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on September 3, 2017
I am thrilled with how wonderful this book is. I first saw it at the Library, with the lovely patterns and the Spiritual content, and encouragement. It was impressionable on me, for a lifetime. I could barely put it down, and it opened a whole new world for me. I could just sense the love that was put into it.
I have many crochet pattern books with garments in them, which sit on my shelves , with crochet clothes that have no fit, and no style, not anything that I would actually wear. This is not the case with MaryJane's crochet books, the styles are lovely, and the patterns are beautiful, and easy to follow and create.
I love the crochet skirt that MaryJane has designed, a pattern that would be quick to create, and and the tops, and shrugs are well-fitted, and she has included necklaces and accessories, and everything my hearts desire would want to make. And much to my excitement, she has
even included yarn substitutions, so that I don't have to go out and pay $35.00 for a skein of yarn, to make the garment. I love everything in the book, and would love to have and wear, what she has created.
MaryJane has also included some very positive words of encouragement, and it is information that we all need...to have a happy life. Her book contains some of the best posititve motivational concepts, I have ever read.
MaryJane also has devoted time, to help anyone who needs help to complete her patterns, and that is very commendable!!! Also, the way that her patterns have such a superior fit... I wish I had 10 stars to give her book!!!!
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on April 26, 2015
Absolutley the most innovative and exciting crochet book I've seen in a long time! Actually, I already had a copy of this book; I purchased this one for my crochet buddy, Debbie, so we can do our own "CALs" (crochet-alongs) I made the Tangerine Top back in 2008, and still get compliments when I wear it. MaryJane's "graduated stitch" technique creates garments that fit as well, if not BETTER, than hand-knitted ones.There is little to no shaping; all the decreases and increases are done by changing the stitch.For example, the taller dcs and tcs make for a longer stitch, which is better suited for the bottom of a garment. Short stitches, like sc and hdcs are used at the bust-line. It's FUN and a different, exciting way to construct clothes.Thetops seem to mold to my body, and don't even appear hand-made.MaryJane is so clever! In the past, Judith Copeland was famous for sideways construction, or modular crochet (as she called it at the time) Now, MaryJane Perry has taken that to a new level--and I would recommend this book for ALL levels from beginners to advanced "hookers."
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on May 4, 2008
I bought this book hoping for a fun crochet book with a variety of patterns, and it met my hopes marvelously. The patterns are all cute. There is a lot of variety: sweaters, lacy tunics, shrugs, purses, scarves, and jewelry, just to name a few. Everything is hip and would dress up a pair of jeans nicely.

One of the best things about this book is that the author gives ample information about the materials of each project, making yarn substitution very easy. She lists the name, yardage, and colors of the yarn she used, as well as the weight of the yarn. Every project has a gauge. In several projects she even gives specific suggestions or advice for a substitution. Most of the projects are knit up in inexpensive yarn. It is clear that she has given consideration to the affordability of her projects.

Unfortunately, the only pattern I've tried (Chain of Flowers Scarf), I could not get the written instructions to match the picture. It was not hard for me to adjust the pattern and the scarf came out beautifully. However, such mistakes could give the novice crocheter a good bit of a headache. Hopefully, the rest of the book is better.

I should mention a few things that this book /isn't/. This book /isn't/ a learn-to-crochet book. There is absolutely no instruction on how to crochet. However, the projects are fairly simple and (given that there aren't too many mistakes) would be an ideal for a beginner who knows the rudiments and wants to do something with them.

This book also /isn't/ a beautiful, heirloom quality crochet book. Nothing is particularly lovely in the classic sense. Although the patterns can be adapted, the current photography and yarn choices are aimed mainly at teenagers (funky and cute come to mind). There is no lace to speak of, only fishnet and mesh. I wouldn't count on finding anything in here for an elegant-evening-out occasion, nor anything that is anywhere near heirloom quality.

As a last note, I have to say that I was very disappointed with the author's attitude in her introduction: As a young crafter who loves both knitting and crocheting, it just makes me sad when knitters or crocheters feel obliged to snipe at each other. Knitting and crocheting are both fun and beautiful. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, and I don't see why anyone would want to dwarf one with the other. I encourage every crafter to learn both.

All in all, a good casual accessory book, a good first book of crochet patterns, and especially good for younger people.
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on March 3, 2014
I have a ton of pattern books, but very few of them do I like the majority. I was so excited to get this book that when it finally came, I hurried through a project for a friend so I could dive in. I was very pleased to get a pattern book that wasn't over run with scarf and hat patterns. The sweaters are stunning. The directions are very clear and easy to follow. I do wish they used more worsted weight than sport and dk, I have a hard time finding colors I like locally in these sizes. I rarely every use the same yarn that the pattern calls for.
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on March 10, 2018
Very disappointed. The picture on the cover is a pretty sweater and the description is Fashionable projects What isn't said is there are only 10 or so out of 50 that are garments, the rest are belts, earnings even an iPhone cover :(
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on May 21, 2017
Positively Crochet has many diverse patterns in it, for beginners to advanced crocheters; using many different sized yarns; the patterns are very easy to understand and I've found no mistakes in any of the ones I've tried.
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on October 8, 2017
Have worn it out already
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on April 16, 2015
Lovely book with a variety of crochet designs that are very approachable for any level crocheter. What also attracted me to purchase this book was the encouraging words sprinkled throughout this book which are very building and up-lifting. The author also includes little tidbits to help you with the various designs.
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on May 17, 2010
Little did I know that when I picked up one book of crochet patterns, that it would make me a fan of the author without even realizing it. I've reviewed another book by this same author, and what can I say? Two times the charm! She's managed to make me just as excited about this book as the last, and everything that I've said before remains true with this second book. WONDERFUL FIND!

When I first saw the pictures on amazon for the tangerine top, I was excited about this book. So many times, however, I find that I've ordered a book for one pattern (which of course can't be found anywhere else) and that the rest of the book is left undone. This book was definately an exception! The moment I started flipping through it's beautiful pages, I found one project after another that made me smile, not to mention made me want to pick up some yarn and my crochet hooks!

I also have to say that as an avid, but inexperienced, fan of this misunderstood and underestimated art, this book was filled with helpful tips and basic information that allowed me QUICKLY understand not only the projects and patterns in this book, but in other books as well.

My hats off to the author! She did VERY well, and I recommend this book for anyone who's looking for cute clothes with the satisfaction of knowing that you made it yourself! The styles in this book are definately in, and something I'm sure will get me more than a few compliments once I finish making them.
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on September 11, 2007
I have to say up front, I've crocheted for about 35 years and knit for about 7 years. I learned to knit because I just didn't like the crochet patterns and yarns being offered to crocheters; knitters are offered better patterns, better yarns, and a better, nicer attitude from yarn shop owners, as far as my experience is concerned. I am a certified knitaholic at this point.

Mary Jane Hall's Postively Crochet! book pleasantly surprised me, so much so that I searched all the Yahoo crochet groups I'm on to find her name so I could contact her directly about it. This book might actually might make me put my knitting down long enough to actually crochet one of these projects, and that is saying something...LOL I've rarely put my knitting needles down long enough to work or eat since I've learned to knit.

As it is unusual for me to get excited about crochet patterns these days, this book has impressed me to the point that I have opted to write my first review of anything here on Amazon.

There is a nice variety of projects in it, shrugs, sweaters, scarves, hats, purses, some jewelry (wire and otherwise), and even some felted projects. They are pictured very well, and it shows the yarn size required, so you can substitute if needed. Special stitches are described and helpful hints can be found throughout this book. Diagrams are provided if needed.

I don't see anything in its' wording that gives me any negative impression at all. I think the words of encouragement given frequently throughout the book give it a unique "personality", most books just give you hook size used, yarn used, row 1, row 2 etc. and no more, but this book gives a little more than that, take what you can from that "extra bit" or leave it as you please.

Amongst the projects that are tempting me: Sari Silk bolero, the tangerine top, Swarovski crystal wring (I love wire and bead crochet), angel hair bolero, cloverleaf top, double breasted jacket purse, the cover pic (ivory shells sweater), bracelet watch (I have a hard time liking watchbands, this one I really like), the easy shrug, fun circles bag, and the circular shrug (I worked my way from back to front of the book to list these, I wish I could show you pics here so you could see the, but you will have to find a copy you can "flip" through so you can see for yourself, which I highly recommend that you do, if you are tempted by this book because of my comments above.
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