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on January 31, 2018
Brings my sound to a whole new level. I have a pair of older (but expensive high end) great sounding tower speakers. Those speakers have 12 inch subs in them, and they do a great job at music reproduction. These were in my home theater and were paired with a small Yamaha subwoofer before . For movies,it got the job done, but I always felt like it could be better. I added this subwoofer, and now I see what I was missing. I also added a Polk audio Signature S35 center channel speaker which helps with movie dialog but offers no bass. I have my Home theater chairs on a riser that I built as a Bass Trap (see AVS Forum for details). I now get a lot more bass sound and "feel" in movies that have LFE sound effects without having the dialog and soundtrack blasting. I was definitely a worthwhile upgrade for me. If I had to choose which speaker made a bigger impact in my home theater (center channel vs subwoofer) I would definitely pick this subwoofer. I love the center channel, but it was pretty expensive (more than this sub) for only a marginal (yet noticeable) improvement. BTW, this sub does seem to make my front tower speakers sound better while playing music. I have them connected to the Subwoofer out on my Yamaha RX V675 receiver with the crossover set at 80Hz per Polk's recommendation. It seems to take a load off of the towers (sound wise) .
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on December 29, 2016
I've had a limited amount of time to spend with it but my initial impressions are good. Great low end extension with good control and very clean. It's not the typical boom box one would expect for under 2 bills, and it's a work horse. All things being equal I don't believe you can do better at this price point. Honestly, for this amount of money it exceeds expectations. I did read in the description that it had real wood veneer but this appears to be a wrap. No worries, I wasn't really expecting veneer but they should edit the description. It looks nice and build appears to good. I use subs purely for augmentation and they are never crossed over higher than 60 hz. ( I don't think any sub has any business above that frequency) but realize that smaller satellites will require you to do so. I can't speak as to how it will sound around 80 to 125 hz as so many subs begin to get the one note bloom, but for my application it works well.

Is this an audiophile grade sub? No, and I say that "conservatively". I paired it with several speaker systems I own including a pair of Martin Logan Motion 40s and was astonished at how well it kept up. I could live with it. My point? It's no slouch and it is FAR from what I would consider entry level whether that was the intention or not. For 179.00 this is clearly the deal of the century for a quality sub. Yes, I said "quality". Polk is giving you quite a lot here in terms of price/performance so it's a no brainer for someone on a budget and a better investment still for someone with a bit more money who is looking to spend wisely. In any event, any of it's shortcomings are far outshined by it's abilities. On a budget or not, the PSW505 deserves a close look. Kudos Polk.
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on August 27, 2017
Great subwoofer. I've had a pioneer 8in subwoofer for years and thought it did well. It was a down firing sub and it sounded great when placed in the sweet spot. Had enough port noise to drive you crazy sometimes.

Now the reason I give that background is bc I couldn't really find a solid comparison between what I had and what's might be an upgrade. 8in to 12in is a huge difference. First off, the size and weight.. Much bigger, much heavier. Deeper lows and cleaner sound. In this case, much cleaner sound.

For music: I listen to Bass music. Hip hop, dnb, club, anything with a nice beat. This thing will dump the bass out. You can feel it. When I read where ppl say they can feel the bass I always think, yea I can feel my bass too. Incorrect. You actually feel this vibrate in your chest a bit. The room my theater is in is about 12x19 in the basement. This thing was shaking the walls. Things upstairs were vibrating. Port noise was less noticeably, but still showed up. I really love this for music.

For movies: again, bass you can feel. However, I felt the need to turn down the sub level for movie watching. I have the level on the sub at halfway and the crossover I'd about 80hz. I don't care for bass any higher than that. Personal preference. But it sounded great and really enhanced my theater experience. That said, it might be more than you want for movies. For me, it's great. Rumbles shook the couch a bit, gun shots felt like they had life to them.

Overall: very impressed. I read up on subwoofers prior to my purchase and Polk was either praised or hated. I have only an older pioneer sub to compare to, but I can honestly say this is a great sub upgrade for anyone who wants to step up their theater with some bass.
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on February 27, 2016
I have two of these and plan on buying two more.

UPDATE 10/14/2016
After careful consideration, instead of buying 2 more, I ended up building subs instead. I sold the two PSW505's. Wood was $100. Speakers were $25 each, I got 4 12 inch subs for $100. And then you need one of these BEHRINGER iNUKE NU3000DSP $280. With wiring, tax and extras I spent a total of $600. I ended up with two huge subs. The difference in sound is sub-stantial.

It was a very difficult decision. 4 subs at each corner give a smooth response. But I wanted "realism" when there was mortar fire and depth charges. Well, it's very real now. During the battle scene in Master and Commander, I had to duck in order to avoid shrapnel! But I want to speak up for the Polk PSW505's. The Polk PSW505's were a really great introduction to the subwoofer experience and they are the least hassle, just plug them in and enjoy. I was happy with the Polks for many, many years, maybe ten years. Good bye old friends.
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on February 15, 2018
For those who are in a budget on a sub $200 price range for a 12 in. subwoofer with 300W RMS and frequency range of 23hz-160hz , this is the best bang for your $$$. Why? It gets the job done. I know some people out there will tell you to pay a few more 100’s of $$$ for a better subwoofer. I had a 150 lb SVS subwoofer in the past and they are excellent subwoofers but sold it and opted for a smaller size subwoofer. I can tell you though that this subwoofer can out perform any high end subwoofer $$$ for $$$ in a number of aspects - size of enclosure, weight of enclosure and can match performance of high end subwoofers at lower volumes or db. There is only one positive outcome I can think of in a high end subwoofer versus this subwoofer and that is high SPL(sound pressure level) or high decibels at lower frequency range specially in the low 20hz. I know high end subwoofer can go below 20hz but that is below a human ear can hear so it is out of the question. If your budget for a subwoofer is $400, don’t buy a klipsch, SVS and etc., buy 2 of these. If your subwoofer budget is $600, buy 3 of these. If your budget is $800, buy 4 of these. 2 subwoofers of this brand and specs is better than 1 high end subwoofer. 4 subwoofers of this brand and specs is better that 2 high end subwoofers. You are buying more subwoofers not to make it louder but to improve the listening pleasure of lower frequencies on every listening area of the room so that anywhere you go in the room, you hear the same kind of bass. If you are looking for performance or loudness of the subwoofer, then you are looking at the wrong review and product.

Does this subwoofer go down to the low 20hz? Yes, it surely does. But at a lower db or lower SPL. The question is, how much SPL do you need when watching a movie or listening to music? For 90-95% of the people, not much. Most of the problem we have and I was one of them before, is not calibrating the subwoofer to work and blend with the rest of the system or other speakers. Money should be focused more on upgrading the heart of the home theater or audio system. That is acquiring a higher end receiver that has room correction software like the Audyssey room calibration software builtin in the receiver. I have tried the bronze, silver Audyssey in the past and now the Audyssey platinum. What a big difference in sound quality and clarity with the Audyssey Platinum.

Settings: Your subwoofer should not rattle, shake or vibrate things around you when it hits low frequencies. If it does, you’ve set the subwoofer’s volume too high. This cannot be achieve without any room correction software unless you can do the manual calibration yourself and you need to have test tones at certain frequency and a db meter. Subwoofer’s loudness should be set at 75 db. A good test for this is watching the intro of “The Transformer’s Age of Extinction”. There are a good number of scenario’s where you will really hear the very low frequencies. When you set your subwoofer to not rattle or shake your surrounding’s, then you have a perfect system. I will guaranty you that you will hear clear and clean solid bass and will compliment other speakers improving clarity at a wide range of frequencies from low to high. With the Audyssey Platinum, you do have lots of controls for subwoofer corrections and settings. My current set up is 7.4.4. Two of my subs are these polk subwoofer. My only negative comment to this product is the small feet. I wished polk put a 1" rubber foot to minimize rattling and vibration. Other than that, I am a very happy with my purchase.

Bottom line, spend more on a higher end receiver and spend less for the subwoofers. To buy a higher end receiver at a discounted price, buy a used one or do what I did. Buy a demo unit from Best Buy. You will get the same manufacturers warranty like new ones plus you get 0% financing for 24 months. Time to time, check their Magnolia section for their demo units.
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on January 18, 2018
i own three of these absolutely the bomb,sound beyond amazing when properly dialed in and can withstand LOUD volume levels on a daily basis my oldest one is like 5 years old and has seen more abuse than a redheaded step child and still performs like new, one of these is beyond reason,two is insanity and three will literally break things (windows broken) i cant imagine four, these compliment an all polk system and yamaha receiver , i have had zero problems with any of the three and they are the standard which all others are judged,dont be fooled by higher numbers PEAK the RMS is what to look at and i promise you will be happy with these and all polk stuff is IMO best out there for the money GB
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on April 4, 2017
While most reviewers are using this for movies (which it is certainly fantastic for), I am using it with a pair of KEF Q900s for stereo music. I consider myself an audiophile though I have very limited experience with high-end equipment, but I am really happy with this sub as a low cost addition to my Q900s. I wanted more resonance in my bass without sacrificing clarity, and at the right setting, that's precisely what I'm getting. In my room, I find I leave this sub's volume relatively low, but that's just enough to get sound and the feel of the bass while remaining realistic and clear. On the best recordings, it almost feels like I'm really hearing a live bass guitar amp instead of just listening to a recorded bass. Are there better subs out there for audiophiles? Probably, but at this price, I am REALLY happy with the improvement this sub has provided me on top of the Q900s which were already pretty darn nifty.
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on February 25, 2018
Sounds terrific, gobs of deep, accurate bass. Sounds great for both music and movies alike. At $200, it might be the best bargain in Powerful, powered 12 inch subs. I am sure you can find 12 inch powered subs that are cheaper, but I bet they have a much weaker amplifier (this one has a very healthy 300 watts RMS, go on and compare the wattage to other woofers in this price range)

I cant really hear the port noise that a few people complain about, its probably an issue with their woofer placement or turning the woofer up extremely high.
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on January 5, 2018
This is a 2nd PSW505 I have bought for my home theater surround system. I have 2 PSW505's, 4 Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II's and 5 ADVENT Satellites hooked up to my Onkyo TX-RZ810 with a Kenwood Basic M1D Amp pushing the upper height surrounds from the pre-outs of the Onkyo. I have read countless reviews about these subs, from they are complete junk, to they are the most amazing thing ever made. Coming from an older "Audio Aficionado"'s quite versed in home surround sound also, these subs are great! Anyone who would say different for buying these under $200, either just got a bad one or don't really know sound dynamics and how to adjust a sound system. That being said, watching and action movie with lots of gunshots car chases and explosions, these sound great!!! The whole house will shake without port noise or muddy texturing if set up correctly. They sound better than subs costing hundreds more for less performance. There is A LOT of bang for your buck with these, you cant go wrong in any way buying these under $200....PERIOD!
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on November 7, 2016
Let me just say this, this sub puts out the low end folks!! I love Polk Audio products, and this is another item from them that did not disappoint. The PSW10 is a great sub at a great price, but the PSW505 is a heck of a monster that would blow it away, of course you'll pay more for the 505 ;) The amp I was going to use this with doesn't have a sub out jack on it so I had to hook it up using the speaker in/out ports on the back of the sub, and I LOVE that this one has banana plug ports, because I do love to use banana plugs, makes everything easier when hooking up or unhooking. I highly recommend this sub if you're the market for one.
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