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on August 9, 2015
My tools: Polaroid Zip Instant Mobile Printer, iPhone 6+.

1. This Polaroid POGO paper didn't work on my Polaroid Zip Instant Mobile Printer. The printer said "Paper Mismatch" when loaded. It seems like the printer could not read the blue barcode (if it does read, the blue paper should be scanned in and out for 5s, but for this one it scanned out only!). get this POGO Paper worked on Polaroid Zip Instant Mobile Printer, you may need a little trick. Here is mine, I replace the blue barcode of POGO paper with the blue barcode of the Premium Zink Zero Paper, and then everything works just fine. :)

2. This POGO paper gives a cold color tone (bluish) while the Zink paper gives a warm color tone (yellowish). I attached sample of both paper, you may wanna check them out.

3. If you want to adjust the color tone of your image (to match with each paper type), I would recommend you to use the app called "PicsPlay Pro". This app basically a tiny tiny version of Photoshop.

Hope this feedback helps other buyers :) ...
review image
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on November 28, 2016
I read everyone's reviews and was hesitant at first because I read about how some people had expired paper sent to them covered with a sticker, or that they didn't have sticky-backed paper, and the issue with the paper not scanning or working in their printer.
I bit the bullet and ordered though because of the price and because I had saved the old blue scanner paper to use with the new paper.

so for issue #1: when my package arrived I searched all over for stickers or any expiration dates. I didn't have any stickers covering anything, but I also didn't see any expiration dates labeled. As someone else mentioned, does the expiration date really affect the paper that much? It doesn't sound like it.

issue #2: Sticky-back, initially when they arrived, I looked and said to myself that everyone was right and they aren't. Well, after some playing around with one, I actually am able to peel off the back, and the one's I received do have sticky backs. It doesn't make a difference to me though becuase I don't see myself sticking them to anything except gifts.

Issue #3: People complaining that it won't work in their printer. I think I figured it out. So at first I tried with the insert that came with them, it didn't work. Then I inserted my old blue insert and it also didn't work. I was becoming frustrated. Well, what worked for me was just turning off the machine and then turning it back on with the paper inside. It just started working.

Issue #4: I saw poeple complaining about the bluish tint or reddish tints? It's possible these do have a different tint than the original, but even the original wasn't printing high quality. The only thing I can think of is to just edit the picture with the edit settings and adjust it and try to make it print the way you want it. It's not a big deal and the pics come out a little darker. What do you expect though, high quality pictures? Then order from a fancy place.

The only issue I did have that nobody else mentioned was: The little packets say they are a 10 pack....well, I think they're including the little blue insert....because there were only 9 photo papers in the one I opened so far. That's a little bit of a jib, because each missing one adds up and then it makes me feel like hey maybe I'm not getting everything that I paid for here.

Hope this review helps! Overall, I'd probably buy them again, mostly for printing fun pics to give out with gifts!
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on August 12, 2016
I had my doubts about this paper but it turned out pretty good, the premium zink paper is for sure better but for the price you can't complain.

There were some conflicted answers on if this works with the snap camera or not but I gave it a shot anyways and yup it for sure works but the main difference between this paper vs the premium is that this is a lot softer, it feels real thin vs the premium that feels like actual film this feels like real sticker paper. Color wise, with the 2 packs I have tested so far has a blue tint to it, very faint but it's there. Not a deal breaker, infact I kind of like it cause it makes the sepia mode better and not as washed out.
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on April 4, 2017
I bought this paper to go in my Polaroid Snap camera despite the reviews and description that said it would not work. In all actuality, YES, it does work in the Polaroid Snap camera. You just have to use the blue barcode sheet from a Polaroid Premium Zink packet in order for it to work. To clarify: Do NOT use the blue barcode sheet from the Polaroid Pogo media pack in this listing. You will have to already have a blue barcode sheet from the Premium Polaroid Zink pack in order for it to work. A few additional things worth noting: Despite the fact that this listing says it is "non-expiring paper", the paper I was sent in the 80 pack was, in fact, expired. As someone in another review noted, the seller has used alcohol or acetone to remove the expiration date from the package. However, they were not thorough, and one pack I received still had the expiration date on it which read 2010. I may have been frustrated, but after snapping a few pictures that turned out fine, I determined that the expiration date was not an issue and that for the purpose of creating a photo album for my sister's bachelorette party, this cheap and expired paper will work just fine. Now, to compare it to the Premium Zink photo paper-- some reviews stated that there is a blue tint to this Pogo paper that is not seen in the Premium paper. I disagree. My Premium Zink photo paper had a blue tint to it which was more noticeable than on the Pogo paper. Keep in mind, the photo quality and print quality are not even close to the same as what you would get from a digital camera and photo professionally developed (regardless of whether you use the Premium paper or the Pogo paper.) However, it certainly does have the retro Polaroid look to it. The easiest way to compare it is if you take a picture on your iPhone, then add the "instant camera" filter to it.... that's the color you get. Some reviewers noted that the Pogo paper is thinner than the Premium paper. If it is, I couldn't tell. They are both pretty decent. Also- both the Pogo paper and the Premium Zink photo paper have a sticky backing. You've gotta dig your fingernail in to remove it, but it's definitely there. Overall, I think this paper is perfectly acceptable to use for a DIY photo booth and an on-the-fly scrapbook/photo album. I searched high and low comparing prices--- nearly everywhere the Premium Zink photo paper is 50 cents per sheet. So, do the math... this paper in this listing is significantly less expensive. If you've got kids or drunk adults snapping tons of pictures... you'll save a lot of money going the Pogo paper route.
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on June 13, 2017
Do not buy. Does not come in box shown, expiration date clearly shows it was wiped away, pictures do not print well and have lines all over pictures. Bar code on blue paper reads with an error and takes turning the printer on and off to make it work. Will not shop with this seller and will contact Amazon about them
review image
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on May 15, 2017
I use this with my Polaroid Snap camera. It is not the correct paper for the camera (snap uses Premium), but as long as you save the blue barcode sheets you can trick the camera into using these papers. The quality of the paper is definitely not as good as the premium paper--not as thick and glossy, but more cost effective. I see no real color difference between this paper and the premium paper
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 Film is great ! doesnt work with polaroid snap camera.

the film has a super blue tint when printing on snap camera. i can only assume that the printer is different on the snap then on the pogo film

i dont see it fair to give this product a bad review because it works just not for my camera.
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on May 21, 2016
I bought this paper for my Polaroid Zip printer.After reading the reviews I was expecting this paper to be terrible, but it's not. It may not have as good quality pictures as the premium zink paper, but my pictures turn out just fine. I do have to use the premium paper Barcode sheet but that isn't a big deal, I just put it on top of the paper in the printer so I don't lose it for next time. I also do adjust the blue color on the photo before printing, but again, for half the price, not a big deal. I love having the ability to print my pictures anywhere I go!
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on June 20, 2015
The item didn't come inside the box as the picture would suggest...this paper kinda works with the zip printer but when it scans the blue card it gives a paper error. I had to use the blue card from the pack of paper that came with my printer in order for it to work. The photos that I've printed on this paper came out a lil bit with a blue tint as other reviewers have suggested. I didn't expect alot from this pack of paper or the printer itself. I would probably spend a lil more on the regular Zink paper that is NOT discontinued. I've only used the pack the printer came with but that pack did produce better colors and good enough quality for printing on the go or just for fun.
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on March 7, 2017
I bought these after reading many of the reviews. I used some of the tricks for my Snap camera like using the blue scan paper from the premium instead of the paper from these packs and i try to take pictures in fairly well lit areas....but i think the photos from these are not as good as the premium zinc paper.

For the price, i think it is a good deal but the photo quality, in my opinion, is noticeably worse. It's still has a sticker back which is awesome.
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