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on August 7, 2015
These are the same type that I have been using for several years that I used to get from Leslie's at 3x the cost. I still have 3 of those filters that have lasted several years.

The best advice I can give is to wet them first BEFORE you try to stretch the liner over the skimmer basket.

Also, you can remove the them and spray them with a garden hose attachment set on 'fan' to clean the majority of dirt out of them.

Throw them in the washing machine - no bleach. They come out clean, and ready to reuse for at least 2 seasons.

Remember to get the filter wet BEFORE stretching it over the basket...
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on November 1, 2011
I first found some skimmer basket liners at Leslie's Pool Supply earlier this year and bought a 5-pack to try them. These liners slip over the skimmer basket like a sock and catch small debris that would have otherwise gone through the basket to the filter. While these liners require removal and cleaning with the skimmer basket every few days (about the same as we would need to clean the skimmers anyway), we found that they really reduced our filter maintenance and backwashing needs. We use a DE filter, and I can easily justify the cost of liners in DE savings. Each Leslie's liner lasted about a month before the cloth began to deteriorate and was too stretched or torn to be effective. I searched online and found these. Not only were they slightly cheaper than Leslie's, but they use a much better fabric and are designed with a wider band at the top that holds the basket better without stretching out of shape. I've been using one liner now for nearly two months and it still has some good life left before I'll need to replace it. I recommend these liners.
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on June 16, 2014
I have used one of the ski8mmer liners for 2 weeks now, it works fine, the hose material ran on two sides as a snag on the wifes hosery would as I believe it is the same type material. With a little care while putting one over the skimmer basket and taking it off, I expect one will last a month or so. Before removing a liner which has a collection of material inside the skimmer and pollen cakeing on the top, I have eliminated my causing a "stocking run" after removing the skimmer by first hosing off the top/sides and bottom of the lined basket and then hosing the sides to force all the inside collected material to the bottom of the plastic skimmer basket, then gently sliding off the liner and turning it inside-out and then put the hose on heavy spray and then holding the spray inside the liner to allow the hose water to blow the collected material off and away from the liner until clean. Then hose off the skimmer basket and gently replace the liner over the skimmer basket and return it to the pool skimmer portal. ALL about 20 minutes.... Have yet to use a second liner.... good luck..Conner
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on August 8, 2014
I bought these to solve 2 specific problems. First, I have this awful tree near my pool which is constantly dropping leaves into the water. The leaves quickly accumulate in the bottom of the skimmer basket and block the suction. This means I have to empty the basket a couple of times a day to keep the water flowing. Second, my dog loves to swim and his hair both clogs the skimmer and gets into the filter.

Bottom line: These basket liners work very well and have solved my headaches with both leaves and hair. The sock forms a pocket which catches the leaves and allows water to flow around them. The fine mesh catches the hair and other small gunk quite nicely.

As far as durability goes, my first liner developed a small hole the first day, but I have been able to continue using it for my purposes an additional week so far without the hole getting too big to make the liner useful. The quick tear is the reason I knocked off a star. Still, I expect five will last me for the summer.
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on May 18, 2016
In general, socks are a great thing to have for the skimmers. But, these are super tight and hard to put on the aqua genie skimmer baskets, but no matter how tight the rim of the sock is, after the first use (one week on the skimmer) the bottoms of these socks sport small holes and these socks "run" like ladies nylons. Basically, these are disposable and thus not really worth the money - buy the cheapest variety (at about $1/sock) and just throw them away once a week. Less hassle and not so disappointing when they break.
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on May 22, 2015
I cannot believe how much debris, and I'm talking fine particulate matter these liners collect -- all of which used to get filtered out by the pool's canister filters. So why not just let the filters do their job? Sure, but why make the pump work harder than it has to forcing water through ever clogging filters when I can just pull the basket up and rinse it off -- all the while NOT removing the net from said basket? You can just hose it off, or as in my case, I used a left over five-gallon bucket, put an inch of water in it and just swish the basket+net combo around it in. I'll probably hose it off eventually, but there's been no need yet. I've been using these for about six weeks. They are awesome.

Only ding I would give it is that for some reason, even after removing all of the air trapped by the mesh, after the equipment runs, an air pocket forms under the mesh and the center floats up, releasing any pine needles, leaves, etc. that should be down in the mesh/basket. I solved this by putting a small stone in the center.
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on October 25, 2012
I have purchased basket liners from many different sources, and this is the first time I have run into this problem--The liner, while made from quality material, does not fit my basket properly. My basket is 5-1/4 inches deep, with an outside diameter at the top of 8-1/4 inches. When fitted over the outside of the basket, the liner almost completely encloses the top of the basket, leaving an opening of only about 2-1/2 inches diameter. I have learned to place the linder over the lip of the basket in only two places--opposite each other and about 4 inches in length. That way, it stays put on the basket, but does not block the flow of water amd debris at the top. After it has been on the basket fo several days, it loses some of it's "tightness," and I can install it normally, with the edge of the liner over the lip of the basket all the way around. Oh yes, I tried it on the inside of the basket, but that does not work at all. This is enough of a nuisance that I took the trouble to write this review, and I will not buy from this manufacturer in the future.
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on June 4, 2015
Love these liners for vacuuming and for when there are a lot of people in the pool. They catch the fine particles and oils from sunscreen and hair products. For vacuuming, they are great to keep your filter from constantly getting full of dirt and debris. During the dry summer months, I try to keep the back flushing of my sand filter to a minimum so I don't have to keep adding water to the pool. These really help.
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on May 16, 2012
We have a 24' above ground pool. For several weeks we wrestled with what we and the local pool dealer thought was mustard algae, but it would not go away. After doing some online research I discovered the problem was pollen. The pool is surrounded by trees so this was no surprise. However with a good filter/pump, it seemed to be coming back into the pool even when we attempted to vacuum it. I finally discovered the sock for the skimmer basket and actually improved it by using two--one to line the inner basket and one around the outside of it. Water flow was not affected and shortly after using it---no more pollen! A a cost of less than $1 per sock(you get 5 in a package), the pollen is filtered out, the filter in the pump stays cleaner longer, and no more problem when vacuuming. Would definitely recommend.
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on July 7, 2013
This is a great idea. However, the manufacturer seems to have made product in a way that it would not last more than a week at most. If you use a pair of socks it would last longer than this great idea. I rather buy product that would not fail while in use. If it was made of nylon or other material would be much better and I would not mind to pay more. Does anyone know any other manufacturer for this product that lasts longer, let's say at least a month or so!
UPDATE: I have been buying these for several years and they didn't last long but in 2017 somehow quality has dropped significantly and they rip easier than ever. These don't seem to be from same manufacturer.
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