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Size: HDMI 3X1 Switcher|Style: 3 port with IR|Change
Price:$8.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on November 8, 2008
I have to say this the no-name switch outperforms the pros. I needed to connect my ps3 (hdmi) and dish receiver (hdmi) to an hdtv which only had a dvi input (using an hdmi to dvi cable). I tried the sony str-dg720 receiver for hdmi switching, then the monoprice hdmi switcher. Neither worked (the sony manual says it doesn't play well with hdmi-dvi cables, so I was going out on a limb there).

Now this little baby on the other hand, comes with extremely poor written instructions (think google translation of a foreign language manual), so I connected it not even expecting it to work. But wonders! Not only does it switch flawlessly between the ps3 and the dish receiver (producing a perfect output), it even has a "priority" function which works perfectly.

Basically, the dish hdmi port always outputs a signal, even on standby, so I keep it on a lower priority input (port 2). I've connected the ps3 to port 1, so if I turn on the ps3 this switches automatically to the ps3. When the ps3 is powered off, it automatically switches back to the dish receiver.

It's great to find a product which actually performs as advertised. Kudos to the manufacturer and CE compass (the amazon seller I bought this product from). 100% worth the money.
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on October 16, 2014
The switch I received doesn't even have the name on it. this product works.. OK.. not great. I programed it to work with my Harmony remote because I have all my devices in a media closet away from the TV. so I purchased this and an Infrared repeater and extender everything works except this. it doesn't work well with my Blu-ray player I've tried two different players and 6-7 different HDMI cables. it doesn't allow the DHCP to work correctly. basically the copy right protection isn't working with the switcher and the Blu-ray player is making the picture really bad so you wouldn't want to copy a dvd/Blu-ray..
if your looking to completely move your devices away and "Hide" them all like I did, step up and buy a real switcher.
if you just ran out of HDMI inputs and your not going to have a Blu-ray player hooked into this then go for it.
it does work with Roku, Xbox
also if you do purchase try and find a power supply for it. it'll make it work more reliably.
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on December 14, 2012
First things first- this device does what it is supposed to do. It allows 3 different devices to be connected via HDMI to it and it outputs one of the connected devices to one source. Comes in handy if you have a tv or other output device (such as a projector) that only has one HDMI input but you have two or three devices that you want to connect to it. It also comes with a remote that allows you to switch between devices. You also have the option of manually pressing the button on the device to switch between devices. At this price point that is exactly what you should expect it to do and it does it well. This is why I rated it 5 stars. It transmits full 1080p video as well as audio just fine. I also like the fact that you do not need to plug it in for power. I have used it on a couple different setups utilizing my Roku player, PS3, Xbox 360, and cable box at various times. The picture quality is just as good as when you plug straight in, as was the sound.

Now here is where the bonus feature (and confusion for some) comes into play. So many people read these reviews and wonder, "will it automatically switch or won't it?". The short answer is, it depends. By explaining the whys and how's, hopefully this can shed some light and help you make a better decision. If you don't have that issue and don't want to know, stop here as I do spend a lot of time explaining the priority system.

As stated, it will automatically switch between your devices as you turn them off and give priority to the device that is on DEPENDING ON THE DEVICE PLUGGED INTO IT. If your your device (such as a cable box or a Roku player) has constant power that runs to it even when you turn it off, this switcher will always think that it is on. (Yes, the switcher detects power from most cable boxes through the hdmi cable which is why it always thinks its on even when it is off- when you turn off the cable box, it still needs to power the reception to be tuned in and the clock, so even if the output portion of the box is off, the box itself is always "on"). The only way that it will automatically switch to another device that is plugged in is if you turn on another connected device that does not have constant power to it. It does NOT matter where it is plugged in (slots 1, 2, or 3)!! Priority will always be given to any device that has a DETECTED CHANGE in the power signal from nothing to something. The operative words that I will us is DETECTED CHANGE. Confused still? Let me give you an example. Hopefully it will sense....

Say you have this setup:
Input 1: Cable box (again, this is a device that always has power running through it, hence this switcher always thinks it is "on").
Input 2: A Roku player, (also a device that is always powered on).
Input 3: Xbox 360. This is a device that will not transfer power through the hdmi cable when it is off. The switcher will not think it is always "on".
In this example, the switcher thinks that it has a signal in both inputs 1 and 2 at all times. What will it give priority to and switch to? It will give priority to the lowest number that it thinks is on, in this case input 1, unless there was a power from off to on CHANGE DETECTED in the last action such as:
-if the hdmi cord is plugged into one input 2 (since the roku is always on, a CHANGE was DETECTED from no power to power when it's plugged in. So it will swith to input 2).
-If you manually selected the input by pushing the button on the switcher to input 2
-The XBOX in input 3 is turned on. Here, the switcher does not think it is always on. But as soon as you turn on the xbox, a power CHANGE is DETECTED from off to on, so it will automatically switch to the Xbox in input 3!

So in this example, it will not switch between the 2 devices automatically in inputs 1 and 2 as you turn them on our off because they are both examples of devices that always have power detected through the hdmi cable. Again, there needs to be a CHANGE detected, and because both devices are always "on" to the switcher, there is no CHANGE. Make sense?

So rule of thumb, priority goes to the lowest input device dumber that is powered on but is superseded by a higher input number (like input 2 or 3) if a power on CHANGE was detected. Again, it does not matter which input it is plugged in to! Priority always given to input where the CHANGE is detected from off to on! This is why if you unplugged an Hdmi cable from your cable box or Roku and plugged it in, it will switch to that device because it was the last CHANGE it detected.

So let's say you turn the xbox off in input 3. Then what will the switcher automatically switch to? It will go back to the lowest input number where power is detected. Since it thinks that both inputs 1 and 2 is on, it will default to input 1. So when you turn on the cable in input 1, you will automatically notice that it turns on. However if you turn on/wake up the Roku, nothing will be displayed. Since there is constant power detected in both inputs, no CHANGE was detected so it defaults to the lowest number (input 1 and the cable box).

So as you can see in the above example and that setup, if you follow the rule of thumb, the switcher will only automatically switch to the xbox when it is turned on, then back to the lowest input number cable box when the xbox 360 is turn off.

Let me throw in one final example and you can see the general rule of thumb goes into play: Lets say you manually turn on the Roku using the the button or remote. When you are done with it, it will be impossible to automatically switch back to input 1 (becuase again, no change is detected as both devices are always on). But if you fire up the xbox- change detected and it will automatically switch to xbox.

The above examples gives scenarios where there are two devices that the switcher always thinks is "on". In that scenario, the remote or manual button may have to be used.
Ideally, you will only have one device that the spliiter thinks is always "on". In that situation you should be ok. Since your other devices can trigger a CHANGE that the switcher detects, it should always switch accordingly. Then when those devices are turned off, it will just go to the lower number or in out where a change is detected.

Again to summarize-
Switcher will switch to lowest input number where power is detected unless a "power on" change detected in another input.
Switcher will not switch back and forth between two devices that are always detected on by switcher (even if you turn them "off").
I hope this clears up confusion and helps.
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on May 31, 2016
I bought two of these for my household. One for my room and one for my parents. I had an old monitor that only had 1 HDMI port while I had a PS4 and PC. It works great but not 100% for me. For some reason when I have both my PS4 and PC turned on, and I want to use my PC, it automatically goes to the PS4 all the time (while browsing on my PC it'll go to the PS4 screen by itself). I am not able to find out why as this is not a big deal for me but something you should be aware of when buying this. However, in my parents room, which has a TV (1 HDMI Port) and a PS3. It works as stated. There is no issues with their's when both of them is on. The remote works as expected also as I do not have any complaints about it, works as it should. This product is good for what it is needed for. The only reason why I am taking off one star is because of the automatic switching between the PS4 and PC, if I didn't have that issue it would have been 5/5. Great Product.
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on December 17, 2013
I purchased this item given the number of positive reviews. I have an older television with only two HDMI ports and needed to hook up my cable box, PS3, and PS4. The PS3 and Cable Box worked as intended and I was able to easily setup auto-switching.

However, I did find that the PS4 had issues working with this device. I first connected the PS3 and PS4 to the switch and things seemed to function as intended. However, when I powered off the PS3, the PS4 was unable to output a display, and the light on the Switch began to blink. I suspect this is a power-related issue, as the PS4 was only able to output a display when the PS3 or Cable Box was connected to the switch and powered on. I imagine connecting a power adapter (which is not included with the Switch) would perhaps solve this issue.

Overall though, when using only the PS3 and Cable Box with this switch I am very satisfied with its performance and value. Overall, I would recommend this device looking for an economical solution for connecting multiple HDMI inputs, with a small caveat if intending to use this device with a PS4.
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on February 27, 2017
This item is pretty good. All devices will work properly, as long as at least one of them supplies power through the HDMI cable and is turned on. If devices which supply power are turned off, the devices hooked into this switch that do not supply power will no longer output, even if turned on. So, as long as I have my PC plugged into it and turned on, it works just fine. If I have just my PS4 turned on it will not activate the switch. (Edit: Added content: I can also now confirm that the Nintendo Switch DOES supply power, so will work through this device, as long as it is on)
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on April 21, 2017
I was honestly expecting to be disappointed in this product due to how cheap it was, but I was impressed by the quality and features it has.

I was looking for something that would allow me to use my monitor for multiple devices at once (my computer, my game console, etc.) without taking up much space. This product is perfect for me. I can simply turn on the device I want and hit the button to switch from one source to the next. It uses a power supply to power it, but only to use the intelligent selection feature. The intelligent selection will automatically switch to the device that is powered on and sending a video signal. It also comes with a remote that you can use to switch between channels if you prefer.

I am very satisfied with the quality and functionality of this product. I recommend it to anyone who needs a product such as this one. 10/10
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I bought a PORTTA PET0301S 3x1 Port HDMI Switch in my first attempt to make the components in my entertainment center work together more efficiently. I needed it to connect my Blue-ray player and DirecTV receiver to my HDTV, and then simply switch between the two components in such a manner that I could use my TV as a single audio source for my home theater system.

Unfortunately, my PORTTA PET0301S 3x1 Port HDMI Switch is beset with problems that make it difficult for me to use. Because of its very compact design, the HDMI ports are located on both the front and back panels of the unit. With HDMI cables connected, the unit is unsightly, and it's nearly impossible for me to place it on a shelf with my other components. I must either tuck it behind my components, or allow it to hang by its connected HDMI cables behind my entertainment center. In addition, both the supplied IR remote and receiver responded very sluggishly to my inputs, frequently making it necessary for me to reach behind my entertainment center and manually switch between components, and thereby defeating the purpose of having a remote in the first place.

Overall, I found the PORTTA PET0301S 3x1 Port HDMI Switch inadequate for my purposes. I eventually replaced it with another, much better performing and attractive HDMI switch.
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One of my TVs has only one HDMI ports and I purchased this switcher to allow me to hook up additional devices. This package includes just the switcher, you will need to provide your own HDMI cable to hook the switcher to the TV, and then an HDMI cable for each of your devices.

The switcher has three ports to attach up to three HDMI devices. So far I am using two of the three ports. Once you switch your TV to the HDMI input, you need to select which one of HDMI device attached to the splitter you want.
There are three ways to do it
❶ The switcher automatically selects a port
❷ You can select a port manually by pushing a button on the device
❸ You can use a small remote that comes with switcher to control it

Since it is plugged into one port on my TV, only one of the splitter ports can be active at a time. The automatic selection does not always give me what I want (both devices are always turned on) but both (2) and (3) both worked well and allowed me to select exactly what I wanted. The automatic selection work best if you keep your devices off and then it switches to the newly turned on device.

The switcher has a port for AC Adapter but does not come with one. I am using it without an AC Adapter with Android TV and wireless HDMI. Other devices might need it and this devices gives you an option to add an AC Adapter if needed.

I did not see any deterioration in signal and overall I am quite pleased. It solved my problem and a very reasonable price.

Ali Julia review
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on April 17, 2017
It didn't work. The lights would blink and not blink and just went haywire. I hooked it up as directed to my TV with my PS4 and Xbox One. Nothing would show on the picture. The splitter wouldn't let me switch between the HDMI ports with the controller or the button on the device. It just wouldn't work. After I gave up and took it off, my PS4 would no longer display a picture through HDMI when hooked up directly to my TV and it was working before I hooked it up through this splitter. Long story short, my PS4 had to be sent off for repairs because luckily, it's under warranty. It's just a mighty strong coincidence that I hooked it up though this device and my PS4 decides to die. So now I'm waiting on my PS4 to be repaired and mailed back. The Xbox One made it out alive.
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