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on December 14, 2013
I Currently own the Rocketfish rear wireless kit, decent..but dislike the setup (two speakers to one transmitter) and low wattage. I've researched thoroughly and it amazes me there are very few options for this type of setup. I understand true audiophiles will only consider wired rear surround, but sometimes it's simply too pricey or too much of a hassle. For example, I recently received a quote for $500, just to run some wires up to the attic and down the wall - forget about it! I ordered the Amphony 1600 setup recently. It was exactly what I wanted, but one of the receivers malfunctioned and I literally saw sparks fly out of it. Customer service was great but product appeared to be incredibly cheap, not to mention a fire hazard. I'll try the Polk option - if this fails, I give up. I'll just stick with my cheap Rocketfish and/or continue to get quotes for wired. I'm temporarily disabled, so I can't do the work myself.

UPDATE: 12/17/13
The product appears to be well made and produces good sound, but I dislike the fact that when it receives no audio, it makes a 'hissing' noise that everyone keeps referring to on here. Even my $100 Rocketfish kit didn't make the annoying noise. I'll try it out a few days. If it's too disturbing, I'll return it and give up. Wired is STILL, even as we approach 2014, the only choice for the true audiophile in me. Nice try Polk, but no cigar.

Update: 12/18/13
I called Polk customer support and the rep said that even though I don't have a router, my neighbors may, and that could be causing the hissing 'white noise' problem. I tried the unit again after work tonight and it worked off and on about 50% of the time so that's it, I'm done. Sending it back for refund tomorrow and am going back to my old $100 Rocketfish kit. Even though it only supplies 25 Watts, it's proven to be much better than the Polk or Amphony kits.
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on November 11, 2013
I really wanted this speaker to work out, it had the potential to be great but has too many flaws for home theater use. Speaker when idle emits a constant hiss, when the speaker goes into standby or wakes up from standby you get a loud double popping noise. My speaker went to sleep even at moderately loud volumes on 5.1 content that was actively playing, rear speaker volume fluctuates, for some Blurays it might be overly loud and others too quite going into stand-by again. The speaker itself should have an independent volume control to help with this problem. Even after calibration on the receiver the speaker does not output consistent levels when compared with the hardwired speakers. I also had the transmitter only about 12ft from the rear speaker. Its unfortunate I cant give this a higher review, I have always loved Polk products for their incredible value. My setup includes a CS1 Center, 2 Monitor 60's, and now 2 Monitor 30 bookshelves since this unit didn't work out. Great concept but poor implementation, if it worked reliably it would solve the problem of cabling difficult areas in modern homes and you can put it right behind your couch to have it out of the way. I also didnt care for the bulky adapter for the speaker, it should have a std power cord feeding the amp in the speaker itself to keep the unit looking more attractive. Fortunately Amazon has outstanding customer service and is taking care of me on this one. I believe direct cable cant be beat for HT speakers but I am going to try a universal wireless speaker kit to hook up the Mon30's before I tackle my difficult cabling project just to be sure I've exhausted my options.

Update: I ended up going with an Auvio wireless speaker kit from Radio Shack, only 50$ and has 25 watts of power. It has enough power to handle the Monitor 30 surrounds at about 2/3-3/4 volume and stays in synch with my other channels on output volume. It also has a volume control right on the Auvio wireless receiver that you hook to the surround speakers. One final note I have never heard a pop crackle or distorted tone with the Auvio and have been using it for over a month now. I hope it will last but for now it works great and surround sound is awesome, just make sure to calibrate your receiver to handle the small delay from the wireless my receiver sets the surround output at approx. 25ft. This keeps it in time with the other non wireless speakers perfectly. Good luck in your own endeavors.
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on October 10, 2013
I purchased 2 of these fx surround units and when i hooked them up i got a loud pop noise that happened about every few min while the 2nd unit would never even sync or play anything (DOA). I called Polk Audio and talked to a few techs and was told by all of them that they are not going to cover the warranty of the speakers. Was told that amazon was not an authorized dealer of any refurbished Polk Audio Item. From the start they never wanted to even try and fix the problem or even troubleshoot. They just said the problem was interference in the house (even though i stopped anything that could interfere with it when i tested the speaker.

If you buy ANYTHING made from Polk Audio that happens to be refurbished or whatever then you will not get any sort of warranty. Beware, even if you buy new you better spend the time and see who you buy it from and make sure they are on their list of special authorized dealers or you are out of luck with no warranty.

They dont seem like the Polk Audio i dealt with years ago and thats a shame. I will have to reconsider not only the 4 fx surround systems i needed for other people but also the rather pricey system i was putting together for a customer. I realized the quality and customer support isnt what it used to be with Polk Audio and thats a shame but who knows maybe i just got the wrong people to talk to who didnt want to mess with trying to fix 2 bad DOA products.

Thank You to AMAZON who again has the best customer support of anyone and made the refund an easy experience.
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on October 30, 2013
I was sceptical about wireless speakers, but this Polk really has boosted my Surround Sound. Installation was easy, just hook up the transmitter to back of your receiver and plug in your Polk Speaker to a power outlet.

I have not had any of the 'hissing' noises that other buyers have complained about.

***updated review July 2017***
Last 2 years or so I've been getting the hissing and popping noise that other buyers complained about.

It's not regular so can't really pinpoint the issue. Goid speaker while it worked without the weird noises.
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on November 30, 2013
So far a great improvement over the Sony HTIB IR wireless surrounds we've been using for years. It took a while to tweak the volume levels for the rear channels before the Polk unit sounded OK, but just right when I finally set them at -3.5 dB below the front speakers. While it might not rival the best of audiophile setups, it presents a clear and believable surround effect. Used in combination with a Polk front/center/subwoofer, I am pleased.

We've been using for several hours over the past three days, and have not noticed any of the popping or fadeout problems that have been noted elsewhere in the reviews. I also agree it might be easier to adjust this if it had an overall volume control, instead of relying exclusively on the receiver (I would imagine adjustment would be difficult if your receiver doesn't have an on-screen menu control/menu system).
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on January 24, 2014
This is a great product and now that the price is down it's even better. It sounds great.

I've had it for a month and discovered that it pops when a few of my appliances turn on or off (the dishwasher and the AC/heater). They are both about 30 feet line-of-sight away from the transmitter.

The popping is slightly annoying except when it's late at night and wakes me up then it's more than annoying.

I have the transmitter wired directly and do not have RCA plugs for output on my receiver. I wonder if that would make a difference?
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on July 24, 2013
I purchased this product in December 2012. I used it with minimal problems, sound was good, but there were a few pops every once in awhile, nothing too problematic...until about a week ago. It started to loose connection, had very loud pops and a lot of static. I tried changing my wifi channel number to see if that was interfering and I even moved the transmitter to a new location, nothing seemed to help. Based on a review from someone else that had a similar problem, I contacted Polk Audio to see what they could do. After talking on the phone they told me to send in the transmitter and they would replace it free of charge. Three days later, I received not only a new transmitter, but a new receiver for the wireless speaker. I was a little skeptical about replacing the receiver myself, but it was pretty straight forward, with only a few screws and 2 connections to detach the receiver. Once the receiver was replaced, it is working better than it did before. Now when I press the scan button on the speaker, it actually flashes and stays flashing until the scan button on the transmitter is pressed and they connect. This is something I didn't even realize was wrong. Besides some initial problems with the unit, it is working great and the service was very quick and they did not give me a hard time about replacing the transmitter. I have other Polk audio products and I am definitely a customer for life!
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on September 9, 2012
After reading some of the reviews here on Amazon, I decided to check these out. I have an Onkyo TX-NR708 Home Theater Receiver. I have 2 Canton speakers as my main front speakers, Polks for the center, subwoofer and rear surround (Monitor 30's). I decided to buy the FX to see if it works well so I could use the Monitor 30's as my front high speakers. WOW! Was I impressed. Setup was a little guesswork as they have a few ways to hook these up. I wound up using the speaker terminal with speaker wires. The wireless connection, though was a snap. Not sure what all the negative reviews are about (they must have gotten defective speakers) - mine works like a charm. I used Audyssey to calibrate and it worked fine. I love this system....NO WIRES, GREAT SOUND, GREAT PRICE what more could you ask for? I have a condo in FL that I just bought a new Onkyo TX-NR818 and have a pair of Klipsch Heresys. I was thinking I should stay with Klipsch so the sound would be consistent through the system, but the price, sound quality and convenience is so compelling for the Polk FX that I will probably buy this for the Home Theater in FL.
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on November 3, 2013
With the choices of wireless speakers out there being limited, this speaker is actually not a bad product at all. I would not recommend using it for any other purpose than a rear and/or back surround speakers. For people who are using sound bars with their TVs, this speaker would probably be ideal for you. I have a more conventional setup and use the Polk Audio strictly as a back surround speaker.
Yes it does have the time to time hiccup like the popping sound, but it doesn't happen frequently enough to make it irritating like some others are saying. I also haven't had any problem with the speaker staying in-sync with the transmitter unit that connects to the home theatre receiver. I have placed the Polk Audio F/X speaker on the floor directly behind my couch. I can definitely hear it over my rear surround speakers. It creates more of a full surround sound environment that sometimes sounds like its echoing, but I got used to it after a few days. The echoing is caused by the ms delay of the wireless transmission.
If you are looking for a wireless speaker that's not too overly expensive, the Polk Audio F/X wireless sound speaker could be the right one for you.
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on December 12, 2013
Ordered this surround sound solution to augment my current 3.1 system of Marantz AV7002, Emotiva XPA3, Martin Logan Motion 40s with Motion 30 with SVS SB13-Ultra and Klipsch SW-350 and 55" Sharp LCD. Mostly watching Blu-Rays, streaming movies and playing PS3/XBOX 360 games.
For the money, the wireless, and up to 7.1 (split the subwoofer connection between the 8" and 13" powerhouse) set up, cannot beat this design! Read the other reviews with concern, but figured I'd try the $150 option vs running speaker cable around our condo. System was very easy to set up - choose from either speaker level cabling or unbalanced RCA 7.1 outs. Can also just hook up a 5.1 sound solution to system. I chose the RCA connection over the speaker level connections. Once up and running in 2-3 minutes, plugged in 7.1 option into Marantz and now enjoying enveloping audio, whether it be 7 speaker DTS NeoX sound for stereo sources, amazing sound from blu-rays or 7.1 sound from COD or Battlefield. Did have to up the level of the surrounds by 5 dB to match my current system - i.e. - speaker is not loud and does not give well-ranged sound, however, for surrounds a bit of sound goes a long way for effect.
Extremely satisfied with extra sound put out by this $150 wireless device. Caveats = not great range of surround sound. Will certainly buy matched ML Motion speakers when able to wire house accordingly, however, this device works great sitting on bench behind couch. Spouse very happy. Design looks great, no wires, looks like a sound dock for ipod/phone/whatever.
Have had audible "pops" only when device auto-offs when no surround sound sent to device. Even then, very mild. Talked with Polk about it and they offered to change out transmitter. Haven't done as NBD. For the record, transmitter is sitting atop SVS roughly 15' line of site to speaker system. Have 802.11a/b/g/n/ac system and plenty of bluetooth in the house - - - no issue.
Looked at wireless RCA options with 2/4 amplifiers; looked at AC power line options for supplying sound; looked at professional grade cable wiring which would have run $1,200 for our condo. For $150 - couldn't beat. When we move and upgrade, will use this for computer wireless speaker given great connection availability (RCAs x 4).

Given price, give it a chance to provide 500HZ-6000HZ of wireless surround sound to your system!
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