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on May 13, 2003
Many people say that the Orange Islands episodes were bad. I, however, am certainly not one of them. I honestly think that they were among the best episodes overall: since they are not based on anything concrete (the way the Indigo and Johto League episodes were based on the GameBoy games), the writers were given much more creative license, and they used it with great success. I applaud Nintendo and 4Kids for taking this step since I love these episodes so much. For you out there who are reading this because you aren't sure whether or not to buy this DVD, I say take the chance. If you like Pokemon in general, this should not disappoint. I will concede that some of these episodes were not that wonderful, but the several really great episodes on this disc serve to balance the few that are not. If you already know that you don't like the Orange League episodes, then you probably should not even be reading this in the first place. And for those of you who are Pokemon fans, I think that this disc contains the best of the Orange League episodes.
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on August 16, 2003
I bought this DVD back when it first came out but I'm only now getting around to reviewing it. Anyway, after wondering why they skipped the Orange Islands when putting out the DVDs they FINALLY came out with this..a TWELVE episode disc! Compared with the other Pokemon DVDs which have like 3 episodes (probably why I never bought any of those) at the same price so this is a truly awesome deal. The Orange Islands are my favorite episodes in the whole Pokemon series. I just wish there were more eps, like a full season. The atmosphere is just so lighthearted and fun..guess that tropical climate really helps. I don't really like Tracey but it's okay cuz he mostly feels like a background character who's just along for the ride. Which means that most of the focus is on Ash and Misty with plenty of Pokeshippy moments! My only complaint...would it KILL them to add some special features?? Over all, it's a great buy for any Pokemon fan and even if you're not and say you're looking to get this for your kid, it's MUCH more enjoyable and easier to sit through than say the boring Johto Journies eps. Thanks for readin!
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on June 12, 2017
This was purchased before you could buy the complete seasons. It contains 12 episodes.
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on December 4, 2002
After a year long delay, the first of the three Orange Islands DVDs has finally been released! Pokemon fans know the Orange Island series as a short 33 episode "bridge" between the Indigo Pokemon League (the Red and Blue games) and the Johto League (based on the Gold and Silver games). Some regard the Orange League episodes as the best of the series, as this was the only series that was not based on the video games, so the writers were given more creative freedom about what they could have the characters do.
In a nutshell, Ash, Misty and Brock arrive on the Orange Islands to retrieve a mysterious Pokeball for Professor Oak. While Ash and Misty decide to go off and explore the islands, Brock stays behind to assist Prof. Ivy. Ash and Misty soon meet up with Tracey, a Pokemon Watcher who likes to sketch Pokemon and people. He travels with them, which turns out to be a good idea, since he is familiar with the entire Orange Island chain. As they explore and discover new Pokemon, Ash is also competing in the Orange League (what a shocker, huh?)
This DVD contains 12 episodes:
-Pallet Party Panic - Picking up right where the Indigo League left off, Pallet Town is throwing a party for Ash, but some uninvited guests stir up trouble...
-A Scare in the Air - Traveling to the Orange Islands by blimp sounds like a good idea, but with Team Rocket piloting, you know trouble's coming.
-Pokeball Peril - Arriving on the Orange Islands, Ash and company meet the beautiful Professor Ivy, who possesses a strange Pokeball.
-The Lost Lapras - Ash and Misty meet up with Tracey, and they try to help a injured Lapras to find its family.
-Fit To Be Tide - Ash faces off with his first Gym Leader, but finds the Orange League a lot different to what he's used to...
-Pikachu Revolts! - Someone is controlling the minds of Pokemon! Could someone nastier than Jessie and James be behind it?
-The Crystal Onix - Ash helps a little girl find an Onix made entirely out of glass to help inspire her sculptor brother.
-In The Pink - After getting stranded by whirlpools, our heroes discover an islands inhabited by pink Pokemon!
-Shell Shock - Ancient Pokemon fossils are being uncovered, which could lead to a dark prophesy.
-Stage Fight! - Ash comes upon a traveling stage show featuring Pokemon, but one of the stars doesn't feel like performing.
-Bye Bye, Psyduck! - Misty's blundering Psyduck finally evolves into the super cool Golduck!... or did it?
-The Joy of Pokemon - Ash and company meet a super tough Nurse Joy who aids Pokemon on small islands.
The quality of the video is only a bit better than VHS, which is acceptable since there are 12 episodes jammed onto one disc. The audio is great, though pursuits will grip that there is still no Japanese track. Subtitles are available and fortunately the disc goes to the main menu instead of playing the episodes immediately. The trailer for Pokemon 4Ever is also available.
Any Pokemon fan would love this DVD and it is highly recommended, as these are some of the most creative episodes from the entire series. Let's hope Volume Two doesn't take another three years to come out!
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on June 14, 2003
This is a must have! Since it was made quite a while after season 2, the end of season one and some of season two are jam packed on this DVD! I'm going to use the Japanese name of the characters [since this IS a Japanese cartoon] but the English episode titles so you know what I'm talking about. Musashi=Jessica, Kojiro=James, Nyaasu=Meowth, Satoshi=Ash, Kasumi=Misty, Kenji=Tracey, Takeshi=Brock, Pikachu=Pikachu, Sakaki=Giovanni, Professor Ookido=Professor Oak, Yamoto=Cassidy, Kosaburu=Butch, Officer Junsar=Officer Jenny, Psyduck=Koduck, Soonansu=Wobbuffet, Nurse Joi=Nurse Joy
Pallet Party Panic [Season 1]: Satoshi is celebrating his victory as 15th place in the Indigo Pokémon League but since our wish-they-were-evil-but-their-boss-just-likes-to-lie-to-them villains Musashi, Kojiro, & Nyaasu 'spice-up' the party by making Satoshi, Kasumi, and Takeshi's food flaming hot. They then steal what-they-THINK-their-boss-wants-them-to-steal, Satoshi's Pikachu, and 'end the party in a bang' with bombs of theirs. Unfortunately, this 'back fires'!
A Scare In The Air [Season 1]: Satoshi wins a trip to an island in the Orange Archapellago so Musashi, Kojiro, & Nyaasu notify their boss. Sakaki tells them they'll be promoted to The Duridgible Division [M, K, N (short for Musashi, Kojiro, & Nyaasu) call it "The Blimp Brigade". ...M & K flunked out of school and N, not being a human, never went to school so they tend to be pretty dumb at times] when he really wanted them to crash for insurance purposes-and that they'd be dead so he would never have to deal with them again.
PokéBall Perril: The blimp lands on the destination where Satoshi goes to pick up a PokéBall for Proff. Ookido. The professor with the PokéBall caught Takeshi's love interest [as do the majority of the girls he meets] and stays at her laboratory [though when he returns to the Kanto region he becomes miserable at the mention of her name.]
The Lost Lapras: Three Pokémon Trainers are abusing a baby Pokémon that was separated from its school so a Pokémon Watcher/Pokémon Researcher named Kenji comes along with a potion to revive it. The Pokémon is very vulnerable and shy but develops a slight comfort around humans via Satoshi protecting it from being stolen.
Fit To Be Tide: Satoshi's first Gym Battle for an Orange League Badge. What? A Water Race??? Just what is the Gym Leader trying to pull?!
Pikachu Re-Volts: Kosaburu & Yamoto, a former friend of Musashi's, are at it again! They use the method of hypnotism to lure Pokémon into being stolen. To the protagonist's misfortune, Musashi & Kojiro are the only ones who know the culpirates-and that means helping out their nemesis: Officer Junsar!
The Crystal Onix: A little girl sends out a message in a bottle asking for information about a Crystal Pokémon that sparked the artistic abilities of a family member that her brother needs to keep his glass sculpting shop from going out of buisiness.
In The Pink: Musashi, Kojiro, & Nyaasu accidentally wind up on an island with Pink Pokémon that is forbidden due to poachers such as themselves. Having very out-of-the-ordianary ideas, they want to steal the Pink Pokémon to partake in performances at a theme park the infamous trio plans to purchase [even though by then they stoped getting paid from their major job, having to rely of their part-time jobs].
Shell Shock!: An ancient prophecy foretells that messing with an island, there will be a red moon and the island will sink. An expedition is led to observe Pokémon's fossilized shells and Musashi, Kojiro, & Nyaasu come along. You do the math.
Stage Fight!: A Pokémon Showboat holds preformances by actors voicing Pokémon [who are acting and matching the lip-flap] back stage. One of the actor's voices went thanks to Kojiro so a girl takes his place-but she is just begining to understand her Pokémon, which is very easily scared and cryies a lot.
Bye Bye Psyduck: Say what?! Kasumi's Koduck evolved?! Can't be! That thing is dumber than Musashi's Soonansu! ...Or could it be true? If it is then go Kasumi!
The Joy of Pokémon: Kenji falls in love with a Nurse Joi [as he does for every other hot chic] and becomes very worried about her safety during a storm, not thinking about his own safety. Blinded by love he almost costs the lives of dangerously sick Pokémon.
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on November 1, 2002
The Orange Island series was, in my oh-so-humble opinion, *the* very best series run on "Pokemon".
Seriously: Brock gets replaced by another boy, "Tracey Sketchit", for the series, and he's more mature and serious than the wild-girl-crazy kid. Sure, he has his moments and he does notice girls, but he doesn't have a major attack every time he sees anything female like it was with Brock.
The shows are colorful and funny, and I love the Lapras pokemon and new additions to the pokemon species: a favorite of most fans is "marill", Tracey's little water-mouse. All in all, the series was great and here's a 26 year old cartoonist telling you that herself! ^_^
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on November 11, 2016
accidentally ordered 2
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on June 26, 2002
There are some of my favorite episodes in this saga. We learn how Ash matures and becomes a much better Pokémon trainer who confronts tough Gym leaders in these islands. Although I miss Brock, Tracey provides a good support role for Misty and Ash and a much more mature outlook on things than Brock did. We finally see Ash take control of Charizard and a superb matchup between him and Dragonite in the Orange League championship! Ash really started to come along in this season which is starting to be diminished by the way the Johto series is going.
Anyway... I highly recommend this DVD and hope all the better episodes are included.
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on January 22, 2013
I remember watching this show on tv and it's just so nostalgic that I had to buy the DVD collection and now I can watch it as many times as I want!
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on November 27, 2002
Obviously, if you like Pokemon this is certainly a DVD to purchase.
A below review stating that "Pallet Party Panic" is not included in the DVD is incorrect, that episode is contained in this collection.
These episodes comprise a nice change of pace for the Pokemon series, removing the usual Brock formula and introducing a few slightly broader episode plots. Don't worry, though, as Brock will be back for Johto.
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