Customer Reviews: Polk Audio TSi100 Bookshelf Speakers (Pair, Black)
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on November 21, 2008
Excellent sounding speakers for the money...leaps ahead of the Sony SS B-3000 speakers I first bought and tried...took them back after listening to the models side by side...Polks have significantly better overall sound, presense, stereo imaging, and bass. It's always interesting how size isn't the determining factor--the sony's are twice as big, but don't sound nearly as good. I'm running these with a subwoofer for an entertainment system, but even alone, they're great for a small bookshelf speaker. (If you're really on the cheap, the Sonys at only $100 aren't "terrible", but have very weak bass and not nearly the sound of the Polks...night and day).

Tip for reviewers...I wouldn't give low stars for screw ups by Amazon...rate the product itself (Polk speakers), then put a comment if you had trouble with Amazon.
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on December 28, 2009
Ok, I didn't buy the speakers through Amazon. However, the speakers are for my shelf system and they sound amazing! The build quality is great. The speakers are heavy, (which means a big magnet to help with the driver) They are a good looking set of speakers. I have these partnered with a nice sub and they give an amazing sound quality. The highs are crystal clear, the mids have a nice range and with a sub attached they rock! From Metallica to George Strait, they get the job done. The price is good for a quality pair of speakers. Are they the best? No, but for smaller size speakers do you really want to shell out 500 plus? They sound much better than Bose, which are over rated and seem incapable of producing any type of low range. Just my thoughts. Hope you enjoy! No disappointments or negatives.

On a side note, please rate the product not Amazon. If your experience with Amazon wasn't good, then take it up with Amazon. But rate the product accordingly. Again my thoughts.

Just wanted to add how much I have enjoyed my Polks. I have them matted to a Sharp sound system with a Sony Sub-woofer. The sound quality is awesome. Just a simple set up to play my ipod, without using my surround sound system. No issues or complaints with the speakers.

I have these as the left and right main channels on my surround sound. I have also purchased the polk center channel. The system does well. As a matter of fact they can handle as much as my Dennon can dish out. Not sure that I would recommend them as the main right and left channels, but for living in a rental they work VERY well. Even surprisingly so.
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on January 23, 2013
I bought these to compliment my Polk CS10 center channel speaker that I recently purchased for $109.00. What a Steal that was!!!!! I have two specific brands that I like to use, Klipsch and Polk Audio. The TSI100 is very clear and the bass is OK. The Klipsch KB15 offers a little more low end, but the Polk TSI100 are very clear. My system is run with above average quality HDMI cables and I have enjoyed my TV shows and movies as well as music a lot more since I added these to my collection. Buy them!!!
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on January 27, 2010
A few years back I got a Yamaha home theatre in a box with my flat panel TV. Although, generally good, the sound was never great from this system, so in an effort to mitigate this, I rewired the system using good cables. This helped a bit, but the sub-woofer still seemed like the most powerful speaker out of the 5; the front and surround speakers were just too weak, the centre channel was acceptable.

Last month, I was contemplating upgrading my system, when I came across these speakers, after reading up about them, I decided to take the plunge as the price seemed right. The moment I replaced my puny front left and right monitors with these speakers, the difference was like night and day! After a few adjustments on my receiver, these speakers simply blew me away!

The mid and highs are crisp and clear and not tinny at all. The sound-stage is nice and wide and covers all the acoustics very, very well. Also, the sub-woofer suddenly didn't seem over-powering and balanced well with these speakers. Although these speakers have tuned bass ports, don't expect heart-thumping bass from them, although they do complement the sub-woofer well. The speakers seem to sound best when the bass port is placed closer to a wall.

In terms of size, these speakers aren't tiny like the ones you probably got bundled with your home theatre, they're a lot larger with bigger drivers, which is what effectively delivers the better sound.

I saved myself hundreds of dollars by not replacing my system and by just buying these speakers! I recommend these very highly to anyone looking to get better sound from their home theatre without upgrading your whole system.

I also bought the Polk Audio CS10 Center Channel Speaker but returned it as it's simply too huge! My current centre speaker works well enough for me. Also, I'm not into surround sound, I use my system mainly for music and was looking to get a better stereo experience and these speakers are great for that.
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on June 4, 2009
I have been a music freak my whole life and have had all types of stereo and home theater systems over the years. I can tell you right now these speakers are incredible. I am currently using the TSi100's as my Fronts with a Sony AV Receiver, Mirage Subwoofer, Bose 161 Rears, and a Sony Blu-Ray Player. Concerts ranging from Fleetwood Mac to Amy Winehouse are stunning - these speakers are so crystal clear they will generate goose bumps. The imaging on these TSi100's has to be heard to be believed! The build quality on the TSi100's is OUTSTANDING. Nice work Mr. Polk.
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on July 21, 2011
At first when I listened to these speakers, I was like "meh". After an hour of listening, it got better and better. Then, I added a subwoofer and WOW!!! Listening to Dubstep/Drum&bass never sounded so good. Something I was missing from my pevious speakers(crappy logitech z313) were pristine highs, clear mids, a wide soundstage, and ferocious heart pounding lows. These Tsi100's have it all, except for the lows. IMO you need a sub to fully enjoy these. I did a bass test and these stop at around 50hz, and go up to 16khz for me. These have exurcision but don't make any noise at under 30hz, I find it amusing to watch them go in and out.

Regarding aesthetics, these are very pleasing to the eye. I especially love the glossy black top. I would've liked the sides and back to be glossy though, I like glossy stuff.
Also, the back has some pegs on the bottom and a wall mounting bracket at the top. Thankfully they are screwed on, so I whipped out my screwdriver and screwed them out. Much better looking. But...Why did Polk put the tweeter under the midrange driver?

Edit: 10-ish hours of listening and these are starting to sound AMAZING!!! The Bass from these actually shake my glass table. The midrange also got alot smoother and the highs are bright. Search this song up: Feint - And I knew. That song is perfect for testing my speakers because it has the full spectrum in it. Incredible songs like that is what got me into Drum and Bass.
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on February 23, 2011
These speakers look amazing and sound even better! I think the wood grain ones look better, but the black ones matched the rest of my Polk speakers and the furniture in my room.

The looks:
The top is a nice shiny piano black. The speakers are slightly larger than the average bookshelf, They are definitely deeper than most speakers this size, but height and width is normal. They really do look nice and are decently heavy. The rest of the speaker is typical wood grain black but they are nice and thick.

The features:
It has a nice wall mount bracket with rubber bumpers towards the bottom that keeps the speaker away from the wall a bit and straight. The bracket is metal and very secure. You can use banana plugs on the screw in posts, just remove the covers from the top of the posts.

And most importantly, the sound:
My first impression was, "wow". I just got these, so they are still breaking in. But these speakers have a very natural sound to them. I absolutely love the sound of these TSi 100 speakers. very clear and crisp and surprising bass for a bookshelf. These blow away the Fluance AV-HTB Towers (which I returned) and the Sony SS-MF550H tower speakers they replaced. If you have more money, I would maybe suggest the TSi 200 speakers for more bass (especially if you have no subwoofer) but these work great as mains for my 7.1 system. My setup:

Polk Audio TSi 100 (these): Main speakers
Polk Audio CS10: Center
Polk Audio R15: Side surrounds
Polk Audio RM6751: Rear Surround
BIC America V1020 10" down-firing subwoofer

These are hooked up to an Onkyo SR-706 receiver and the speakers are placed 6' apart at ear level on either side of my 40" Samsung LCD. The room is 10x12' and I sit on the bed on the middle of the room. the side surrounds are 5' away at ear level at my listening position and the rear surrounds are 6' apart at ear level and I tried making it so they are perfectly even with the mains. To get the best sound, generally you want speakers to be at ear level or slightly below (thought some speakers sound better with toe in, or other alignments).

In stereo mode, I put on Journey's "Separate Ways" and the keyboards, guitar, and vocals were unbelievably natural and clear. The stereo imaging of these speakers is exceptional. The fact these speakers had no break in time is amazing and it will only get better from here. They are not as bright as the R15's (though the character may change once they are broken in) but they sound better overall and have a very natural sound. Everything sounds as it should! I think the R15;s sound amazing too but definitely think these sound more natural.

In 7.1 (Dolby Prologic IIx) mode, I played it again and wow...the system as a whole sounds amazing! But these speakers capture every sound and wow, so natural. I like listening to music in 7.1 surround (little odd to some maybe, but that's my preference.)

Keeping it in 7.1, I played VNV Nation "Solitary" and wow...these speakers make the song sound way better than my former Sony/Fluance setup. I expected them to, but these are some of the most natural sounding speakers I have ever heard. My friend has $500/each Klipsch speakers and I would not trade his speakers for mine! These speakers are a steal for this price!

Acoustic, Rock, Slow, Electronic, video games, and movies; these speakers do it all. These are some of my favorite speakers and pretty unbeatable in this price range. I have heard Sony, Klipsch, Onkyo, Bose, Infinity, Fluance, and Apherion audio. The only ones I would prefer to these are the Apherions but they are much more money and not that much better. The Klipsch are too bright (sound good but too bright after a while) and all others did not sound as good.

The bottom line? Buy these now if you want some amazing speakers for a decent price. There are better speakers, but you will spend a lot more for them. For a bigger room, you may want to go with TSi towers (300, 400, etc.) but with a subwoofer, these have a lot of bass for a medium sized speaker.

I hope this review was helpful, I will update this in about a week or two, then they have had more of a chance to break in.
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on September 25, 2013
The Polk TSi100's produce a clean, neutral sound in a small package at a great price. The TSi100's have recently been discontinued since Polk is replacing them with the TSx110 speakers. The TSi100's and new TSx110's have the same frequency response and are roughly the same size. The TSx110's are more efficient at 90dB vs 89dB with the TSi100's. I've found the sound from the older TSi100's to actually be more pleasing than the TSx110's. The TSi100's sound slightly more balanced and I haven't noticed any boominess at higher volumes as I've heard with the new TSx110's. A big advantage with the older TSi100's is that you can find some pretty good deals on them if you look around as many retailers are trying to get rid of their stock. I picked up an open box/like new pair at Best Buy for $60! Even at more than twice that price for a new pair they are a good deal when considering sound to price.

I did a sound comparison test between the TSi100's and a pair of Boston Acoustic HS60 bookshelf speakers which have a similar frequency response to the TSi100's. Both speakers were introduced around the same time. At that time, the HS60's at $400 retailed for almost twice that of the Polk's. I listened to several genres of music while switching back and forth between the speakers. Both speakers were very pleasing to listen to and produced a full range of sound. The Boston's sounded brighter, punchier, more detailed, and had greater depth. The music had a lively quality and was louder with the Boston's. In comparison the Polk's were very balanced and neutral sounding. While I wasn't surprised the HS60's outperformed the TSi100's given they retailed for almost twice the price, I ended the comparison test thoroughly impressed with the sound the Polk's produced considering their very affordable price. With the TSi100's you can get a great, clean sounding speaker capable of producing a full sound without spending a lot of money.
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on May 6, 2013
No, these are not stereophile speakers, but for under $200 these bookshelf speakers put out excellent sound. The high and mid-range are its strongest assets, but not as satisfying in the bass range. Also, these speakers can't produce a clear, distinct separation of high and mid-ranges, as with high-end speakers. Of course, speakers also depend on the marriage of the components that drive them and the recorded source. I use an old ADCOM pre-amplifier and amp to drive my Polk Audio and a NEC CD player for my music source - very ordinary components. Therefore, my critique of the Polk Audio speakers may be a limitation of my stereo equipment, as well.

If you use these speakers for a surround sound system, they will prove adequate for the average size room. However, I would recommend a subwoofer to intensify the bass to enhance your video enjoyment.
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on April 18, 2012
I bought these for the front channels of my home theater setup, and once the break-in period was over, I have been nothing but impressed.

The big leap was going from television speakers to home theater. And so when I had upgraded my old, cheap HT speakers, I felt a bit of a letdown, since this only marginally improved the experience--at least on first listen.

Over the next few days, the speakers began to get some life. And when I got them placed appropriately, I realized just how much they add to my home theater setup.

The speakers deliver clean and crisp sound, especially with the highs in music and the incidental noises during television show or movie watching. And I thoroughly enjoy streaming music (primarily from Pandora) through these things. To my ear, these are quite musical.

I understand some find them lacking as stand-alone bookshelf speakers, as there isn't enough bass. Mine are paired with a sub-woofer, so that isn't an issue for me. I am very pleased with them, and I consider them worth the price premium over Polk's satellite speakers (which I use for the rear channels).
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