Customer Reviews: PORTER-CABLE PCE605K 3-Amp Corded Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit with 31 Accessories
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on September 1, 2013
I bought this Porter Cable tool to remove grout in one of my bathrooms prior to sale. Unfortunately, it just didn't work out.

For cutting wood, drywall, and other softer materials, I imagine that the Porter Cable might be a good tool, but it's bad at grout removal.

I broke two of the grout blades within 20 minutes of using each. The grout blade quality was just really bad, and I had to go to a local store and buy a Dremel MM45-01 to finish the job. The Dremel worked great and it's blades looked like new when the job was done, despite having done the majority of the work.

The Porter cable PCE605K also got really hot after a few minutes of use, and would burn my hand through the leather gloves I was wearing if I didn't put it down every five or ten minutes. When the unit was hot, it was impossible to switch out the blades because of thermal expansion of parts in the quick-release system. And, finally, after it got really hot it threw dark-gray motor grease all over, making a huge mess.

Dremel's tool quick-release system is just as good as the Porter Cable. Also, the Dremel MM45-01 tool that I used didn't get as hot as the Porter Cable, so I could use it constantly, without stopping.However, it fell short in a couple of other ways.

The Dremel MM45-01 clearly wasn't as rugged as the PCE605K, and is made to be used without gloves. It had a shorter power cable too. Using the Dremel with gloves is more difficult because it's power switch is shallow in the body and difficult to grip, and it's power-dial is easy to mistakenly move. The Dremel's vibrations are much more shallow than that of the Porter cable, which makes it less powerful for everything other than grout removal. Finally, the Dremel was more expensive and the sanding and non-grout tools it came with were of lesser quality than the Porter Cable.

Note that you can't use Dremel Blades in the Porter Cable tool. It might be possible with the adapter kit, but it physically won't fit into the quick-release system mount.

If you need to do grout work, I would not recommend Porter Cable unless they fix the overheating problems with their tool, and start making a higher quality blade that won't shatter.

It's a sad sad day when Dremel, a company better know for making tools for hobbyists and jewelers, beats out a tool from Porter Cable.
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on December 5, 2012
I have this and the 2.5amp Bosch model.

Put shortly, this one has more power and more features.

The spacer on the front is crucial for doing cuts in drywall and metal because if you plunge too deep the teeth stop cutting and just vibrate against the side of the material. I love this feature because it keeps you from doing that.

The body is all rubber and easy to grip.

The blade "chuck" is metal, but the thing you compress to open the chuck up is plastic. It is solid plastic but it is plastic, that's the only negative of this tool. The bosch blade clasp is all metal but requires an allen wrench for removal. The porter cable is tool less, which is nice, I just wish it was more substantial.

Cutting screws off is easy. Cutting pipe in tight spaces is a breeze. Cutting perfect boxes in drywall takes seconds. This tool has enough power for flush cuts in door jambs and trim.

Very versatile. Near the top in terms of power and features, and near the bottom in price for tools in this feature/power range. I got it for $69 during black friday 2012, but it's worth the $129 easily.

Hope that helps.
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on August 8, 2013
I spent 8 hours on the job with this tool and was not impressed at the end of the day. Normally I am a huge Porter-Cable fan but I think this one needs to go back to the design team.

One of my complaints is with the quick release mechanism; it is very hard to change the blade and the hinge on the front protrudes which subtracts from cutting depth in some situations.

However I will admit that the release mechanism could be subjective and a personal issue....

The main reason for 3 stars are the blades. I went through every blade in the kit and wore them all out on one 10 foot section of 2x2 trim board which I was trying to cut in halves so I could get it out of the inside corner. The house has lap siding and this trim board had some rotten places in it so my goal was to take it out in sections and replace it with two strips of 1x2 PVC wood replacement product. This particular trim board was on an inside corner where the chimney meets the outside wall of the house. The lapped boards trap it from coming out in one piece.

I started out using the bi-metal blade thinking this would attack any nails it ran into but unfortunately the nails won. I hit one nail and it was all over. These blades are not cheap and I can't see having to replace them every time you turn around.

I have a trusty and faithful 25 dollar Harbor Freight oscillating tool that has the original blades and are still going strong. Unfortunately it was 300 miles away from this particular job site I was on so I saw this as an opportunity to stop by the local big box lumber store and upgrade to one of the big boy brands.

Maybe I'll try another big boy brand but on this day I was wishing I had my trusty 25 banger with me........
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on December 4, 2012
This kit contains a decent Oscillating tool, and a very basic tool kit. While advertised as having 31 'accessories', keep in mind most of them are pieces of sandpaper that attach to the sanding head. While the blades themselves seem to be of decent quality, you really only get 3 of them, one flush-cut all purpose, one plunge cut wood, and one plunge cut multi-use that can be used for things like cutting nails in trim without ruining the trim (a job it does fairly well).
The tool has an on-off switch, and a rotary dial to adjust the oscillating speed, from quite slow, to a frenzied buzz. I can't see anyone needing a wider range of speeds than this tool has.
Tool changes are very quick and easy, just squeeze the handle, and swap them out. About the only negative, is that you can't use just any accessory, it has to be one with a slot in it where it mounts, to accomodate the quick-change part of the toolhead. However, that is a small price to pay, for the ability to change or reposition tools in a matter of a couple seconds. The tools/accessories can be mounted to face forward, to either side, or an any of several angles in between, which adds versatility, as does the adjustable depth guage. This looks like it would be very handy for making repeated cuts to the same depth, or for making a long cut, of a known depth, such as cutting a hole in drywall, or plywood, without damaging anything behind it.
The extra long (8 or maybe 10 foot long) easily flexible cord, is a nice touch.

Also included, is a nice storage case, that has room for the tool, and quite a few accessories. It has sturdy, easy to use latches, a folding carry handle, and holds the tool all but rattle free. Nothing fancy, just a simple, but well thought-out case.

When Amazon had these on sale, for half of regular price (under $70) I just had to have one. That gave me Name-brand quality, at a no-name price. I could use a few more attatchments, but at this price, who can complain?
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on October 30, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The last version of the Porter-Cable Multi-Tool was a great tool, but they've taken something that was already excellent and improved on it.

Aside from the extra half an amp that was added to power this, it now has a depth cutting guide that is a helpful thing to have. People with the old tool are now upgrading to this new version just for the depth guide. Some have even tried to make their own depth guide for the older version of this tool with mixed results.

This multi-tool sands, removes grout, cuts wood and metal, takes up old carpet tiles, and sands rust. The cord is soft and rubbery and not likely to break or crack or come apart. The toolbox this comes in has also been redesigned to allow more to fit more easily inside. No longer are there multiple small dividers for all the accessories. The older version of the toolbox was difficult to fit the cord into, and get it closed. Having the inside of the box much more open has solved that problem.

Changing the attachments is super easy. Just hold the latch down, pop the old attachment off and slide the new attachment on. It can be done almost instantly, with no effort, and there are little teeth that grab onto the attachment to keep it in place. I had no problem at all changing attachments. Cutting and sanding attachments can be turned at any angle and the angle can be quickly adjusted simply by holding down the latch that secures them, and turning them to the new position.

This unit also accepts blades made by Black & Decker, and Rockwell. The only con is that the cutting attachments with this are on the short side, which works fine for most cutting tasks. However, it would be nice to have a longer cutting blade in some cases. Still, the cutting blades are good and do the job, but a slightly longer one would make some jobs faster and easier. It may be that some of the other two manufacturers make a longer cutting blade that can be used with this. Some type of attachment to use with this to catch dust would have been nice also.

This comes with tons of sandpaper for the sanding attachment, in various grades. The box is tough and sturdy, and snaps shut easily and securely. The cord is thick and the plug is heavy and large enough to prevent fumbling if you are wearing gloves.

This can do small jobs or medium sized ones. It can saw something like a table leg quickly and easily, and I used it for that purpose, to lower a table a couple of inches. Don't try to use this for heavy big jobs where a circular saw would be the proper tool. This tool is made for smaller jobs and is not meant to replace a saw, or other tools for big jobs. There are other brands that are better for heavier bigger jobs, and this review wasn't meant to give all the info you could possibly need, so do some research if you need something for all day heavy work. If you think this will do heavy work, this isn't the right tool. This is the right tool for small jobs or where bigger tools won't fit the space you are working in.

Dremel makes a similar tool which has one advantage over this one. In particular, that one has the air vents placed at an angle where dust won't go into the motor. It also has the dial to adjust the motor speed. The attachments are more expensive though. The big advantage of this one is the depth guide, and the quick easy attachment changes.

I love the little dial on the back of this to power up the motor to exactly the speed you want. This is powerful, the cord is ten feet long, and it is a handy thing to have when you are working on old furniture projects as I am now. I'm very happy with this.

I see about 90% of the reviews for this are overwhelmingly positive. There are now 85 4 and 5 star reviews, and 11 1 and 2 star reviews.
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on April 22, 2015
Haven't used it yet, so can't review that part, but beware that the photo shows the old style blades with round index holes. I ordered extra matching blades. The tool I received was evidently the "updated" version with oblong index holes, yet the extra blades were the old type. They don't fit. I suggest you not order any extra blades or accessories until you see what is actually delivered.
review image
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on October 30, 2013
The PORTER-CABLE PCE605K 3-Amp Corded Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit meets all my expectations as a excellent addition to my tool set. Cuts great: clean and fast. The quick release blade mechanism is both a plus and a minus. Plus: easy quick changes of blades, MINUS: the patented design means paying a premium for replacement blades. Yes you can buy "bolt on" adaptors then use cheap blades but then you defeat the purpose of the "quick change" design!
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on June 2, 2013
The shaft is 1 1/2 inches or so behind the front of the tool. Therefore, if the blade is at a right angle to the saw body it is impossible to get up to a wall at right angles to your cut. This is because the "tool less" hinge is in the way. The depth gauge is good for cuts with the blade sticking out the front, but useless otherwise. Also, the tool less system requires large hands with great strength. I'll take a hex wrench any day.

I gave this tool one star. But, if you always use the tool with the blade sticking out the front and can use the depth gauge, this tool is probably 5 star. Many times, however, there is not enough clearance to use the saw this way. Also, I find that I get better control with the blade out the side.
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on October 8, 2013
I always try to buy Porter Cable products. This tool is great for cutting tongue and groove flooring and making flush cuts around floors. I bought it to replace floor boards and make flush cuts in old flooring. It works good. You can position the blade 3 ways. It uses blades quick though. Buy extra blades while your at it. Blades hard to find locally at Home Depot or Lowes. Quick change blade feature is nice. I took the depth roller guide off mine. It was in the way. It looks like I will be able to use this for all kinds of projects. Price is cheaper on Amazon than locally too. Has a nice hard plastic case to hold everything.
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on October 7, 2013
Just be aware that the tool gets too hot to touch, handle after a couple of minutes of use. The exposed metal housing get too hot to hold, must move hands back to the end of the tool witch causes loss of control of the tool. Also hard to find blades that fit.
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