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on February 21, 2016
An amazing game to the series of Pokemon! Personally I think the gen 2 remakes (Soul Silver & Heart Gold) are some of the best games in the series. They have tons more jam packed into them than the others, including the fact that it has 2 regions. (Johto AND Kanto!) They also have the cute feature of the Pokemon walking around with you, & also some of the best gyms. I'd for sure recommend this game to any player. Whether a former or new Pokemon gamer. This is one that you can for sure get into.
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on November 4, 2014
Ordered this used from Amazon Warehouse Deals and I was surprised to see how well the game worked and the great quality it arrived in for being a used game. So far I haven't encountered any problems yet with this game and I love playing it when I have the time. I remember when both versions of Pokémon Silver and Gold came out for the Game Boy Advance and I would play countless hours on Pokémon silver until I lost it. I'm so glad that they reformatted the game for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi. Playing Pokémon HeartGold Version reminds me of my childhood and brings back good memories. I haven't got too far in the game yet but it looks like there are some new added features that the previous Versions did not have. One of these awesome features is that your lead Pokémon can now follow your character around as you walk which is really awesome. Overall, for being a used game sold at a fair price for good quality what more could you ask for.

Pros: Great price and Quality from Amazon Warehouse deals for being a used game.
Fast and Speedy shipping.
Awesome extra features that previous game didn't have.
Game can be played on Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi, and Nintendo 3DS XL
Brings back good childhood memories.

Cons: There are none.
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on December 5, 2013
I totally Love It!! Everything especially scenery graphics are remastered and the battle songs and others were remastered as well. Though I must say that it's just not the same as the old classic Gold version. Cause out of all honesty I thought the Gym battle theme in Kanto was just amazing.

The best part of all the game is that once you Defeat ALL 16 Gym leaders you can get this device that changes the game audio to it's classic GameBoy sound with that being said it gives you the feel of good ol memories from when you were a kid playing Gold and Silver on your Game Boy Color. And what makes this game even more Interesting is that on a certain day and time each gym leader will be taking a break from their Gym and go off some where. That's where you come in and find them, When you do, talk to them and you will get their phone Number for your Poke' Gear and they even tell you what day and time to call em for a rematch.

This time they're tough with their new team. Especially some of their pokemon are from the Sinnoh region. And what makes this game better than the Original is that You can collect lots of phone numbers even more than the Original cause on the Original you were only able to keep a certain amount to the point where you had to delete some to make room for some. Which that didn't make it any easier... And the Battle Scene is just Beautiful especially the fight with team Rocket.

If you're a Pokemon fan and you loved Gold and Silver. GET THIS NOW!!!
You won't be sorry!! And this is a MUST HAVE
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on August 1, 2010
I bought this game pretty much entirely because I used to play Gold and Silver back in the days of Game Boy Color. My girlfriend bought the SoulSilver version, and it's been great times for both of us so far. This is a great recreation and enhancement of the original Pokemon Gold game. If you didn't like that one, this probably isn't for you. That being said, if you did like it, you're also in for some additional fun from there - with the addition of new Pokemon, new areas, multi-battles, DS Wireless, online play (if you can find a WEP-encrypted wireless connection, that is), and more, it's a blast. If you're used to the old Game Boy Color graphics like I was, the graphics will totally blow you away too.

One of the things I dig the most about the game is actually the cheesy little peripheral included with it: the Pokewalker. It's a pedometer that you can load one of your Pokemon into, and it gains experience and Watts as you walk. The more you use it, the more little paths you uncover, and the more you can find on it. I think it's a cool way to level up a Pokemon while I'm living my real life, especially for Pokemon like Magikarp or Ditto that can be somewhat tougher to level up on their own. The device surprised me by how inconspicuous it can be: sure, it's shaped like a Pokeball, but it's tiny and you can mute it and stick it in your pocket, and voila! Having a pedometer is also kind of a neat way to encourage a little extra exercise, or appease your morbid curiosity about how many steps you take at work. You can also play on the Pokewalker a little bit and either find items or catch other Pokemon, which then transfer back into your game. Pretty sweet stuff!

My least favorite thing about the game is that I can't find a suitable wireless connection to play on WiFi. I have a DSi, and it can connect to pretty much any wireless network you need it to for its own internet purposes, but it HAS to be a WEP-encrypted connection for any games to work. It seems short-sighted of Nintendo to design games that rely on what is very quickly becoming outdated internet protocol. Long story short, some McDonalds or libraries may have the connection you need, it seems none in Flint do. There are ways around this, and I'm looking into this - there's apparently a USB Bluetooth adapter that can do the job, but either way, it's pretty challenging. Of course, many home routers can be switched between WEP and WPA, I just happen to have one of the few that can't.

Long story short, if you like any of the previous Pokemon games, buy this one. It's a blast. It's also very different from the other Generation IV games, i.e. Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, so don't worry if you have any of those - this is still a fun investment.
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on June 28, 2013
I bought this game, because I was craving nostalgia. The last Pokemon game I played was Emerald and I remember having so much fun with it, so I decided to Buy this game (HeartGold), because people we're telling me that it was Gold, remade. The game is really fun, It's a mix of the Old Gen games and New, with some new pokemon and some Classic ones. I'm 21 and I didn't think I would ever see my self playing a Pokemon game at this age, but yet, here I am. I love this game, the re-playability is really good, there is more than a few things to do after you beat all the gym leaders, etc... Overall it's fun, It brought back memories, while giving me a new experience at the same time. I recommend this game to anyone looking for a Pokemon game.
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on February 18, 2017
Not much to say, the original Pokemon Gold was great, and this modernization is just as compelling or more. The Pokewalker feels a little outdated in our modern world of smartphones in every pocket, but the game is solid.

If you never got to play the original Pokemon Gold in its heyday, this will be extremely enjoyable. If you did, you probably know what to expect yourself.
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on September 4, 2011
Pokemon HeartGold demonstrates the complete thrill of a Pokemon game, complete with top-notch graphics, excellent story plot, epic battles, and great sound tracks. This game is really the total package, the Roy Halladay of Pokemon games. The story plot is very well written, and I really like how they end the game with the tremendous battle at the peak of Mt. Silver with guess who. Also, unlike other games where the top trainers and Pokemon end at Lv.70s (without cheats), Pokemon HeartGold continues thru the levels to the high 80s, and you can keep battling the trainers in the 80s as much as you like. I also enjoyed the drama of catching Ho-Oh, and I am also thoroughly impressed by the fact that HeartGold allows you to continue your adventure in Kanto after completing the main story--it really puts the cherry on the HeartGold cake. I am also very entertained by the way the Elite Four majorly improve after you obtain the National Pokedex (in fact, my only defeat in the entire game came at the hands of Lance, the Champion, because he improved so much and suddenly had such rare Pokemon is his possession that I was caught totally off guard). Finally, the Poke Walker gives the complete enhanced Pokemon experience. In short, this game is amazing. My huge recommendation to all potential buyers.
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on May 2, 2010
I started playing Pokemon back in the first generation, Red/Blue on the original Game Boy. I got out of the portable gaming scene for a while, but came back with Ruby/Sapphire for the GBA. Got Diamond/Pearl on my DS. So this was the only generation I missed out on. I'd been hearing for years that the second generation was the best, and now that I have it, I can absolutely understand where that came from. This game is far more challenging than any of the other generations. The gyms are designed to punish you for trying to play it like first generation, with Flying and Bug being strong against Grass types. The starters are all pure single typed Pokemon through all of their evolutions, something never done before or since. It also includes most of the first generation game, playable after you defeat the Elite Four (and possibly assemble your National Dex. I'm not quite far enough to say yet). It keeps the Wi-Fi trading introduced in Diamond/Pearl. There is nothing wrong, and everything right with this game. If you have enjoyed any Pokemon game of any generation, I strongly urge you to pick this up.

Of special note is the PokeWalker, a pedometer that allows you to gather Pokemon and items you'd otherwise be unable to get, or would be difficult to get, all while simply going for a walk. It even lets you earn a level on whatever Pokemon you load onto it before you go. It's extremely easy to use, and a very fun addition to the series. I hope it comes back with Pokemon: Black/White.
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on November 27, 2010
I played the original Pokémon silver on the game boy color, and after seeing remakes like FFIII I thought that this would be worth a try. And this is a very enjoyable game, even though I did get stumped on the 8th gym leader :(


- It is a perfect recreation of the original game, but with improved graphics.

- Your Pokémon gain EXP at a much faster rate than in the more recent games, so you don't end up having to grind.

- Berries/apricots grow on trees without any support, so you don't have to go to the trouble that you had to in previous games to get berries

- The first gym leader uses flying Pokémon, unlike in every previous game. Therefore, there is no penalty for starting with the fire type Pokémon.

- You can access the main menu at anytime on the touch screen. This interface uses a user interface similar to that used by computers, so it is easy to use.

- Battles control smoothly using the touch screen as the input medium.


- The first gym leader uses flying Pokémon, unlike in every previous game. Therefore, there is a penalty for starting with the grass type Pokémon.

- The HM moves are a pain, as always. And there is a glut of HM moves for water type Pokémon.

- The cell phone is not very helpful, but doesn't fill the bottom touch screen with useless stuff like the poketch did in Pokémon Diamond.

- You still can't control the character's movement through the world using the touch screen. This is the main reason that it is only a 4 star game for me, because it is something that I expect after Magical Starsign and FFIII.
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on June 17, 2013
This is the best Pokemon game you can get for the Nintendo DS.
Its an updated version of Pokemon Gold, sure. But it is also so much more than that.
It beats the heck outta some of the newer ones, and it just.... keeps Pokemon closer to its roots.
I'm not saying Nintendo or Game Freak have changed the recipe for Pokemon games with the newer generation games, but if your an old school Pokemon fan that grew up on the older Gameboy games like Blue, Red, Silver, Gold, and my all time favorite: YELLOW!, you will find this more appealing and maybe a little nostalgic compared to the off-beatness of some of the newer ones (if your an old school fan, you'll probably get what I'm trying to say by "off-beat". Something just don't feel the same about it in the newer ones).
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