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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on April 5, 2015
I bought this sweep because I had owned an earlier version of it which had functioned reliably for well over 10 years. I replaced that older 380 with a Polaris 280, which lasted less than a year in service, and never functioned properly when it was in the pool. So, with one good Polaris experience (the original 380) and one poor Polaris experience (the replacement 280) under my belt, I gave them another chance, and bought this 380.

When it runs, it works well, but it has a bad habit of locking the wheels, which requires me to remove it from the pools and manually push the wheels into rotation again. After that, it may function well for a few minutes or a few days, but never as reliably as its forebearer.

After a few sessions of breaking the wheels free by hand, I disassembled it to see why it was locking (something the first 380 NEVER did in the many years that I owned it). Firstly, I noticed that the scroll housing which covers the impeller wheel is held in place by a single screw, a method which does not bode well for reliability.

Then I noticed that the hose fitting which secured the input hose to the single jet plenum in the venturi tube was covered in a thick gob of what looks like white silastic; the two hose connectors leading to the two-jet plenum on the other side of the venturi tube are correctly fastened with no sealer in sight.

I sent pictures to the Zodiac support man who answered my telephone inquiry, and asked him why a brand-new Polaris (sold by Amazon Direct, by the way) should look like it had been patched before it was sold, rather than have the (probable) leaking parts replaced before the piece shipped out.

After he saw the photos that I sent to him, he replied, and I quote:

"I talked with my Lead Tech. and he stated that all the cleaners are coming out of the factory that way now. I apologize for it looking that way but it should not affect your cleaner. As far as the one screw holding that plastic together has been tested and we have not had any known problems with the design."

In my opinion, Polaris is de-contenting their designs, which is a euphemism for cheapening them, and I sincerely suggest that buyers of their equipment think carefully before committing to the purchase of these pieces of equipment, because they are singularly expensive ab initio.

As for me, I've bought my last Polaris/Zodiac product.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on July 28, 2016
This is my second Polaris 380. The last one lasted 14 years and over those years I did need to replace a back up valve which was damaged because I did not drain it properly and it froze and cracked over the winter. I live in Utah and so the cleaner was generally used 2 hours per day from mid May until mid Sept. each year. I would also like to say that I have the original booster pump that has lasted 28 years. If a persons pool was open all year, I would not expect it to last that long. The price was so much less at Amazon that I wondered if it came with the full set of hoses and leaf bag. It does and the price could not be beat anywhere. The price was less than buying through other online companies even with a current rebate. Now I did not have to hassle with the rebate even. One note is that the instructions for cutting the hoses properly was confusing to me. So go to youtube or the polaris website and watch the video. That cleared it up for me. Cutting the hoses to the proper length will affect how efficiently your poolsweep works. If you leave the hoses too long it will get tangled and not clean correctly. One of my local pool stores was charging almost twice as much.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on July 25, 2017
I bought this as a direct replacement. The previous item was from over a decade ago. It lasted for a long, long time. This one works, but is made more cheaply. More on that later.

I love it when it works. The idea of being able to plop this in the water, walk away for a few hours, come back and my pool is clean is very appealing. The thing crawls over the whole bottom surface of my 30,000 gallon pool, including the walls. It has enough power to pick up everything from sediment to decent-sized leaves. I only need to brush the bottom occasionally, and I only need to manually remove larger pieces of debris, such as small branches that fall into the pool after a large storm. Nice concept, and mostly fulfills its advertised functionality.

I doesn't always work seamlessly though. I have nothing to compare it with in terms of other cleaners. But this cleaner takes a lot of adjustment to work properly. You need to cut the tubing to the right length. You need to put the right size restrictor plate on the feeder hose opening. Then you need to adjust the floaters on the feed hose. You need to adjust the jet that propels the cleaner. It's an awful lot of tweaking. It feels like this should be easier than it is.

Also, the feeder hose often becomes tangled. The problem is that the joints don't always rotate enough to keep the hose straight. You would think this is easy to solve with a better design for the rotating joints. But it hasn't been solved. The older product had this problem, and so does the newer product.

Finally it's obvious to me, having owned both an older model and a newer model, that Zodiac is using cheaper material for the feeder hose now. Mine has developed a leak after only 2 months of use. The previous hose lasted over a decade!! That's an incredible loss of quality. Sure, I can buy more hose but I shouldn't have to. It should just work. It should just hold up. But it didn't, and that's disappointing.

I can still recommend this product, but I wish it was a little better than it is. I'm "all in" so to speak, since my pool has the special plumbing for the additional pressure feed with the special pump. If you decide to install the infrastructure to support this cleaner, rest assured you aren't making a mistake, but be prepared for it to be a little less than easy-peasy.
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on July 27, 2017
I bought a home about two years ago with a pool. The pool already had a Polaris 380 but it was at least 15 years old. The Polaris was faded and worn looking. I had to replace parts over the last year and decided to get a quote to rebuild it. The quote from a local dealer was "about $300". I checked on the kits to do it myself and they also were high. The dealer wanted $750 for a new unit. I looked on Amazon and found a great buy for a couple of hundred less than the dealer price. So....I decided to buy a new one in hopes of getting 15 years out of the new one. Simple installation as I just cut the hose using the old hose for length measurement. Had in the pool within 30 minutes and let it run overnight.
Wow - This cleaned the pool...including going up the walls. I have an electric pool cleaner that I use when the pool is a mess such as after a storm. This new unit cleaned as good as my electric pool cleaner. This really showed me how poor my original was performing. I am amazed and very pleased with the performance.
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on July 7, 2017
I like it. Have a 15'x30' gunnite pool with 9' deep end using a single pump and motor. The Polaris 360 shipped with an adapter that fit my pressure-side return located midway along the length of the pool. After a few minutes of initial assembly and configuration, I fired up the pump and put the Polaris to work. I did have to tweak the pressure on the return, but was able to eyeball the device as it roamed the bottom and make necessary adjustments. I didn't use the RPM method. The hose length was very easy to adjust; I simply removed a single section which made the overall length perfect for my pool size. The hose does not bind or knot itself at all. My pump runs four hours a day here in Dallas, TX which is plenty for the Polaris to thoroughly clean the debris from the bottom. It picks up all but the finest of dirt. The bag is somewhat cumbersome to clean when wet, so I purchased a couple of extra zippered bags and just swap them while allowing the current bag to dry thus making it easier to clean. The bottom line: take some time to get the pressure tweaked correctly; adjust the vector nozzle; adjust the hose length and you will be pleased with this device.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on October 24, 2016
This is our third Polaris 380 in 17 years. We run it almost constantly -- I realize that we could just use it for a few hours at a time but it is h
Just easier for us to keep it on most of the time. It works very well. I looked at other cleaners this last time and realized that, because we already had a variety of bags and spare parts from our last 380, it would be significantly more economical to stick with the Polaris. Besides, it really does work well and I didn't see any significant evidence that anything else would work better.
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on May 23, 2017
I would give it 4.5, but it had defects right out of the box. Without the defect, I would have only 4.5 because the set up instructions needs to be understood by an engineering guru, crazy, good thing I am an aviation engineer. The float on the unit, (not the line floats), was cracked in the center, so after I spent two hours adjusting all the points, it started running on its side. Another two hours thinking I had the set up wrong, and thanks to u tube I figured out the leak in the float. $8 more for a new float at my local pool supply and this thing is great. Cleans the pool better than the old Jet Vac I had. If yours ever runs on its side, replace the float. I was not happy with a whole day spent setting something up that is so expensive. I would recommend it, I am just a little peed at Polaris for poor Q/A.
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on July 28, 2017
I was thinking of buying a Robotic one and I am happy I didn't. The thing that threw it over for me was that the Polaris 380 is kept in the pool. The Robotic should be taken out. If not you have an electrical cord running over your deck. I have dogs so that wasn't an option. Where do you store it when it is out? From what I read on other posts it was 3 or 4 years before you had to repair it. I replaced my 380 with a new one and it keeps my pool sparkling clean. Walls, stairs and everything. My old one lasted around 20 years. They are pretty much bullet proof.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on October 5, 2016
I went on a business trip for a couple months. It took longer than I had expected and when I came back. I connected the Polaris to the pool system and NOTHING, the wheels where moving in 1 inch intervals. So I thought it might be the pump. I gave it to my brother to connect in his pool. Because his pool uses a Polaris. It would be the perfect test. NOTHING AT ALL.

Stay Away. No refunds
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on October 11, 2014
Works great! Have to adjust the pressure 1st time and let it go! Very pleased!
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