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on October 18, 2014
I purchased this pop-up tent to be used as a privacy area for a toilet in case we are forced outdoors after an earthquake. I opened it and set it up. It was easy. Putting it back in the zippered container was a bit difficult. Having used pop ups before I have a sense of how to bend the wires to get it back into the small container. This was different since it is quite tall. The secret is to hold the wide end and place the thinner end against the junction of the floor and wall. Bend it in half. Holding the two ends start twisting.

Since it hasn't been field tested-and I hope I never to need it, I'm giving the tent a 4 star review because it is so cool and perfect for my intended use.
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on July 6, 2016
We received this "TMS Portable Popup Tent Camping Beach Toilet" tent today and it looks just like the photo. Took it out of the box. Tried the two zippers, and FAIL! The left zipper is not sewn in properly and the zipper pull came all the way out. As we looked for the packing slip, we found a sticky note on the bag that says: "new zipper." So, we believe we received a returned item with a repair, a poor repair at that. Needless to say, it's going back. Otherwise, the tent is satisfactory for the price and is plenty spacious for the intended purpose. It would have been nice, however, if it had a small air vent toward the top of the tent given that it is a potty tent. The nylon fabric is very thin!! Also, the zippered door is kind of low so that even me, a short person, has to crouch to enter. And finally, the instructions for refolding to put it back into its sack are extremely vague. My two guys have taken about 20 minutes so far trying to figure this out, and they're still going, complaining about the instructions, cussing, and saying that it won't fit back in the sack. I just have to laugh! For a cheap tent, it really is okay. If the zipper wasn't broken, we would keep it. But since it's going back, though, I'll look for one that might have a vent. If that fails, we'll reorder the same item. Of note, it's made in China.
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on September 16, 2013
We are constantly going to lakes, rivers and the ocean, and more often than not there isn't a good place to change into, and out of, our swimsuits. For a little while, I was taking a small camping tent with me, but it was just too much effort setting it up and taking it down just to change. Finally, after looking around for a bit, I found this VERY clever little pop up tent. It is BRILLIANT!! It sets up in seconds, and then folds back down in seconds again (be sure to watch the videos that show you how to fold it, before you pop it open!) It uses very little floor space, so it fits anywhere. A great place to pitch it is next to the car's door, when the door is fully open (i.e., in the space between the car and the door). That way you can get the light from the car (and the door, if there is one on it), when it is dark, and also you are protected from the wind, etc. It is very light, so you can hike with it if needed (we took it to Crater Lake, and hiked with it down into the caldera, so that we could jump in the water and then change into dry clothes before hiking back up! No chafing for us... he he). The bag has some rudimentary backpack-like straps, but they are barely long enough for an adult. The only thing missing is a floor, but I brought a large plastic bag to stand on last time, and it worked great. I am going to buy a small, thick tarp, and cut a small square out of it, so that we can use it as a more permanent floor (it will also fit nicely in the tent's bag). All in all, this pop up tent is a brilliant purchase, especially if, like us, you like going places where you will be changing in and out of a swimsuit.
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on October 10, 2017
I've only used it once but it's great!
I'd give it five stars but it is a little tricky to fold up and the instructions weren't the easiest to follow. Thankfully between three of us we were able to figure it out.
We only used it once so we're not sure how it will hold up after multiple uses. For the one time we did use it, it came in very handy! We used it as a changing room for an outdoor photoshoot. We placed a little folding chair inside so the model would have a place to sit or set clothing on and she still had enough room to change. It was perfect!
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on June 18, 2017
I wish this had a hole in the top for a shower head or at least ties or something to hang clothes on. The zipper is low so I catch my hair on it when I duck through the doorway. Needs to open higher (I am 5'5")

On the plus side, it seems well made and will stand up.
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on October 10, 2016
Tore kinda fast and hard to put back in the case.
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on October 25, 2015
This pop up changing tent was the best purchase I made for an outdoor photoshoot I was in charge of. We were shooting in public places and each of our models had several wardrobe changes. We couldn't get a wardrobe truck into the areas we were shooting so something portable was what we needed.

This tent was perfect. It was easy to setup and after some practice, it was easy to tear down too.

We couldn't use the stakes that came with it due to hard ground and concrete areas. In one of our locations it easily blew over when no one was inside. We just had to let it rest on the ground, flat, in between uses.

The material this is made of is slightly see-through. Backlight is the major factor in it's see-through status. But as long as you don't set it up completely in the open then it wasn't a problem. Even a wall, tree or fence on one side kept it from being too see-through to use.

As for the height, we had no problems even with models over 6 ft tall.
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on September 27, 2016
Perfect for what I want it for. A little short for a 6'1" person but the price is right. It does smell heavily of kerosene when you get it, just let it air out for a day or two. I let it sit in the garage for a week just to make sure. Doesn't stink anymore. Folds up nice. Easy set up and storage.
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on January 31, 2015
Like others have said, it's main problem is that it doesn't come with instructions of how to put it away. FYI I googled: 'how to fold a popup portable privacy tent' (add the word PRIVACY and it makes a difference in the quality of search results) and found videos and pictures of how to do it. It takes about a minute to put away once you know how. I printed out one of the step by step pictures and put it in the bag with my tent in case I can't remember the next time I use it.

When I pulled it out to set it up, it kind of just pops up by itself. It's not for real tall people. I'm 5' 9" and my head is at the top. Overall it is just what I was looking for. I like the fact it doesn't have a floor so when camping and using it for a shower/toilet room we don't have to worry about cleaning up the floor.
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on May 29, 2017
Very easy to set up and take down. Great for a toilet, but about two feet too short to use for showering, and no place to hang a solar shower bag. If all you need is privacy for the toilet, this is a great buy. Be sure to stake it down if it's gonna be windy.
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