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on March 14, 2010
I'm going to start right out with it. BUY THIS GAME! This game is amazing on many fronts which is why it deserves a buy if you have a DS (maybe even buy a DS to play this game).

Gameplay: 10/10

The gameplay is as fresh as ever. The formula that GameFreak put down so many years ago still works. If you have already played any of the previous Pokemon games, there are basically no changes, other than the fact of the addition of a few minigames and a pokemon can walk behind you. For newcomers, here's how the Pokemon formula works: You start an adventure with a starter pokemon, and then train to become the best pokemon trainer in the world. You do this by defeating other trainers who roam the land while also catching some extra pokemon of your own. The formula is straight up addictive and the plot is also well done.

Graphics: 8/10

It's pokemon on the DS. The game uses the same graphics engine as Diamond, Pearl and Platinum and yes, the graphics aren't top notch. I have definitely seen better on the DS (Mario Kart being a great example), but once again, the entire point of Pokemon is the gameplay and the replay value, not the graphics. As a plus however, many trainers have new animations and some gyms just look really, REALLY good. The atmosphere outside of special events could've used some work though.

Sound: 7/10

I will admit it, I am getting a bit disappointed with GameFreak recycling their 8-bit recorded cries for the Pokemon on every single game. These cries are the same we had 10 years ago. On the other hand, the overall soundtrack is really good, and I have also heard there is a way to get the original soundtrack back in the game by achieving a certain item. In general, the sound is ok, but I think GameFreak needs to do a little overhaul with the Pokemon cries.

Replay Value: 15/10

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? 16 BADGES! 3 TOTAL STARTERS YOU CAN GET! Straight up epic. I, in my own right, already thought that all the other games that only had 8 badges and one region were long enough, but WOW. This game is amazing (I already had the Japanese version, and have played to the second Elite Four, and it's taken me a good 40 hours already) in this criteria for sure.

Final Verdict:

If you have a DS, BUY THIS GAME. If you don't, BUY A DS, and then BUY THIS GAME. Amazing characters, amazing battles, amazing starter pokemon (who doesn't love them a nice Typhlosion?), and great replay value. You won't be disappointed.
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on October 11, 2011
I absolutely loved this game when I was a kid, so I bought this game twice from Amazon just so I could relive my childhood. But No as soon as I get the fourth gym Badge, all of a sudden I get a black screen whenever I try to load my game. I don't know how well the sellers here take care of their games but if this has happened to me twice then it might also happen to you.
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on October 14, 2017
The best way to enhance your game is with a pokewalker I have one the I lost now have it again thanks to this purchase better than the Game Boy version more stuff and more Pokemon
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on June 11, 2014
I've been itching to play this game for a long time but couldn't seem to find it anywhere local. A little pricey for what I expected, but the delivery was fast.
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on March 11, 2015
Really good.
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on July 16, 2010
I can't stop playing it. I have shown it to some of my friends and now I have to fight to get my ds back from them.
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on February 4, 2016
Defective game. I had received a fake. It works well at first. But after you defeat the fourth gym leader, save, and try to reload, it will freeze with black screens and you can't continue the game. I looked it up, and turns out I got a fake cartridge. Hr refuses to acknowledge my defective item and refuses to reimburse me, so I had to go to Amazon to file a claim to get my money back. So upset!!! Do not buy this item or anything from this guy
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on April 20, 2013
I got Pokemon Heart Gold WAY BACK in 2010; so it took me very long enough to get Soul SIlver! So enough said, I love playing Pokemon games! And I much PREFER the Johto Generation Pokemon along with the Kanto Pokemon; they are just simply the BEST!!
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on April 6, 2017
So much fun i actually bought this used and ended up getting my first shinny so before you buy new just think about buying it used never know you may end up with a beast profile which you can use to trade pokemon over to a fresh copy! so yeah don't delete the account and start over at least look at the pokemon on the file first to see if there are any gems because i ended up with a shinny ninetails as well as many other shinnys ! So i recommend getting it used than i can't blame you for getting it new!
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on May 24, 2011
Being brought up in a Pokemon setting in my childhood has made me miss the old days of Pokemon.

# only 251 pokemon discovered at the time.
# an all new land to explore!
# a chance to revisit Kanto and battle the greatest Pokemon Trainers the world has seen!
# 2 new types added to the mix and 100's on new moves!
# befriending a Pokemon as a partner for life, and facing many challenges on your way to victory!
# capturing and raising new friends to help you along the way!

...Well get your DS's ready, kids!

For it's time to NOSTALGIA!!!!!!

Put simply, Pokemon SoulSilver is a GODSEND to all pokemaniacs EVERYWHERE!
It starts out as everybody remembers...

You wake to your clean and neat room.
You remember that Prof. Elm wanted your help with something today.
Right as you exit your room, Mom intercepts you to hand you you BAG, POKEGEAR, and other things.
You wave to her on your way out and...

The rest is your own destiny!

But, everything is noticeably revamped for the Nintendo DS
EVERY Pokemon(up til DP&PT mind you.) has a place in the National Dex, along with a Jhoto Dex that has a few suprises in it whilst you're completing it.
There are events scattered throughout Kanto and Jhoto! (Pokemon appearing, new items, new places, ect)
The Pokemon at the top of your party walks with you, no matter how big it is!(although you return bigger Pokemon to their Pokeball when in a building, for obvious reasons)
Double Battles are popular here, too!
A new Pokeathelon type of mini-game makes an appearance in Jhoto.
(big one here folks!)Trading across DP&PT AND the Kanto Safari Zone is now a Pal Park, accessible WITHOUT THE NATIONAL DEX!(Actually you get the National Dex after you beat the Elite 4 so... yay~)
The Pokewalker(AKA Pokemon mini's little brother!)accessory that let's you "walk" with your Pokemon IRL!(I.n R.eal L.ife BTW)
All the nostalgiaiy goodness that we knew when we where kids!


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