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on February 11, 2017
I can't believe how little is in the magazines and how dumb it is. For instance - I got a survival issue. It said "make your own power, shelter, and grow your own food". Sounded interesting. So, "make your own power" ... it said to buy a generator. For "shelter", it said to buy a modular house. For "grow your own food", it said to make a garden (and buy a $1000 wheat mill). The rest of the article, supposedly about survival, is a rambling story of how the author doesn't have any survival skills and how his father put sprinklers on top of the house he built to help save it from a wildfire. A project in the magazine consisted of a "candy dispenser" that drops candy downward and through some pegs to land at the bottom. I remember when this magazine was good and had actual projects, like making radios.
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on November 12, 2016
Too much technology. This magazine needs to get back to basics. I've got the complete set of Popular Mechanics from the early 1900's through at least 1940. It was a great magazine about mechanical methods & concepts. It's turned into a 6th grade level Popular Science.
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on May 13, 2017
I hadn't picked up a popular mechanics magazine in 10-15 years, but on a whim (and what I thought to be an excellent lightning deal) subscribed through Amazon. Unfortunately it appears the intellect has gone downhill, and popular is now more synonymous with mediocrity. The magazine is riddled with articles that read like a GQ or sky-mall magazine... Im not sure who this magazine is intended to appeal to, but certainly it is not my cup of tea.
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on June 14, 2013
Popular Mechanics was one of the first magazines I subscribed to when I was in my early teens, early 1970's. It was a well written magazine with interesting articles targeted at average reading abilities. I loved it then, and it has helped keep me lightly informed on most of the innovative technological advances of the last 40 years. Unfortunately, this magazine, along with others like Popular Science, were bought out by large companies, who did not maintain the same standards, but are maxamizing their profit at the expense of quality. Among the many cost cutting initiatives, they have shrunk the font size to the point I can barely read the print. Yes I know they print denials of this regularly, but I have a few old magazines I can compare the new ones with, and the font is undeniably much smaller now. Also, the content is about 1/3 that of the older magazines. The paper is thinner and cheaper, and this accounts for some of the thinning of the magazine, but not this much. There are usually only two or three major articles, and the many of the rest appear to be copied right off the internet.

Sorry Popular Mechanics, I have many fond memories of you, but like a loved relative with dementia, Although still living, you are a shadow of your former self. (Disclaimer; I wrote a very similar review for Popular Science, both are accurate, since I have had nearly identical experiences with both).
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on November 26, 2017
This magazine really has gone downhill and it's a shame. I first subscribed about 20 years ago, and there was decent information in there and some fun things to build. I subscribed again this past year, redeeming some airline miles for a year subscription, and it's not even worth that.

The first issue I received had very short, maybe 1/4 page articles that touched on some of the basics of what they were talking about, but not much more than the bullet points of the topic. Gone are the in-depth analysis of yesteryear's issues and the magazine gone to the mainstream, dumbed down 'analysis,' if you could call it that.

The main article of that first issue was something like 'how to drive without GPS.' It was about a 4-5 page article about not using the GPS in your car and actually using a map. Really, this is a place where readers of popular mechanics need help? If it is, then the magazine is probably lost forever.

Gone are the days of fixing engines, building gadgets, and learning actually how things work. I'm sad to see that in an era of almost unlimited learning through the internet, Popular Mechanics has decided instead to write very basic articles that are probably also covered in Good Housekeeping.....

Edit: Case in point, latest issue talked about how to cut your own hair, 3 different types of barbecue sauces you can make, and a holiday gift guide that's more apt for GQ as they recommended buying a $125 name brand flannel shirt. If you can get the subscription for free, there are usually 1-2 decent articles that may spark your curiosity to look up the topics online to find actual analysis. If you can't get it for free, save your money and just visit their website and avoid all the Good Housekeeping and GQ topics.
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on June 14, 2017
Miss the Popular Mechanics before it was (hipster) "popular" to be a mechanic.

There's always something or another which is just interesting enough to keep the sub going, but it's not
the Popular Mechanics that made me who I am today.

Unless you practice ritualistic grooming of your facial hair, before sipping some small batch whiskey and
wearing $300 jeans to fix an old truck that you paid more for than a new one would cost, there's much less to read each month.
Turns out that the ads are often more compelling than the content.
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on February 25, 2018
i had forgotten how many advertisements are in magazines i could not even find my ole time favorite out of pop mechanics . I use to like the dept. inventions wanted,this was reason i got mag.could not find so u can notify publisher they can just throw my copy away would save them the postage and me the trouble of filling my trash I hate paying for advertisements if u could give a negative star I WOULD so save ure money don't buy.
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on May 5, 2017
More ads than articles, and even the few articles are basically ads themselves.
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on July 30, 2017
Filled to the brim with advertisements. It gets two stars because it has some nice pictures and every so often a good article or two.
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on March 1, 2018
There is hardly any content in this magazine and the formatting of what content is there makes it hard to read. Not recommended
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