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Pokémon - Black Version
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:$39.60+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on January 26, 2018
As a kid, I played Gens 1-3. As an adult, I picked up Sun & Moon when it came out and have been working my way backward to all the generations I missed. Wasn't a huge fun of Pokemon X, so I didn't know how I'd like Black either....


First off, yes - this DS game works just fine on my 3DS, and the one I received was a genuine, brand-new game.
This game is a bit unique in the sense that the backgrounds, buildings, etc. are all 3D, while the characters and Pokemon are still 2D. It's surprisingly satisfying and fun to look at. Game play is smooth and exciting, with all the classic elements of a Pokemon game. Some of the wild Pokemon you encounter are pretty lame and repetitive (same darn Patrat every 2 mins), but I'm also less than halfway through so weak/boring Pokemon are to be expected.

Haven't finished it yet, so I won't speak to the story/Elite 4/etc., but I'm thoroughly enjoying it. If, like me, you missed a few generations in the middle... Black/White is the game for you.
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on August 4, 2014
This game is really amazing, it's one of the first games for generation 5 for Pokemon other than it's counterpart Pokemon White. You start off in Nuvema town just as you're about to go off on a journey with your friends Bianca, & Cheren. You first get to pick your Pokemon, you get to chose between Tepig, Snivy, & Oshawott. As usual in the Pokemon RPG's you're asked by a Professor, in this case Professor Juniper, to go across that specific region & see all kinds of Pokemon to fill up the Pokedex for their research. Along the way you have to battle the evil Team Plasma, as well as go up against N on several occasions. While doing all these things, you also need to work on getting your gym badges. It's not much different then most of the other Pokemon games, but it is really one of my personal favorites, & I think any Pokemon fan whether it's the games, manga, or anime that you love, if you like Pokemon I think you should give this game a try.
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on December 5, 2014
"Condition: Used - Like New - Includes manual, cover art, and packaging. Bonus downloadable content may have already been redeemed. Game data from previous use may be present, but can be overwritten or deleted."

This is what was written on the listing for my purchase but the game was not "like new" the case was not perfect, it has the scrathes and things you wouldn't expect from a "like new" product. This was Amazon fulfilled. If that passes as like new, Amazon, then I should change the listings for all the items I've sold. Not to mention that the game did not have the manual or "packaging." The game data was definitely present though and I got a free Reshiram - so thanks for that.
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on March 23, 2011
I love the Pokemon games, and I have gotten at least one game for every generation.

Pokemon Black and White does a lot of cool things, but also gets rid of a few. For instance, we finally get moving Pokemon, but your Pokemon is really pixelated, which just doesn't look nice. And the screen moves a bit when a Pokemon attacks to seem more action-like, but it is unnecessary. Many people say these Pokemon are horrible - I didn't like a few of them at first too but as you travel with them and win battles you'll get attached, just like in any Pokemon game. It also does serve their purpose well; all trainers start on the same level, so no one has an advantage over any one else really, since no one knows much about these new ones (sadly, I trained one of my Pokemon a lot only to realize he evolves through a trade).

In terms of difficulty, the game tries to help you out by giving you just the Pokemon you need for the first few gyms, but this is a minor issue since you don't HAVE to take them. The gym battles aren't that difficult, but one thing I DID find is that the random grass battle Pokemon have higher levels. Sometimes they even sent me back to the Pokemon center! After you beat the Elite Four the game gets way harder, and you probably will have to grind.

The story seems to try to do something for older players, but it seems almost an insult to one's intelligence and is completely useless. You have Team Plasma who is wants to release Pokemon from human control - but the trainers in the game are mostly too dumb to see WHY they would want to. (What? Pokemon NEED people in order to reach their true potential). But I guess this is a minor complaint since this is a different world and ethics are different - making Pokemon fight each other in the Pokemon world is not the same as having animals fight each other in the real world (though its interesting to see how the creators bring up the issue just to keep brushing it aside).

Heartgold and Soulsilver were awesome because your Pokemon could follow you around (which is just cute) and because it had the Battle Frontier, and also the Pokeathlon. This game does away with all 3 of those, which I just lame. Instead you get the Battle Subway (no more variety), musicals (whats the point?), and "better" visuals. You get more 3d looking cities, but they don't really add anything to the game. And what's with the obsession with bridges? Couldn't they have spent their time adding more things to the game instead of bridges?

The music too is not as good as in HeartGold and SoulSilver - tunes are not as memorable. But perhaps this is because I had heard them as kid and they will not have the same effect now.

The thing with these newer Pokemon games (Diamond, Pearl, Black, White) is that they're not as engaging as previous generations. Up until Emerald I had been stuck to Pokemon games, and those games will always have a place in my heart and I would replay them over and over if I could. Black and White do not make me want to start all over again to re-experience them. I don't really know if it's because I'm older now or if the games just keep getting less good. If you think you can, just wait for Pokemon (Gray?), as it'll probably have more features than this one - which is what they ALWAYS do with a new generation of Pokemon games.


I initially gave this a higher score but I just bought Platinum so I could replay the story line without the slowness of battles in Diamond. I have to say, that game is a ton better than this one. The music is very well-done - its got a beauty to it that I find lacking in this game, save for a few tracks. There is much, much more to do. In B/W, you can no longer grow your berries (you have to get them in the Dream World), you can't go underground and dig for fossils and stones, you can't make your own secret base, and you can't participate in Pokemon Contests. If you're new to Pokemon, get Platinum instead. I played Diamond for 347 hours, and I only played Black for around 80. And seeing how Platinum is an improved version of Diamond and Pearl, I suggest you try that one instead.
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on March 8, 2011
UPDATE: Two Years Later My Son and I Both Revisit These Games Frequently ENough to Make This One of the Best Values Ever for a Pokemon Game

Original Review: I have been playing these games with my now-10-year-old son since he was three (I bought used GBCs and color pokemon games and let him figure it out - he also learned to read). Together, we have gone through the Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, the Sinnoh games, and Heart Gold/Soul Silver. I almost didn't buy a copy of Pokemon Black, because the games had been getting kind of stale for me. My son still loves them (as do his classmates - if you have a fourth grade boy on your gift list, and he doesn't already have this? You will be making a little boy ecstatic.

Anyway, my son really wanted me to play, and I gave in a bit reluctantly, but, now that I'm playing the game, I love this iteration for the following reasons:

1. I do not want to spoil the storyline, but the antagonists' issues and ethical positions are fairly sophisticated. Team Plasma is actually asking some interesting questions about trainers' relationships with their pokemon. Those questions also apply to our own relationships with other (real) creatures here in our world.

2. The smack-talk from rivals and other trainers is toned way down from generations past.

3. The game helps you along, which makes it much less frustrating (at least for me). For example, before each of the three gym battles I've done so far, you get an opportunity to get a pokemon who has a helpful type and a high enough level to ensure that you don't spend a ton of time fighting and re-fighting the same battles.

4. The graphics are really amazing for a handheld game, and the towns have lots to do besides gym battling, so your kid isn't likely to beat this game in a day and toss it aside. You get your money's worth.

5. There are new battle modes, new pokemon, new ways of interacting with friends in person and over the Wifi Connection. Nintendo also made Black and White just different enough from each other to make it worthwhile to purchase and play both.

I deducted one star because my game cartridge arrived glitchy. In the first battle, my pokemon, a female Oshawott could not execute any attacks. Every time I selected an attack, the game went to a screen describing the attack and showing my trainer statistics. I had to shut down the game and restart several times, all with the same result (except never again did I get a female starter), before I decided to try cleaning the cartridge, which worked (use a q-tip and rubbing alcohol gently to clean the game cartridge and let it dry completely). This is the first time since the Gameboy color games (which I bought used) that I have had a quality control issue with a pokemon game.

I recommend this game for kids who enjoy the anime and the other rpg and for adults who either want to play along with their children or enjoy gentle (mostly) nature/environmental-themed rpgs. It's fun and has good replay value for the money.
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on September 3, 2011
I've been playing the Pokémon games since the Game Boy Color days. I didn't know anything about it until my cousin was talking about it. It sounded stupid, yet interesting. Sure enough, I ended up wasting quite a few batteries playing this game. Pokémon is basically built for children. The game isn't that difficult. There's not a lot of moves. It's turn-based. But it holds it's charm and has such an addictive mechanism for children (and adults), that South Park did a great parody of it in the 90's. But enough about the past. The 5th generation of these abused creatures is back, and this time, it's almost the same exact thing!

Which is a good thing, if you ask me. Just to give some gameplay background of the series, Pokémon adventures start out with a professor of the island you live at asking you questions, you picking one of three rare Pokémon (grass, fire, water), you leaving your mom - dad's M.I.A. - behind to become a trainer, and then heading out to collect Pokémon data on a device called a Pokédex. The Pokédex is a sort of encyclopedia, giving you information on seen Pokémon and then more information after you capture them. Capturing a Pokémon requires you throwing a Pokéball at a creature during battle, and locking it into place. It's sort of like how the Ghostbusters do it, only faster and less messy. During your collecting, you also go on various side quest for people, battle other trainers, and train yourself to beat all of the Pokémon Gym masters (just think of them as bosses). This is essentially the series in a nut shell. So why is there five generations of the same style game? It might be because Nintendo doesn't need to fix what isn't broken.

Pokémon Black/White is a bit different than most of the other games, at least in it's story. Team Rocket, the bad guys of the previous games, are no longer the bad guys. Instead, Team Plasma are the new bad guys, and they're a bit more realistic than the previous villains. Team Plasma closely resembles the animal rights activist we have in every country. They're just a bit more extreme in some manners. They feel Pokémon are mistreated and should be set free. You'll get this message pushed at you during the entire game. Nintendo did a great job at making me hate their guts, because they were extremely annoying when they popped up. I missed Team Rocket when I played, but these guys feel more like true bad guys than Team Rocket ever dreamed of being.

The new visuals of the game are top notch to the series. It's great seeing the cities come to life when you walk through them, but it still doesn't change much to the game. If you're really wondering about the newest changes to the game, aside from the Pokémon , look no further than the way the game is a bit more fast-paced. The tweaks they did to the game really shine, as they just make the game feel a lot more fluid than before. Along with that is the more annoying features of the series has left, and hopefully for good. TMs are no longer used up like before. This is one of the more annoying things about the old game, as sometimes it's just a hard choice to make on how to use these moves.

If you've never played the series before, this isn't a bad start at all, but you may want to get familiar with the previous installments before getting Black/White, if anything just for the story. The game is so well defined in it's own way that going back afterwards is kind of hard. Trust me, I'm playing through HeartGold again, a game I loved, and there's several little things that make the game feel old. Real old. But if you want a solid experience with online support, this is the game to get. A top of the line title from Nintendo, once again.
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on September 19, 2012
There are many Pokemon fans out there who stick to the original games on the Gameboy system (and their GBA remakes) as being the best. I am one of them.
Before Pokemon Black I found no joy in the games of the DS generation. HeartGold/SoulSilver, while great for nostalgic purposes, paled in comparison to Gold/Silver; there was no motivation to complete the game. Plus, what happened to Crystal? Not to mention that the Diamond/Pearl/Platinum generation was far too easy to defeat; where was the challenge? I was able to do it sick as a dog and tired. Not right.
There was also no attachment to the "new generation" Pokemon and I made a point to beat the game with a team of 'originals' - easier done than said.
Poekmon Black HAS DONE IT RIGHT.
By making it so there are only the region's own 150+ Pokemon the challenge of learning every creature's strengths and weaknesses and the thrill of not knowing what you would see next was the first time I'd felt anything at all like I did when I was given Pokemon Yellow as a kid. The plot strung me along and I love how the titles of the games are a metaphor, not just colors. Points there. While the graphics were a bit too extravagant for my old-school tastes, backgrounds wise, I did enjoy seeing the original 151 Pokemon animated once I completed the game and they were accessible.

Overall, if you loved games such as Yellow, Red, Green, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby and Sapphire, you'll enjoy this game. You really will.
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on April 3, 2011
The best pokemon so far, but hsould have been better.

The graphics can be awesome, then you get in a battle and see a crappy sketch of a trainer or a pokemon doing a little jig repeatedly.

The music's sound quality is great, but the actual songs for battles and towns barely sounds different and is not very exciting.

the pokemon are still decent, but like all after the irst 150, some were obviously forced. however, being that they are in the 500's, there are some awesome pokemon still; enough to make up for any undesirables. some are there just for fun (an ice cream pokemon?), some must have been thrown together at the last minut (segliph, you'll see what I mean), and then there are actually designed pokemon made for specific situations you'll encounter in the...

new battles! rotation is nice because it is strategy heavy, but there are a little over 5 of them (unless you get online). there is a subway where you can and do different scenario battles that seem to be endless (as in you'll never run out of people to battle, good thing!).

the great. the distances between cities is perfect. Traveling is well paced and has plenty of trainers to fight. yet, you cannot rechallenge trainers this time around (stupid). and in certain areas you can run around in the grass and never find pokemon, yet in others, you cna turn left in get in a battle.

the story (if your under 13 and care) is good; about pokemon and trainers being seperated. It gets deep and actually involves you as a trainer, so thats cool.

BEST THING---> the whole wifi connection and of course new pokemon! But more so the online experience is just easy and great (and not dependent on a pokemon center).

WORST THING---> some pokemon take forever to evolve, and it seems training takes forever now (use the lucky egg though). If you have local friends, you'll be thrilled to use the online and et everyhting out of it. But if your older and no one around you has the game, your really, really screwed.
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on November 30, 2012
I love all Pokemon games very much and most are on my top list of games, but this one is not. It's not quite a 5/5. I liked all of the new features added to it and at times, I don't mind all of the new Pokemon, but some of the new Pokemon are awful and it seems some of the game has some "sloppy" parts as if the creator just wanted to make something for more money. I'd say this is on par with Diamond/Pearl. I feel that HG/SS really worked on improving things and adding a few new features without it being overwhelming or straying away from the original, but I think B/W overdid it slightly and it's my least favorite of all of the Pokemon games, which is why I rated it 4/5. I will still be purchasing Pokemon B/W 2, however!

Definitely made for any Pokemon lover, but I feel hardcore oldies that love Yellow, Gold, SS/HG, LG/FR, etc. wouldn't care too much for this. I'd still recommend trying it, if possible!
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on March 15, 2011
The clearly is the best pokemon game to date. The new pokemon look awsome. There a lot of better things in the game then the previous pokemon games. Example, TMs are use unlimited rather then use once. If you have internet you get to transfer to Pokemon dreams and see new stuff. There is only one bad thing about the game and that is as you level up it is even harder to continue to level your pokemon in one area because as you level up the experience you gain from the pokemon you defeated decreases rather staying the same like the other games. Counts for trainer battles to. So example you receive 32 experience points for defeating a level 4 pokemon while your pokemon is at level 7. Once it levels up to 8 you suddenly receive only 28 or 29 points for defeating that same pokemon. It continues to decrease as your level increases. However, if you defeat a pokemon at a higher level then yours, you receive more experience than you would in other pokemon games. Other than that, this pokemon game is a must.
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