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VINE VOICEon October 15, 2010
The Polaroid DVF-130GC USB Camcorder with 2.0-inch LCD Display (Green) is pretty great for what it is. What is it: a cheap plastic video camera. what you get for around $30 is pretty astonishing: it is reasonably well built, a good size to pocket/ carry, the video (and still) quality is not too bad. I'd say it is comparable to the early Flip cameras at a fraction the cost. There are a few features you would not expect to finds on a camera in this price range, like the ability to expand memory with sd cards. it also has a small zoom (which, because it is digital, rather than optical, is pretty inconsequential). The video quality is roughly par with web cams, but unlike web cams, it is portable.

I bought one of these cameras for my (then) 12 year old son for a trip to Disneyland. I did not want him taking his more expensive camera and risk dropping it losing it, or even having to worry about it (which would diminish his enjoyment of the park). At $30, I figured that if he dropped it off the ferris wheel it was no biggie, not something I'd stress about, again, putting a damper on the fun. It enabled him to have a camera with him on the trip, completely eliminating any source of stress related to it.

As it turns out, he has used it more at home. He brought it to school for a project which involved shooting video. (I am glad I didn't have to loan him our camera for the project!) He has had a lot of fun with it, and the shots were pretty decent.

Am I going to ditch my Lumix for this? No way, but for a cheap (almost toy) camera it is pretty decent; i.e., better than I would have thought.
If you want some clips for a web page, for example, this is a good choice. the resolution is comparable, compatible with what is allowed on most servers.

*IT'S A $30 CAMERA* No, it will not impress. but, if you are looking for something to give a child, and not have to worry, this works pretty well. (Also not bad for adults who do not want to worry about what they are carrying, and who would rather enjoy the experience than worry about stuff); a good choice for when you are hiking/ camping or in an environment which would damage a good camera.
It is easy to use: intuitive, small, relatively sturdy and, in my opinion, pretty decent for the price. At $100 I wouldn't look at it, but that is not what it costs. It gives you more features and better quality than anything else I have found in this price range: the top of a very small heap ;)
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on February 2, 2014
Still can't break through the packaging.. I've attempted to open this up, but I can't cut or tear through it. This will probably be re-gifted as a birthday present to the same person, after I take it to my favorite electronics store with receipt and ask for a little help opening it. Good thing the recipient is older - they will probaly be amazed that they got a camera that they always wanted. Unbeknownst to them, it'll be the 2nd time!

This packaging should be used to deter thieves, not paying customers. I will now make an effort to give kudos to the sellers that offer pain-free packaging :)
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on April 13, 2010
I read all the reviews on this tiny camcorder before purchasing it, and also googled it plus "manual" to find the FULL MANUAL pdf to thoroughly investigate it before purchasing the camera. The full manual answers most of the questions/reservations that came up in the reviews, and would have saved the people a lot of grief. Oddly, it isn't in the printed materials with the camera; I didn't need to use the software since my ancient Apple macintosh recognized it without needing extra software. I don't know if windows could, though.

I use the 8 gig memory card, which installed fine, formatted properly (you do the formatting immediately; before using it for the first time, as described in the camera's pdf manual).

I also got the case, but it's really too small for ease of use.

for your info: 1. Download the pdf manual and read it to see if this camera fits your requirements 2. if it does, then definitely get the 8-gig memory for it.

Note: If you need to use a viewfinder to actually see the screen, as in sunlight, this might not be the camera for you - find one with a viewfinder, or use this one as an extra, when you don't want to lug your main camera (the 8mp still camera of course gives more options and better resolution... at a many times the price of this little critter. This one's great for fun stuff, where I didn't need the bigger (my years-old 8mp large, heavy camera).

Experimenting with the little polaroid: the stills and also little movie clips I took do show up fine on the computer.

Having a spare usb cable would make it much easier to connect to the computer. I think the online ad/listing for the camera should say to download the pdf FULL MANUAL, to definitely use the 8 gig memory, and the hint to have a spare usb cable, but these things do not detract from the actual camera.
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on April 1, 2010
I got this as a Birthday gift for my Dad. At 77 he is more tech savvy than most his age, but I think even had this not been the case, the Polaroid DVF130RC Digital Camcorder would have been a winner. What pleased me most was that this USB camcorder was compatible with his older Mac that does not have a recent operating platform - many companies lack sensitivity to this issue! He likes the fact that he can take still photos as well as moving images. The specs make it seem like you need to purchase a separate memory card in order for the camera to work, but this point is a little misleading.... The memory card is optional. The Polaroid DVF130RC has enough internal memory to get you started. The memory card probably comes in handy once you have become familiar and are doing fancier stuff with the device.
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on January 3, 2014
I got this for my young niece that loves to create her own videos and take goofy pictures. She has tried some of the "for kids" cameras and they did not work for her, she always went back to using her mother's iPhone. She loves this camera, it works well for her and is simple to use. She is having a blast doing her videos and pictures, able to share, post or save them easily from the computer.
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VINE VOICEon June 8, 2013
My 8-year-old loves this...it's simple to operate and takes an SD card allowing storage. The quality of the pictures is not the best, and they're often blurry (combination of user and lack of quality). Also, wow, does this thing eat AA batteries. So, don't buy this if you're expecting your pictures to look like they were taken after 2003. However, do buy it if your kids would enjoy it (and be ready to confiscate it when they take unauthorized videos of you "scratching" your nose!).
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on March 16, 2014
Bought this for my 6-year old's birthday. I think he will love it. I tested it out, both the quality of the pictures and the videos seems to be excellent. I got an 8 GB card for it and the camera tells me it will now store two hours of video and several thousand pictures. It was easy to set up for my boy and has enough advanced features for most adult uses. Highly recommend the red color for the price. I do not know why the red color makes this about half the price of the other colors.
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on January 8, 2010
I purchased this item for my daughter for Christmas. For the price it takes nice video. I'm not sure about the still pics because this was bought specifically to be used as a camcorder and she also received a very nice digital camera for still pics.
However, all of that being said, it is worth nothing if you don't buy a memory card with it. Even reading the description and seeing the built in memory I wasn't aware just how little it has. My daughter was able to use less than one minute of video recording before it told her the memory was full and she could do no more. I know it is a low priced item but if it is going to require a memory card to really be able to be used then there should be a disclaimer stating such on the item description. To me that is a bit dishonest and misleading for anyone who isn't automatically able to convert memory size into usable time. When my daughter opened it on Christmas, I was embarrassed at just how little she was able to use it due to the lack of built in memory.
I feel like, overall, this is well worth the money I paid for it and my daughter loves the quality of the videos she is able to take. I still would recommend buying it but I would highly recommend buying a memory card as well or it will be fairly useless until you do.
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on August 12, 2010
Despite some poor reviews, I picked this pocket camcorder due to the price and because all I wanted was something I could use for YouTube videos. The maximum viewing size of the videos it takes is equivalent to a 4x6 inch photo print which is more than enough for what I want. Any bigger than this (like viewing full screen or on TV) and the video will become blurry and pixelated. It is very easy to use and comes with software for direct uploading to YouTube. I have used this camcorder indoors and outdoors with good results. This camcorder can also take still pictures but I have not tried this feature yet. In all it has been exactly what I was looking for and I am very happy with my purchase.

Bottom line for me is that you should know what to expect. If you are hoping this camcorder will be like a flip mino or some other more expensive pocket camcorder, than you will be disappointed.

In one of the reviews here I found a link to videos on YouTube that were made with this camcorder which I found more helpful in making my decision to purchase than most of the reviews here on amazon.


I recommend anyone considering purchasing this camcorder review these so you know what you can expect from this product.
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on June 4, 2013
Grandchildren like the camera, but without the memory stick it only takes a picture or two. The products came well packaged and in good condition. The children like having a device to record there adventures, but are waiting now for their birthdays to come rolling around for a memory stick to use the camera as intended. The device does not come with a wrist strap as described, so I am looking into getting those when I get the memory sticks for their birthdays. The other downer for this device is it doesn't have the flat rechargeable battery that last longer than two "AA" batteries. This device is just the right size for small hands.
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