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on January 11, 2012
I was really torn between giving this 4 or 5 stars. While there are no real problems with the little printer, it's not "perfect", so I'm going to try to justify my 4 star rating.

It works great. Install the battery and film pack, charge it up, and go. I've tested it via the GL10 application on my Mac, and by transferring a file over BlueTooth. They both work exactly as they should.

Picture quality - now here's the issue I have. Since you're printing pictures, should the quality be the number 1 issue? Obviously you can't expect the world from a $100 pocket printer, so from my first couple of tests, I would say the quality is "good enough". Of course, I haven't tested different file sizes, and the issue I had with the first 2 prints may be that they are scaled down too much, and that is hurting the quality. The pics look great, till you get in close, and then you can see they're obviously digital prints. I still need to play with the input file sizes to see if I just need to pick an "optimum" size. So I'm going to rate this as really good for a $100 pocket printer. Much better than I had hoped, actually. But it may require specific size input files to get the best printouts.

The "film" is kind of pricey. Of course, you can get it on-line for less than list price, but $20 for 30 prints seems a bit high??? Of course, these don't require any ink, so again, that's debatable.

The one complaint I do have is support. The first printer I got was DOA. Would not power up or connect no matter what I did. No help files, FAQ, drivers, anything really on Polaroid's page. So, I used Amazon's great return policy and just ordered a new one. 2nd one worked fine. But the instructions say "get the GL10 application". OK, where? I had to do some searching to find how to get to the link. Just bad support/design, in my opinion. Their web page just has some very simple info on the products and a big "Buy Now" button. Where's the user manuals, etc? Polaroid, fix this, please.

Bottom line, this thing is awesome. I can carry it with my camera/cell phone, and as long as I have film and a charged battery, I can print directly from either my pocket camera, my SLR or my phone easily. Still need more experimentation with file sizes, I have a feeling that 13mega-pixel prints on the 4x3 film is pushing the limits a bit much, but that really is to be expected. Would be nice if they provided a recommended pic size, though. The manual isn't good for much more than how to read the status of the lights, and what the BlueTooth code is.
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on May 30, 2013
I looked at several portable printers before I chose this one because it is the smallest printer that will produce satisfactory sized photos. The printer is about 4.5" x 3" x 1.25", or the size of a small book. Its not too heavy, but it does have a sizable charger (about 3.5" x 2" x1").
The POGO printer is smaller, but it is more for fun due to the small size of the photo stickers it prints. I travel and want to give instant prints on the fly as gifts. I had to jailbreak my iPhone (Apple Unlocker, takes 5 minutes), then installed a non-Apple application called AirBlueSharing. I am not promoting these but they worked very easily for me and you can find info on these online by others. Anyway, I was able to print using my iPhone via Bluetooth on my first try.
The Polaroid GL-10 worked very well, and I was able to go through about 4 ten packs of photos on one charge, which is really good in my opinion. The quality of the photos was very good using my iPhone, and more true to the photos on the phone than the ones I took with my Canon S100 digital camera (only USB with this camera) which I thought was a bit strange. The photos had some fuzziness around the edges when taken in low light, but were more crisp with good light. There is a tendency for white backgrounds in shadow to appear to have a slight magenta cast, but was not unpleasant nor distracting at all. All in all the printer performs as described, spitting out photos in under a minute. The prints are very
durable and come out dry. The cost per print is not bad, and a better deal if you get a ten pack of ten prints per pack (100 prints). I think its a nifty device and although
I was disappointed that it was not compatible with the iPhone right off the bat, the workaround was easy to do and cheap and did not affect my phone in any way, but please research any questions you have to satisfy yourself. I did not give it 5 stars because of the print quality, and the size of the photos, which I would prefer to be a little bit larger. Get an extra battery if you travel.
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on June 3, 2013
If you plan to use this with anything other an Android device or digital camera, stop reading now. It is not worth your money or hassle. Most of the magic of this device is from the promise of wireless printing from a smartphone. This printer simply will not work with iOS, Windows Phone, or any other type of device. If you choose to keep it connected to your PC (which defeats a lot of the portability and functionality), the windows drivers are actually non-standard drivers, forcing you to run a dedicated program to print. The printer does not show up a generic USB device (!).

If you've gotten past that, what you'll find is something that is quite novel and fun to use. There is something exciting about getting a tangible object you can hand someone. The quality of the printouts is quite good. Not super accurate color wise, but extremely durable and a good spiritual successor to the polaroid prints from the past.

But for many people, this will not work for them, and money should be saved for when Polaroid can fix their driver issues. It's a complete shame as the printer hardware itself is quite nice. I've never experienced a piece of hardware so crippled by it's software implementation.
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on April 3, 2016
Kids now have no clue how fun it was waiting for the Polaroid picture to come out, this is the second best thing to the original Polaroid camera. I even have the kids shake the picture after it comes out (even though I it doesn't do anything). The picture quality is decent, photos are expensive but I'd still pay double if I had to. I try to give at least one picture to everyone involved in the event or hosts of the get-together.
It's just a fun gadget but unfortunately they are now discontinued and seems that the newest printer models are the smaller 2x3 and not the 3x4. So it's time to stalk up.
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on March 24, 2014
If you're expecting fine quality you're looking in the wrong direction. If you want something light to keep in your back pocket or messenger bag that can print decent enough photos and don't care if the scaling and color quality is imperfect, this is great. It works just fine with my Nikon D90 and Android phones. Sometimes we keep travel journals and like to print quick shots while still on the trip. I'm not lugging around a professional printer and I rarely travel to places with print shops in the vicinity. This gets it done well enough.
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on November 19, 2014
Love this printer

Never have to buy ink say what!

I ended up bulk purchasing a bunch of the zink paper just in case ha

The quality isn't the best but the best isn't expected, this a great grab and go item and it amazes everyone I show it too.

I'm waiting for Polaroid to hurry up and make a new version already! 4x6 if you're reading Polaroid!
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on May 27, 2014
The phone app connected to the GL10 is not for iPhones. So I was not able to set up the bluetooth feature on my phone. Although I was able to use bluetooth from my computer it was drastically slower than connecting via a cord to the printer.
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on August 7, 2015
Decent quality pictures. Fun to have. I recently got an iPhone and disappointed that it doesn't work with it. But still works with bf phone.
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on September 27, 2011
Outstanding product! Congratulations for the wonderful ideea. Everything is right about this product, starting with the portability (dimensions, weight, battery operated) and ending with the conectivity (Bluetooth and USB). The speed is satisfactory (Bluetooth file transfer actually takes longer than the printing itself). No drivers required for Windows 7 for pairing the device via Bluetooth. This method however doesn't allow you to control much of the printing process (right click on the picture you need to print and select 'Send to Bluetooth') and adds the file transfer delay to the overall printing process. If you try to connect with the USB, you will need drivers. The manual says you should go to the and download the software from there. Which I did but I couldn't find any. Maybe it's just me. Probably this minor thing it's going to be address in the near future (hey, I said 'outstanding', not 'perfect'!).
On a personal note, a bigger printer size (like 4x6) would mean you have your very own photo lab.
I am definetly recommanding this product for home&fun use.
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on May 24, 2013
back in 1999 i wrote to polaroid begging them to somehow combine digital camera technology and their instant polaroid prints. no one ever replied but now it's finally here! you have the best of both worlds: the ability to take as many pictures as you want without wasting any prints and the ability to print instantaneously the exact photo that you ink, no cartridges, prints that don't smear...that you can share! and yes, the prints are not stellar, but they have that same feel as a polaroid. i always felt that polaroid prints made everyone look great; no high def magnification of flaws, just kind of smoothed out images that were flattering. digital cameras have made us forget about the fun of printing images...this new little printer makes it easier to start printing out images again. these new prints are great for journaling, the perfect size to glue on to a page for you to surround with handwritten text or to use in your next personal or work related creative project. i love it!
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