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on January 6, 2012
I bought 3 of these for a bedroom LED. As most people are aware, LED's, LCD's, and other flat-panels do not have the premium sound they advertise or that is offered by complete home theater set up. So, I bought these to complement a Sony receiver whereby I could increase the volume of the center channel while lowering the overall volume to allow for easily discernible speech while not being overpowered by sound effects ("Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring," would be a perfect example!). These speakers were so easy to set up, they have a very good weight to them, and they sound fantastic. Also, the weight is enough to not allow the speaker to slide around on a flat surface.

Who should buy these?
Anyone looking to have better sound for a flat panel television in either a bedroom or other smaller room. I'm not sure I would recommend these for a larger living room setup. If you want small speakers for a large room, you have to go with Bose. I've had Bose Acoustimass II cubes for 17 years and they play perfectly!

Do you need a subwoofer with these?
It depends! If these are for your primary home theater set up, then you must get a powered subwoofer as no home theater is complete without a powered subwoofer. For my bedroom, I did some testing of various films and I found I do not need a subwoofer for the bedroom. Note that my stereo receiver can adjust the bass and treble. I turned the bass up to 10 and Treble to a negative 7 and I had rather good bass and sound going so I saved about $100 (at least) for not having to get a subwoofer.

The overall sound is very good and using only three speakers (Front Left, Front Right, Center), I had a very good experience. For price, brand reputation, and sound, I gave these speakers 4 stars. I did not give 5-stars because depending on your needs, these may not match exactly what you are needing. If you are needing just some satellites for a smaller room or perhaps to complement a larger home theater system, then upgrade the review to 5-stars.

UPDATE 01-09-2012
These speakers sound really good!!! I definitely do not need a subwoofer in my bedroom for these.
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on September 12, 2009
Review update - I moved the two new Polk speakers to be my front speakers and after hearing how they sound there I have since bought another pair to replace my older Sony side surround speakers. These sound great and I am real happy with them. Great sound at a reasonable price.

I added these as rear surround speakers for my 7.1 system and they sound great. My only quibble is with the "Integrated keyhole slot wall mounting brackets". These are simply an extension to the speaker back that has a hole in it for hanging from a nail or screw (like a cheap wall clock). They do have the standard threaded hole for use with regular satellite speaker wall brackets (which I purchased separately). They're still a great deal but I really wouldn't plan on mounting these with the "integrated bracket".
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on May 4, 2011
Ordered these to replace my factory onkyo's... well the sound quality is much more detailed. The quality is far more superior. Obviously, these are not the best surround speakers on the market but mated with my current system, it sounds like I have a very High end system that consists of a onkyo manufacturer subwoofer, bic center channel and 2 sony tower speakers (which I paid $100 for both) plus these polk surround speakers... in a 5.1 setup. I am very pleased and I do consider myself an intermediate level audiophile. I can go 7.1 but the wife is putting up some resistance to installing additional speakers in mans land... the basement. I will win this battle in the end. Overall, this is a very good speaker. Total cost of my surround sound setup: $385 (just the speakers) and everyone that hears the setup is impressed, it never gets old. Lesson, if you want a high end system, you do not have to pay a high price tag. Research and you can spend less that $400 (for speakers only) for a complete high quality sound which will give the $3000 systems a run for their money. In my opinion, mine certainly does.
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on January 2, 2010
I got these to use as full-range mains in multiple rooms hooked up to the whole-house wireless audio system. I was skeptical given their price but they sound really good.

And I don't just mean "good given the price I paid". I wanted something as small as possible that was capable of filling the rooms (13x13 average) with clear, present, musical sound, and these sound good in that context. I don't feel like I had compromise in price or size to get something that sounded good.

I must mention the type of music I play through them tends to be classical, jazz standards, modern jazzy stuff like Diana Krall, hard to classify stuff like Cesaria Evora and Pink Martini, other stuff like Lyle Lovett etc. They all sound good to me. The bass comes through clear and undistorted, the highs are surprisingly clear and silky, vocal mids sound well-placed. And, to top it all off, their imaging is rather transparent, so I can't really pick out a definite sound source.

In fact, these sound almost as good as some of the other similarly sized speakers I have which cost over 2x the price (Aperion Audio Intimus 4B's), and, in fact, handle lows better. (They're not as pretty though, but not distractingly bad looking either... they disappear into the background well).

I'd be happy even is there were more expensive, but since they aren't, I'm doubly happy.
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on September 19, 2012
Using six of these in a 7.2 set up with a higher end Polk for a center and two polk 10 subs. You absolutely are not going to find another brand of speaker to compete with these speakers for the price. Very responsive wide range with 0 distortion at 90 watts of drive. Finding speakers with this sound range, lack of distortion at high drive and NO rattle from the inclosure at this price is impossible. If you are looking to install a great sounding 5.1 or higher surround system in a moderately sized room you cant go wrong with these. Polk has made outstanding speakers for a long time and Ive always prefered them over the rediculously priced Bose or the tin can sounding Klipch.
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on February 7, 2012
The PRODUCT: I purchased a pair of the Polk RM6751 speakers to complete a PolK RM6750 7.1 surround installation in a large conference room. The system sounded great out of the box, but there was some dead space at the back because of where the sweet spot was targeted. The addition of the two rear surround made all the difference and the final result is incredible. The entire system matches and looks good, it performs way beyond our expectations (especially considering the great price we got it for) and the subwoofer really packs some punch on the low end! 16ga speaker wire worked great, and don't forget to buy a cable for the sub.

The VENDOR: I got a great price and the vendor shipped the exact order (well packaged) immediatley. They did everything they said they would and in the time they advertised. I would definately but from them again.
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on August 9, 2010
After reading all the glowing reviews for these speakers I was afraid they might not live up to my expectations. Turns out they are better than I ever expected. I have them in a 18x23 ft theater room and they sound great. Sound is crisp and clear as a bell and they can really put out the volumne for such a small size. Even my wife who is not at all into the audio quality thing noticed a big improvement in the sound. I purchased a pair to replace my surround speakers for my Pioneer VSX-920 AVR. I am so impressed with them I think I'm going to order another pair to also replace my older but still O.K. Sony RT. front and LFT front speakers, or I may just go for the RM 6750 speaker package. I highly recommend these speakers to anyone looking for a high quality speaker with great sound at a very resonable price. I have often been told that Polk Audio makes great speakers. Now I can say the same.
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on March 24, 2012
I purchased these to replace my last two speakers from an old surround sound in a box setup and have been pleasantly impressed. They are much smaller than I expected but thankfully the sound isn't small.
I'm currently using them as rear surrounds in my living room with a Denon receiver for 5.1 surround sound.
I have purchased multiple Polk Audio speakers and while I am not an audiophile they have produced great sound for my purposes.

NOTE: If you want speaker stands there is a hole on the back of the speaker for mounting with a screw.
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on February 12, 2012
I went with a pair of larger Polk bookshelf speakers for my fronts, and I am even more pleased with their sound, but rear speakers don't do that much heavy lifting in a home theater. These will do the trick. Just a great speaker--just remember to order TWO of them (if that's what you want), because they don't come in pairs unless you want them that way. They are small, and so don't call attention to themselves. You can mount them if you choose, or find an out of the way spot on a shelf. If you are building your first surround system, you will be spoiled by these. And you will hear the improvement over the all-in-one HTIB you may have already have.
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on January 9, 2012
My aging Cambridge Soundworks Ensemble II speakers bit the dust when the surround on the mid-range deteriorated and the surround on the tweeter almost became a liquid. (So much for background.) I have an unusually small space to fit a speaker and these Polks fit the bill (and space)! As other reviewers have mentioned, the sound is very clear and bright (but not overly so). Naturally they must be paired with a woofer/subwoofer. I solder-fused the speaker wire leads to be sure they'd fit in the rather small openings in the back. I'm a big fan of Polk speakers. I have them in my home theater (minus a BIC America sub) and have had them in my cars as well.
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