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on June 1, 2013
Without Poltergeist II, Poltergeist III, would make little sense. Watching the former first, in order of their production, provides a background without which the second would be much poorer viewing. As a stand-alone picture, III offers only a spooky new building where, for no particular reasons, strange incidents are taking place to the building and to the couple, with a teen-age daughter who are playing host to the niece of the wife. There is no particular reason for the shenanigans, except for a strange figure who talks about the little girl who can lead them to the light. Equally inexplicable is the presence of psychic investigator Tangina (Zelda Rubinstein), from II, who pops in and..............(can't reveal here).
At any rate, if you have seen the original Poltergeist, the second and third will make fairly good sense and be pretty good minor level entertainment. Neither is really big time movie making, II getting more colorful "phenomena" than III, and, of course, having the same featured casting. In III, Tom Skerritt plays Uncle, and handles the situation in relatively low key. All in all, neither is up to the original, and as a package, you have the equivalent of watching a couple of episodes of one of your secondary choices from among TV series.
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on March 9, 2011
Poltergeist II: The Other Side(1986) is an underrated sequel directed by Brian Gibson. The malevolent ghosts from the first film are still trying to take Carol Anne Freeling(Heather O' Rourke) hostage! Taylor(Will Sampson), a Native American shaman, tries to help the Freeling Family fight back against the evil spirits. There are rumors that longer prints of Poltergeist II are out there and they offer a more coherent version of the story. There's a deleted "flying toaster" scene. Jerry Goldsmith's music score was spurts. The "tequila worm scene" scared me when I saw it on TV! H. R. Giger(Alien) designed some ghastly, creepy versions of the "Beast" for the film. The late Julian Beck plays Reverend Kane, a humanoid version of the "Beast".

Poltergeist III(1988) was the last nail in the coffin. Heather O' Rourke died before the film was released. Poltergeist III is the weakest film in the series, but it's still worth watching. It has some decent acting from Tom Skerritt, Nancy Allen, and Heather O' Rourke. The film uses a lot of hard, tangible special effects and camera tricks. Most Hollywood movies in the 21st Century use CGI! Carol Anne(Heather O' Rourke) hides out in a skyscraper run by her uncle. Reverend Kane and the evil ghosts are still trying to kidnap Carol Anne! Joe Renzetti composed a minimalist, creepy music score for the film.

This DVD has both Poltergeist sequels for a low price.
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on September 24, 2010
While many sequels do not live up to the original, Poltergeist II does. It picks up weeks after the events that brought Poltergeist I to its conclusion. The family, with all the original cast, is living with their grandmother, who has the same powers as Carol Anne. When she dies, her spirit helps the family battle the evil that is stalking them, wanting another taste of the innocence of Carol Anne. The sequel adds richness to the original story, explaining how the family's home originally became haunted, while maintaining the excellent family dynamics that were established in the first movie. An excellent addition to the Poltergeist tale.

Poltergeist III, on the other hand, does not come close to living up to the first two. The original cast, except for Carol Anne and Zelda Rubenstein, was apparently felt they had done enough with the plot, and I'd have to agree. Poltergeist III has none of the rich plotline of the first two, and, most importantly, the family dynamics that made the first two so interesting and took the movies beyond the horror realm are absent.

Still, at this price, getting both movies for under $7 makes it well-worth buying, and you may have a different take on III than I. So, I recommend this collection, even if you decide that II is the only one you'll be watching time and time again.
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on May 30, 2017
great addition to my collection
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on July 14, 2004
After the success of the original 1982 blockbuster hit, "Poltergeist" (Directed and produced marvelously by Tobe Hooper and Steven Spielberg) Brian Gibson went on to direct the sequel which turned out to be just as good as the first film carrying some of the same special effects and similarities. "Poltergeist III" on the other hand was a decent entry, though not the best and sadly, Heather O' Rourke died before the films release. It's really a shame, because I'm sure she would've grown up to be very beautiful, considering her act is still adorable and she hasn't lost her touch at all.
These two films which were released by MGM are on this special DOUBLE FEATURE disk and it is truly the best edition for anyone to complete the horrifying trilogy. Here's a complete description and details for both films:
"POLTERGEIST II: The Other Side" (1986)
RATING: ****
Once again, the Freeling family faces the supernatural of their new home after their first one was destroyed in the original. An evil demon named Kane takes the form of a church preacher who's out to capture Carol-Anne in order to bring her back to 'the Other Side' and get rid of her family in the process. With the help of a new character, the Indian Taylor (performed excellently by Will Sampson) they must return to the ruins of their old home (an underground tomb) and defeat Kain in a climatic battle where only love and hope can keep them together.
OVERALL: Almost as good as the original was! Zelda Rubinstein also returns in this one as the psychic, Tangina and is just as good as she was in the first. One of the main reasons I enjoyed this a lot was because of Julian Beck's wonderful and convincing performance as Kane. His image truly haunts you even after you watch him on the screen.
The acting was also very well done by JoBeth Williams and Craig T. Nelson and the storyline, while being a bit farfetched at times, was executed well. Fans of the first will especially enjoy this one. RATED: PG-13 for disturbing imagery, some scary moments, and mild language.
The third and final installment to the "Poltergeist" trilogy, where young Carol-Anne (Heather O' Rourke's last role) is shipped off to Chicago to spend the summer with her aunt (Nancy Allen) and uncle (Tom Skerrit) and also to be examined and tested on by professionals who are studying her "gift". Living on the top floor of a skyscraper, everything seems to have returned to normal for our heroine. However, the evil demon Kane (This time played by both Nathan Davis & Corey Burton) is ressurected from his hellish grave after Dr. Seaton (Richard Fire) revives Carol-Anne's long forgotten nightmarish past. From there, all hell breaks loose as the ghosts from the previous films plot to pull Carol-Anne back over to the other side yet again along with her cousin (Laura Flynn Boyle) and eliminate all who stand in their way. Now, it's up to her uncle Bruce & her aunt Patricia to take a scary journey through the many hidden corriders and passageways of this tall urban funhouse and rescue both their children before the supernatural takes over the ENTIRE skyscraper! If you thought the first two films were scary enough for them to take over a house, wait until you see them move to the big city!
OVERALL: Not bad. Many people do not like this one as much, but I thought it was pretty good even though it's the weakest in the whole trilogy. I'm guessing the main reason it's not as popular is because of the REALLY cheesy special effects (which is still fun to watch) and the so-so acting. I wouldn't consider this as much of a high-budget (as was with the first two films) but low-budget flick that carries some of the B movie elements. I don't really understand why they couldn't have made the ghastly spirits effects or the objects moving on their own like they did in the prequels. I think Zelda Rubinstein who plays the role of Tangina saves the film and she still hasn't lost her touch to play her role. I know it's not the best, but it's still worth a watch to see the final chapter in the legacy come to an end and complete the trilogy. RATED: PG-13 for disturbing imagery, some scary moments, strong language, and a bit of blood and gore. To be honest, if I'd been directing this one, I would've given it an R rating because it's the most intense and crazy entry in the whole series!
Both of these films are in their WIDESCREEN anamorphic formats and the Special Features include the original theatrical trailers. They make a good bundle to watch whenever you're bored and goes good with some soda (or beer) and popcorn! Again though as far as Special Features are, there could've been more. As I explained before, there are no BTS footage, let alone cast interviews or director commentaries. But don't let that keep you from buying these two great films for one low price! The picture quality is excellent and the sound is also excellent. BUY TODAY! I also reccomend the original (and still the BEST) "Poltergeist" on DVD. It is one of the best horror series ever made and Kane's villain rules up there with that of Jason Voorhees and Freddy Kruegar. Don't miss it!!
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on March 30, 2017
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on May 6, 2016
I'm happy to add these childhood movies to my dvd collection to enjoy from time to time.
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on May 18, 2013
While not as good as the original, the two sequels are not that bad. Truly great performances by the late Heather O'Rourke and the late Julian Beck (Kane in #2) and the late Nathan Davis (Kane in #3). Part 3 really could have been better if they hadn't changed the ending. It's a shame Miss O'Rourke had tragically died during the final weeks of Part 3. Julian Beck's performance in #2 is something you won't forget. Just buy them and you'll see.
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on May 30, 2015
Great set
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on November 21, 2015
I have no problem with movies them self I am disappointed that part 3 is not playing the disk has stains an it makes a loud sound through out the whole play an it has waves like a VHS ..
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