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on October 12, 2009
My husband was a logger all of his life. His first thoughts were.."oh no, what piece of _____ has she bought now"? We have a Poulan Pro brush/weed trimmer. He thought that he had to take everything apart and re-asemble it. After I told him that all he had to do was turn the red knob and slip it on...then...After he started in on all of our Pine, Fir and Willow trees (that were hitting the roof line)...HE LOVED IT. He was so surprised. Said that it was the best investment that we have ever made. He took down some pretty big limbs too. He is 67 and I am 64. I used it too. I loved it. I can't use it as long as he can. It isn't as top heavy as you would think, but it did take a toll on my shoulders and hands. I just have to pace myself. So any woman out there can do it herself, without having to hire someone. Hauling the branches away, was the hard part...but this chainsaw will cut them small with ease. It is a great piece of equipment.
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on May 19, 2012
I bought this pruner to go along with the Husqvarna string trimmer I recently bought. Poulan and Husqvarna are essentially the same company, so I expected a lot from this pruner. I was not disappointed. I put the strap loop on but later removed it, as the strap just got in the way. So, other than adding the bar oil, it was ready to use out of the box. As several other reviewers commented, the chain was a bit tight to start with, so I loosened that a little with the tool that comes with it. I started out by trimming several of the branches that were hanging over my roof. The weight of the unit on the trimmer motor was light enough that I felt quite comfortable being with it on the roof. It went through the branches like a hot knife through butter. All I needed to do was make sure the chain was pushed all the way up against the stop and let the weight of the unit do the rest. The saw cuts so well I had to be careful not to let it touch any branches that I didn't want cut. Most of the branches were on the order of 1" in diameter, and it dispensed these is a matter of seconds. Some of the larger branches took longer, and even up to 4" was no problem. The smaller branches I cut through in just one pass. For the larger ones I followed the guidance in the manual and undercut them first. This keeps them from tearing out the bark when they fall. Most of the cutting was overhead, but this pruner also worked great on the larger limbs that had fallen to the ground. It allowed me to reach in close to the main part of the branch and remove the smaller branches. I used the pruner for about an hour until the trimmer ran out of gas. It didn't actually run out, but because I had the thing aimed up it could not feed the gas very well. The bar oil was about half gone when I was done. So the little tank for that is consistent with the size of the fuel tank on my trimmer. Unlike my chain saw, the oil tank is opaque and you can see how much bar oil is left. Overall, this is a quality value packed product that I will be recommending to my friends. I have only one complaint about the Poulan Pro Pole Pruner (P4)... who's going to help me clean up all the fallen branches that are now laying all over the place?
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on November 5, 2009
Most amazing. Got it, put the oil in that they sent with it. And started lopping limbs. Absolutely works as advertised. From opening the box to lopping limbs, 10 minutes. Only because it was my first time.

Update 11/13/2009: Neighbor had a 20-25' juniper leaning over our mutual fence after a storm. Was right over wife's Mantis composer (very expensive) and my wood chipper (moderately so). If the fence had not been there it would has crushed both. As it was, it was in a very precarious position and if the fence collapsed or the root ball came more out of the ground, the same thing would have happened. So, hanging over composter about at the 12' height were the parallel trunks of this tree. Both about 6" thru the middle. I cut about 4 feet off of both almost standing on tip toes. Sliced thru it like butter. Had to duck and cover, but each 2 - 3' section after that came down very easily. After the part hanging over the fence was cut away, we moved to the other side and finished with my 16" Husqvarna.

This thing is NOT a toy. I had no idea when I ordered it I would use it so extensively so soon. But I have no idea how I would have done this without it. Probably would have had to hire someone for large bucks.

I highly recommend this pole chain saw. The whole Poulan package works exceeding well. Period. Price not withstanding, it is a GREAT deal.
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on May 17, 2014
My dad loaned me a Black and Decker battery powered pole saw. Its ok, but the battery runs down quickly and you have to keep one battery constantly charged and ready to go. Also for you chainsaw guys out there you will understand the battery powered pole saw just didn't "bite" into the limb and get going good. THIS POLE SAW attachment is just awesome. I have been sick so I haven't been out in the yard the way I would like to be, however, in just two minutes I took out approximately 15 limbs like it was nothing. This same amount of work with my dad's battery powered black and decker would have taken at least 6-8 minutes with a lot of cussing and forceful pushing on the saw. The limbs melted under this thing like butter. I felt like I had my Husquavarna chainsaw attached to my weedeater. It has a self oiler that is cool and allows you to go without constantly needing to oil the blade. I would buy this product again and again and again. I also have the edger attachment (excellent), the hedge trimmer attachment (not bad), and the weedeater attachment (obviously). Get it, you won't regret it.
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on September 1, 2017
Chain arrives backwards. Thankfully my husband is very knowledgeable on this equipment and can reverse the blade. Components are cheap junk plastic. At best we may complete one project.
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on May 21, 2012
This pole saw attachment is essentially what I expected. It's not great but is able to get the job done as long as the operator understands that this is not a 20 inch chain saw. It takes some getting used to and it's best to stand downwind so that the sawdust blows away from you rather than towards you. It eliminates the need to try to cut above your head while standing on a step ladder as long as the limb you are cutting is within reach of you standing on the ground.
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on July 24, 2010
I owned a Ryobi unit which used a reciprocating saw trimmer. It got jammed and the gears stripped. Can't get these any more. This unit works pretty well and the chain saw idea is pretty good. Mine had the chain tensioned too tight for my Ryobi and I had a tough time keeping the unit running without stalling the motor. After loosening the chain tension it worked much better. The strap is kind of useless and I can tell you your arms will get tired so take your time. Since you are always looking up here are some important safety tips: DON'T WORK ALONE, USE TIGHTLY SEALED SAFETY GOGGLES, BE SURE YOU HAVE GOOD FOOTING AND A CLEAR PATH TO MOVE QUICKLY IF THINGS START GOING WRONG. When you store the unit put in in a tray of some type since the chain cutting oil leaks when not in use. Very happy so far.
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on September 23, 2016
Works great. Just what I wanted. Everything I expected it to be.
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on December 5, 2010
It works well and all as described as far as I can tell. I used it strait away and it really helped me get rid of some annoying limbs I couldn't reach without countless minutes hand-sawing them. But like another reviewer(s) said; the bar isn't very big so you can't take really thick limbs (in one swipe). But it does its job and very well. I HIGHLY recommend reading the included instructions for safety procedures & learn how to cut limbs as described. It's not hard to cut the limbs at all with this, but big limbs rapidly hinging are something every user should keep in mind (again highly recommend reading all the included safety precautions & how to use the cutter). For home use, it's perfect I think and looks to be well made. Again, no complaints.
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on January 26, 2017
Great, well-priced tool!
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