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on April 17, 2014
I love the character development in the Harry Potter series. Harry has grown from an idealistic young boy into a cynical teenager. He becomes reckless, defiant. Given an unexpected opportunity to cheat, he grabs it. He stops just short of rude. He continues, though, despite his best efforts, to exhibit his underlying noble character. The shocking conclusion - it still shocks me, no matter how many times I have seen the movie - puts his feet back on the ground. Overnight Harry again faces the evil forces in the world and his compulsion to fight them. Harry's dedication to fight evil no matter the cost is an inspiration to all of us.
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on May 5, 2017
YOU'RE a wizard harry..... great movie. brings back childhood memories of reading harry potter books. I am looking forward to two more harry potter movies
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on July 4, 2016
Harry Potter is one of the all time great fantasy figures. I enjoy watching the movies and will be watching this one again and again. I had the first five movies but had only rented the last three. I have purchased them all for my collection. As in all series movies or books, the early ones when the stars are young and the theme is just beginning are always the best but the dynamic threesome of Harry, Ron, and Hermione don't disappoint. And, the cast of professors, just get better and better. Think of Professor Snapes!
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on July 3, 2013
As far as explanations, I preferred the book better to the movie. The Half-Blood Prince gives the history of Tom Riddle/Lord Voldemort--and the explanations were more interesting and extensive in the book rather than in the movie. However, the movie gives you enough information so that you will understand the later plots in the following sequels.

However, there is one thing I do like better in the movie than in the book--there are more scenes with Bellatrix Lestrange! For someone who was the Dark Lord's most faithful servant, who went to Azkaban for 14 years because she refused to renounce him, I felt J.K. failed to give her enough scenes and character development. The movie gave this character more screen time, and Helena Bonham Carter is always the person you should go to to play a lunatic. She is so good at it, I really question her mental stability in real life.

This movie allows you to see the good side to some characters you thought were bad, and it begins to make you uncertain about characters you thought were good. It also prepares you for the many deaths of well-loved characters that are to come.
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on August 9, 2015
The Harry Potter series only improves with each movie, so it stands that this movie is only shadowed by the two-part final. The cinematography is paled by the Deathly Hallows incredible locale shots, but by this entry the actors have plateaued in the film series. The performances are strong throughout, which help convincingly set up the final twists and turns that lead to seventh movies end game.

We also see a significant maturity in both actors and characters, the latter thanks to the source material. This movie holds up as the strongest stand alone film in the series, despite the injustices of not viewing the series as an entirety.
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on May 13, 2012
Once I get over all the things left out between the book and the movie (always a wrench), I can enjoy this movie a great deal. It's darker, although perhaps not darker than the Order of the Phoenix. It's also more involved with the personal lives of our main characters. Oddly, though, the kids have grown up so much that I can't be sure which ones are or are not being played by different actors. Not the main characters, certainly: but is Lavender Brown the same? Neville and Luna may or may not be: they are seen so briefly.

Anyway, the basic story is that the Death Eaters are causing a lot of trouble, even in the muggle world, and Dumbledore seems to have a plan to fight back, although the nature of the fight takes some time to develop. Even for him.

He has asked Horace Slughorn to come out of retirement and be the Potions master, while Severus Snape finally gets the position he has wanted all along: Defense Against the Dark Arts. Why? It turns out Tom Riddle was a favorite of Slughorn's when he was at Hogwarts, and Dumbledore is convinced he has vital information about Riddle. You see, Slughorn is a sort of name-dropping groupie of famous witches and wizards and their children. As Dumbledore puts it, he likes to "collect" names for his Slug Club. Of course he wants to collect Harry, and Dumbledore asks Harry to get close to him in the hopes of getting the necessary information. Dumbledore has a bottled memory of Slughorn talking to Tom Riddle, but it has been altered. (You know about the bottled memories; they are put into the pensieve in order to be experienced.) It is Harry's mission to get the truth from Slughorn.

Harry succeeds. It turns out Slughorn told Riddle about horcruxes, very dark magic that allows a magician to divide part of his soul and hide it in an object. So if he is killed, it's just that body that dies; he can still recover the hidden part of his soul from the horcrux. Making just one is bad enough, but apparently Voldemort made seven of them. Potter destroyed one, Riddle's diary, in the Chamber of Secrets. Dumbledore found and destroyed a ring which had been in the family of Riddle's mother for some time, and it blackened his hand in the process.

Now he believes he knows where another is hidden: in a cave by the ocean where he takes Harry with him, first extracting a promise from Harry that he will do as Dumbledore asks, no matter what. Harry promises, but it turns out to be pretty horrible to live up to. And even more horrible is what they confront when they return to Hogwarts.

I've told you too much already, especially if you haven't read the books. But believe me, there's a great deal more. For example, just what is Draco Malfoy up to?
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on June 2, 2012
J.K. Rowling's tale is, as always, rife with fresh ideas, and her believable characters continue to endure further challenges in the process of growing-up. Apart from the story's more fanciful elements, there are also some real-life lessons being learned here (in boy-girl relationships and academic cheating among them).

That said, Rowling's extensive narrative doesn't fit so comfortably into a two-and-a-half hour running time. Screenwriter Steve Kloves manages to get most of it all to work within the prescribed length (though it is hard to see the point of invented scenes like Harry's flirtation with a muggle girl in the London tube station when that screen-time could have been alloted to more of Rowling's own ideas).

Director David Yates handles the material adroitly, but his style feels more perfunctory than the series' previous directors. One scene in particular (which I won't spoil), is a major -- and devastating -- turning point in Rowling's tale, but it lacks any dramatic intensity and proves something of a lead balloon. The film is technically well-photographed (by Bruno Delbonnel) but is awash in low-key, shadowy lighting, and a generally drab, washed-out colour scheme. While effective in the spookier moments, this look doesn't suit the scenes of intimacy or humor, and tends to cast a dreary pall about the film. Nicholas Hooper provides a serviceable score, but it too is lacklustre compared to the symphonic grandeur of John Williams' Harry Potter music.

However the performers are (as usual) first rate. The established cast bring ever-more freshness to their parts, while newcomer Hero Fiennes-Tiffin (nephew of Ralph Fiennes) makes for an unnervingly sinister Tom Riddle, and veteran actor Jim Broadbent makes a fine Professor Slughorn.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is a wonderful story which results in a very good film. Warner Bros. Blu-ray disc boasts an excellent transfer with crisp detail. But it does lack the epic sweep of the earlier films and doesn't deliver a satisfying emotional payoff, and so proves one of the less-enjoyable Potter adaptations.
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on September 10, 2011
This was an impressive movie! So far my favorite-visually of the series. I've really enjoyed the HP films Yates has done. They're beautiful! I'm disappointed so many reviews declare their loathing of Yates as director. This leads me to question whether they understand what directors actually do... Anyway.

The book to me was rather slow paced and at times tedious (but still enjoyable). I felt the movie could be equally slow paced but I believe that was because of what they chose to add compared to what they got rid of:

-Cafe scene (aka: Harry is a player... not.)
-Too much Ron/humor time in the beginning (as much as I enjoyed both)
-Bellatrix and Death Eaters attacking the Burrow

Got rid of:
-Dursleys versus Dumbledore
-Snape and Harry's interactions
-Awesome Voldemort/Tom Riddle memories
-Ginny and Harry's relationship development
-Harry being a jerk about Malfoy (while he was correct, I was glad they made Harry's character less of a jerk, to put it nicely)
-Bill and Fleur (and Mrs. Weasley) (When Fleur and Mrs. Weasley make up at the end)
-The original Tom Riddle actor (from CoS) (although, understandable after so many years..)

These changes both helped the movie along and confused the heck out of everyone. I had finished the book about an hour before watching this movie, and I was still a bit unsure of the logic. I give this movie 4 stars, however, because of the quality of the cinematography, special effects, and acting. They did the best they could with condensing down a huge book into a (still relatively long) movie.
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on April 18, 2012
As an avid Harry Potter fan (of both the movies and the books) "The Half-Blood Prince" is decidedly darker than its predecessors (let's face it---a lot of dark things are going on with Voldemort having the wizarding community in a stranglehold and Harry and Dumbledore trying desperately to find out what makes the Dark Lord tick) but it is an amazing piece of cinematography. I tire of individuals claiming a movie is not as well as a book-in this case, the movie would be roughly 10 hours long (although I would probably be one who would happily sit through a 10-hour Harry Potter flick). My only dislikes are simply a matter of what I envisioned when I read the book-the young Voldemort seen in the pensieve did not meet my mental pic (I had him looking like John F Kennedy Jr. or at least John Mayer) and I felt Snape should have been more involved in the movie instead of merely being on the outskirts until the very end. I love Alan Rickman's Snape and can't get enough of him. Other than that, the movie is suitably photographed in dark and ominous tones and the acting is wonderful (I love Ron's girlfriend Lavendar Brown).
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on January 8, 2016
This is one of my all time favorite movie series! I read all of the books and have seen all of the movies. This was the last one I needed to complete my collection. I say it is definitely worth the money and more! Its one of my favorite ones in the series and I am soooooo happy that I now own it, all thanks to my wonderful boyfriend for purchasing it for me for christmas!
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