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on August 8, 2016
I usually use Flavacol popcorn seasoning (available on Amazon), but I purchased this popcorn salt to use when making popcorn for health conscious friends when they cheat a little on Movie Night. I didn't want to try to explain the artificial coloring and artificial flavoring in the Flavacol. I popped a batch of popcorn using organic popping corn (Great Northern, available on Amazon), organic coconut oil and this popcorn salt. I was impressed! Simple as this treat was, I think I liked it as well as the popcorn made with Flavacol.

I used a stove top popper with a hand crank to stir the popcorn as it's popping, and I simply dumped in the ingredients and started turning the crank. The very fine grain salt was very uniformly applied to the popcorn and it adhered very well with no loose salt in the bottom of the bowl afterward. I used 1/2 cup of popping corn, 1/4 cup of coconut oil and 1/2 teaspoon of popcorn salt. Delicious! It's also a fairly healthy snack. If you want some variety, try adding garlic powder, onion powder, nutritional yeast (sort of cheesy/savory), smoked chipotle powder (caliente!), taco seasoning, etc.
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on March 2, 2015
PERFECT consistency for putting onto popcorn!! Good sized holes so when you go to pour the salt, it doesn't dump a ton on. I think I use FAR less salt because it actually dissolves immediately in my mouth versus after it's already headed into my stomach as is the case with sea salt or regular. I make popcorn about once a week and went through a one pound container of regular salt fairly fast. I think this is going to last me a year or so!

Not sure what the additional ingredient is though, which I'm going to look into, but for now, it made made my popcorn SO much better and I"m very happy with it, and of course, SUPER fast shipping.
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on November 29, 2015
We bought a popcorn popper recently and found that making it salty was not easy. So we purchased a sprayer and this salt to make our popcorn taste better. This was delivered in good shape on time. From a taste perspective there is no difference between this and regular salt. However, this is much finer and sticks to the popcorn much better. Popcorn tastes much better as a result.

Getting this to stick to the popcorn is not easy though. In theory, it is simple. Spray the popcorn with your butter/oil, sprinkle salt and shake well. It is much more difficult in practice. First, spraying itself gives me problem. I am never sure if I am spraying enough or more than needed. I almost always end up spraying less in the interest of keeping the popcorn healthy. Spraying is also never even. I think a lot of popcorn ends up with no spray. As a result, salt is rarely evenly distributed. A lot of salt actually ends up at the bottom of the bowl. This makes eating the end of the batch almost impossible. You get a lot of unwanted salt into yourself. However, the corn tastes much better than with regular salt so I guess that I just need to perfect my technique.

This has 2 openings. A single big one for pouring out the salt and another one with smaller 6 holes for sprinkling. I have used only the smaller ones so far. I also bought a much larger bowl to be able to toss the sprayed and salted popcorn. This improved the salt application a lot.

Unless you have a taste for regular salt, and a good way to apply it evenly to your popcorn, I would recommend this. Even though my application is far from perfect, I still saw a big improvement in the taste!
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on February 4, 2017
About 30yrs ago I bought 'popcorn salt' from a theater supplier in Wisconsin; the only super fine salt I had ever found. (I had always wondered why theater popcorn was so good besides: better oil and a commercial popper?) When I ran out I was limited to little vials of Morton's popcorn salt which, by comparison, was more like salt I use in my water softener.

This is salt DUST ...fantastic. There are some small annoyances in life -like an uncomfortable pillow- that are hard to overcome. The problem of finding a good popcorn salt has been solved. I also found bulk KAPOK to stuff my own pillows. Like this large container of salt, $25. worth of wholesale Kapok is enough to make new pillows for a long time. Press on - life's not over!

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on January 30, 2014
At first I thought its just an experiment but now i won't make popcorn without it.

*Really does what it says and sticks to most of the popcorn and not like the regular sized salt that leaves waste at the bottom and your popcorn bare.
*Hardly any waste at the bottom
*Easy pour container has Amazon Prime for fast shipping and reliable product quality
*Salt is so small it get caught up inside the grooves of the popcorn which is great for flavor

* when using watch out this stuff is hard to see so if your counters are light colored you won't notice its all over the place when your tossing the popcorn for layering as it scatters until it sticks.

No other cons to mention I love this stuff and can't believe i didn't know about this till now.
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on March 25, 2016
I wanted a tasty light-weight salt for my air-popped popcorn and a friend recommended this brand. I couldn’t find it in the stores so I was happy to run across it on Amazon, and at a reasonable price. Wow – tastes great and covers nicely. I even find that I use less salt, so that’s a plus. I pair it with Winona Pure Popcorn Butter Theater Style spray - $2.67 at Walmart. It’s low-calorie and helps the salt stick to the popcorn. Yummy! I also use this salt on potatoes, veggies and meat. The large container will last forever. I’ve passed on the recommendation to friends and family and they’ve also fallen in love with it. You won’t be disappointed with this one.
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on July 8, 2016
Love this popcorn and nut salt! I have purchased a couple of these over the years. Not only do we use it on popcorn made at home, but it is great on french fries as it sticks to them! I hate using regular salt that falls off when you sprinkle it on. This is so fine in texture that you can add a little and get that nice flavor to your food without waste. I am sold on this product and always keep a continual supply on hand. One container goes a longggg way! Great value and love the convenience of reordering when needed. Thank you for a GREAT product!
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on January 13, 2015
I'm a popcorn addict, and I like it really salty. If you do, too, this stuff is what you need! Regular salt doesn't really stick to the popcorn, it just falls to the bottom of the bowl. This salt does stick because it's so fine-grained. It works even better if you drizzle your popcorn with a bit of butter first. What I do is melt the butter, slowly pour it over the popcorn in a bowl, then shake it up to disperse. Next, I add a few light pinches of this salt (all you need honestly, it goes a long way) and shake again. It's delicious!
I'd also recommend mixing in some cheese powder (also available on Amazon) and/or actual shredded cheese. I can eat this for dinner, it's so good.
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on May 14, 2016
I've been searching for salt that's ground to the consistency of powder, and this is it. While intended for popcorn, I use it as table salt. It's so powdery fine that it distributes more uniformly over food than traditional table salt which is more coarsely ground. After restricting the shaker to one single hole, it puts out the perfect controlled dusting of salt over food. In using this product, I use less salt overall on food as it distributes more evenly without over-salting. And yes, it is great on popcorn as it sticks to the corn better than table salt. Excellent product.
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on June 5, 2013
We've tried every kind of salt imaginable for a variety of cooking. This salt is excellent on popcorn and veggies. It is so fine that it gives you all of the flavor without that crunch. A little goes a long way so be careful when pouring from the container. About the container... Put it in something else if you can. Just remember - those cute theater shakers rust to beat the band. If you are going to use them - unscrew the lid when finished and cover the container with a baggie - then screw the lid back on. Keeps the salt fresh and dry and helps the container last longer. Just my opinion of course.
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