has recently expressed interest when she sees me playing. This is perfect since if she starts playing this game now, she's not "behind" the rest of the Pokemon community in knowledge of what Pokemon are out there since it's new for everyone. But I also love you can catch some of the old school Pokemon after beating the Elite Four around the White Forest so she can familiarize herself with some of the classics without having to trade.

The 3-on-3 battle feature is new, but there is sadly only a handful of times you get offered that kind of battle against your in-game opponents. Basically your first three Pokemon go out and can attack/be attacked by the Pokemon directly across from them and one space over. This way, the Pokemon in the middle can attack any Pokemon, while the two on the end can only reach to the middle of the opponent's side. I didn't personally think there was anything extraordinarily fun about battling this way - it just makes for a giant melee with some Pokemon left turn after turn with nothing to do but twiddle their thumbs. It's something new though, so I appreciated it. The 3-on-3 is a battle form you'll be challenged with in White version - in Black, you get opponents challenging you to rotation battles. I find rotation battles more fun, actually - Three Pokemon go out on a rotating platform so you can choose your attacking Pokemon (only one is attacking/being attacked) from any of the options making type weaknesses harder to take advantage of since your opponent will likely rotate weaker Pokemon away while you rotate stronger Pokemon in. You do get to try one rotation battle in White, all the other special battles will be 3-on-3. Wild Pokemon also attack you sometimes in pairs, which can be fun/annoying. If you want to catch a wild Pokemon that's part of a team, you have to make the other one faint first. Rarer (not legendaries) wild Pokemon are easier to spot/catch because grass will visibly move in the spot they are located at (or whirlpools will form in water) and they won't run so you can be sure to reach them. Just use a repel to keep regular wild Pokemon away if you have to travel through a bit of grass/water to get to the spot (the repel does not keep you from engaging in battle with the rarer Pokemon & you want to use repel since if you're caught in a regular wild Pokemon battle before you get to the rarer Pokemon spot, the rarer Pokemon will disappear). This sure beats running back and forth blindly in grass just hoping to run into the rarer wild Pokemon you had to deal with before!
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on March 11, 2011
Pokemon black is an astonishing futuristic new addition to the pokemon rpg family, which is growing at a great rate. Pokemon black involves many interactive story lines with a great addition of new wifi add-on features such as the c-gear, pokemon dream world (which is released on march 30th 2011), and a brand new array of pokemon. THe battle style has also changed dramatically. There is now moving sprites that also interact with the current in-play pokemon status conditions (For instance, glowing purple when poisoned, glowing red when burned, closing eyes when asleep, slowing down sprite when paralyzed and/or on low health, and being completely frozen when frozen.) Not to forgot the whole new array of pokemon and moves. Now including over 150 new unique pokemon and tons of new moves, even including a water move that induces burn!(scold.) Also including the brand new poke-shifter, a feature in the game that allows you to transfer your beloved pokemon from either heart gold, soul silver, platinum, diamond, and pearl. This game also was awarded a well deserved 9.0 out of 10 [...] rating from As you can see, i recommend this game for everyone. Pokemon may not seem like the "coolest thing" but it sure is entertaining for little kids, teens, pokemon fans, and other role-playing game fans all over the world. Thank you for reading.
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on March 14, 2011
Call me old-school. Call me lame and boring. I love, love, LOVED the first few Pokemon games (Blue/Red/Yellow, Gold/Silver, Ruby/Sapphire). They were a huge part of my childhood, and I actually got extremely excited every time a new one came out.

And then, came the Diamond/Pearl era. I looked at the gameplay and counted the Pokemon. "What da heo? Four-hundred something Pokemon? This is just ridiculous." Needless to say, I stopped playing for a long time. I tried getting back into HeartGold/SoulSilver, but I wasn't motivated enough to push through a remake.

Now, it's 2011 and Pokemon White/Black (and probably a third version sometime after) have been released. Before it was in my hands, I derided this ish so much. "What? Why do all the new Pokemon look so derpy and why does it look like every new Pokemon is a combination of old Pokemon?" "These starters... first/second/third gen were so much better!" "Why does the legendary for Pokemon Black look like a mop?" Blah, blah, blah.

I started getting excited when I heard that you could only catch new Pokemon (for most of the game). No more agonizing over which of the 600-something Pokemon I would use in the first 40 hours of gameplay. By keeping the numbers down and forcing me to catch and use new Pokemon, I feel like these versions are much more than just a reboot of the same old thing. Thanks, Gamefreak and Nintendo. I'll be sure to play this after I revive myself from finals week.

Some comments:
- LOLing at all the personalities in this game from Bianca's inability to use her brain to Professor Juniper's callousness and overall aura of "GTFO of my laboratory already."
- Team Plasma has got to be the worst group of cronies I have ever seen in a Pokemon game.
- Leveling up/Gym Battles have gotten harder. I feel like they upped the difficulty to force people to strategize. Most of the gym leaders are on par with HeartGold/SoulSilver's Whitney and her Miltank (I still hate that mofo).
- Graphics are BEAUTIFUL and buildings finally have dimension.
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on March 7, 2011
Like the other posters, I have to been a fan since the red and blue series, but I had got the yellow version. And I was a girl pokemon fan, which some people thought it was weird. It feels like I am back in those times, excited to see the brad new pokemon.

I got pokemon black because my favorite pokemon type is fire, and I said "why wouldn't I get the fire type pokemon?". Well After waiting by my mail box , all day the game finally came. And I was very impressed with the graphics and the fighting graphics. It makes you look at the pokemon different, and how it has evolved. If I looked at pokemon yellow right now, it would probably be weird because in my mind I would expect the pokemon to look better.

Now, I have not progressed in the game very much. (I am only at the second gym. But I can already tell I love this game. I soon plan to get, pokemon white as well.
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on March 1, 2016
It's pokemon, so I'm happy that I'm able to play it, but you do notice the downgrade when you have been playing current games like Pokemon X and Y or Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. This game doesn't compare to those in graphics.

Personally, I think this version, along with Pokemon Black Version, was the best when it came to storyline. Characters like N and villains like Team Galactic actually seem to make the Pokemon franchise seem more mature than other games have in the past. I would recommend buying it.
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on January 16, 2017
I enjoyed Pokemon White. It was a significant upgrade over Diamond and Pearl in terms of in-game visuals, although as always the gameplay itself stayed the same. A much better game from a mechanical standpoint, although the creativity in terms of storyline and new characters is very painfully lacking.

>Updated graphics system, engine runs in 3D in multiple locations.
>Lots of new Pokemon, abilities, etc. Fun to play!
>Battles themselves are rendered better, more fun to watch and more varied sound and animation effects.

>Storyline for me was a little odd. Seemed inspired by animal rights movements, which was an interesting semi-political thing to bring into Pokemon.
>Some of the new Pokemon seem really forced in this generation. Garbage bags, ice cream scoops that evolve into more ice cream scoops, gears that evolve into more gears, etc.

Giving this game three stars. The game is fun, and I enjoyed it. Creativity lacking, technically well done. I'd recommend to fans, but not newbies.
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