Customer Reviews: Pokemon SoulSilver Version
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on March 14, 2010
I'm going to start right out with it. BUY THIS GAME! This game is amazing on many fronts which is why it deserves a buy if you have a DS (maybe even buy a DS to play this game).

Gameplay: 10/10

The gameplay is as fresh as ever. The formula that GameFreak put down so many years ago still works. If you have already played any of the previous Pokemon games, there are basically no changes, other than the fact of the addition of a few minigames and a pokemon can walk behind you. For newcomers, here's how the Pokemon formula works: You start an adventure with a starter pokemon, and then train to become the best pokemon trainer in the world. You do this by defeating other trainers who roam the land while also catching some extra pokemon of your own. The formula is straight up addictive and the plot is also well done.

Graphics: 8/10

It's pokemon on the DS. The game uses the same graphics engine as Diamond, Pearl and Platinum and yes, the graphics aren't top notch. I have definitely seen better on the DS (Mario Kart being a great example), but once again, the entire point of Pokemon is the gameplay and the replay value, not the graphics. As a plus however, many trainers have new animations and some gyms just look really, REALLY good. The atmosphere outside of special events could've used some work though.

Sound: 7/10

I will admit it, I am getting a bit disappointed with GameFreak recycling their 8-bit recorded cries for the Pokemon on every single game. These cries are the same we had 10 years ago. On the other hand, the overall soundtrack is really good, and I have also heard there is a way to get the original soundtrack back in the game by achieving a certain item. In general, the sound is ok, but I think GameFreak needs to do a little overhaul with the Pokemon cries.

Replay Value: 15/10

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? 16 BADGES! 3 TOTAL STARTERS YOU CAN GET! Straight up epic. I, in my own right, already thought that all the other games that only had 8 badges and one region were long enough, but WOW. This game is amazing (I already had the Japanese version, and have played to the second Elite Four, and it's taken me a good 40 hours already) in this criteria for sure.

Final Verdict:

If you have a DS, BUY THIS GAME. If you don't, BUY A DS, and then BUY THIS GAME. Amazing characters, amazing battles, amazing starter pokemon (who doesn't love them a nice Typhlosion?), and great replay value. You won't be disappointed.
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on March 15, 2010
I, like many other players of this game, played the original Gold vesion for the Game Boy Color, and I loved it. I remember nights hiding under my covers with the game holding a booklight to see (or, when it came out, the GBA SP with the lighted screen)

When I heard about this remake, I was very excited, especially after seeing some of the new features upcoming. I had already played Platinum, so the DS graphics were nothing new to me.

Very excitedly, I got myself this game yesterday (Release day) and hurried home to play it. I was quite surprised to find that, not only was it more up-to-date than Gold, but in some ways, it was even more up-to-date than Platinum, especially through the utilization of the touch screen.

*Return to Johto- Very simply, you retuern to the setting of Gold and play the game again with new features (Hence the term remake)
*Partner Pokemon- In HG, you have the first Pokemon in your party following you at all times, like Pikachu in Yellow or Amnity Square in D P Pt. Not a huge thing, but I like it
*Updated graphics- seeing the Johto region in full, brilliant color is somehow nostalgic and a lot of fun. It's just pretty, plain and simple
*Added Safari Zone- Many were upset at the loss of the Safari Zone in Gold. Well now, there's a Safari Game again. I have yet to reach it, but I have heard good things about it.
*Utilized touch screen- This is a big one. In HG, the touch screen now serves as a touchable, interactive menu. Now, instead of hitting START every time you want to check something, you can just tap it with the stylus and use all of its features totally through the touch screen. The touch screen also has a drag-and-drop functionality in the PC boxes, allowing you to sort your boxes and your team more efficiently. This is even an upgrade over Platinum's Poketch.

*Pokewalker issues- I like the Pokewalker idea a lot, don't get me wrong. Problem is, the one I got doesn't seem to work right. Not a big deal, since it's not a pivotal part of the game. Would have been nice though... oh well.

I have had nothing but fun with this game. Definately worth $[...], without a doubt. The strange feelings of nostalgia and novelty together is odd, but I like it! 5 stars!
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on March 20, 2010
There are plenty of reviews of the game here and not so many about the pokewalker itself.

The pokewalker is basically a pokemon mini-game but pretty high tech. It represents the core of the DS gameplay even in its limited way but enough so to be fun.

When you transfer a pokemon into the walker, the actual picture of the pokemon you transferred shows up on the little screen. Given that you can migrate pokemon across all the games one way or another, I suspect it supports every pokemon in any game.

By walking around (or by holding it in your hand and pretending to walk ;->) you gain 'watts', 1 for every 20 steps. You then spend the watts on 2 mini-games. Pokeradar allows you to find and battle / capture a wild pokemon on the walker itself. Dowsing gives you a chance to find items. Additionally, there are different 'paths' that you can select to walk down and more paths open up as you generate more watts. I'll also note that I happened to catch a pokemon in the walker that wasn't in the first 'region' in the game and I thought that was pretty cool too.

In the pokebattles, level doesn't seem to matter which is a nice simplification. And apparently, you can pokebattle across walkers as well.

On the whole, the pokewalker is a very nice addition to the game and is worth using as a trivial way to add to your game experience.
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on March 14, 2010
Okay, so I've been playing Pokemon games since the original Red and Blue here in the US. The Gold/Silver/Crystal trio were, and still are, my favorite of the series (Crystal obviously being the best, since it was for the Game Boy Color and it had a load more stuff in it). These remakes are very much a welcome thing, as they've used the engine from Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, and the experience has been brought up to date. All sorts of new things to do, having any Pokemon of your choice follow you around is pretty neat, though not a selling point, loads of extras (you can catch most Pokemon in the series in these two remakes, as a way to try to phase out the GBA games/slot on the DS Lite and move on to the DSi and DSi XL), and the fact that this game has much more length than the average Pokemon game (you go to the Johto region for the 8 badges there, then you head to Kanto for the 8 badges there, 16 total), this is a very nice package deal. The Pokewalker, while, again, not a selling point, is a really neat addition as well. Catching Pokemon on the run, walking and gaining EXP for the Pokemon of your choice is a really cool addition. I go on almost daily walks with my dog, so the Pokewalker is a really cool addition for me personally, cause now I can take my Pokemon with me and level up while I walk. All of the additions (Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, three sets of starter pokemon obtainable in one game, Pokeathalon, Global Trade, etc.) make for a lengthy quest, and the ammount of time you can spend playing these games if you truly know the ins and outs of leveling, EV training, natures and whatnot, you can truly have a game that you can and will play for years. If you're not a fan of Pokemon, or have never picked up one of the games, this is a perfect game to get you going. Lots of fun, amazing ammount of time to spend doing all the things there are to do. And, if you have what it takes to get all of the 493 (staggering, isn't it? I remember how stoked I was when I finally got all 151 on the original Red) Pokemon, you truly... have more patience than me. None the less, it's a lot of fun, being able to trade and battle just add more, and the new Pokewalker all add up to a very great deal for your money. It's been ten years since Gold and Silver hit the shelves, and this is an amazing reawakening for those games.
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on March 15, 2010
I have very fond memories of Pokemon Gold and I am loving this remake. The slow introduction of Johto pokemon alongside the original 151 is great. I will be recommending this to anyone who enjoys the pokemon franchise.
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on March 14, 2010
This game contains not only the awesome Pokewalker, but also a double portion of Pokemon nostalgia. Not only is it a remake of Pokemon Gold, a game I very fondly purchased over 10 years ago, but also Pokemon HeartGold resembles Pokemon Yellow in letting your starter follow you. Yellow was my first ever game for my GameBoy, I was the envy of my friends who all had either Red or Blue, which featured a distracting red or blue hue. Pokemon has evolved a lot since those days, adding many new features, most of which were welcomed. Although many features have been added, the battle system has not changed much. Some do not like this, saying it needs to evolve. I for one, being a huge fan of turn based RPGs, like how it hasn't changed. I wish more RPGs today stayed true to their roots. I'm looking at you, Final Fantasy. Now why pick Gold? Well actually I got both, along with both figurines. I did play Gold as a kid, so that's the one I decided to play first.

I am already in 70 hours in Platinum, which doesn't even have all 16 badges like HG/SS. I expect a lot of time will be spent during the course of playing HG. The re playability of Pokemon is astounding, you can't go wrong. Now only if they would remake Crystal. SpiritCrystal?
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on March 14, 2010
This game is an enhanced remake of the classic Gameboy Color game, Pokemon Gold. I heard about this game not that long ago, and decided to take a look at it. I am currently 22 years old (probably a little too old for this game) and hearing that this game was a port of the original Pokemon Gold, I decided to buy it. I was a big fan of Pokemon Gold back in the day. As far as I can see, there are many things that reminded me of the old game, but they added alot more new stuff so it almost seems like for those of us that played the original, it's the same game with things we wanted to begin with! The graphics have been updated as well as the music. I don't quite understand the Pokemon walker unit that comes with the game, and I prolly won't use it because I'm playing the game for nostalgia purposes only.

Sometimes game remakes are horrible, but I can definitely say that this game will not let those, who played the original, down. I'm glad they decided to bring this game back, for classic gamers and new generation gamers. I'm sure more 20 year-olds will purchase the game. You won't regret it!
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on March 16, 2010
This game is awesome. It's kinda funny cause me and my sister were both disappointed when we figured out that the DS couldn't play the older Gameboy games. We were going to start the original Gold and Silver version because that was are favorite Pokemon game yet. But then, only a few months later, Nintendo made a new Pokemon game, and of all the remakes they could have made, the made a remake of Gold and Silver. We were VERY excited. Actually, I am very happy that they didn't change anything from the original. If you agree with me about Gold and Silver being the best Pokemon game, then your should buy Heart Gold and Soul Silver, cause they are just as good and even better.
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on November 27, 2013
Bought this like new and so far it works! Soul Silver (and heart gold) is more than the remake of gold and silver... it is like a mesh between yellow version (your 1st pokemon in the party actually walks behind you!) along with the graphics from black and white (3d-esque graphics)! Honestly, I love this game! I've only put in 2 hours so far but I honestly I fell in love with Soul Silver as soon as I played:)

I haven't had any issues with this game yet. I'll report in a week or 2 about the gaming experience... or if the game glitches.

--- update 12/5/13---
I now have 7 badges and haven't had any glitches or blackouts! Props to the seller for being honest about the product.

--- update 3/26/2014 ---
The game still works. Buyer beware that there are counterfeits out there.
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The release of Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver did a lot around here for me and my family / friends. Namely, it got three of us to rush out and get copies to play a pokemon game. Pokemon HeartGold is my first real experience with Pokemon and is a return to the series for my boyfriend, Jay, and my brother, Shawn, who both stopped playing the series after the original Gold and Silver came out.

We are all very happy with Gold and Silver. The graphics are nice, the music is well done, even going so far as to include a way to hear the original music if you want to. The gameplay is interesting: a fun turn based system (my favorite type of game style, personally) with the addition of double battles, minigames, etc. to make things more interesting for those (ahem, bf & brother) who've been down this road before. On top of all this, there is also the PokeWalker, which is really cool too. (Quick Tip: Lay your DS and the PokeWalker on a flat surface if you are having trouble connecting them. Shaking hards, even *slightly* can mess this up!)

No game is for everyone, but if you are thinking about getting this one I would say go for it. I can foresee this keeping my group busy for quite some time. Excellent product and (as a side note) quick and efficient delivery from as well. All around very pleased.
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