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on November 27, 2013
Bought this like new and so far it works! Soul Silver (and heart gold) is more than the remake of gold and silver... it is like a mesh between yellow version (your 1st pokemon in the party actually walks behind you!) along with the graphics from black and white (3d-esque graphics)! Honestly, I love this game! I've only put in 2 hours so far but I honestly I fell in love with Soul Silver as soon as I played:)

I haven't had any issues with this game yet. I'll report in a week or 2 about the gaming experience... or if the game glitches.

--- update 12/5/13---
I now have 7 badges and haven't had any glitches or blackouts! Props to the seller for being honest about the product.

--- update 3/26/2014 ---
The game still works. Buyer beware that there are counterfeits out there.
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on March 21, 2016
I had been looking or this game for a while now and most of them were between 200 - 400 bucks which was kind of annoying but then I found this one and got it for only 129 brand new so I am very happy with the purchase. There were times I had forgotten to check the release dates of new Pokemon games and missed the release of both Heart Gold and Soul Silver and when I realized I was missing those from my collection which contain every other game. I went to look for them and they were so expensive that I decided it wasn't going to be worth it. However I really needed both of them to complete my collection so I looked for the cheapest yet brand new at the same time. I don't really trust those that sell their games used to be in good working condition, that is why I stick to buying them brand new. One thing is for sure I will never again miss any more games because they get so expensive after a few years.
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on February 21, 2016
An amazing game to the series of Pokemon! Personally I think the gen 2 remakes (Soul Silver & Heart Gold) are some of the best games in the series. They have tons more jam packed into them than the others, including the fact that it has 2 regions. (Johto AND Kanto!) They also have the cute feature of the Pokemon walking around with you, & also some of the best gyms. I'd for sure recommend this game to any player. Whether a former or new Pokemon gamer. This is one that you can for sure get into.
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on May 10, 2013
I bought this game cuz I still have my Pokemin Gold version for GBC! But I wanted a better shot at capturing the legendary lions Pokemon Gold version doesn't have. Plus I like Lugia better then hoho! So soon I will do the migrate Pokemon thing if I'm able to find sum1 with a DS and GBA with Pokemon Emerald or 1 of the others for GBA. I can't migrate my Pokemin now because I'm playing this game on my 3DS. Never owned a DS. I like the 3DS concept better then the DS so I waited 4 the next console. But overall I'm having a blast with this game, I also should mention I'm 2nd generation Pokemon lover. Because the newer Pokemon look retarded. Since Ruby and Saphire they just got worse. The Pokemon look like trashbags, chandeliers, icecream cones, gear wheels. Keep them the hell away from me.
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on June 13, 2014
What can I say, really? It's Pokemon. If you've played any other Pokemon game, you know how the formula works.

So, let me talk about what they added in this game that makes me like it so much.

Pokemon followers.

Being able to have any of my Pokemon follow me around on the overworld and interact with me and the area around us. Their actions change depending on their nature, the area you're in, and how much of a friendship the two of you have. My favorite one so far was when my Espeon got cold and so she snuggled up against me. It just adds so much character to the monsters.

There are other good things too, but as Crystal was my first Pokemon game, most of what I like probably has something to do with Nostalgia.

There are a lot of better reviews on this site, so please, check them out for more detail.
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on November 17, 2013
Unfortunately, the game which was sent to me was defective. That is NOT the seller's fault, because it was a brand new copy, sealed, and it happens. It's not the first time I've gotten a defective video game, DVD, CD, etc... I sent the seller an email, and hope to hear back soon.

I could only play up to the fourth gym before my game crashed. I have restarted the game and it freezes a lot. After beating Ecruteak City's gym, if I save and turn the game off, I'll never be able to reload it again. So, my point here is that I can only comment on that far into the game.

I started with Cyndaquil. It has a moderate growth, not too fast, not too slow. Good stats, and good for beginners (though I am not a beginner at Pokemon games). Chikorita was a no because even though I like it a lot, it takes a long time for it to get good attacks and stat moves. Totodile learns Water Gun at level 6 and Rage at level 8, so if you want to play a faster game, choose this one. Usually for my main team I go with grass, fire, water and electric, then pick two other types at random. This time I just abandoned grass completely. Caught a Spearow first, which is a really great flying type. It's quick, and it learns Pursuit early on, which is great for Ecruteak Gym. I also got a Caterpie, which isn't super impressive until it evolves in Butterfree. Butterfree is my strategy Pokemon for sure. I was elated to find a Mareep next. Mareep has overall great stats, but I find getting a good nature a little tough. Still, it has a great move pool, and is one of my favorite electric types (close second to Luxray). I'm a sucker for Poison types, so I went with a male Nidoran. It is a great Pokemon to have once it evolves into Nidorino. Also useful since it learns Double Kick, thus having the Fighting type advantage for the Azalea Gym. (When I can get farther in the game, I will get a Poliwag as my water type).

My issues with the gameplay are as follows:

1. Too much running back and forth between New Bark Town, Cherrygrove City and Violet City. Way too much time is spent on the egg, which hatches a Pokemon that I have no plans to use for my team (though others might, because it is very rare).
2. Azalea Gym is far too overpowered. Normal types are strategic, but that girl's level 19 Miltank was faster than my level 23 Fearow, and that is NOT okay. The amount of damage it can do with Stomp is ridiculous as well. Miltank doesn't stay asleep for very long either.
3. Finding TM's and HM's, as well as fishing rods, is a pain. I'm pretty thorough with Pokemon games, but I sometimes feel totally lost on the map.

Other than that, I do recommend playing this game. I hear many good things and I can see why just from the small amount I've played it.
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on August 21, 2015
This game is fantastic for any Pokemon lover!! Not only does the game add a feature seen only briefly in the 4th generation games and was debuted in the original special Pokemon Yellow, the Pokemon first in your party follows you around and can interact with the environment, often picking up items that can be used later on. This game allows for those who were maybe too young when the original second generation came out to relive some memories, after one has finished the first 8 gyms and has completed the Johto region, it is the possible to travel to the Kanto region and relive the original story there. The game also manages to implement new technology and new areas that were previously unheard of before thus allowing players to connect their games to future generations of Pokemon, the game also adds legendary Pokemon from various other regions, though the Pokedex cannot be completed without cooperation and trading with other players, thus prepetuating the games founding principles of forming bonds.
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on November 4, 2014
Ordered this used from Amazon Warehouse Deals and I was surprised to see how well the game worked and the great quality it arrived in for being a used game. So far I haven't encountered any problems yet with this game and I love playing it when I have the time. I remember when both versions of Pokémon Silver and Gold came out for the Game Boy Advance and I would play countless hours on Pokémon silver until I lost it. I'm so glad that they reformatted the game for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi. Playing Pokémon HeartGold Version reminds me of my childhood and brings back good memories. I haven't got too far in the game yet but it looks like there are some new added features that the previous Versions did not have. One of these awesome features is that your lead Pokémon can now follow your character around as you walk which is really awesome. Overall, for being a used game sold at a fair price for good quality what more could you ask for.

Pros: Great price and Quality from Amazon Warehouse deals for being a used game.
Fast and Speedy shipping.
Awesome extra features that previous game didn't have.
Game can be played on Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi, and Nintendo 3DS XL
Brings back good childhood memories.

Cons: There are none.
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on October 7, 2014
I, for one, am happy that this is not just a remake of a classic game (my old game color game was stolen from me!) but also that they added many new things to it and gave it an upgrade. There is the Safari Zone in this-where you can find lots of cool and rare Pokémon, and there are also lots of Pokémon from other generations added to this-and, while this is a minor thing, the graphics are vastly improved. I loved this when I was a kid, and am glad to see it is back and better then ever. I absolutely love that there are 16 badges in this game, and love the challenge of it, and I love stomping that red haired punk Silver like he deserves! He is one of the greatest rivals in all of Pokémon, the only one being better is Gary Oak! I hope everyone decides to buy this game. If you want better prices, though, try Ebay, as prices on this here are rather ridiculous and insane and frankly, greedy. I wish there was another Pokémon game just like this-except without HMs, as I hate those and they should be done away with. Also, you do fight Team Rocket in this one!
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on December 28, 2015
Rock Gamers (Or what ever it's called) I did recieve this today as Amazon is making a large estimation but still It's already great, Not even an hour played and my pokemon is almost evolved once because i am a grind master But yes it is in GREAT condition only weird thing was there was still a save on it but that was taken care of i kinda like having a fair chance at the game playing it from start to finish on my own

But it is not a complaint i do love the game it's astounding so far Hopefully having ordered Platinum from you as well it'll be just as great and fun (Even though i didn't much care for that gen of pokemon) Still the games are fun and it's REALLY something to do, Lovin every second of it
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