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on November 22, 2017
DISCLAIMER: Before I get into the review, I just want to say this. A: Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection features will NOT affect this review and B: I did not get an american release. Instead I got a release in another region, fortunately, it works on american systems. So, let's get to the review!

Pokémon Platinum, easily one of the most loved in the series, but does it hold up to the hype? Let's find out. So first things first this is a bit easier than Diamond and Pearl in the amount of Pokédollars you get, but after that, it's basically the same game, but with more content story wise and Wi-Fi features. In fact, almost every piece of dialogue is the same as it was in the originals, yes, this means the infamous _*T H U D ! !*_ makes it's return. There are a few new Pokémon to catch using dual slot mode, but again, it is almost the same game, but better. However, if you are a newcomer (Like say you grew up with X & Y) this game WILL be difficult to learn.

So... What do I think? I believe this game get's a 9/10. I would have given this game a 10/10, if it weren't for the blaring slowness of the game (Anyone who has one hit K.O.'d a Level 100 Chansy knows how long it can be.)
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on October 11, 2015
Great game, a lot of content (game-in-game, like underground exploration), seems somewhat harder than later versions because pokemons are
allowed to have all sorts of moves, not just the ones related to their own type(s). A normal pokemon can hit you with a psychic move, for example.

The Pokedex has a huge (500) number of entries, seems like a combination of Sinnoh and Johnto regions.

Looking forward to battling and capturing the legendary pokemons.
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on September 19, 2017
The boys love it.
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on December 8, 2017
Nostalgia level over 9000.

It doesn't matter if you're 13 or 30, this is an amazing game and you will enjoy playing it.
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on August 20, 2017
Still can't finish the game but love it so far, after long time in the third generation it was time for new things.
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on July 12, 2010
For any die hard Pokemon game enthusiast, this version will make an extremely entertaining and fresh addition to his or her collection. There are so many new features that make this version unique and interesting compared to others. One is the graphics which have been re-vamped with 3D textures built in with the classic sprite animations. A second is the new wide range of brand new Pokemon to capture and collect. Big fan of the classics? After one surpasses the Elite Four a new area is opened which is inhabited by all the originals for those old school players. A third great feature is the amount of activity. After the Pokemon League I had played for over 40 hours and that doesn't include the places available after the fact. The Battle Frontier is a facility where trainers just battle and is much better than in previous games with more challenges. All in all its a great game with tons to do, and everything is good the second time around. Only downside? Your "rival" is your best friend and is the most annoying rival ever. EVER. He has long dialogu and its all annoying. But he only takes up .1% of the game. Its a great game I recommend it to anyone who's gotta catch 'em all. 5 Stars
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on February 1, 2017
It arrived on time however the game was missing it's instruction booklet which unfortunately I assumed would have come with the game. Also the plastic that the game was wrapped in seemed loose and thinner than usual so it's possible that the game was refurbished and not new.
Otherwise the game is great. It plays just fine and everything.
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on August 31, 2011
This game is awesome! I bought diamond and platinum, knowing barely anything about 4th generation Pokemon. I have played many different Pokemon games over the years and noticed which ones are better than others. Encountering Pokemon Platinum was a totally new experience for me as I had been waiting forever to know what this game was, how it was, and I was practically dying to see the pokemon firsthand. Beginning the game I loved how it unfolded the story into the new world of pokemon in the Sinnoh region as you encounter the new people and then the new pokemon. Although this game is technically an expanded version of diamond and pearl, it is also filled with so much more. In platinum you'll encounter both Palkia and Dialga, the two major legendary pokemon that most everyone wants. Also, you get to encounter Giratina, a pokemon that guards, and is more powerful than, Palkia and Dialga. Sadly, however, you cannot get Arceus without a cheat code which is not advisable as it probably will mess up your game.
Also, there are some legendary pokemon I don't know about, so yes, there are more legendary pokemon than I've said. Finally, there is no pokemon in platinum where you must use a master ball to catch it.
Most awesome to me is the availability of pokemon and the new ways of finding them. The graphics also, now literally almost 3D, are off the charts amazing. Although this game, like diamond and pearl, bear the glitch functions to different codes and such, which cause damage to the game, the game in itself is a wonderful turnout as you really don't need the codes.
I have to be honest, playing 3rd generation pokemon games, and lower, and then playing 4th generation, especially platinum version, blew my mind away.
For anyone unsure of which games are best out of Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, I highly recommend Platinum; as it contains all the pokemon on both diamond and pearl and much more. Platinum is filled with even more characters, events, and fun games as well. Everything in Platinum from beginning to end is totally amazing thing. Pokemon platinum, in my opinion, is a five star, need to get game for any pokemon fan.
In closing, a few last things:
1. The game has no original flaws or glitches without cheat codes or such.
2. Cloning, as I have found out from other sources can damage your game, and by damage, I mean it can erase your game file and make you start over again. Thus, again, cheat codes highly not recommended.
3. On a lighter note, take time to enjoy the game, it really is fun, and is probably the best, or one of the best pokemon games ever made. In my opinion, the best.
4. For the Global Trade Station, you will need to be connected to the internet via cable or possibly a routers internet connection. (Router possibility is unconfirmed by me so do not expect that method to work based solely on my word).
5. As the trainer tips in the game say, talk to everyone you see, trust me, the rewards are staggering. Although, not everyone you talk to will give you something or tell you what you need to know, trust me, you still gain something from the conversation such as advice in the game or a new admiration for something. (If you don't care about the admiration of things or advice, please don't blame me or the game for discomfort as these things are put there to show a personal side to the game and are wonderful bits within the game).

Even though, I'm sure that there is an even longer list than I have written here to explain game details and how awesome the game is, I hope this review helps others and explains well enough for everyone.
All in all this game is a great find for any pokemon fan, and I hope everyone, old and new pokemon fans, can enjoy this game as much as I have.
Thanks for reading.
Update 9/13/11:

1. I have recently found out that it is possible to trade from the union room trading any pokemon at any level with any item or move to any pokemon game that pokemon platinum can trade to. This rule applies also to Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. I do not know however if this rule applies to pokemon Black, White, Heart Gold, or Soul Silver.
2. Trading in the underground or over the World Trading Station in Jubilife City you must connect through a router. Although, I have read something about using a cable, I have no idea how that works, however, I have found that the game states that it must be able to pick up wireless activity. By necessary inference, this implies that a router is used. I also believe that the game itself states this fact. However, although the Underground is, I think, but do not know, okay for trading from, the World Trading Center in Jubilife has been proven a non-advised route for trading pokemon. My advise for trading is like the old days. Try trading through the union room only. I know this takes away from the whole world trading idea, but, this will save your game from damage and/or wipe. Sorry for any trouble, but I just advise you meet up with friends you know, meet in the union room and trade their.
I think that's all I have for now, if I find anything else helpful I'll be back with a future update. Anyway, in the meantime, I thank you for reading, and hope this helped you.
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on June 29, 2017
Mindless fun
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on June 7, 2015
Its shipping was delayed, but it came fast, once its shipped. My biggest scare was, what if I get a pirated copy/different language, when I am spending 115 dollars. We are not in US, it came to us through our friends, so if there is any defect, its difficult to return it. But fortunately everything is well so far. My 11yr old son loved it. I do not much about Pokemon, this is his first game in DS. He is so thrilled to get the platinum. I recommend this.
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