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on February 24, 2017
If the useful life is 4 years from dater of manufacture this should be prominently marked -- but it is not. The box received Feb 14/2017 from Amazon has a sticky label with 15001 and "01/20". If the latter is an expiration date of Jan, 2020 then more than one fourth of the useful life is gone before receipt. The product may be good, but old stock raises the effective cost by one third (or one fourth, depending on how one calculates).
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on April 30, 2014
I personally used these for a two month journey through Central Asia that at one point involved two weeks without bottled water (during trekking, traveling). I used these tablets on water I gathered from streams and occasionally from water gathered from wells that looked suspect (i.e., from the plumbing in people's homes). I drank water of various colors (brown, blue and clear), and I never got sick once, which I think proves the authenticity of these tablets (or that I am lucky).

I cannot comment on the taste of the water, because typically the taste of water was the last thing on my mind. If you are thirty, you will drink it. That said, I do not remember the tablets ever causing a strongly undesirable taste (when I used it on water from people's homes). The only time I noticed a pungent taste was when the water was noticeably foul looking, because it was the only source I could get. Ironically, the water I suspected most came from a crap hotel in China that accepted Pakistani rupees (no ATM in town). I am quite sure the taste was not a side-effect of the tablets.

A few notes:

I had a 2-L Camelback (technically Platypus) I stuck two tablets in and a 1.5 L plastic bottle (the disposable kind) that I stuck only one tablet in, since I figured the tablets had a safety factor. I probably filled the bottle 1.3-1.4 L's up.

I waited at least 4 hours before drinking after dropping the tablets in, and would alternate with my Platypus/bottle. In one instance I only waited 2 or 3 hours for the water in my Platypus (which had two tablets), but the water "looked fresher."

The tablets are highly portable. I stuck them in my mini-first aid kit.

They are significantly cheaper than other alternatives, and protect against virtually everything. You also do not have to worry about iodide poisoning with these.

For these reasons, I prefer these tablets to others, even if there is a four hour wait. Keep the iodide tablets for emergencies, and use these tablets for more "regular" use.
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on November 28, 2014
Chlorine Dioxide is a "go to" water purification tablet for emergencies AND outdoor activities - like hiking. Yes, they take a little longer BUT they are the only purification tablet on the market that is effective against giardia and cryptosporidium - which is why FEMA and other government agencies buy them up so fast the market can't hardly keep up.

As a light weight alternative to packing around water purification pumps for backpacking - you can't beat it. Leaves no after taste and even improves clarity as the sediment seems to fall out of suspension in the water after the tablets are used. I haven't bought chlorine or iodine tablets since these came out on the market. Incase you are wondering "Chlorine Dioxide" does not use actual chlorine to purify the water... it uses a highly active form of oxygen.
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on September 14, 2017
Manufacturer states on their website that these tablets, under ideal storage conditions, should last four years. I just received my order and the tablets I received are already almost two years old. I suppose the expiration date is also the sell by? How unfortunate. I plan to keep these in a go bag.
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on January 12, 2016
I am not sure what Chlorine Dioxide tabs are supposed to smell like, but these are SUPER pungent! I used two in a test run to see how water purification works, and boy was I surprised. I waited the 4 hour time period to allow the tablets to work, using the appropriate amount of water as directed, and when I opened the container that I had used, they reeked of bleach (chlorine in this instance). I am not sure

The positive part of this review is that there was no aftertaste as the description promised. That is, if you can get past the pungent reek of chlorine. I do have to give an advisory about the fact that it was my first time using this product. I put a few in my bug-out-bag in case of need for them.

I did enjoy the individual packaging though, this is what compelled me to purchase this product.
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on April 29, 2016
These tabs are not only good for purifying water but they can also disinfect wounds and kill germs. Safe on skin when used at directed ratio. I use these to fight thrush and White Line in horses and donkeys. Same thing as White Lightening but much easier and cheaper.
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on May 9, 2017
I know that pretty much every company will say that on their product but this actually doesn't taste bad. There is slight chemical aftertaste but definitely not as bad as my tap water. The tablets are a bit big and overall quite heavy but I'm only getting sever of them as last resort big guns for those suspicious water sources that I won't be able to pass up.
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on March 12, 2017
Used these overseas in a developing nation. My water supply came from a local river. There was no aftertaste at all. Easy to transport and use. Recommend getting a camping collapsible water storage container to take with you to use for your next adventure. Note: these tablets kill everything, and I regret buying an expensive water filter which wouldn't have had any effect on viruses. Never got sick, and I'd say these tablets are definitely the way to go.
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on March 20, 2018
Like the Chlorine Dioxide over the Iodine based purification tablets.

First I filter with my Sawyer, then drop a tablet my 1 liter polycarbonate water bottle, let it work, then shake vigorously to aerate the water.

Have a lot of confidence that this is the safest way to deal with Beaver Fever and viral waterborne critters.

Care enough in my BOB/GHB to make at least 10 liters.

Haven't decided if I'd use these in a stainless steel bottle - not sure if there's some risk of interaction with the metal.
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With your own quart size bottle, a Life Straw and this product you can have a quart of safe clean water per day for about twenty days. That's almost three weeks! Get more product for more water!

Just one plastic bottle that you bring back and recycle at home. Fill your bottle with "tap" water add a dose of this to it and wait four hours or just over night and voila! Safe water. You are hydrated and it works anywhere there's tap water.

Think of four hours this way: A safe batch of water in the morning for noon then make another batch for 4 P.M. A one gallon daily supplement of water per day.

A practical and light weight solution to a problem while traveling. Just one recycled plastic bottle too....
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