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on December 22, 2012
This rechargeable mini-speaker is an great choice for anyone looking for a way to amplify your devices audio on the go. It is easy to tuck into a backpack or suit case, but its size does not take away from its superb sound quality. This speaker has a very simple and elegant pod-like design, which expands to create a much fuller sound. This small speaker does not lack sound quality. Bass is great for this size of a speaker and treble is powerful. I have tested a wide variety of music genres and all of them sound crisp and clear for personal enjoyment. The price is VERY fair for such a nice, convenient, little speaker. I would feel comfortable buying this as a gift, or recommending it to fellow consumers. You can connect the speaker to any device that has a 3.5mm audio jack. This includes ANY Apple device, Amazon Kindles, Android tablets/phones, laptops, etc. I also find the battery to last very long compared to other mini-speakers I have owned. This is a HUGE plus!

I HIGHLY recommend this item to anybody interested.

Watch my video review for an in-depth look at this device!
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on September 26, 2012
I'm an airline pilot spending about 10-12 nights a month in hotels. I needed a portable speaker for my iTouch that was simple to use and without batteries. This speaker is my new best friend.

Sound quality: Very good. I like talk radio, news, web site sounds, etc. I listen to music also, but if I only wanted this for music, I'd get something else. It's as good as a high quality radio, but for music I'd spend a little more money for higher quality sound. For my usage, I'm very happy.

Size: Larger than a golfball about the size of a plum. It's surprisingly small for the sound it emits. I pack it in my shoe for travel in the little bag it comes with.

Simplicity: It has it's own rechargeable battery and one cord. The cord plugs into the speaker. The other end has two plugs. One is the common speaker plug for your device and the other is the USB that will charge it. Directions say it will work about 12 hours on a charge. I'm still using it out of the box trying to discharge it. I'm sure it's been at least 10 hours so far. Directions say it will charge in 3 hours. It could also be used in a computer or phone or whatever has the common 3.5 mm earphone jack.

For $16, a great deal. Basically, it just works well, looks good, sounds good, and travels well!!

After nearly six months, I have no complaints or major changes. I use it all the time and it let it discharge until it dies. It lasts so long that it's hard to guess the hours length-but I know that I've only recharged it 4 or 5 times in the six months I've owned it.
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on June 2, 2016
I squeezed a mini-stereo inside my mountain bike’s water bottle frame and added styrofoam to keep it tight. I added this speaker to the open top of a handlebar bag because it’s closest and faces my ears. The handlebar bag’s closed zipper’s holds it firmly in place with the speaker side clear of obstructions and facing upward towards me.

To improve the speakers lithium battery performance between charges, I set the stereo’s volume output to 9/10 (it seems to run forever when not powering its own internal speaker) and keep the AYL speaker’s volume lower at 3-4/10. I use the AYL’s control to adjust the volume.

The greatly improved sound quality, volume and warranty is worth every penny. I did wear headphones or earbuds that became hot, sweaty and noisy from cables bouncing around. This open air sound is very nice and much safer on a bicycle.

Update 5 June 2017: Working perfectly. I added a second speaker yet lost some bass as expected. Therefore, I keep the extra on my bike as a back-up.
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on September 10, 2012
This speaker is amazing. It's tiny with a HUGE sound. Smaller than my fist. It connects to my laptop and powers with no need for batteries or an electric outlet. Supremely portable.
I am a teacher whose classes take place in a theatre. I have been able to hook this miniscule speaker up and use it to play videos or spoken audios to my class, and my students hear what is spoken just fine from across the room (keep in mind the theatre is cavernous and we are sitting spread around the stage). I can't believe that something so tiny can make so much sound!
I was so amazed by the sound, I demonstrated it to my boyfriend as soon I first saw him after it arrived, and he promptly bought himself two--one for home and one for his office.
I bought this speaker for a functional purpose, not expecting anything special, and I was worried it wouldn't make enough sound when I saw how small it was. I am so happily surprised and enthusiastic about its effectiveness that I am writing this review...
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on May 17, 2017
These little speakers are AWESOME. They are very small, but they still have great sound. You can collapse them and carry one easily in your pocket. You can buy more and plug them together for more sound. I bought one for my husband who likes to listen to music on his phone while he works and he loved it so much I bought two more. They are pretty durable too because he's dropped it a few times and it's still working like new.
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on May 30, 2017
just replaced my old monitor with a new one that has no built-in speakers.
sound from my mini mac is less than acceptable, so time to speaker search.
looked at stereo speakers and thought no, desk top room was a t a premium. came across this little unit.
found a winner, with a full range of sound. what an improvement from my old monitor speakers.
now if you are looking for audiophile quality, look else where, but this little speaker packs a punch and does not use up usb ports since
it is rechargeable, a Plus! if your computer desk is in a corner like mine, place the speaker as close to the corner as possible.
the bass sounds fuller!
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on November 16, 2012
My XOOM is pretty loud, but not quite loud enough for all places when there is any other noise around. My phone plugs into a cassette adapter in my "classic" jeep, but my wife's 2005 Prius only has a cd player so mp3 players need to use an FM transmitter and though we've tried a lot of them none of them give interference-free performance and they're all just enough of a pain to tune in I was just tired of that technology.

I have a few very good sets of small laptop speakers with LOUD output, but they don't travel well, even room to room, because they are all plug-ins.

One day I was on the treadmill, with my XOOM on the book stand and a good set of earbuds wiring me in. The cord started swaying in time with my jog, and swayed farther and farther till my arms kep catching on it and the XOOM keep rocking forward. Twice it was pulled off and it dropped to the roller then the floor. Luckily the XOOM is very solid so it was fine but it got annoying and moving my arms far out like a chicken didn't last long. The third fall was not the charm, the cord broke off at the audio plug.

I came to Amazon to look up something small, easily transportable and loud enough. After reading a bunch I picked this one because the price point made it worth giving a try ... with very low expectations.

It was the correct choice. Now we have audio books playing loud enough in the Prius, in the kitchen when appliances are running, on the treadmill and lately I've been using it for monitoring session scratch recordings out of my olympus ls-11 in some relatively loud booths.

It's not going to knock you over like the old Maxell ads, but it is more than most any embedded speaker. Plus, the battery lasts a LONG time. I keep forgetting to plug it in for charging and so far it's been there for me whenever anyway. Several hours at least so far... over 7 hours easily. That may run down as the battery ages but a few months in of very frequent use it still holds the charge well.

I think that some others are re-brands, and the one I got might be too... but this is the one I ordered.. it has an "A" a leaf and an "L" on one side, all in green. The rubber paint is nice. The cord is not industrial so it might break with abuse or over time but it's not a huge investment so treat it adequately and it might do all you need too.
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on November 6, 2017
Ive only had it for little over a week but seems to be working fine. Sounds better then my laptop speakers and better volume, that was my main deal was too low of volume on my laptop. This is not going to be your typical Bose speaker but like I said it does give you more volume. I like it and would recommend it. I wanted it also because you just plug in and play. You do not have to wait for it to connect via blue tooth. It is not a blue tooth speaker. It connects only from the cord that plugs into your computer. Battery seems to be lasting quite a long time, again haven't had it for a very long time but so far so good.
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I purchased the AYL speaker to boost the sound of the ringer on my cell phone while at home, which, as it turns out, it can't do. I found out that's a phone issue, not an AYL speaker failing. Before I sent it back, I discovered that it works very well to boost my Samsung Galaxy S6 sound while streaming a radio station I missed very much when we moved (WAMU in DC). The sound quality is crisp and rich, pretty amazing, given the tiny size. It's plenty loud, even with the bath water running. It holds a charge for a long time and the buttons are very easy to use. I also like the rubbery texture, as it stays where I put it on the vanity surface and it's compact, so it doesn't take up a lot of real estate on the counter top. I don't carry it around, but I certainly could do so easily. The clever design closes up and the cords tuck in to make a tidy little puck I can toss in my bag.
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on May 16, 2017
I bought one of these a couple of years ago and loved it. The sound is big and clear, and it is a very convenient size and shape. It even folds up smaller for transporting easily. I ordered a second one recently so I could hook two together. This one arrived with a cord that did not work. I notified the seller, and rather than sending me a new cord, they sent me a whole new speaker! Wow. I did not expect that. Excellent customer service from this seller, above and beyond. I have never written a review before, and I am doing it now because I am so impressed with the customer service.
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